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Gag Reel! Day [9] vs. Alan Tudyk, Ryon & Felicia Day in Magic: The Gathering: Spellslingers

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More gags! More bonuses! And more from Sean Plott's game with Alan Tudyk, and the Days (Ryon and Felicia Day) in episode 3 of season 3! For the full episode check out: https://youtu.be/56UGHt1IX7Q GLHF, everyone, and don't forget: Magic the Gathering is for winners. Don't do drugs, kids. Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry/
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Text Comments (136)
E1 Miniatures (8 months ago)
I'm dying laughing
Corsair Joshua (8 months ago)
Sean is just too used to saying Felicia as she is the vixon of all his stories
Waffles For Days (1 year ago)
I can`t stop watching this video due to Felicia Day`s horse sound
Notreal76 (1 year ago)
Ryon and Sean should do a show together. They can do anything, literally anything, and the show would be a hit.
Knud Simonsen (2 years ago)
Ryon screaming "WRONG" and laughing is the best reaction-gif ever
Wes Rambo (5 months ago)
That whole segment starting with Sean reacting to Felicia's slight raise in the chair had me out of breath with laughter "That is truly incredible" "We gotta take this show on the road" so good
Jeremiah Bachmann (2 years ago)
Two things: Season 4 is needed NOW!!! You guys should do a series of shows introducing new players to different aspect of the game, including products, decks, styles, formats, etc. I'm a new player with tons of love for your style of geek. You also have some of the best production value out of pretty much every single Magic: the Gathering video series out there to date.
YouTube Profile (2 years ago)
You should have an episode where Sean plays himself.
HolandaChiquita (3 years ago)
Alan Tudyk is amazing! so funny and witty. I love Felicia too!
Roman Penna (3 years ago)
I do love the gag reels
Nazareadain (3 years ago)
There's like eleven days between them.
D (3 years ago)
Ryon gives Felicia so much shit, it's hilarious! Lol.
Killingglorie (3 years ago)
TJ Anderson (3 years ago)
I'm trying to contain the laughter; I'm crying and I just snorted really loud. Not at all sure what the people in the cubicles next to mine are thinking right now.
Luke C (3 years ago)
When they were butchering their own names, I really wanted Felicia to say, "Hi, my name is Felicity"
Skeeball D'Slanted (3 years ago)
If Clark Kent ever dramatically took off his glasses, everyone would pretend they didn't know he was Superman or else risk getting thrown into the sun... like usual. You don't piss off Superman. He's basically a god.
Arty Dragon (3 years ago)
This and tabletop are why I subbed.
Crit - C (3 years ago)
2:10 in & they still hadn't even set their decks out. The director had to be annoyed after he/she finally stopped laughing.
Andrew Brannan (3 years ago)
I keep waiting for Felicia Day to introduce herself as "that one chick from the Sears commercial"
Green Coller (3 years ago)
Dang Sean is tall.
Justin Farr (3 years ago)
Hey fellow board gamers... If you're interested I'm about 1/2 way through a KICKSTARTER campaign! It's for the table top gaming community. If you get some time check it out!  http://kck.st/1E3nKFl  and help spread the word! Thank you!
Ryon needs to guest star on Mostly Walking one day.
Osborn Young (3 years ago)
Incidentally, if Felicia took that show on the road, I would pay to watch her flexing her glutes.
Marius (3 years ago)
Colonel Dookie (3 years ago)
Sick burn at the end. Ryon may not be an actor, but he delivers the best lines of anyone in any show he's in, hands-down.
ph4se2 (3 years ago)
Who slapped the shit out of Ryan's left ear?
TovarishGaming (3 years ago)
I made the conscious decision of both watching this video and starting to drink my smoothie.  Should have made a different decision.
