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Spartacus: Gods of the Arena - Gladiator Camp. Go behind the scenes with Manu Bennett, Dustin Clare, Josef Brown, Peter Mensah, Antonio te Maioha, Shane Rangi, and Lesley Ann Brandt as they train for their physically demanding roles. Watch Spartacus now on the STARZ app: http://starz.tv/1PR09fh Subscribe now for more STARZ clips: http://bit.ly/1kalhP0 Following the bloody escape from the House of Batiatus, the gladiator rebellion descends upon the Roman Republic. Gaius Claudius Glaber and his troops are tasked with crushing the rebels, and Spartacus must choose between avenging the death of his wife and making sacrifices that will keep his army together. Containing all the blood-soaked action, exotic sexuality, villainy and heroism that distinguishes the series, "Spartacus: Vengeance" resumes the story in epic fashion. Like STARZ on Facebook: http://starz.tv/STARZFacebookYT Follow STARZ on Twitter: http://starz.tv/STARZTwitterYT Follow STARZ on Instagram: http://starz.tv/STARZInstagramYT Spartacus | Gods of the Arena - Gladiator Camp | STARZ http://bit.ly/1mkHKgZ
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Text Comments (351)
Amaya Jones (8 months ago)
I'm gonna say it: Manu Bennet looks hot with hair.
mzenji (10 months ago)
they are almost all Australian. Interesting.
assassintwinat8 (1 year ago)
Odd how I see Lesley in workout clothes, equipped with a shield and sword, and I think to myself, "Wow, she looks like Katara."
gonefishingstudios (2 years ago)
where do i sign up for this?
Rizwan Nawaz (2 years ago)
Spartacus is a good movie i like it so much
1:51 Jake the Muss, what a great cult-movie that is.
Gulliver (2 years ago)
Which actor plays the role of Magnecius? This champion grandfather Batiatus.
Naomi King (3 years ago)
Such a shame that Lesley left and didn't continue as Naevia. We see here that she loves doing the physical stuff so why on earth would she leave the show just as her character gets to start kicking ass?! I know the new actress was just doing her best but Naevia will always be Lesley.
Bret .Maverick (11 months ago)
How is that different than any other job?  If I think I deserve more money and my boss doesn't agree, I can either live with it or find another job.
life hacks (1 year ago)
Naomi King she still is doing physical stuff on Lucifer her name is maze on the show. i encourage you to go check it out
KingInfected (2 years ago)
Yes, but she's so hot. On Lucifer too
Yuliya Cher (2 years ago)
+ccrxis Lesley is ordinary actress. Nothing special. Such actresses as her are so many. At first season Manu played for two. Actress Cynthia is on DiCaprio's level. Cynthia inspired Manu.
Tinker B (2 years ago)
+ccrxis The first Naevia and Crixus had more making out and sex scenes, but that is not the same as more chemistry (or more passion). Crixus has a dynamic with the second Naevia, two people really connecting with one another emotionally. And they are so in sync with one another, even when they are in the background, its amazing to watch. Manu was actually happy that Cynthia came along to replace Lesley, so no, Crixus lost nothing -- but gained many things (a close friend IRL and a more competent actress to continue the character's journey with). Cynthia is the reason why Crixus' death scene, one of the most powerful moments in the series, was as incredible as it was (check out watch?v=LseT0v3X3wc for reference). She was crying for real in that scene, basing Crixus' death on her own father's, which inspired Manu's own performance. Just like Manu, she put her all into the character, which is why they were such great acting partners. In Blood and Sand, the basis of their relationship was one dimensional; Naevia giving Crixus pep talks to reassure his ego about his status in the ludus and fucking. I understand people may prefer the simpler narrative because back than, there was no angst and it was more traditionally romantic, but I find it boring now with little replay value. Also, the passion you previously mentioned came from Crixus' side; that is a credit to Manu, not Lesley. Another reason why I find season 1 kind of dull to watch now; its basically Crixus/Manu doing all the work! But with season 2 and onward, we finally get to see Naevia bring it, and definitely thanks to Cynthia and her more matured offering to the character. For example in 2.08 “Balance” when Crixus is teaching Naevia how to fight and comments on how quickly she was learning, Naevia says to him “I have advantage, being taught by a God”. I remember watching this scene and being simply wowed!! It remains one of my favorite Crixus and Naevia moments in the series, and THE moment that solidified Cynthia as Naevia. I kind of feel sorry for Lesley fans but...I'm so glad to be a fan of Cynthia instead! Maybe give her a second chance, because its a whole lot happier over on our side :)
MarandaTargannister (3 years ago)
Hey everyone we are doing a Q&A with Josef Brown on the Spartacus:Real Fans facebook page. Check it out and post some questions for him to answer! https://www.facebook.com/events/735155029914978/permalink/735171849913296/
Sir Teemo (4 years ago)
why didnt she wanted to be in vengeance? Naevia?
