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Daily Street Magic: Day 26 (Hidden Camera + Approach Tips)

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Text Comments (80)
Tubularm8 (9 months ago)
That was a very cool relaxed positive guy. Wish more people were like him xD Also I liked that Frank said he totally didn't set things up :D
Jesus Herdez (10 months ago)
Jonathan Oyarzún Paicil (10 months ago)
Thank you so much for this video. It's awesome!!
Stephen Schutz (10 months ago)
This whole series is a bit of a waste. Almost no people will reject someone who approaches them in a friendly manner to do a magic trick because most people enjoy seeing magic tricks. I would like to see a rejection and find out why they rejected.
Disturb Reality (10 months ago)
Right..... and people are still afraid to approach and don't know what to say. So how is it a waste in showing the psychology of why we're doing everything we plan on doing it, doing it the way we say we're going to, it working, then the spectator validating the thought-process we had going into performance mode? You get rejected, you move on. That seems more of a waste, to me anyway.
Young Ghost 47 (10 months ago)
what happened to Christopher James ?
Gux (10 months ago)
I love that guy! What a good dude haha loved his reaction too
Vitor Branco (10 months ago)
cool Frank's version of the two card monte with the little playing and talking at the beggining, i think it makes the spectator really feel like the only 2 cards envolved are the aces... even more mindblowing when the queens appear! Good job on the vids, enjoying DSM a lot
A Private Death (10 months ago)
Thanks I truly appreciate that. I enjoy speaking with spectators and simply joking around...especially about funny things lol
- - (10 months ago)
Fucking alrighty man
kymbo72 (10 months ago)
is it a bit unnecessary to be dropping F bombs given that u have never met the spectator before?
A Private Death (10 months ago)
It may seem that way, but I just happen to speak that way. I personally have never had any issues whatsoever in speaking freely (and thus dropping F bombs lol).
penguin6887 (10 months ago)
Danny Green is the magician!)
valdezserg (10 months ago)
Otherwise; he did alright 🤩🤓
valdezserg (10 months ago)
Too many bad words! Learn some adjectives bruh 😎
A Private Death (10 months ago)
Perhaps my lexicon is not on par with any wordsmiths. FUCK!
Event Horizon (10 months ago)
Thank you Frank for helping us so much with your demonstration !!! You are AWESOME !
Fahadi Z (10 months ago)
That guy was nice
Gilvam Carvalho (10 months ago)
Oh.. BTW... do you formally aske people for their permition to post the video on youtube (to use their image rights)? I´m just curious.... thx
Ruauk Leo (10 months ago)
I don't think so, but he cleary says that it's for his youtube channel, it's kinda the same
Gilvam Carvalho (10 months ago)
Ok... just one thing that I´d like to point. The camera was not there, but there was that "HUGE" mic on the shirt lapel. If I see someone oming to me with that, I would get it as suspicious. I would take better a camera coming foward and asking me if I would agree. The mic? I would point to that right way and question that. Just my point of view. No hard feelings man... I do follow you for a long time and your come back is highly welcome! I was missing you! Your drive to motivate people (as you´ve mentioned in the past, and I´ve seen your videos about motivation) is really great and I DO get your point with your videos. You´re trying to INSPIRE!
A Private Death (10 months ago)
Not one person even cared for the mic on my shirt that day. I guess it just depends on who you approach.
Brian Binns (10 months ago)
What a nice guy.
CDInvictus (10 months ago)
Freakin' love this channel. Took a work trip to Chicago this week and tried my first Street magic! Thanks, Jarek!
CDInvictus (10 months ago)
Disturb Reality Pretty well! I was right on Michigan Ave. Here then There and the signed card switching mouths were by far the stars of the show as they are easy enough to do almost flawlessly and they are really powerful. I served a two-year proslyting mission for my church years ago so approaching strangers was no problem at all. I found that if you are just upbeat and approachable people are always willing to listen and watch. Thanks for all you've taught me, Jarek! It's been a blast!
