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Trucking update (LoadBoards)

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I just wanted to come in here real quick and holla at the fam let you k ow what's going on with me checking out this new load board and learning how to run and where I like to run
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Text Comments (26)
Need help with your load board give me a call no strings attach 4042020279 Walker
Adrian haynes (9 months ago)
What kind of trailer are you running, reefer?
Parteehard da trucker (9 months ago)
DHubb DaTrucker (9 months ago)
Show Me The Money #Factz
dc trucker (9 months ago)
Still waiting on info about the organization
dc trucker (9 months ago)
And what load board is this or is this a secret to
Desmond Wells (9 months ago)
Parteehard da trucker we're did u lease your truck from bro big ups to you bro God bless looking to get into opp in the Future copmany now
Parteehard da trucker (9 months ago)
Internet truck stop is the load board
Jayallday (9 months ago)
Once again my G I appreciate you and everything you’ve done for me .... My G 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Parteehard da trucker (9 months ago)
Congrats again Fam
Lou Hawk (9 months ago)
20 years ago there was no fleecing of drivers parking idling and anything they can rob the pocket with..I got mad respect for u guys hustling out there these days..stay up be safe.....get paid!!!!!
mark akers (9 months ago)
The truth doesnt set you free in 2018..If it doesn't match their perception of the truth its gonna make them mad..But much respect to you and yours sir
Agent Orange (9 months ago)
Right on, man. Looks like you're adapting to the O/O thang very well. I knew when you were a company driver, you'd wind up an O/O. You constantly were asking all of the same questions I was asking myself. Roll on and tell Kee Wee Dee we all said hi and we give her our blessings.
Parteehard da trucker (9 months ago)
Agent Orange Thx Fam I will tell her
Mwash Wetu (9 months ago)
They may call you crazy but you think better than them.... Hold there bro always wise advice from you Blessed !
Bob Wayne (9 months ago)
I think is better when the load don't show how much it pays. U tell them your price. Then negotiate if you have to. A lot of times they reject your price and hang up only to call you back 20 minutes later to give you the load. I really like your channel
Parteehard da trucker (9 months ago)
Bob Wayne Appreciate it Fam
Big ups PH. Your progression & awareness in trucking is gonna keep you in the success lane all day fam.
Parteehard da trucker (9 months ago)
Trucking With LoShawn Parks Thx Fam I appreciate that and congrats to you on not driving right now😂😂
Dieseltherapy (9 months ago)
I’m following your journey. Best of luck!
John Campochiaro (9 months ago)
Some just do not like the truth. Just like you said bud, they are not the first and will not be the last. F'em let them go to someone that will lie or spread hate. God Bless you partner.
Indiana Trucker I69 (9 months ago)
Michigan got money PH . If you pay close attention you’ll see a lot of Rolls Royce’s, Lamborghinis , Maybach . I’ve ran all over Michigan . If you get a chance they have a Lamborghini dealership right in st Joseph MI slide over there 👉 check it out
Jimmy Beasley (9 months ago)
New subscriber just passed my cdl test Monday. Like ur honesty.
davedixon74 (9 months ago)
Your opinions on things can’t change the fact you still motivate some folks like me OG
davedixon74 (9 months ago)
Parteehard da trucker no doubt, I think you just passionate about everything you say and that’s what I respect most and that shit hurts people as bad as jealousy sometimes 😂😂
Parteehard da trucker (9 months ago)
That’s the most important thing homie I appreciate your comment

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