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An Introduction to the Maroons

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Jamaicans have always played a vital part in fights for Freedom. From Marcus Garvey to Bob Marley. Then there were the Maroons who fought the British in Jamaica for 84 years.
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Flower_of_ Ra (1 month ago)
Check Out IAM SAI, Young Pharaoh, The Grand Master General Sara Suten SETI 💚💚💚💚🖤🖤🖤🖤
k lee (1 month ago)
This is not making any sense to me, something is clearly not right here. How do slaves from Africa run away into mountainous land that they are not accustomed, yet are able to defeat europeans with weapons. Listen, it doesn't take a genius to see that something is not adding up. The only way the Maroons could of had the chance to beat the Europeans, that's if they were from that land and they knew the land already. It's sad because, I was hoping to learn something but I'm almost positive, the Maroons history has been tainted. Africa has over 600 fruits & vegetables that was imported from the Americas. Who was the so called copper colored people that were founded on the island of xaymaca by the Spaniards. What happened to those people and why would you import people from another land that completely doesn't know the land. If these so called indigenous people were so friendly that they befriended the Europeans, why not enslave those same people?? I want to see Maroon Chief that are recorded being shipped from Africa on slave ships. I want to know Tribal names, I want to see tribal ancestry that leads back to Africa. I don't want to hear that there is a African tribe that speaks the Maroon language, because west Indians were shipped to Africa to fight in African wars.
Jai Grace (2 months ago)
This is knowledge of the journey/history should be part of the Jamaican academic curriculum. And not the basic water down version I had in sch.
Bianca Britt (3 months ago)
Some of them have Arawak features..
robert powell (3 months ago)
Love my people to the day I die
bibi AAA (3 months ago)
Akwantuo means journey. The first man that spook (Lartey is a GA man).
Limonefiga (1 month ago)
He's saying 'I'm going to' in jamaican accent
Sam T (5 months ago)
In fact the Maroons are defendants of the great Ashantis(now Ghana) West Africa. I really like their fighting spirit for liberation and progress for their people. Ashanti the great kingdom ever in Africa. I think the king of the Ashanti kingdom must as a matter of urgency bring all of them in the diaspora together for the great people and the generations to come.
Carol Green (6 months ago)
So the british could not beat then with the sword so he beat them with the pen.
Carol Miles-Hughes (6 months ago)
Resect and saving face. Now, excuce me ms man...ewe say dat?!
Joemaine Hughes (1 year ago)
Smh these are the 1’s who selling out they ain’t no Maroons they are the Yenkunkun Pickibo Maroons is a European construct from time you see ah Anglican Church in there land they have been conquered mentally. They don’t have to live up to no treaty you all ain’t going by your Aboriginal name they are the Arawaks who they claiming extinct
Tam Mel (1 year ago)
Go away! Bout yuh waan see dance and then what? What are you looking to steal this time? You all (caucasians) cannot be trusted, you’ve proved that already. Mi people are too kind to keep allowing you all in. You wanna help? Go organize with your people and give back what you stole.
wayne wayney (1 year ago)
Greetings to the maroons one thing I can say do not give away to much information ispescaly to these people even if thay look like you believe me please go keep things secret if Nany an the other ancestors were here thay would have run these people with their cameras coming to find out what be do
Damian Fung (1 year ago)
Didn't the maroons sold out paul bogle and william gordon and many more africans to the bristish
Steven Latibeaudiere (1 year ago)
very good history
Hodayah Baht-Israel (2 years ago)
The British are Devious ~ has always been and always will be. Our People are always too willing to give Free Information and let people in without questioning their motives. Notice how "thank you" ~ no offer of even a small donation to keep Scott's Hall going. All pale face people Must Be Kept OUT.
MissBabyloved (2 years ago)
OMG Twi language "Yetu agyina" means to consult with those who are in involved in a certain group. these are my long lost Akan people, I must visit them someday. woow
Yes, you should! Glad you like it.
Yaw Ankh Ra Akan (2 years ago)
why aren't the acolonel's grave sites maintained?