Megans Average Gaming (3 years ago)
the first time iv been looking forward to a gag reel instead of wanting another episode lol :P
Megans Average Gaming (3 years ago)
Lol yea :P if I play life gain its normally in a blue white aura deck lol
TheOriginalElkstone (3 years ago)
+Megan Harkness  Some people like to draw cards and control the cards other people play, some people like to steal as many dice as they can to try and represent their life totals. There is a colour for everybody
Megans Average Gaming (3 years ago)
+TheOriginalElkstone I always like to run a little bit of blue in my two headed giant decks so I'm not really sure I'm not really a fan of life gain unless it's paired with a deck that's slow and a lot of big guys basically I don't like running life gain lmao
TheOriginalElkstone (3 years ago)
+Megan Harkness I'm hoping to do some kind of Orzhov lifegain deck for backing up a teammate somehow. Is that even close to viable, or?
Megans Average Gaming (3 years ago)
+TheOriginalElkstone lmao I prefer to be called the best team mate :P
The Prince of Magnets (3 years ago)
The group chemistry was just great here, well done you guys.
Followmylead9876 (3 years ago)
Sean should just have his own YouTube channel that is MTG related.
Natalie Lucero (3 years ago)
The entire recording pleaaaase!
Jonathan Jonsson (3 years ago)
Where can I donate to making a Day9 and Ryon Day travel show happen? Take my money
Doug The Moleman (3 years ago)
A doctor friend of mine tells me cracking your neck is okay, as long as you don't do it too fast or too forcefully. The axis, your second vertebrae, connects to the atlas, your first, via a small bit of bone and it (or the surrounding ligaments) may become damaged if you're particularly careless. Best case scenario, you go "ow." Worst case scenario is paralysis or a stroke. But so long as you do it gently and slowly enough, you should be okay.
Jason Rogers (3 years ago)
"I'm good at this part, here we go" *crack* *CRACK*
Ahmad123N (3 years ago)
Damn~~ Sick Burn Yo~~
Team Keyleth (3 years ago)
ROTFLOL  that was amazing !!
Steven Jones (3 years ago)
lol did anybody else see the cat is ned as the ad lol
BraidXIV (3 years ago)
I spit my drink a little. This was a great gag reel.
MoxxyPrime (3 years ago)
Funniest gag reel to date! ROFL
Travel Gamer (3 years ago)
This is the funniest thing ever to me, cause my best friend from high school just had a baby and they named it Jace.  Even better, my wife and I had almost this exact conversation the other night when we were talking about that name.
si2foo (3 years ago)
i think ryon would be  better on tabletop  then here on spellslingers he just strikes me as someone  who would work well on that format then this one
kmal2t (3 years ago)
I don't really watch co-optitude but I never noticed Ryan's ears until now. Once you notice you can't stop looking.
George Sears (3 years ago)
One day Day9 simply just removes his head when he cracks his neck and then puts it on the table.
draxhellion (3 years ago)
i hate that gag reels occupy a space on the week, i hate gag reels
J-P Sacko (3 years ago)
this was fantastic, and you guys GOTTA put Ryon and Sean into more stuff!
Andrew Garcia (3 years ago)
Thanks for the video! It was hilarious.
touristmonster (3 years ago)
3 Days, Tudyk, and one great gag reel.
chaz6018 (3 years ago)
alan is the best guest yet
BluishGnome (3 years ago)
I wish Day9 and Ryon could commentate my life play by play.
GoldThane (3 years ago)
This is going to sound strange, but I kinda love the way Felicia screams...
biozak1000 (3 years ago)
You know how surnames are often something relating to an ancestor's trait? that's all i wanted to say...
Garth Palmer (3 years ago)
Make a show with Sean and Ryon. Call it Day X Day (day by day)
Efwa (3 years ago)
+Garth Palmer Hear hear! xD
OksanaSean 2002 (3 years ago)
That would be amazing! Somebody needs to begin a "Kickstarter" for that. I will gladly sign over by paycheck (BTW I'm a doctor). I don't care if either of them are too busy. We can just keep throwing money at them till they agree. Of course my dream project would be a show about RPGs, Video Games, and medieval weapons staring Ryon, Felicia, and Sean. They could call it "3 Day Knight" (instead of Three Dog Night - am I dating myself?)
