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One Handed Shuffle - TUTORIAL

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Text Comments (459)
Anya Abel (13 days ago)
You are awesome. I have cerebral palsy and doing things with both of my hands is pretty tough soo for people like you to post this stuff for not only people with cp but for the whole world to see is amazing thank you
R9 K6 Stuff (2 months ago)
Since I have big hands and long fingers (and re watched this video), I could do the first step in about 7-9 minutes at first
IROKLIFE (3 months ago)
Too bad I'm not left-handed. I was looking for a right-hand tutorial XD
Graham McMullen (3 months ago)
Why are all you people left handed...
Dany P (6 months ago)
I got asked yesterday if I can shuffle with one hand and now this video is in my timeline! God bless YOU! 🤣
Brent N. (11 months ago)
Got this deck for 55 cents at goodwill used but good condition.
Kaan Özkök (1 year ago)
Who have small hands like me just crying lmao
Vinnie RX (1 year ago)
P.H.O.D.A. !!
Søren (1 year ago)
One of the Best instruction i had seen. Thank sir ""
Harry Seldom (1 year ago)
Coming from french, it would be pronounce shar-lee-ay I think.
Louis Hessey-Antell (1 year ago)
It does have a practical use if it's a perfect Faro though, as Richard Turner proves. But he's an alien.
Defaulty Boii (1 year ago)
0:25 u know what that means 😏
Joseph Hernandez (1 year ago)
I from finally got it perfect today where u been bro
CAleb CRuz (1 year ago)
Very difficult move but I got it in 3 days. Just start with half of the deck and work your way up
pr0ns (1 year ago)
0:29 BUT i know people, so dank
Graff52 (1 year ago)
lol all sorts of m words. my hand barely fits two packets like this, grr that pisses me off. tight as hell but hopefully I can master it
Ty Ducharme (1 year ago)
Practising this is just playing multiple games of 52 pickup for me
MSMagic and Tricks (1 year ago)
best tricks
Jack Spicer (1 year ago)
Pronounced "sharlee-ay" cut
angreif (1 year ago)
with two dogs, practicing tricks like this feels like playing jax when I was a kid
Miki (2 years ago)
For some weird reason I can do it with my left hand but not my right hand...
Husl Wusl (2 years ago)
I started with card tricks a week ago and after 3 days I saw this one handed shuffle. I practiced a total of 3 days (each day approximately 2-3h) and now I'm so proud of me because someone said this is *not* for beginners. :D
Marcus Contreras (2 years ago)
how tf do you finish it, i cant bridge it
xman99ify (2 years ago)
isn't the point of shuffling to randomize the card order?
eglissy _ (2 years ago)
Some comments : this is so fffffff hard :3, i learn this for 3 hours
Skajkon (2 years ago)
WTF :DDD LIKE FOR THIS... u are awesome :) !!!!
Jerry Capult (2 years ago)
Bruh you can't just say shoot it...idk wtf you mean???
Jack Rycroft (2 years ago)
I adapted this into a mash shuffle, using a deck of sleeved gaming cards (easier to just push them together) and im trying to make a routine in which i take the whole deck in my left hand, split in in half using the start of a Charlier cut, drop one half into my right hand and flip it, then i do this in both hands at the same time (without the bridge) and then mash those two packs together, could you make a video trying to do this? i would always do a charlier in each hand then mash them together, but i wanna learn this in both hands aha
GameInsider (2 years ago)
even though i am right handed I'm always having a hard time using my left hand to shuffle,riffle,and cut......:l
Muanpuia Chhakchhuak (2 years ago)
anyone can't hurt my disturb reality and he going to know many cards tricks
JudeDaniel (2 years ago)
Does anyone else have trouble getting the two packets to come together? I can split them and get into position, but no matter how much I go back and forth I can't get the cards to cross into each other.
Thoticus The Destroyer (2 years ago)
JudeDaniel take your time with it. I'm just learning this one, but it's very similar to the faro shuffle. try and get a couple then more and as you get the feel for it it should come easier
Sander Oestberg (2 years ago)
I Learned it in one day
matthew tran (2 years ago)
Sander Oestberg good for you I'm impressed I'll tell my friends how cool this is and might tell everyone on Christmas night as well
Sander Oestberg (2 years ago)
And I am 12 years and did IT in under a hour! Not that hard
Sander Oestberg (2 years ago)
I am not kidding
Benny Lauth (2 years ago)
I was like: " it may help you to use a bridge deck"... naaaah i can do this with a normal deck easily. 3 days later: okay im gonna order a fucking bridge deck xD
RiffleNBridge (2 years ago)
Tough? I have small hands for my age and did this in a second. Lol, I kinda hate how the tutorials say it is hard.
Aaron Arocho (2 years ago)
RiffleNBridge yeah ok
Christopher Haas (2 years ago)
Are you left handed
Jeremiah Raylan (2 years ago)
right handed people use their left hand for ohc. so hes right handed.
Christian Gonzales (2 years ago)
nvm figured it out only took two days....and like 2 to 3 hours 😅
Christian Gonzales (2 years ago)
I keep ending up pulling a card up when I shoot up from the top half with my finger any tips?
Christian Gonzales (2 years ago)
this trick just makes you hate yourself when you try and learn it just why can't my hands just.... no not that- how did you even do that???