Rashida Okolo (2 years ago)
Go further Back in time to when We were Queens & Kings B4 Slavery!B careful who We share OUR information with!Medase' Ashe O'Obea Yoruba The Sciences of Our Ancient African Ancestors🌍🌊🌞🌞🌙⭐️❤️🖤💚
Rashida Okolo (2 years ago)
The Real Truth about the Maroons must B exposed but keep Caucasians OUT of this process as they R CORRUPT!Study Our Story NOT HIS STORY! Ashe O'🌍🌊❤️🖤💚
Carol Green (6 months ago)
Too bad indigenous people are not protected by the government from outsiders who are more advanced and may harm or exploit them.
Elizabeth R (1 year ago)
Yes we need to learn from their past actions.On a level they are not to be trusted,we keep repeating our mistakes which is why we can never rise up.All other nations aka Asians and Caucasians don't let anybody infiltrate their land/culture/people.It's all about self preservation.
Kay Joy (2 years ago)
And what makes you assume that he is white. Is it just. becsuse of the way he speaks?
Maureen Kingpin (2 years ago)
Could it be that the New Jamaican generation have NO KNOWLEDGE of the information in this video, which is why parts of the country has been undergoing such a transformation not for the good of the country but rather to its detriment ????
Maureen Kingpin (2 years ago)
The British continues to take Census of the Jamaican populations
Maureen Kingpin (2 years ago)
I'm very curious about why so many Europeans are going into the interiors of Jamaica filming and interviewing the locals. Are they genuine or are they gathering data for future monitoring purposes - I'm just saying!!!!! Why the great interest? Their footprints are all over the island!!!! Some Jamaicans have not even been to some of those places the foreigners have ventured into !!!
Jai Grace (2 months ago)
Maureen Kingpin Trust me I’m thinking the same. Like why now?
Patra Harris (8 months ago)
He said his great grandmother was a maroon.
Ann M B-C (1 year ago)
They were brilliant to have defeated the Europeans to gain our independence.
Ann M B-C (1 year ago)
Yeah why are they there. The British don’t want the word to spread about the breach of contract.
Damian Fung (1 year ago)
Nancy Williams well he must be black because what i know about the maroons is they don't ever mingle with other people
ROBERT WOOD (2 years ago)
ROBERT WOOD (2 years ago)
ROBERT WOOD (2 years ago)
Mackayah S. (2 years ago)
L🔆ve this! Wish it would be more!
Nitty B (2 years ago)
I wonder if that was Kromanti he was speaking.
Just Suzie (2 years ago)
I just learned of these people yesterday
Akua Yeboah (3 years ago)
wow akwantu means journey it is a twi word spoken by the Akan people in Ghana.
Kadian Banton (3 years ago)
very informative.
Deirdra Kearns (3 years ago)
Interesting . Thank you for sharing. Great people with history. Maroons and other displaced people have these amazing stories and history that should be heard.
Lucan Moreno (3 years ago)
you trace your blood line thou your father not your mother. you are of your father.
Diana Smith Reyes (3 years ago)
wow idk that my family is big like that I love the maroons
michael byrd (3 years ago)
they mixed in with the Arawak.
Kay Joy (2 years ago)
passius1 (2 years ago)
@Infinite Sky They can be mixed but it is very rare
Infinite Sky (2 years ago)
Are you saying that there are NO maroons mixed with Arawak or that Maroons are mixed with Arawak? Your statement was confusing, sorry.
Nana DankwaArt (3 years ago)
May the truth of African heavens descend upon us. Great to meet my family Maroons. We the Ashanti Kingdom & Empire will live to succeed the very rightful freedom of mankind. Yes we believe naturally in The Truth of The African God. Those evil & bad apples within human societies will turn round to witness a spiritual surprise in human dignity. Prosperity, to live or die, responsibility & respect for all human dignity belong to all race. The earth or the universe belong to all races. The Ashanti kingdom fought a 200 year war with those colonial regimes for human freedom. There are more historical case of study to be educated before anyone jump into conclusion. Africa where being robbed, raped, brutalised, dictated, they forced our kings to sign by force treaties & mandatory exiles. Today & right now, these same colonial so call masters are telling our Maroons, Jamaicans, African Americans that, they should blame their African kingdoms for the slave trade???????????????. Just to continue their evil agenda to separate us & even fight against each other. But the omnipotent almighty African God is alive to turn history in the making. All human race are important & equal. So God help me travel to visit my Maroon family ancestry to reunite & continue our truthful everlasting existence.
