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Hey! Check out this channel! These guys are amazing! - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_Z_wcmeVZk0rJa0dZhOfg The voice top 5 legendary blind auditions. The best of the best! *Check out luca puca's channel! Videos full of fun and laughter!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDLT41bag26TtnRMDWIOG7g/featured
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Text Comments (20320)
Clash Sokağı (11 months ago)
15M views. It deserves.
Ross Leonen (12 days ago)
Replying after 11 months and it has 53M views
ALİ MİTHAT DEHMEN (12 days ago)
Clash Sokağı 53 million
Rezaek (18 days ago)
update 52m lol
Tatarous YT boi 52metres huh
Gacha n roblox Toon (18 days ago)
Zabi Malik (42 minutes ago)
Cristina R. I. P :-( :-(
Jeffrey Furey (1 hour ago)
I miss Christina
Aelthe Great (1 hour ago)
Hi everyone😊 Sub to sub?🤗
0:00 song?!
Ralph and Kristal (2 hours ago)
I miss you Christina Grimmie :(
vE nom (2 hours ago)
Good voice
Gonzalez14ist (2 hours ago)
Name of the introduction song (first 5sec of video) PLEASE
Willioxys (2 hours ago)
7:08 WTF did she say???!!!
mohamed all masre (2 hours ago)
ICY TET (3 hours ago)
Название на 6:41 прошу)
Saha Leman (3 hours ago)
Diamond Q (3 hours ago)
R.i.p Anthony
ľonłý bøý (3 hours ago)
Who's christina grimmie
Alibo Achumi (1 hour ago)
Really? R u kidding?
Saharah Saipoden (4 hours ago)
i miss her so much
Reyman (4 hours ago)
6:45 omg its him James Brown definetly
She is like lindsey stirling. Isnt she?
Hanna Felder (6 hours ago)
RIP Christina Grimmie 😢
OMG first time I hear voice like that it's beautiful she's the best she only Christina Grimmie I love you your voice is really good
Vicky Dyas (6 hours ago)
Farhansyah Futami (7 hours ago)
very good .sis l am your fan
TSM Deft 4 (8 hours ago)
Intro sound name ?
Johan Lagazo (8 hours ago)
That moan in 7:09 💧❤
My Computer (8 hours ago)
Long Nguyên văn (8 hours ago)
Nghe nổi da gà
Kaneki Ken (8 hours ago)
Intro song: the house of rising sun.
Buana Gaming (9 hours ago)
Gokil yang menyanyikan lagu chandelier membuat juri kaget.. ahahaha... Gw juga kaget kakak!!! Keren abis suara dan pengaturan nadanya..
Zainab Qazi (9 hours ago)
R.I.P Christina Grimme😢😢😭😭😭
Renz Centino (11 hours ago)
I want to see the vid of the intro
Edits By Djamilia (11 hours ago)
Christina Grimmie was the idol of my idol 😢💕
Natka-Maria Yt (12 hours ago)
Przepięknie wszyscy/beutiful!
Waad Mohamed (12 hours ago)
Cheng Song (12 hours ago)
Christina Grimmie is such a big lost. 😭
Ryn Whitu Doragon (14 hours ago)
can you people shut up about christina grimmie? it's been long since her death and you all are still worshiping her like she's some goddess.
Alibo Achumi (1 hour ago)
Missing her dsn't mean worshipping.
Alibo Achumi (1 hour ago)
We are not ganna shut up.
Ricky Kusuma (14 hours ago)
0:01 what is song..?
Christina Grimme still listening to you and missing you.Will always love you.... <3 </3
jalal rockin (15 hours ago)
Rip christana
Jordy Vonck (16 hours ago)
When you try to find out if they’re still making music but then you find out that some of them died. 😭 Well there goes the rest of my day😢
New Number Who Dis? (16 hours ago)
The guy singing chandelier surprised me like dang
New Number Who Dis? (16 hours ago)
Christina Grimme... :( 1 of the best singers to ever
Sheryll Alegre (17 hours ago)
MIND BLOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lkhagi A (17 hours ago)
R.I.P Christina Grimmie.The first blind
RondaRousy WWE (17 hours ago)
la cara de shakira no me convence
Sgt.Tapsilog (18 hours ago)
5:00 LeBron can sing?!?!?!