Rafael Borges (3 years ago)
lol that was great!
The Raddish Patch (3 years ago)
when Felicia made her horse noise all I could do was laugh to myself and start singing "Mister Would You Please Help My Pony".......I think it's his lung....
Ian Farrelly (3 years ago)
There needs to be more shows with Ryan And Sean together
Splattercat (3 years ago)
Oh man, I had to watch that +Ryon Day part at the end over and over. That was freakin hilarious. :D Good job to all involved. This episode was gold in every way. :D
Formulka (3 years ago)
dayJ is going to die by snapping his own neck
What? Nothing from when Felicia and Alan completely destroyed Sean and Ryon, despite their many errors?
TheCrosshare (3 years ago)
I said "Hi" to my neighbour, but due to the residue from this video he thought i was being sarcastic. It's oozing everywhere!
Ravenft (3 years ago)
Next time leave these in!
Willem Verheij (3 years ago)
Great gag reel! So many great people in one room together, I'm happy to have witnessed this and hope they will work/play together more often in the future!
Oh god. My head. It hurts. Laugh. Too hard. Owies DX
Blazekingz (3 years ago)
2 days + day9
Blazekingz (3 years ago)
+Grant Hoggan if they make babies......
Grant Hoggan (3 years ago)
+Blazekingz Soooo...11 days?
villanelo1987 (3 years ago)
This kind of reminded me of the times my D&D group is a little more drunk than we should, and in the whole day, we talk with 1 or 2 guys, buy 1 or 2 things, and 90% of the rest of the time, we just laught and laught about the most stupid things, achieving absolutely nothing and loving it. :p
villanelo1987 (3 years ago)
+Stealthxero Well, it is ONE way to play the game, at least. :p
Stealthxero (3 years ago)
+villanelo1987 Thats NOT how your supposed to play that game?
Danny Hodge (3 years ago)
Is it bad that i just noticed Sean's name is Day9, and Felicia/Ryon are Days'? My mind just got a little blown and i feel like a tool for not noticing sooner.
Bancheis (3 years ago)
+Danny Hodge Obviously if he is Day9, Felicia is Day1 and Ryon is Day2. No idea where the rest of the week went.
g0dsgreen (3 years ago)
The bloopers are even funnier than the game. :)
Alfredo Guerrero (3 years ago)
hey guys like your show  will you ever play game of EDH/ Commander?
jsinmcc92 (3 years ago)
Lmao I love Ryon and Felicia
Paranoid Heart (3 years ago)
Wait was Ryan actually an actor? If so I am so sorry.
teh1337zlot (3 years ago)
+ParanoidTheMarvin not in the professional sense. he works in IT i think? something with computers
Adam Gough (3 years ago)
Ok guys, you accidentally uploaded a 4 minute gag reel instead of the entire 2+ hour recording session for this episode. It's ok, not many people noticed. Just ... Y'know ... fix it asap. K?
Brucey Juicy (2 years ago)
wasnt funny
Chris Shaw (3 years ago)
+Jessi Rogers Could not get any more obvious.. DERP
jimmyt1988 (3 years ago)
+Nasst Dense Like the forest between my legs.
Nasst (3 years ago)
+Jessi Rogers it was obvious, you're just dense.
+Jessi Rogers You are poop
Carl Schupbach (3 years ago)
I am amazed! Not just how great this gag reel is. But how Ryon had to crack his neck to see Sean Plott. Don't watch your brother Felicia when he trying to look up at Sean.
abigfavor (3 years ago)
Bryce Lloyd (3 years ago)
I imagine this was a hard episode to get through, lol.  Hilarious.
Stolkmen (3 years ago)
talk about a "gag" reel. Sean cracking his neck...I mean c'mon!
Leeicko (3 years ago)
They should do an episode on drafting
Cygnus (3 years ago)
Is Sean a giant stood next to an average person or an average person stood next to a pixie?
