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10 Pyramid Schemes That Went Horribly Wrong

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Text Comments (2889)
Matthew Colfer (1 hour ago)
What ad played when I was watching this? Only some online sales, work from home, sort your life out nonsense, lol!
Kai ArtVids (1 hour ago)
Best top ten channel I've ever seen so far
Doug Palmer (10 hours ago)
Funny how metabalife is still sold at all major stores including walmart
Omirefa Oshun (11 hours ago)
Why are you laughing through the whole video!!😂😂😂
BlueBird858 (11 hours ago)
You mean someone actually made a METH pyramid scheme? Brilliant.
Vanessa Thomas (12 hours ago)
"delusional self-confidence".....LOL LOL
YourFavoritePlatypus (15 hours ago)
I've been invited so far to 2 different scams. One being It Works and one being WorldVentures. I think the most alarming thing about my experience with those trying to rope me in is that these people are soooooo deluded and would offer their soul if it convinced you to join. Scary stuff
Crystal D (17 hours ago)
3:42 Sounds like Younique
Oie White (21 hours ago)
MLM & NETWORK Marketing are kind like paid someone to take your money
AnvilMAn603 (1 day ago)
grow some balls, amway and herbalife are MLM scams
Mary Anderson (1 day ago)
I do scentsy but mainly because I love the warmers so I sell so I can get them free. If I make some money awesome, but I do it mainly to get new warmers and wax for cheap/free.
Eternity Dweller (1 day ago)
Paparazzi Jewelry. Essential oils. Mary Kay. Tru-4-U. Scentsy! Pampered chef! Advo care. Those wrap things! And Jehovah's witnesses.
simon gouldthorpe (1 day ago)
Too many ads
Theresa F (1 day ago)
Reminds me of the "Long of Queens" episode where Doug gets sucked into selling water filtration systems. So funny. Not sure how people can live with themselves scamming people.
DAMIAN XAVIER (1 day ago)
Tee Anthony (1 day ago)
Vector marketing lol
SleepFaster18 (1 day ago)
Paparazzi is one I can think of.
Hawaiiansky11 (1 day ago)
Not a pyramid scheme, but a scam nonetheless: those 'learn how to buy and sell real estate' seminars! Also, Every.Single.Timeshare.Ever.
Amanda B (1 day ago)
I always learn something new from your videos!💖ya work
Sara Forney (2 days ago)
Yeah I lived in a bad neighborhood for too long & hopped on that matabolife train myself
Iris Koomi (2 days ago)
My husband and i did amway. Went into debt. Made money off ourselves because our familys hated what we were doing. Got out after 5 months, and took control of our finances again.
Bethany Eshnaur (3 days ago)
We can name companies for days. The problem here is that people aren’t earning enough money from their jobs to pay for stuff so they look for things to sell in attempt to make up for it. It’s the same reason why ride sharing is a thing and stuff. If we raised wages, these companies would start falling to the waist side.But you know...capitalism
Tim (3 days ago)
Hempworx CBC oil will be in this list soon
Sabrinita Life (3 days ago)
Life transfer factor or something like that.
Brittany Ruiz (3 days ago)
Omg my uncle sold Monavie and I tasted it bruh this explains so much when I saw it was a scheme I was like 😮
R O (4 days ago)
This is priceless while I am watching video it was interrupted for a commercial a company doing a pyramid scheme
heroselene (4 days ago)
Renting a car to drive Uber and/or Lyft are both DEF pyramid schemes..............
heroselene (2 days ago)
@Mei Day When you rent a car to drive for Uber and Lyft, you have to pay a deposit as well as a weekly fee that is taken from your earnings that you made while driving. This is for renting with them, not if you have your own car, which is exactly why the comment began with the word "renting". Also, they give you incentives and bonus money for recruiting people into the program as well. So...............
Mei Day (2 days ago)
Well you don’t need to pay into Uber, and you don’t need to recruit.