Charm Bae (3 years ago)
+Lucan Moreno 😂😂😂 how can I be a went to be when that's my direct bloodline you idiot. No tribal group sold their own people dumb fuck. Prior to colonization it is tribal group against the next, survival of the fittest.
Lucan Moreno (3 years ago)
+Mizz Charm no your stupid claiming to be African when Leo skipi Africanus is a white man. so fuck you you black devil hamite wanna be Ashansti.
Charm Bae (3 years ago)
+Lucan Moreno Who are the "you" that's the problem with you folks. Reasons why I get annoyed easily by this kind of stupidty😂😂😂
Lucan Moreno (3 years ago)
+Mizz Charm proud of what that you sold your brothers and sisters for wine and guns!!
Lucan Moreno (3 years ago)
+Mizz Charm I know who I am an who I belong to and where I'm from. Leo Africanus is not your father
Johnson Asare (3 years ago)
The Maroons are not Ashantis they are Fantis. Ashantis won a war against they fantis and sold thier captives into slavery.
Beautifully Made (2 years ago)
the British people captured more of the ashanti people because 1. the British were strong even though the asantis were "protected" by the Dutch. 2. because the ashanti people were rebellious, had no respect for the white man. 3. BECAUSE OF THEIR GOLDEN STOOL. the Fanti people worshiped the white man. and so the ashanti hated them for that. and come to think of it. this is all bs. the white men came in with one agenda but played these people against each other. the Dutch pretended to protect the asantis from the fantis and the British. the British pretended to protect the fantis against the asantis and the Dutch. But behind closed doors they were really working together buying and capturing slaves from each tribe. it's sad
Anna O (3 years ago)
Same thing Fantis sold Ashanti slaves the British.
Boadi Daniel (4 years ago)
I  believe the Maroons are desendants of the Ashanti people of Ghana. Twi is spoken by the Ashanti people in Ghana. I am proud of the Maroons. In Ghana the Ashanti people fought the British and won they couldn't mess with the Ashanti people and their Kingdom. The Maroons have the same spirit.
kosmo seedo (3 months ago)
So Jamaica is maroons and arowacks and St.vincent is caribs for early natives of the carribbean?
cbenji07 (1 year ago)
Boadi Daniel they are the indigenous people of the island
Its impossible for us to be one tribe. However, the old Ghanian kingdoms dominated first in Jamaica.
milleziano (2 years ago)
We are all His creatures, no doubt. It just so happened that He created many nations and also gave them inheritance (land). Prior to Scipio Africanus of whom the name Africa was derived the continent was known scripturally as the land of Cham.
MissBabyloved (2 years ago)
milleziano Can you please stop all Israel this and that. We Africans know that we are all children of "Nyankopon" ( the Almighty God).
House of Solomon (4 years ago)
Great video, Microdac. Very cool that your great-grandmother was a Maroon- a highly interesting people with a compelling history. Thanks for this!
Raychristofer (4 years ago)
Appreciate you making this video, many times I wanted to visit and document this area and never had the time. means alot to me that you did this. I wish my people had a better appreciation for preserving history and artifacts and dates.
Curtis Neilson (4 years ago)
Yes the,Arawaks
Daughter zion (4 years ago)
@ seon it's true maroons are very black,my grandfather is a maroon his dad eas so dark thry called him danger don't know if over time tge blood got mixed,but seeing them and knowing them these people are some short dark skin people,very unique people hard workerd..
