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Bronny & Blue Chips PUT ON A SHOW vs tough Florida Team at Battle For Magic City

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Bronny and the North Coast Blue Chips put on a show in Alabama vs a strong Nightrydas squad that gave them a big time game at the same event last year. Gabe Cupps went off in this game, hitting deep threes and taking defenders off the dribble. Rayvon Griffith finished above the rim and showed off this ability to be a lock down defender. Jahzare Jackson was a force inside, bullying his opponents. Khoi Thurmon was a true floor general, finding his teammates for quality looks at the basket.
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Text Comments (246)
Jason Vu (16 days ago)
How come bronny ain’t starting
Vincent Landry IV (8 days ago)
Jason Vu must of got in trouble
Wavis (12 days ago)
Bronny playing like he doesn’t wanna get hurt
Jeremy Pratt (12 days ago)
So he can finish the game
Jason Smith (12 days ago)
He's a fresh man that's y
Darien Jenkins (14 days ago)
I was bouta say the same thing
Amariya Davis (5 days ago)
#23 is a beast at shooting
John Sinclair (5 days ago)
Bruh 9:44 he really wanted the block
J TvHoops (5 days ago)
He had 4 points that game
Jack Jack (6 days ago)
Bronny never plays
Jaa Scott (6 days ago)
Rayvon gon be special.
It’s time for bronny to play for a team on the Nike circuit
Vincent Landry IV (8 days ago)
How are they blue chips with green on
Anti Septic (11 days ago)
all of them are wearing lebron 16.
Elevate_ Keanu Baller (12 days ago)
Bruh why does Mickey Williams have to leave dawg
No Limit Ted (6 days ago)
To old
Drew Brown (12 days ago)
Bronny isn’t good
Nicholas Guignard (12 days ago)
3:35 Bronny is a horse 🐴
John Cronk (12 days ago)
Why doesn't bronny start?!?!?!?!?
Larry Plemons (12 days ago)
Why was browny not starting
ywn. braD (13 days ago)
Jah was clapping his stomach lmao
3:20 thought the red was James harden for a sec
Samuel Chen (13 days ago)
Bronny doesnt start?
Anielia Bryan (13 days ago)
9:15 💀
Billy Joe (13 days ago)
There center not even athletic
Avantay Kelso (13 days ago)
Anyone know Bronny's stats??
Josh Castillo (13 days ago)
anyone else peep young quavo hoopin in the light pink shoes
MadGaMeRz (13 days ago)
are a these videos recent
Burrknee Δnderson (13 days ago)
They ran mouse in the house all game
Sum Slight (13 days ago)
jah is 7 feet now
lafer hodge (13 days ago)
22 gonna be a problem in college
YuNg L3GEND 09 (14 days ago)
2:25 what’s James harden doing here
CFG Heze (14 days ago)
Does anyone notice these are the same games
AB_pvg (14 days ago)
22 is going to the nba
LILBIRD (14 days ago)
Why the fuck are these kids fighting for a strip club?
Paul Smith (14 days ago)
Lil bronny ain’t even start doe????? And so far only got 2 pts!!!
Noah Rogers (14 days ago)
9:23 sequence crazyyyy 🔥🔥
Noah Rogers (14 days ago)
Man these kids are hilarious
Tudor Oprea (14 days ago)
Bronny s trash come on man he just scored like 2 or 4 points and just that 1 reb and 1 ass! Stop putting his name on the title
NadeMEGeneration (14 days ago)
scary how all these guys are gonna be 6'7+. Crazy gene pool from all these kids.
Alex King (14 days ago)
Bronny them shorts TOO much bruh. What's are we doing?
Carrier. (14 days ago)
LDTHAKING26 (14 days ago)
They don’t even look like they’re hustling
W ! L L (14 days ago)
Blue Chips #23 got a strap; stay slept on
Jonita Johnson (14 days ago)
How come bronny playing with the bench warmers
norman marbury (14 days ago)
Brony reminds me of Kyrie Irving same mannerism
Nicholas Walls (14 days ago)
Which player is number 2 on bronnys team ?
Meabi Syed (13 days ago)
Nicholas Walls rodney gallagher
Darren Kistler (14 days ago)
Where is Rodney at?
ChaosRyan (14 days ago)
Anyone knows what's are those light pink shoes. If I didn't see it wrongly. Theres like a breast cancer logo on it.
grhc (14 days ago)
#23 name is Gabe cups for all y’all saying #23 lmao
Irwin Keitt (14 days ago)
Man 23 got a flamethrower 🔥🔥🔥
Cameron Young (14 days ago)
Where bronny starting
derekrodgers81 (14 days ago)
Benny looking like a 6th man out there he got defense but offense aint getting no buckets
Donald Oh (14 days ago)
Rip. Mike
Jamal Buggs (15 days ago)
Brony plays like his Dad in old age, not the young Hungry Lebron. I think this is how basketball has become, that’s why everyone is so happy to see Zion.
