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GiGi Maguire: Magic City's Snack Pack

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www.teamyee.tv GiGi talks about keeping to herself when she first started at Magic City, and how the "Snack Pack" evolved. She discusses getting her 34A's enhanced, and how supportive her family was. GiGi had a daughter when she was only 17 and thanks to family members she was able to get it together. Then GiGi reveals the rules of dating clients, and the price tag for boyfriends who have asked her to quit working previously. The new Magic City 2011 calendar will be coming next month and she'll be on the cover, as well as featured for the month of February!
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Text Comments (11)
Jevon Jackson (10 months ago)
Angela Yee gets to work with cool and fun people just saying.
Derrick Rob (5 years ago)
i knew i saw her in philly... i had a store on stenton ave... Pretty lady...
TheLovelyShally (6 years ago)
she is only 33 , how is that old
Racquel L. Hall (6 years ago)
She's pretty y'all mad
AleonkaDaniel (7 years ago)
She does need to take care of the dark bags under her eyes. They are puffy!!! and yup she is old. n kinda washed out n.busted
HeyThere (7 years ago)
she is ugly
Igetsitin89 (8 years ago)
@BlizzZX i ask this question before she even mention it my fault
BlizzZX (8 years ago)
@Igetsitin89 no she just said stripper 5 times
Igetsitin89 (8 years ago)
she a stripper ?
Monnie Gee (8 years ago)
@Vonise she is really not..
LetsGetMoneyEnt (8 years ago)
damn angela yee is so fine...

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