Damian Fung (3 years ago)
was is last name bascoe because I've heard my grandmother with the same exact story
Simeon Simeon (4 years ago)
If the term maroon means isolated, then the first maroons were the Taino, who escaped the Spanish encomienda, who must of been elders, women and children, the second wave, would of been the west Africans from the gold coast area who were Muslim converts, who went to seek refuge among them. which explains why the former British athlete Colin Jackson looks phenotypically different from the reggae artist Buju Banton. the maroons downfall was due to the British obtaining indigenous allies or scouts from North and mainland Central america, which in turn resulted in the treaty signing that lead to Paul Bogle's death, which by the way was praised by the likes of people such as Charles dickens and Charles Darwin's cousin, but in opposition it was frowned upon by the likes of Wilberforce who worked closely with Equiano. The success of the maroons was due to Jerk cooking, guerrilla warfare and having a good business arrangement with some sephardic Jews and pirates, who would offer ammunition. its important to note that Maroons were all over the Americas, in Florida they were called Black Seminoles, in mainland central america they were called the Garifuna and in North america they were labeled the "underground railroad" etc.. A good movie to watch is  "Demolition man" lol, as it depicts a group of people who do not want to conform to society's forced ideals (Edgar Friendly & Crew). The Maroons legacy ranges from Rastafarianism to the Black Star Liner movement(Marcus Garvey),which had a profound effect on the Nation of Islam, as well as the Black Panther movement!                     
Carol Green (6 months ago)
How much of this HIS-story factual or just interjection. As we find out so much makke belief in the history books.
Curtis Neilson (4 years ago)
They were africans who escaped slavers and built their own communities in the mountains the have indian blood
Young General (2 years ago)
I am a maroon from Scotts Hall, St. Mary and these ppl are my relatives and friends. My grandmother is Lattibeaudiere and my my grandfather is Hunter so I am indeed a strong descendant of the Maroons because my relatives were the first two Maroon Colonels
Curtis Neilson (3 years ago)
Oo mau mau
Shawn Tyson (3 years ago)
no Indian blood,African to the root...
Curtis Neilson (3 years ago)
There were Arawak's on all of the islands this took place after their dimise
Damian Fung (3 years ago)
what kind of indian are you talking about
latibes (4 years ago)
My name is Steve Latibeaudiere living in the UK, am I am very interested in the two brothers who were Colonels who were buried in Scotshall
ryan lattibeaudiere (4 years ago)
Im a lattibeaudiere our family own so much in that area the people in this video are my uncles and cousins 
Steve, May I suggest that you get in touch with the Wag Water Valley committee, Deven Pen, St Mary. They can put you in touch with the community. Thank you for your interest.  
Seon Long (4 years ago)
Maroons are normally very black - why are these Maroons so brown?  They must be watered down / mixed...
George Appiah (20 days ago)
@The Thoughts of Microdac there are twi to English books
Patra Harris (8 months ago)
Hello, how may I attend a "Maroon ancestral retreat?" That's my lineage on both sides in Jamaica. Harrison/McIntosh
Simone B (1 year ago)
Seon Long they mated with the indigenous people, awrawak Indians.
Pirate Candy (3 years ago)
well, I'm a Maroon only because of my mother side but I am very light... so technically I am watered down, but I think not all straight maroons are very dark.
Seon Long (3 years ago)
Why not respond constructively and educate me...?
arnette morgan (4 years ago)
Zorgoon (4 years ago)
It felt really good when he said "we are all Africans". I really want to discover my roots. I'm Jamaican and Haitian. I'm probably a mix of Akan, Igbo, Fon/Dahomey, Fulani, Wolof, Yoruba, Kongo.... I wish I could know for sure (this excluding my Scottish blood)
Carlton Mcintosh (4 years ago)
The maroons came from mostly modern day Ghana they are not the moors. The moors were Berbers, mixed berber and black african and Fulani. The question I would ask is how did they get the names maroon was it given to them or did they call themselves it. If it was given to them the Europeans must of made a connection to their fierceness that was a habit among Muslim Africans who were part of the population of the moors.
allsports100 (5 months ago)
cbenji07 yes my great grandmother said they were a mix of Amerindian and african but we have to re-examine african because there were coarse haired cooper colored amerindians here when Columbus arrived as well as the Mongolian type not all the black people were Africans and the Mongolian type Amerindian went extinct not the coarse haired ones Africans did come but the numbers that we were told ain’t adding up
cbenji07 (1 year ago)
Carlton Mcintosh they are indigenous
Beast Mode (1 year ago)
Moor means black so maybe it derived from that
Damian Fung (1 year ago)
Carlton Mcintosh maroons was word used by the Spanish when talking about runaway farm animals and started calling the run away slaves maroons thats how they got the names
Dana El (4 years ago)
The Maroons are the Moors. Nationality and culture are important. Great Upload!
