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Harry Styles - Sign of the Times (Live on The Graham Norton Show)

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Harry Styles' self-titled debut album featuring "Sign of the Times" will be released on May 12th. Pre-order now: http://hstyles.co.uk/music iTunes: http://smarturl.it/HS-iTunes Limited edition CD: http://smarturl.it/HS-LtdEd-CD White vinyl: http://smarturl.it/HS-WhiteVinyl Photo editions: http://smarturl.it/HarryStylesStore Target: http://smarturl.it/HS-Target Amazon MP3: http://smarturl.it/HS-AmazonMP3 Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/HS-AM Spotify: http://smarturl.it/HS-Spotify
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Text Comments (37353)
Taah Mendes (21 hours ago)
Uma voz é uma voz né
Celso Oliver (16 hours ago)
Esse cara é muito foda. ❤
Mrs. Harry Styles (22 hours ago)
It’s so nice to see my husband doing so well 😁
You slayed it boy! I am a fan...NOW 👍❤
Zaynab Perez Espino (1 day ago)
Te amo
Destiny Lowry (1 day ago)
I have now lost my voice lmao
Seiichi pascual (1 day ago)
i keep remembering "end of all things" live by p!atd
I Love this song.
Squiel G. (1 day ago)
En la última parte desafino. Tiene que practicar más. Pero muy bien.
Jeff's Locked (2 days ago)
This is one good way to contradict the paul shit brothers this era *_good relief_*
Alvaro Torres (2 days ago)
selina jülly (2 days ago)
Harry ❤️😍😍😰😰
Parika Jain (2 days ago)
How can he be so hot and cute at the same time?!?! I'll tell you why, cause he's Harry Styles! 😉
Eddie Allan (2 days ago)
Rico 7u7
Keysha Ghita (2 days ago)
Wow the bets harry styles
renaz x (2 days ago)
Holy shit what an angel
Harry i love you
LEAH AMOR UY (2 days ago)
i miss harry:( 1D
Juuh (2 days ago)
This high notes killing me every time that I listen
Boon Docker (2 days ago)
He's a Damm good singer
Rosario Rohr (3 days ago)
Oct 19,2018 i really Miss you all 1D love u so much Harry great Performer miss u
Lena Nunes (3 days ago)
Amei ❤
ilonika werner (3 days ago)
Die Zeichen der Zeit holen uns alle ein. Ein wunderschöner Song der mich irgendwie zum Nachdenken bringt. Harry Styles bringt alles gut zum Ausdruck.
sugee Bark (3 days ago)
와....미쳤닥....목소리 ㅠ
anna pink (3 days ago)
Harry Io non ho mai pregato nessuno ma ti prego arriva in Italia fa un concerto in Italia
Just notice the drummer . She is outstanding . Two legends on stage . 😍😍😘😘😍😍😘😘
Laura H (3 days ago)
Watching how happy he is while performing has made me accept that my daughter should persue music in college
Sena (4 days ago)
Camila Gomez (4 days ago)
Guilherme T90 (4 days ago)
18, october of 2018
PUPPY BOOIDK (4 days ago)
Autotune? wats that? if only i could like this vid twice, his voice is so amazing and has no need for autotune it sounds better without <3
Miah Salazar (4 days ago)
Omg his voice is so soothing I’m in love all over again 😘❤️😭😍
Katie O'Connor (4 days ago)
He looks so happy ugh my heart
Alex Thornton (5 days ago)
thx...from across the pond Canada......awesome brother
okayb3l (5 days ago)
the words and his voice take me away
okayb3l (5 days ago)
look at him... so beautiful... he KNOWS he sounds majestic
darko nikolic (5 days ago)
not the fan,but what a voice
styles harry (6 days ago)
Natalie Ensminger (7 days ago)
his best performance EVER!!! wow love harry so much
Güneş Dayıoğlu (7 days ago)
Yonela Mnyaiza (7 days ago)
His voice, his smile, his dimples, his pretty face, the high notes... I’m not okay. I’m crying in a cool way 😭😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥😭😭😭😭.. The lady is killing it with the drums 🔥🔥🔥
Cold-play K. (7 days ago)
Harry styles is my favorite singer, and I am a korean. 알아듣겠냐? 이것들아
Ava Payne (7 days ago)
Harry is a Kinggg 💓💓
Gum Guy (7 days ago)
Andrew Bryson (7 days ago)
zaynxjaan (7 days ago)
Te extraño tanto :(
Yasmin Warsame (7 days ago)
He’s so different with his style of music from 1D 😯😒😪
bydanny ofc (7 days ago)
la voz mas increible del mundo
hanni mgm (7 days ago)
come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D come back 1D
Ayushi Chatterjee (8 days ago)
The last part though😍😍😍
ninjarider84 (8 days ago)
That drummer is hot, great song
1:19 its awesome
ingrid tillman (9 days ago)
this was the first song in 2017 that made me cry that was new
Ana Müller (9 days ago)
harry: just stop your crying. me: [cries]
kiki gga (9 days ago)
musiclover7533 (9 days ago)
Still feel that Harry Styles is the new John Lennon. Hopefully those with nine mils don't. But his talent is exceptional.