Yuri Souza (4 days ago)
Some years ago I got a video call from a guy I was into, and yes, it was a recruitment call. Yay. I live in Brazil and he lives in the USA, and he INSISTED that I should join him and be the first one to implement Vemma in Brazil. I was naïve back then but I felt something was wrong and this was actually some kind of shady business. Besides that, how am I supposed to sell a product that was not certified by local regulation agencies? I could get in trouble for that. Well, in 2015 it was proven that Vemma was nothing but a fraudulent scheme. Boy, bye.
You should find a company,which provides income disclosure statements. Not all are bad. You should not be front loading,or bulk buying stock,either.
Mary Anderson (1 day ago)
Yup, i do scentsy and refuse to carry stock. Everything I have product wise is my own personal products.
Katie Miel (5 days ago)
MLMs my mom has given my stuff from: beautycounter mary kay avon origami owl paparazzi younique tupperware pampered chef herbalife doterra lularoe agnes & dora perfectly posh partylite scentsy lipsense ... i am sure there are more
Jenna Frazier (6 days ago)
Pyramid schemes just changed their name, followed the minimum FTC rules & are now called Multi-Level Marketing. If you have to buy into a company to have a job & your profits are reflected directly on how many people you recruit, RUN.
Mei Day (2 days ago)
Jenna Frazier they also like to call themselves social sales.
kevin baker (6 days ago)
Ephedra is not an addictive substance
the Great Mendax (6 days ago)
Don't forget about Life Leadership the brain child of Amway (Scamway) Diamonds .
Mason 美生 (6 days ago)
F Amway
Cpt _ Anthrax (7 days ago)
Kat K (7 days ago)
Adam Priestley (7 days ago)
I knew of a FB friend whom was a MLM jumper: Started with some coffee/tea MLM, then to Mona Vie, and now peddles some other MLM now. Guess she likes selling wacky stuff to friends and family.
Denver Donate (7 days ago)
Every marketing job on Craigslist in Denver is an MLM.
Roxie J (7 days ago)
Wake Up Now popped up and all I thought was "if he doesn't mention Amway, I stg."
Lisa Lamorey (7 days ago)
Wonder how many of these companies were based in Utah?
Brian Reynolds (7 days ago)
LeVel, Younique, and LulaRoe are some of the biggest Pyramid Schemes out there at the moment. They are super predators when it comes to scamming poor housewives out of their husbands hard earned money. Please don’t fall for these obvious scams ladies.
Green Eyiz (8 days ago)
Amway & Melaluca got my sister hooked and she tried to pull me in
ShimShimShirrie (8 days ago)
Dude AmWay is insidious. They made me meet with one person for weeks, thinking it was about a job with her before I finally was "invited" to a group meeting and I realized wtf was going on.
Eva S. Solis (8 days ago)
Amway is very sketchy
hugo zamarripa (8 days ago)
What about Vemma!!?? The company who targeted college kids to sell their energy drinks. I remember my friend was in denial when he brought me in to hear his "friend" speak and that he would buy me lunch. When the session ended I told him the whole thing smelled fishy and like a pyramid scheme. My friend tried his hardest to convince me otherwise, that I didnt really know the business structure. When I drew the pyramid for him that he would be the top figure and that me and another schmuck would be under him or his "legs" how they would say it, and that each of us would have our "legs" for which he would benefit from us recruiting them, and so on and so on. He felt offended as if I was belittling him and didnt know what I was talking about. I told him him how come one makes more money recruiting than actually selling the product, which everyone who joined had to purchase the $500 product package to sell lmao. He then never spoke to me again, until when finally Vemma got in legal trouble 2 or 3 years later and was finally recognized as such, I copied the link of the news and pasted it on his Facebook wall with a message "how's business?" And he just replied with the middle finger emoji. Lmao poor dude.
Renée Dixon (9 days ago)
I had some friends that were always pushing MonaVie. We can't telling them we don't do pyramid schemes. I've heard of the first company, MetaboLIfe but the rest I've never heard of.