Norjana Langalen (22 hours ago)
Baby Adam 😍 eut me 😍😋😂😆❤
Outlaw Immortal (23 hours ago)
*Wining a blind audition starter pack* -Have a lil bit amazing voice ...just a lil -sing a hit song You're done
The Clashers (23 hours ago)
00:3 musica
Zahid B.L. (17 hours ago)
es:House of the rising sun
Magpie Hunter (1 day ago)
Shashi Kiran (13 hours ago)
This fucking motivates me.
Fábio Augusto (1 day ago)
Qual a música da intro
R.I.P christina grimmie🙏🙏❤
JUNKY 251 (1 day ago)
Excuse me someone knows the ending song
Holy Water (1 day ago)
these bitches made me cryyyyyy
Blink Army (1 day ago)
RIP Christina grimme
ELITESLAGR (1 day ago)
3:09, when Weird Al was in the Africa music video for Weezer
ROBLOXMASTER 3769 (1 day ago)
60M views..... 60M people watching the best Voice singer of all time. Christina Grimmie. Amazing job.
Malaika Qaiser (1 day ago)
56 millions view Unbelievable 🙀😱😱😱
CSJ STUDIO (1 day ago)
Christina Grimmie R.I.P. 😥
Flash 54 (1 day ago)
56M views.It deserves
hello_ ton (1 day ago)
Sometimes I feel that those judges sitting there will be embarrassed because the participants sings better sometimes.
Pretty Girl (1 day ago)
Damn I really miss Christina Grimmie's videos
michael mondragon (1 day ago)
Whats the name song 3:25 ??
Giorgos Karagiorgos (1 day ago)
Real talents!!!!
arvind kumar singh (1 day ago)
2020 any ?
Yasmine Delicious (1 day ago)
November 2018 😂
Tatita Kohli (1 day ago)
schade das das Mädchen mit den roten Haaren und der braune gestorben sind...(bzw umgebracht worden)diese Stimmen sind einfach der Hammer
trent frias (1 day ago)
'i really miss her😢😭 christina G..
Egirl (1 day ago)
0:20 rest in peace ❤️
sloban kmiec (1 day ago)
What is the music intro pleas ?
R. Lalrin mawia (1 day ago)
1.16 nice
Xero Destroyer (1 day ago)
Xero Destroyer (1 day ago)
Rip who made wrearking ball this girl has an nuke but you don't have nuke
Ankit Singh (1 day ago)
1st song name please
Rohim Na ly (1 day ago)
Blake is always that one who takes his time considering
O_skittles Ninja (1 day ago)
That dude was the best singer
Comic Clash (1 day ago)
Qual o nome da última música?
Romane Dst (1 day ago)
Les 2 premiers on dirait des perso de glee mdrrr
Sebastian Carvajal (1 day ago)
RIP Christina. Such a powefull voice. :(💔
Just Browsing (1 day ago)
No one can compete with Christina Grimme!!! So sad, so young, so much talent still left to give, she could have made people money all the way into her later years! RIP!!!! Still so sad to watch her old videos!!!! :(
Blerina Zonia (1 day ago)
OK this is the best video ever
5:00 when you instantly know there's gonna be some real show with the song ! ^^
Sbtle Life (1 day ago)
I miss Christina Grimmie 😢
Naomi Pdrn (1 day ago)
Cristina.. You can't be dead.. Omg RIP angel
Maggie Anna (1 day ago)
RIP christina
Dweader FTW (1 day ago)
0:34 That's what she said
QUEEN S (1 day ago)
Omg. Christina Grimmie was the best ❤
Famous People (1 day ago)
Zdsa Gam3s (1 day ago)
56mil views, understandable
jayoh123 (1 day ago)
R.I.P. Christina, we miss you. breaks my heart everytime i see you on youtube
56M views. It deserves.))
Marla Cute (2 days ago)
Is that Adam 😶😶😶
Marshmello TH (2 days ago)
ชอบๆ 😍😍😍
Xin yi Qu (2 days ago)
0:28 Adam Levine?
KRISHNA PS (2 days ago)
Stanzin Chuskit (2 days ago)
For a couple of seconds the judge was on the toilet seat... :/@3.59
xxmaarinaxx (2 days ago)
It´s actually better than the original😍
ari k (2 days ago)
christina gave me the literal chills, the way she added her own touch to the song was beautiful. better than the original, and thats the first time ive ever said that. i love you, rip.
Fernando Perez (2 days ago)
Young Taylor Swift Rest In Peace Christina

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