Disturb Reality (10 months ago)
Congrats! How'd it go?
TheUnmaskedMagician (10 months ago)
very cool !!
Mr Joemabob (10 months ago)
good mesage good tips i agree but wtf jer lol why did you get a stooge lol like that was clearly set up so that guy could say "well he dresses decent" lol wtf? i "pay attention to ascetics" wtf? idkkkkkkkkkk skeptical not on the magic trick that trick alwasy gets good reaction just makes no sense why jer wanted this guy to be in video to emphasis on that he dresses decent lol so dumb BIZZARE other thatn that it was good video just dumb he had stooge
Mr Joemabob (10 months ago)
Im sorry Jer not trying to offend at all. Just little skeptical. For the fact that was the first thing ur buddy said as a tip for approaching people which is 100% true for anything job, meeting new people, etc. but the fact he random person first thing said "well he dressed decent" just makes/made me suspicious is all. either crazy coincidence or he was told to say it to get the message threw. Which is not a bad message i hope everyone who watches this vid either learns this tip or already knows this. idk about you but I feel most men wouldn't say that for first reason why they were okay with someone approaching and then letting them do great magic. but then again this is just MY opinion. no harm ment from my previous comment. been big fan sense 2014 and still one brotha! i was just lil skeptical is all. once again sorry if i offend my dood. keep it up with the content!
Disturb Reality (10 months ago)
Frank telling the camera the psychological REASONING for why he dressed up the way he did, and explaining why he feels it will work, followed up by the guy's first answer to why it worked being, "Well he dresses decent," is essentially the POINT of this video.... if you take time to THINK about what you're doing and WHY you're doing it, it'll end up working in your favor in trying to achieve what you're trying to accomplish.
Disturb Reality (10 months ago)
It wasn't a stooge. It's sociological study for why approaches work, not JUST with magic – but with life. People are more open to interacting with people that are dressed decent or at least noticeably took the time to do themselves up. I didn't make anyone in this video say shit, it's real, raw, and authentic and I'm seriously offended that you think there was a stooge. The fact that the FIRST THING THIS DUDE SAID WAS, "Well he dressed decent," just validates what Frank said in the beginning of the video.
Uros Mirkovic (10 months ago)
Lol Logic at the end
•blamedesign• (10 months ago)
that pen trick at the beginning ;D so nice and small ^^
Cool Magic ForUm (10 months ago)
Very cool to get out of the mayhem of Hollywood & Highland and go meet with some chill Southern California college students. Ya gotta love spectators like that! People that may sense a little nervousness but, give you back the vibe that there is nothing to be nervous about at all. He reacted with laughter and it's very important to laugh right along with him. There is an instant basic human connection when we laugh together. You're not laughing at them, you're laughing with them. Sometime in the next month or so I'm gonna get out of the redwoods and down to L.A., I'll let you know. I think it would be interesting if we could create or try out different effects for the streets. Then watch and learn from the reactions. Might be a lot of fun!
Disturb Reality (10 months ago)
Sounds awesome, hmu on Facebook or IG when you're planning on making the trick!
Bob Allen (10 months ago)
Awesome, so much great info from all angles. Keep up the great work J120
SuchyLiść13 (10 months ago)
Adam F (10 months ago)
Lol! This dude dropping F bombs like it's WW2.
Adam F (10 months ago)
A Private Death Awesome, thank you!
A Private Death (10 months ago)
Adam F I'm just seeing this response and yes definitely will do buddy! Someone else who was influential in building my confidence is Aaron Marino (Alpha M). Check him out! He'll make you into one confident and badass dude ;D
Adam F (10 months ago)
A Private Death Dude anytime! I'm always willing to take any advice people have for me also, I tend to get very nervous and anxious to approach people, so if you have any tips feel free to let me in on them! Haha
A Private Death (10 months ago)
Thanks Adam for the advice and the kind words! I'll definitely take it into consideration especially since I do tend to swear more than I would like to! Fuck! whoops lol...It also doesn't help when you're a pathological joker LMFAO!!!