Rachel c (9 days ago)
Ironic I got an ad for what seems like a pyramid scheme before this video lmao
Stephanie Bonilla (9 days ago)
It's not a pyramid scheme. It's a reverse funnel system.
clementine (9 days ago)
USANA here in the philippines
Byte shadow4 (9 days ago)
0:19 sounds like fazbears entertainment
contiflex (10 days ago)
Has anyone heard of Forever Living? A neighbour is selling it and wants me to join?
contiflex (9 days ago)
@Michelle Whaley Jordan yes, she says I'd have to pay for a starter kit. I'll stay away from it I think, I cant afford to pay out upfront for herbal pills and potions that may not get sold. Thanks for your advice.
contiflex I’ve never heard of it but if she is selling something and wants you to join, and that involves paying for a starter kit, it is 100 percent an MLM scheme.
Brian Forte (10 days ago)
Organic coffee and prepaid legal services were my two free "damn they got me" experiences.
VioletByNature (10 days ago)
I literally got an add for a mlm company 😂😂😂
Unstoppable Goddess (10 days ago)
Mary Watkins (10 days ago)
Evolution Travel is a scam, big time.
was it even real? (10 days ago)
Monat and Primerica too. Two ex friends of mine tried to get me into them -_-
Frugal Mama (10 days ago)
mary kay should be in this list!
Meg (10 days ago)
It's a reverse funnel system
Courtney OmegaDeLancy (10 days ago)
Where are pre paid legal, Primerica and Amway?
Courtney OmegaDeLancy (10 days ago)
No brother. Sorry. Metabolife worked and I did not develop a drug habit at all. I've never even smoked weed and I don't drink alcohol. Haven't in 7 years
Jimmy Chanthavong (10 days ago)
WFG( world financial group)
The Bazile (10 days ago)
My dad is into Amway. It really seems like a pyramid scheme, I will say though that I really do like their products. They can be pricey but they work.
OnceUponAVideo (11 days ago)
Mary Riker (11 days ago)
Mannatech. Ugggh. Sold by the worst neighbors I ever had. Rotten scam, "allegedly".
amethyst dawn (11 days ago)
Herbalife. Arbonne. Avon. Mary Kay. Isogenix. Just a few of the many pyramid schemes introduced to me by my very gullible grandma
Lucci (12 days ago)
My dad is in a pyramid scheme, and his reply is always.. “any normal corporation also has a pyramid structure”, at least in a normal company a low wage worker is still earning a salary and not paying to work. He is beyond brainwashed and just recites what’s the company teaches him.
Gordon Reiher (12 days ago)
Amway is Betsey DeVoss' family business.
Tom Orrow (12 days ago)
Utah is trending.
Tristan V (12 days ago)
Emmy F (12 days ago)
I know so many people who quit their stable full-time jobs to work for one of these. I wonder how they're doing....
Jenette M (12 days ago)
I remember I was taken away from a Mary Kay celebration and led to the back room. The woman locked me in the room with her and was strongly suggesting to be taken under her wing. Then I told her I don't have friends or Facebook and then her demeanor changed and told me I can go back to the party 😑
Jan Glorieux (13 days ago)
any pyramid scheme will go horribly wrong eventually
john doe (13 days ago)
Isagenix! Stay away from anyone trying to sell you that crap!
Brenda Fluffy (13 days ago)
I almost fell into the Amway trap about 12 years ago my friend took me to a "monthly meeting" which felt like church or a cult all the top sales couples were there, dress to the nines we felt underdressed we were later invoted to a sales couple's house and they flaunted their giant rental house and their 'open pantry' which had all the amway products in it amway ask you buy into the sales position at around $3000, or host a jewelry party and get your friends to buy upto $2000 on the day i couldn't afford to buy into it so i gave up, and watched my friend waste her money on the amway crap
Veggie Queen (13 days ago)
Body wraps and detox’s/ body cleanse are the new scams. I can’t stand being sold anything by friends! I had a friend, new to real estate, tell me, “everyone’s a potential client!” 20 friendship gone!
