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Wade and Dick - Be Bop Baby - 1957 Rockabilly - SUN 269

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Wade Moore - Vocal Dick Penner - Vocal and Guitar Don Gilliland - Bass Bob Izer - Guitar Probably Roger Berkely – Drums If Wade Moore and Dick Penner are remembered by Sun fans, it will not be for this recording. The Collage Kids primarily remembered for writing the immortal "Ooby Dooby", brought to fame on Roy Orbison's first Sun record. As vocalists, the duo offer an appealing blend, although Dick Penner's high voice predominates and works against the sterotyped virile Sun style. In fact, both sides of this recording have a minor key sound not typically associated with Sun artists. North Texas State University in Denton was their seat of learning and part of their daily routine was to lie in the sun on the frat house roof and write songs for sun.. This session was taped during the Yuletide vacation of 1956 "Bop Bop Baby" lives up to its name with a solid stop-rhythm and excellent instrumental work. The side is unusual in that it flirts with being in a minor key throughout. Minor key rockers were uncommon on Sun's or anyone release schedule. The guitar work on the first solo is sparkling and nicely complemented by the electric bass. The second solo forsake minor key magic and borrows liberally from the melody line of "Roll Over Beethoven
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sef kicken (3 months ago)
Brilliant rockabilly, typical Sun sound!

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