Adam F (10 months ago)
A Private Death haha I got you, I like doing magic in bars also. First of all, mad respect to you for taking up the challenge and performing not just for the people in the video but for all of us! My only piece of advice would be to possibly curb the swearing, only because you dress nice, you feel nice, so your patter should be nice. I find it more professional. However, if you're performing for a bunch of intoxicated people, I guess it doesn't matter much lol. Anyways, good luck my brotha!
TrilexMagie (10 months ago)
It’s so pleasant to see how he slowly catches the spectator’s trust and gets him closer and closer! That approach was a really interesting thing! Never thought about something like that! Actually I would have loved to see him (or you, if you are watching it, Frank) using the pen. Because it like you left a little thing I completed. It’s not a big deal but I believe that we are at a point where we can freely talk about those little things to make things perfect. Long story short, very nice and confident performer! I’d love to have a Skype call one time! Write me on instagram (@trilexmagie) if you read this! Cheers!!
TrilexMagie (10 months ago)
A Private Death Yes! You can dm me on Instagram or just add me in Skype (Skype: tetris1307) looking forward
A Private Death (10 months ago)
TrilexMagie Thank you for the kind words. I truly appreciate it. I'll take you up on that Skype call so we can talk this further :D
Juan Venegas (10 months ago)
It's actually really helpful to watch performances where the audience does not know they are being filmed, thanks Jarek!
Bully Jamez (10 months ago)
So want to Instagram friend that awesome soul. Instagram: billyjamez PEACE!
Bully Jamez (10 months ago)
At 7:50 I felt oneness. Thank you kind soul. You ignited my happiness to new levels. The world just gets better and better and you all are 100% proof! Love this. Thank you.
Tommy Stormstereo (10 months ago)
You're right Bily James, together we got this!
Justin J (10 months ago)
Yeah he was a cool guy :)
Justin J (10 months ago)
Disturb Reality cheers Evan great vids keep up the good work :)
Disturb Reality (10 months ago)
Something like that in the works
Justin J (10 months ago)
Have you thought about doing a video where you get turned down a few times first before you fine a willing spectator
Mayank Joshi (10 months ago)
oh boy .loved it...man.
TheSymster (10 months ago)
beautiful ending ;)
Yakine (10 months ago)
Man this was an awesome video. Both Frank Torres and the spectator were such cool guys, it made me enjoy the setting a lot. I think this has been my favourite DSM so far
A Paid NASA Shill (10 months ago)
what a chill guy.
The Great Emu (10 months ago)
Been waiting for this one
Kastiel (10 months ago)
Take a shot of tequila every time frank say fucking and shit
Tommy Stormstereo (10 months ago)
That man is a gift to the world!
Bully Jamez (10 months ago)
Tommy Stormstereo I back that...He gave me more hope and faith. Together we got this. And yo Tommy, your a gift too! Peace to all.
IOSinvader (10 months ago)
Who else skipped the boring intro?
Disturb Reality (10 months ago)
IOSinvader the you missed the point of the video
Leul Alex (10 months ago)
Evan jarek u rock
Maxwell Knight14 (10 months ago)
Nice vid
Jason Irelan (10 months ago)
I believe I'll probably just stick to that ring trick if I approach people and will probably just do it at bus stops, which is kinda like doing street magic. Take care and God loves you.
nick magician (10 months ago)
The amazing videos of disturb reality
nick magician (10 months ago)
Amazing sir
nick magician (10 months ago)
I'm from India I'm Big fan of jerek sir
Fahadi Z (10 months ago)
nick magician me too but I'm from Pakistan
nick magician (10 months ago)
Im watching your video everyday
hulk (10 months ago)
Me :- pick a card please Guy :- ohhh man fuck off
TECH Shikhu (10 months ago)
Great 👍😃 #techshikhu

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