Joel Phanter (10 days ago)
He slayed the hight note
loli mil (10 days ago)
Harry you are the best that the world has seen🐝🐝
JazDel Rey (10 days ago)
You made me cry from the very first sound😭😭.
Damilola Lawal (10 days ago)
He totally made me proud with this performance. Harry Styles can't sing my foot!
okayb3l (10 days ago)
twelve year old me is fuckin SHAKING
Lps OSO 808 (10 days ago)
I wonder if Harry and the gang miss performing together??
Gum Guy (10 days ago)
BTS boys might have more fan following but they never reach the level this man bring in the song
Gum Guy (6 hours ago)
Nana Sakura Raisya Ignore and leave
Nana Sakura Raisya (6 hours ago)
Gum Guy you know what? Keep your opinion to yourself if you already know there's gonna be butthurts. No one cares about your opinion anyway
Gum Guy (6 hours ago)
Nana Sakura Raisya Just like some men don't like Connor McGregor from UFC I don't like BTS at all, I commented what I felt. It's my personal opinion Guess why I still didn't deleted this comment coz that's my opinion and I don't care about some little butthurts
Nana Sakura Raisya (6 hours ago)
Gum Guy then what's the point mentioning BTS on Harry's performance dude? Both of them are extraordinarily talented. Like I said, you're too young too dumb to realize
Gum Guy (7 hours ago)
shelly what?
Marie Ong (10 days ago)
Still confused as to how this didn't get a Grammy nom
He is like Elvis... Doesn't matter how old he is, young girls will always fall for him
Ninfa V. (11 days ago)
Mr Rumpelstiltskin (11 days ago)
October 2018 people can we get 25M views ?
Franco Gonzales (12 days ago)
No hay nada mejor que Dormir escuchando tu voz. Te amo hazzi 😘
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh 💕💕
Maniez Vidic (12 days ago)
Wow?!?😱😨😲! A gorgeous young man with lovely voice ... Sounds awesome! Such talent! #BeBlessed , Harry 🙏!
Dirleide Silva (12 days ago)
Jake Wood (12 days ago)
He was struggling to sing high notes, but its still good though.
Angiiedestyles S (12 days ago)
Maureene-Arvie Naoe (13 days ago)
among all the members of the band. harry definitely standout on being a solo artist. really incredible music he has.
Lary Holmes (13 days ago)
We actually convinced our english teacher to analyse the song in our lesson... She is a fan now, too😄
Charlotte Wallis (13 days ago)
Best performance, need all these songs and covers on YouTube to be on Spotify!! Step up harry🔪💗💗💗
Mats Thømt (13 days ago)
Shame he doesn’t sing the High notes in 2018. Great vocalist. Damn.
itsnahid 99 (13 days ago)
the more he says "just stop your crying..." the more I sob.
Mohammad Alajmi (13 days ago)
amazing performance!
4LeonardG (13 days ago)
OMG is it just me or did everyone else get tingly all over?! No one can say he doesn’t have a voice! I freaking ADRE HARRY!! 😘😍❤️
sabin lama (14 days ago)
very enjoyful and nice
My good Harry Styles 🖤
we must reinvent love (14 days ago)
Can we take a moment to appreciate the instrumentalists and their vocals because that whole band is so talented
One D (14 days ago)
The only person who has autotune into his throat ❤
Marie Maubailly (15 days ago)
Camimi (15 days ago)
Nunca me voy a cansar de escuchar esta cancion❤
benana7 :D (15 days ago)
i dont understand why there are so many dislikes
Jasmin Jayne Parallag (15 days ago)
AJ 6969 (15 days ago)
this cured my depression
Morena Mineira (15 days ago)
Já ouvi mais de mil vezes pode crer. Cara é demais, talento pra dar e vender.
Keishley (15 days ago)
i adore youuuu 😭
caticorn (16 days ago)
Rachel Hennessey (16 days ago)
Will we ever learn is my favorite line
Lola Smith (16 days ago)
Im having your baby?
Anastasia Marin (16 days ago)
His technique and passion =10+
Jorge R (16 days ago)
Amazing, a real singer.
No One (16 days ago)
He made the music, made a band, and then they played their asses off. He did it right.
Sarahh (17 days ago)
I love how he's being himself
Xiomy (17 days ago)
Harry Styles, mejor conocido como Mr Desgarrador de Gargantas
Fans de Marvel (17 days ago)

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