Lelanka 👌 (3 years ago)
+Simon olsson She thinks highly of herself :/
Lelanka 👌 (3 years ago)
+Tinker B Me too :)
Tinker B (3 years ago)
+Isaiah Pavia-Cruz  Lol not for me, I liked the second one better. First one was boring.
Isaiah Pavia-Cruz (3 years ago)
It sucks because I liked her as Naevia way more than the one they replaced her with. I couldn't stand her.
Tinker B (4 years ago)
Her manager said she would only stay for more money. STARZ didn't come to an agreement so she left to do movies and more mainstream TV show guest spots like Chuck, CSI:NY, Drift, etc.
CurvyPirate (4 years ago)
thought I heard the dude who played the clones in star wars
Cara-Marie Askew (4 years ago)
I just said where is josef brown then I went oh there he is a bit to loudly
Unknown Subject (4 years ago)
Once again the Gods spread the cheeks to ram cock in fucking ass
JovanFB (4 years ago)
i wanna train with them SO BADLY!!!
Jesus Jones (4 years ago)
Where the fuck was she in Vengeance?! Bitch...
Tinker B (3 years ago)
Unrelated. This was for "Gods of the Arena", which she did for fun. She decided to leave before Vengeance started filming
be polite. ezel
Jordi Fili (4 years ago)
spartacus la mejor serie sin duda !
B-Bard4sure (4 years ago)
Lads and Ladies in the Ludus, awesome!
Peter Bobcik (4 years ago)
and no one broke a sweat
92brunod (4 years ago)
She was raped by Ashur and he was the one who made her relationship with Crixus known to her masters. As Spartacus blames Glaber for his Wife's death, she can blame Ashur for all what happened to her (several rapes and tortures) and Crixus. For me the worse was in season 3 where she suddenly hates and wants dead every existent Roman after having lived about a year with Lucius who was a Roman, and no one uses this argument or "Varro was also a Roman, you'd want him dead". That bothered me more
Christian Liu (4 years ago)
definitely blaming it on rhianna. she literally drove spartacus and crixus apart, and then got him killed. also, she was a crap actress. ALSO, she of all fucking people, got to kill asher. HER. fucking anyone else there would have been as justified in it, but HER!? ugh. fucking, ruiner of livers
Samantha Coon (4 years ago)
no one told me Jango Fett was in Spartacus
77iftah (4 years ago)
ashur and crixus hogging? is this a fake video?? :)
dor (4 years ago)
he went off from northern germany bleeding and arrived at southern spain still bleeding watch?v=5ds054OF7hY
lnvaderGir (4 years ago)
I do not remember that scene at all. ....you do know that just because a scene changes to a different location that it doesn't mean that it resides in the same day...right?
dor (5 years ago)
not really there is actually a part in the gladiator in which he walked all the way from northern germany to southern spain IN A DAY
WheyLand Fitness (5 years ago)
it so strange seeing dagan speak perfect english
92brunod (5 years ago)
actually in Vengeance the change wasn't so big so I don't think it was just a matter of the actress but of the writers too
92brunod (5 years ago)
Dagan doesn't agree with you hahaha
Turxey Bebe (5 years ago)
Yeah that was pretty wack how Crixus switched from being an honorable learner to a cocky douche bag throughout the last two episodes. I feel bad for Ashur actually.