Patricia Irving (5 years ago)
kdemure (5 years ago)
Didn't the maroons return runaway slaves back to the English? 
As I understand it, In spite of the treaty, the slaves were given a choice: Fight the british which meant almost certain death or return to the relative safety of the Masters. 
Simon Frey (4 years ago)
@sophiademure  The 1738-9 Treaties stated that Maroons should return runaways, yes. But this doesn't mean that all Maroon settlements or Maroon individuals did so. You should bear in mind that many of the Maroons were once slaves. Reactions to slavery, British and runaways changed a lot through time. Some fought against the British, some helped them during the Tacky's Rebellion. If you want to know more about it Mavis C. Campbell wrote a wrote a great book on the history ofthe Maroons called The Maroons of Jamaica. Akwantu: the Journey is also a great film documentary from 2012.
kdemure (5 years ago)
@The Thoughts of Microdac But understanding the nature of slavery, runaway slaves were punished severely and maybe even slow painful death, the maroons knowing this still sent them back due to the treaty they signed.  
As I understand it, captured slaves were given a choice: Fight the British along side the Maroons, or be returned back their slave owners. Fighting with the Maroons could mean their death fighting the British. Being returned to their slave masters would mean that they would be alive. 
IPHANIE Nerema (5 years ago)
The most powerful maroon was Bookman (Duty Bookman) a rebellious slave born in Jamaica in 1791. Went to Haiti and organized the biggest slave revolution in a place in northern Haiti called Bois-Caiman.  He was captured and burned alive to intimidate the other slaves.  That did not deter them; they were determined to win the battle.
Simone B (1 year ago)
Zorgoon yes, he was born in Jamaica 🇯🇲 and exiled to 🇭🇹 Haiti because he was teaching slaves how to read and rebel. They were intimidated by him
Zorgoon (4 years ago)
he was Jamaican????! I'm half Jamaican half Haitian
Kimmy Rose (5 years ago)
I am unable to find any thing on Arawak who lived in Jamaica
passius1 (3 years ago)
+Taino Power Have a DNA test, talk is talk
Ace Galaxy Judah (4 years ago)
@Kimmy Rose There are more than enough proof that we blacks were here more than 10,000 years ago before Columbus.There was never a set of people called Arawak red indian
@Simon Frey Excellent points. I know that my own heritage is very mixed. The idea that any African blood must be classified as being African is totally accurate since, in fact, everyone is of African decent. But, of course, we are talking about recent (relative) history. Here is book waiting to be written. Thank you also for the references. 
Taino Power (4 years ago)
@Simon Frey People need to remember that the history of Jamaica was written by the English and all the census' that were done were by them as well. Does anyone really believe that government would put any effort into finding any Tainos that lived in the Blue Mountains or any other location. How many people that live in Jamaica have mixed heritage? would they record these people as Black / White / Mixed even if they had Taino heritage. I know my heritage; I am Taino. If anyone is from the Caribbean look into your ancestry; ask your elders, you may be surprised who you really are.
@Simon Frey  I agree. It is very important, I think, I set the records straight. 
Kimmy Rose (5 years ago)
I am unable to find any thing on Arawak who lived in Jamaica
Carol Green (6 months ago)
Well history said they all died out because of Columbus. But very old Jamaicans claim thats a lie.