Jestin Crawley (3 years ago)
+PootToot I think Sean is 6' 4" or 6'5" so probably the first.
Craig Cainkar (3 years ago)
I will give any number of stuffs for a show with Ryon and Sean doing anything.
Kirbytronic (3 years ago)
Ryon and Sean Annoy Felicia for 20 Minutes coming soon to Geek and Sundry
baklazan777 (3 years ago)
+Craig Cainkar I don't mind him but I have to admit it annoys me when he puts his arm in front of his mouth when he laughs ; (
Olly Oxen (3 years ago)
+Craig Cainkar Literally anything.
Merlin C G Broadway (3 years ago)
Ryan and Sean are like the perfect comedy duo
Talius10 (3 years ago)
+ETSMalanic Team Ryon Day 9
TheFreakOfGreatness (3 years ago)
I don't know why but Ryon has a realy punchable face.
Robin Maibals (3 years ago)
+Craig Riley Do you believe him wanting to punch Ryon's face has anything to do with Ryon's muscles in this place? Do you think that's air you're breathing now?
Tyler Durdan (3 years ago)
+TheFreakOfGreatness Considering the size of his muscles... I'd love to see you try.
Splattercat (3 years ago)
+Michael Smith This yes. :D
Nick Smith (3 years ago)
+TheFreakOfGreatness Is it because he reminds you of the people that beat you up in high school?
Vit Kozusky (3 years ago)
Watching the original episode, I just knew the gag reel would be absolutely amazing. It didn't disappoint.
Turn Based Games (3 years ago)
Alan looks so much like a young Michael Douglas lol.
David Dunst (3 years ago)
A: "You're not an actor, it's fine." Q; What should I say to someone who's frustrated with _____________?
BoxMusic (3 years ago)
No new episode today?
Steve Strohl (3 years ago)
I knew when I watched the episode that Felicia's introduction would have at least one take where she lost her balance.
(3 years ago)
that was a damn funny gag reelhahahaha
Team Keyleth (3 years ago)
+nitekrawler yea it was very funny
Michał Płatek (3 years ago)
+nitekrawler yeah it was hahaha ;D
Prov (3 years ago)
David Davison (3 years ago)
That's flexing your glutes, not your quads.
Robin Maibals (3 years ago)
+David Davison Her anatomy has evolved to do point where she has a second set of butt cheeks. It's where she hides her contraband when she opts to not get scanned by the TSA.
Soulshocks (3 years ago)
Aaaaaaaand Captain Obvious strikes again. The worst of all super villains, he strikes when you least expect it. Pointing out things that have already been clearly explained! Striking fear into the hearts of none, in fact people are mostly perplexed by his existence.
MrWilly3827 (3 years ago)
Wow, only 4 comments? This is a first.  Also, Felicia is awesome.
Joseph Demjanick (3 years ago)
Ouch someone get ryon some cream for that burn
Ucmh (3 years ago)
+Joseph Demjanick I didn't get it. He's actually isn't an actor, is he? So it wouldn't be a burn to say so, I would think...
Tyler C (3 years ago)
The synergy between Sean and Ryon is crazy. Maybe since he's a Day at heart? But they just worked so well with each other even when just improvising xD
StubbornProgrammer (3 years ago)
On that day Felicia instituted a new policy when meeting fans - security would have to crack their necks before meeting her so they couldn't gross her out like that. This is how apparently eccentric requirements for interacting with famous people get built up... because it looked cool when Day[9] did it.
GmodPlusWoW (3 years ago)
+StubbornProgrammer But Jesse's neck was uncrackable. Instead when he clicked it, it would sing "Oklahoma".
GmodPlusWoW (3 years ago)
+StubbornProgrammer But Jesse's neck was uncrackable. Instead when he clicked it, it would sing "Oklahoma".
xWynendarx (3 years ago)
I just love this series <3
kys (3 years ago)
No new episode?

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