Turxey Bebe (5 years ago)
She had to go because of scheduling conflicts. But I'm sure she wouldn't have been MUCH better than the new Naevia because they both have great acting skills! I do like to see the original cast members go all the way through though instead of being replaced. RIP Andy.
tzarnikolov (5 years ago)
There's just some strange feeling when seeing 'Ashur' hugging the others though I know this is just a TV series...
Sonni Turner (5 years ago)
Ctics said that Lesley did not stay because she couldn't fit the fighting role..........UM APPARENTLY FROM THE VIDEO SHES TONNNS BETTER THAN THAT OTHER CHICK!
ajp135212 (5 years ago)
Navia is so damn hot
CONNORJOHN3000 (5 years ago)
wow leslie ann is much hotter with her accent damn
92brunod (5 years ago)
at the beginnig of the season they get along pretty well actually
TheChangenick (5 years ago)
i love manus hair
Bojan Kekezovic (5 years ago)
This is not a place for a common slave.
Roku Sasaki (5 years ago)
damn i never thought that crixus hair was real
sznj90 (5 years ago)
Crixus and Ashur hugging, MIND = BLOWN
Boz Ajanovic (5 years ago)
I don't like her replacement either...she went on my nerves, especially in those fighting scenes when they showed her in slow motion screaming. NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL!
SuperPwningJeep (5 years ago)
Gladiator is an amazing movie, not to be compared with this series. Both are amazing in their own way
simos901 (5 years ago)
Exactly. Her manager should probably retire.
PePsiilingo (5 years ago)
Well guess that big paycheck dint make her famous. Spartacus would make her famous=money
Christian Liu (5 years ago)
went from being naevia, poor slave girl to be saved and stuff, to naevia, ruiner of lives. ruins everything the moment they changed actresses.
AAA Zzz (5 years ago)
i want to join them...
simos901 (5 years ago)
No, she was a greedy ass diva wannabe that wanted a fatter paycheck. Better luck next time, stupid cunt.
Hankcock (5 years ago)
seriously bitch!
PePsiilingo (5 years ago)
She was retarded and couldnt wait for Andys recovery
gorulez (5 years ago)
1:36 Crixus going down))))
Devyani Gupta (5 years ago)
she decided to leave. It was completely her choice. Cynthia is no less in her portrayal of Naevia.
withiN (5 years ago)
crixus hugged ashur, that bastard
Vivi di Nuovo (5 years ago)
ahah lol man Rhianna!
Bogdan Zych (5 years ago)
gladiator ? for kids ? go to hell brother
Jon Irenicus (5 years ago)
Words fall from your mouth like shit from ass. The new Naevia is FAAAAR better than the previous one.
sakatis (5 years ago)
dont compare gladiator to this. sure, amazing series, but, cmoon...
Nika Obolashvili (5 years ago)
Yea. me too :(
HOLLOW HILL (5 years ago)
Antonio Te Maioha/BARCA WAS AWESOME IN BOTH SEASONS... i like his dreads
Redrum (5 years ago)
Lesley Ann would've had the opportunity to put all that Gladiator Camp energy to good use if she'd stuck around. Such a shame.
Teemu Laine (5 years ago)
Why the fuck does your comment have 9 thumbs up 300 was as blody as Spartacus and Gladiator was an amaizing movie...Byt yes this series is amazing!
thanethagreat (5 years ago)
Has anyone seen any of the new season, war of the damned, is it badass
thanethagreat (5 years ago)
Technically not season 2 because it is a prequal
slydidass (5 years ago)
I rlly enjoyed this series, but it was 200% better when they were inside the ludus, old friendship and so, with the third season everything changed its like another new series, not the old one ;(
Vatrogasac Mirko (5 years ago)
thumbs up if you hate that syrian in the end
windi1982 (6 years ago)
"300" or "Gladiator" is for kids!!!! This series is amazing!!!! Watch it!!!