Bruh (14 days ago)
+Audrey Coleman he is in a team where he doesnt have to score wait till he is highschool and then he will start dominating
Audrey Coleman (14 days ago)
Jamal Buggs naw he just don't have anything to play hard for I think he will start trying more the closer it get to his time to be drafted
IamHakimTv 13 (15 days ago)
Idc 22 is the best player on blue chips
EZKM 15 (15 days ago)
Jah look like them huge 4th graders playing on a 7 1/2 hoop😂
NeverStop Hooping (15 days ago)
This game is old
T Sho (15 days ago)
*Blue Chips put on a show cause Bronny sure didn't
Josh Taylor (15 days ago)
#23 has a deadly 3 point shot
Savage L (15 days ago)
Stop saying Bronny and the blue chips. Just say Blue Chips
kai reed (15 days ago)
Your opponent has left the match
Miles Webber (15 days ago)
better put some respect on young Kyle korver 😂 handing out buckets
He plays the same D as his pops... 4:31
Michael Kaneko (15 days ago)
So anyone know when the blue chip vs Compton magic game happening??
luke roblee (8 days ago)
Dal the Doc no
Dal the Doc (12 days ago)
They can’t Comton Magic is high school team and the blue chips are a 8th grade team
Monas311 (13 days ago)
+Jake Cheff duh but blue chips still can't see Compton magic period
Jake Cheff (13 days ago)
Monas311 Compton lost to 17 to some Texas team
Monas311 (14 days ago)
Mikey gone kill bronny in that game
VJ (15 days ago)
2:13 that lockdown defender steal in 2k 😂😂
Noah Rogers (14 days ago)
VJ 😂😂😂😂😭
Albert Clemente (15 days ago)
Video quality keeps getting better and better!
fredrick wooz (15 days ago)
Mikey williams done got his clout and dipped
dom (15 days ago)
dawg zoom out
naythan ocampo (15 days ago)
That #22 filled in for Mikey real easily.
IamHakimTv 13 (15 days ago)
He was on the team last year when Mikey was still playing
Torrey Robey Jr (15 days ago)
lmao at this point y’all put him in the thumbnail and caption just to get clicks cause lil homie don’t really do anything in these games
garymagr81 (15 days ago)
Bronny left his game n Cleveland hes not doin anything from what I've seen #2 Gallagher has not gotten any better #22 Griffith and #34 and #23
e ma (15 days ago)
So bronny not starting ??
Lakwambria Mathis (15 days ago)
If mikey williams bronny and lamelo ball were on teams they would be lit
John Wolf (14 days ago)
Lakwambria Mathis ur honestly dumb bronny and Mikey r like 5 years younger than lamelo
Lilysopretty (15 days ago)
yo ion know who that white boy is but he underrated asf
Gabe Cupps is #23
Gabriel vergara (15 days ago)
Tell me why the ref at 2:30 looks like a james harden that never made it to the NBA
nazir maxwell (15 days ago)
Stop putting bronny in the title if he ain’t do nun in the videos
Octavious Smith jr. (14 days ago)
nazir maxwell they should put number 23 in the tittle cause he be going crazy
Thekidlaric Y (14 days ago)
nazir maxwell fax
Lex Johnson (15 days ago)
Why Bronny only got one highlight smh
Maricela Lopez (15 days ago)
Lex Johnson they are a team, there’s no i in team
Jonathan Coglianese (15 days ago)
where is mikey
Ryan Tierney (15 days ago)
Jonathan Coglianese went to Compton magic
B. Eazy (15 days ago)
That white kid is like Jason Williams on his prime.
All in Cavs (15 days ago)
B. Eazy number 34 will be shaq
Soysauce (15 days ago)
9:15 *Awkward*
Noah Rogers (14 days ago)
Soysauce 😂😂
Myles Hubert (16 days ago)
These kids are fucking beasts
L A V (16 days ago)
21 Lost Hella Weight Damn
Cmac Cmac (16 days ago)
Who’s number 1 on the chips?
Funny King24 (16 days ago)
Why do teams do that clapping thing before game it looks so stupid
To hype them up. You look stupid btw
Cooking WTS (16 days ago)
Didn’t this already come out?
bastin nil (16 days ago)
Number 22 on chips is a carry
Quinton Downey (16 days ago)
Why this team so good? Lol
Jordan Lewandowski (16 days ago)
Bronny is going to be HUGE!! You see how big that young man's feet are?!
John Araneta (16 days ago)
This team would get clapped by compton magic
Romes Palace (16 days ago)
Misleading ass click bait bullshit 🙄 team was ass bronny had 2 points smh
Jason Bell (16 days ago)
#23 got the chop
Randy Mcqueen (16 days ago)
#23 is automatic from deep
_ Fresh_Geek_ (16 days ago)
9:15 lmao their handshake 😂😂😂
NoOvertime (16 days ago)
Number 23 on blue chips is a bucket 😤
MacGamerPro1314 _ (15 hours ago)
#23 is Gabe Cupps
garymagr81 (16 days ago)
#23 Gabe Cupps my favorite player dude gets buckets for real the jumpshot on Steph rt now and he plays an all around game
Antbeast23 (16 days ago)
where mikey
Bruh (14 days ago)
got his clout and dipped
Dasher 360 (16 days ago)
Dam bronny already looks like he has a long wingspan when he rebounds, dam hes going to be a huge problem when he hits his growth spurt.
Get Up And Get It (16 days ago)
Why the ref at 2:24 look like James Harden though😂😂😂
That man 22 bout get charged for first degree murder, assault and battery, and some misdemeanors for trying to murder these kids
Jisa Tv (16 days ago)
23 gotta strap 💯
Brian B3_Hoops (16 days ago)
23 got taller lol love Lil dude I call em jwill Jr lol anybody know his name we need a ballislife about him
Brian B3_Hoops (16 days ago)
+Cooking WTS thanks bro I found him
Cooking WTS (16 days ago)
Brian Rugley Aka B3_Hoops Gabe cupps
Zemsafy (16 days ago)
Who is number 23 he is a bucket
Dukey Cheaks (16 days ago)
Gabe cupps
Dominic Someone (16 days ago)
6:18 baby Kawhi
Joshua Talley (16 days ago)
#23 was cooking them Florida boys
EliotBisant (16 days ago)
gabe was fucking em up bro damn getting da and one on da three and shit bro

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