Lorrace Williams (5 years ago)
Lorrace Williams (5 years ago)
Lorrace Williams (5 years ago)
Part of my family*
Lorrace Williams (5 years ago)
I am a maroon paul boggle was also my grandfathers grandmothers cousin if hou are maroon you would know my family still lives in moore town
passius1 (3 years ago)
+Lorrace Williams Do the know any taylors
Sky Chamisky (5 years ago)
Haiti, Jamaica and the islands of the Caribbean is the Branch of David, a nation of the tribe of Judah. Haiti is properly Ahiti and means "God is with Us," just like Emmanuel. It is the daughter of Jerusalem and Zion. It is upon the mountains of Haiti, in the "isles of the sea," that God shall place New Jerusalem, and nations shall flow to it. Youtube "Haiti, no, Ahiti," for evidence. The Lion (Haiti, Judah) roared in 1791 defeating Napoleon and France, Spain, England and Germany, and then liberated, with his brother Simon (Simeon Bolivar) Bolivia, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador and Peru. Salvation is of the (real) Jews! Haiti is the Branch. The first shall be last and the last, first. Hated Haiti, a city forsaken, whose land is encompassed by armies (the UN), is the last that shall be first. Haiti is the subject of Isaiah 60: her light has come. She shall be the light in a world engulfed by gross darkness. It is Yah's will. He has purposed it. Today in Haiti you have the Port-au-Prince,  the Port of the Messiah, the Prince. You also have a mountain named Morne Sinai (Mount Sinai), and a fortress named the Citadelle (just like Zion is a fortress). Add cities named Jerusalem, Canaan, Millot (like Millo of the Bible), Jeremie, and suddenly Haiti can be seen as a recreation of the ancient lands. Haiti also considers today's events and the arriving Kingdom of Yah because she has along with Port of Prince, cities named Port of Libertie, Port of Peace, and Port of Salut (Salvation). Salvation is of the Jews - specifically the Branch of David called Ahiti (Haiti and the isles of the Caribbean).    
Zorgoon (4 years ago)
no. Ayiti means mountainous land in the native tongue
Danielle Hall (5 years ago)
This video is phenomenal. Thank you for sharing! I wish I could meet Col. Noel Prehay ... wonderful source of wisdom and Maroon history!
Bwoy Ruff (5 years ago)
Nice video, thanks for sharing the knowledge and the peoples history with us.
SI GEE (6 years ago)
My Grandma went to school here
Nicole M (6 years ago)
How would you find out if one of your family members is a maroon. Like can you find it on the Internet?
Jai Grace (2 months ago)
Nicole M I also would love to know. Let me know if you find out
Kayo Aguilera (2 years ago)
Atlas24gh (6 years ago)
sIMPLY AMAZING ' Tu agyina" that is straight Twi right there. im in awe. kojo, Quao, nanny wow
Atlas24gh (6 years ago)
Im from Ghana, west africa. the maroon of Jamaica are predominantly Akan (of Ghana) descent. Akwantu is a Twi (Akan) word meaning THE Journey
Zoro Dogi (3 days ago)
Yeah is ture because the moment i heard the word i couldn't talk again because i can feel that this people are from Ghana
Thank you very much for your input. Yes, no doubt, most Jamaicans not only understand their African roots, but, celebrate the connection in many different ways. Given the chance, I will be making more videos of the Maroons. Again, Thanks,
Beauty Stick (6 years ago)
I love this! I am from Ghana but I was born and brought up in London England. My family are Akans and speak twi. I have a friend from jamica and I'm always telling him that he is African and telling him about our joint history and how he needs to go to africa. I've always wanted to visit te island but now I just want to see and hear more about the maroons Akosua (Akan name)
Wow Renee, Talk about a small world. I am going to try and get back there when I get back to Jamaica in February (IF I can get a flight).
Renee Chang (6 years ago)
Uncle Dave. My greatgrandmother is from there. She and grandma are full blooded Maroon. I remember the area when I was a child . Mr. Latibadear. We knew the family. WiOW
PublicDilemma (6 years ago)
I absolutely loved this! Historically acclaimed. Like on a reals though I knew not that they still have a language there. So fascinating.
Torchy Brown (6 years ago)
The British got their asses kicked by the Maroons.
DjOMARi (6 years ago)
Lol Dammmm That's where i was grown up... Lol ....My Church and also people who i know!!.. haha
Small Anna (1 year ago)
DjOMARi Wat Was It Landscape Like?
CocoCure (6 years ago)
This was great, I can't wait for the follow up.
Ryan Cannady (6 years ago)
Rule Britania!

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