K (6 years ago)
Leslie looks better without make up haha :)
roberto ticona (6 years ago)
lo mejor
CaptainMinky (6 years ago)
1:51 JANGO FETT!!!!!!!!!!
FunFlirtyFlute (6 years ago)
You seriously think with a screen name like mine I'm a "bro" :P (though in my defense a friend set it up for me in middle school a gazillion and one years ago). But seriously, Gladiator Camp would be the shit!
Neji0944 (6 years ago)
me too bro
Mark Cochrane (6 years ago)
Manu Bennett is the top actor here
FunFlirtyFlute (6 years ago)
I want to do Gladiator Camp!
FunFlirtyFlute (6 years ago)
I know, right? I would totally do it too!
nečlovek (6 years ago)
u made me day =D
Asatov94 (6 years ago)
thumbs up if you like this neavia then the new one ! !
sonaliegh (6 years ago)
Lesley Ann is a BOSS! If I had an opportunity to train with the boys I'd do it too.
jazzmuffin2 (6 years ago)
i bet if they offered this kind of camp to the public or opened a gym in this direction so many people would sign up for it. i know i would!
o0JANEHILLS0o (6 years ago)
I fucking missed Spartacus (Andy Whitfield) in the season gods of the arena :'( R.I.P!
Rob Elwell (6 years ago)
fucking LOL.
Jon Harrison (6 years ago)
I loved this video. Barca still makes me laugh. Brilliant stuff.
MEBP76 (6 years ago)
OH MY GOD! Manu Benett is the sexiest man of the world!!!
Ricardo Almeida (6 years ago)
Hi. "Gods of Arena". It portraits the events before Spartacus. How Crixus became champion of Capua!
INGSOC (6 years ago)
ashur is like the star scream of the spartacus world
Eclipsifyy (6 years ago)
you´re abit late bud. this aired back in 2011. Season 3 is airing early-mid 2013
gregor clegane (6 years ago)
Naevia is cute
bilnabiln (6 years ago)
hey i saw Barka! he is resurrected from the dead in this upcoming season?
AIJinfinity69 (6 years ago)
forr the house of batiartus!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Insanepup Pup (6 years ago)
gannicus is still alive thank god
Stevofaves (6 years ago)
Manonthemoon (6 years ago)
wow that must be the fastest i have heard in my life
Soman Groll (6 years ago)
Спартак превзошел всё ранее увиденное мное !
John Ferreira (6 years ago)
if i didnt cut my hair for a year it wud b that long i need a hair cut every 2 weeks it is possible
Manonthemoon (6 years ago)
Lesley got a role in CSI as i heard, so they had to replace her. I didn't like it at the beginning but later if you imagine that she got raped by houndreds.. she could just evolve to the new style.
plungeybabie (6 years ago)
so why the fuck did they replace Naevia?
Stavros Pashalidis (6 years ago)
Actually it IS possible. I know some people have massive hair growth, and others just use specific oils and crap =/.
Manonthemoon (6 years ago)
haha, agree, i think it was a wig, even if you eat a truck your hair wont grow that much in 1 year
Stavros Pashalidis (6 years ago)
One of two things. 1) it was a wig, 2) he used a crap ton of groth serum and natural remedies to grow his hair like a garden weed =P. Regardless, he's a badass.
Manonthemoon (6 years ago)
crixus has long hair? i thought it was just fake for the filming, cause in blood and sand he had very very short hair and in gods of the arena (1 year after) he had much longer, i thought it was fake but he still got it in the trainings, then it must be real, cant believe he's hair grew up that much in a year, or am i wrong?
mitsubishidiamante (6 years ago)
1:52 Jake the Muss!!
Psytrix (6 years ago)
it is still the same.. seson 2 is even better and more exciting than the first one.
LongJohn88 (6 years ago)
you know what a hasa is? thats what hapend to naevia

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