My opinion (13 days ago)
Beach body
Pascal McDonald (13 days ago)
Can’t believe he forgot to mention Dream Trips and that other trip scam BS. Why would I pay to buy cheaper tickets and travel with a group of other people?! No thanks. I had to block so many of my “friends” on FB. Lol
jerald calisang (13 days ago)
usana? my brother join for fee of Php 28,000 or $530+ for their stater kit He hardly sells their product as it’s just overpriced.
Dora Barkley (14 days ago)
Too bad they didn’t go horribly wrong in the beginning
Natalie Speedracer (14 days ago)
Bologna on the metabolife... it's not friggin meth or any more addictive than caffeine. It's a bronchodilator which opens lungs and is helpful for asthmatics. Everything needs to be used responsibly. You can overdose on water, asprin....anything. meth my arse.
Justmiss jamey (14 days ago)
Metabolite was amazing. Id buy it at walmart and no drug issues or other issues, but lost weight...i miss that stuff
Connie Ward (15 days ago)
I tried Avon. Can’t sell enough to make money. I like the products why can’t the company just sell their products and stop the pyramid scam
Pokemon Maniac Jak (14 days ago)
Connie Ward I tried Avon for a few weeks. Didn’t actually cost me anything, though it would have in month two. Just stopped answering the companies calls. I didn’t twig that it was a scam cause it cost nothing and it’s in movies. I was only a kid so I don’t feel so bad
juliazwei (15 days ago)
FMGroup is still strong. Sadly.
Hannah Ree (16 days ago)
We'll get Amway eventually goddammit.
actressbrookesingleton (16 days ago)
I joined an MLM fully aware it was an MLM but I like the products and get them cheaper this way. Lol. I don't recruit at all and I don't actively sell because I really just joined for me. The only time I've sold anything is when someone was like "ooh I like your shirt, where'd you get it", and I said "oh I sell them actually" but I don't provide any further info unless they ask. I figure if they want it they'll ask and if they don't want it then they won't ask. They ended up wanting to buy some. I'd rather it be that way than me going around hounding people to buy stuff. Also, "my" MLM doesn't push people to recruit and I'm glad because if they were pushing me to recruit I would not do it and I'd be mad.
GlamazonBeauty360 (16 days ago)
What about Noni Juice?
The Lastperfectman (16 days ago)
You're WAY off! The worst pyramid scheme was the Great Pyramid of Cheops! Uhh, what an eyesore, and it totally lowered the resale on the Sphinx!
H&A M (16 days ago)
There was one called Undercoverwear back in the 80's/90's. They sold lingerie. I have to say though the parties were fun and I liked the stuff they had!
GlamazonBeauty360 (16 days ago)
Mary KAY is the same way
alee (16 days ago)
Invent...ory 😂
ChipStack (16 days ago)
I had to skip through 3 get rich quick scheme commercials while watching this video. 😅😂😂
David Cobb (16 days ago)
rla26368 (17 days ago)
IMO, "ThriveLife"=pyramid scheme for preppers, "allegedly".
Lenora Paige (17 days ago)
We all know at least 3 women who will try anything to recruit you to younique and/or buy their products.
Cassandra (17 days ago)
Seymore Green lmfao. Gottem
Chee Chalker (17 days ago)
Lots of these MLMs seem to be based in Utah.....hmmmmm......what else is very popular in Utah.....here’s a hint....MLMs are often said to be “cult like”. What else in Utah is cult???
Jae Alissa (17 days ago)
World Ventures. Omg if I had $1 for everytime someone tried to get me to do that.
Robert Turco (17 days ago)
You have NO idea the difference between a scam/scheme and a legitimate network marketing company. Please do your research before you start spouting off on something you know nothing about. And having an English accent does not make you more believable.
Alek Gallegos (18 days ago)
I feel like no one listens to what this guy said in the beginning if you make a higher percentage of money on the recruiting then you do selling the product that’s a pyramid scheme however you can still pay for a startup and it not be a pyramid scheme as long as all your money is coming from your sales no one should get check for how many people they recruit unless it’s a small one time bonus
bread winner (18 days ago)
LulaRoe is the worst. Watch Vice's video on it

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