WickNite (2 years ago)
Charlier cut (Sh-ar-lee-ay) (k-ut)
Cr0n3nberg3d (2 years ago)
the hard part is morphing the cards together
Luca (2 years ago)
It's physically not possible to do this for me xD like, i can't even get my fingers that far apart
Berkan S (2 years ago)
Fck u bitch u soo dumm i hope u die
celicynd (2 years ago)
Thanks for this video. I originally was trying 52kards method (he keeps his middle finger on the side of the pack instead of the top), and realized I kept wanting to naturally bring my finger to the top. Then I saw your method, and realized that it was better suited for what my hand felt comfortable doing. Though I do still bridge it with just the bottoms weaved together, I'll probably practice your method for that too, since it seems less likely to end in a card spill.
Nex Sicarius (2 years ago)
As far as pronunciation is concerned, I'm pretty sure it's "Shalee-A", as stupid as it looks when spelled phonetically like that.
Mike M (2 years ago)
you must have 7 fingers on one hand
Jake Harman (2 years ago)
The hardest part was trying to work out what he meant by shoot up
Ma Boi (2 years ago)
The end part was too hard using plastic cards :(
Spottedleaf 2211 (2 years ago)
Yes I found that but I did it fine with paper
hero john (2 years ago)
I have small hands... n no gf :<
Onyx Cardistry (2 years ago)
Tips: flatten the deck and push it near your finger tips, then separate the packets, being sure to drag only your fingernail along the bottom, and then be sure to square up the packets alongside each other, your doing a faro shuffle in one hand, so similarly, you'll need squared packets. This move is pretty difficult, but these tips should help.
Der Grammar Führer (2 years ago)
Charlier is pronounced "shar-lee-eh" (Canadian "eh")
noah aguir (2 years ago)
This is really cool. You should do a tutorial
Sammy Maxwell (2 years ago)
Obvious Troll is Obvious
Cynthia Tepp (2 years ago)
I hate cm punk
Matt (2 years ago)
thanks 4 that
JAQK J (2 years ago)
where to buy those cards plz tell me
celicynd (2 years ago)
The cards in the video are the black Madison Rounders by Ellusionist. You can get them on Amazon or from Ellusionist's website directly.
Jonah Barroga (2 years ago)
i can break the deck and hold it in one hand but i cant combinr them
Benny Lauth (2 years ago)
Ma Boi (2 years ago)
wild card (2 years ago)
alienbob21 (2 years ago)
I think I got this but was using a super old kind of grimey deck so it was harder to get them to riffle together.
이다혀ᆞ (2 years ago)
Maxence Charbonnier (2 years ago)
i tried it for a lot of time (i can't even count xD) But i still never succeed in it ^^
Kent Lou (2 years ago)
I made it in hours but i need to practice the speed. My hand sweats and stressed alot.
SomeCoolName (2 years ago)
For me the hardest part was the start... And the middle. Oh, and the end.
Blpitts (2 years ago)
sailorbychoice1 (2 years ago)
rather than using a rubber band for practice, try using a paper band, like those found on dollar bill packets, easy to make and they don't cause friction like the rubber does..
mobilegamer291 (2 years ago)
Dude your tutorials are so great. I know these videos were posted awhile ago but I'm just getting into these card tricks and stuff and gotta say that you've helped me an awful lot. Thanks bro ^-^
Tigran Mamikonyan (2 years ago)
This guy probably splits his Oreos with one hand
Dual Slogan (1 year ago)
Matthew Boyd (2 years ago)
+Syn :D
Syn (2 years ago)
Then he does an Oreo spring and fan and shuffles them back into the packet.
Joseph Oliver (2 years ago)
I legit learned this in maybe an hours
Cuberator (2 years ago)
i have small hands ): ............1 hour later......................................... im using my mini deck for this its easyer for people with small hands
Kill Streak (2 years ago)
So hard
Isaac DeBates (2 years ago)
anyone who is having trouble popping the bottom packet up here is a tip that has helped me. begin with the same steps that 52 kards has in his hot shot tutorial. this is an easier way to get you in the right grip to perform the shuffle.
Lego Play Time (2 years ago)
You remind me of Donald Trump
Dqqr (3 years ago)
charlier cut "char-lee-air-cut"
FigAndFriends (3 years ago)
my biggest problem is that my index finger drags a card or two when i move the bottom half. Anyone got a tip for that?
henry donaldson (2 years ago)
slide it on your nail
Corp2708 (3 years ago)
+FigAndFriends The problem is that you lift the pack to slowly, which makes the packet tilt to your index finger. If you practice to allow your thumb to go up quicker, you will not have this issue.
Samuel David (3 years ago)
+Jay Nation @jaynationpls make a tutorial. Tks would appreciate it a lot. N btw jay im one of ur greatest fans!
NBA 3hevy (3 years ago)
I learned it right after i watched this video
Big Baby Jesus (3 years ago)
Masks Mask (3 years ago)
@cardistryacademy tutorial for this pkz
Diyar Dawod (3 years ago)
Omg Guys i did IT With no problem BUT i can't do IT all Time I have just done it one time and I'm 12 years old And my hands are small
bigfriki (3 years ago)
For all those bitching about their "small hands", just search "Mahdi Gilbert" on Youtube. MAN UP!
snickelman (3 years ago)
+bigfriki Dude, i can't do the one handed shuffle, but it's not because i have small hands, it's because i just started practicing it, i am not sitting and practicing 24/7 so i still have time to respond, i'm not looking for excuses because i don't have small hands, i believe myself to have medium size hands. Also, i don't involve myself in alot of card tricks, i instead devote my practicing to the third branch of card mechanics. Even though i can and will from time to time, if i am asked to, perform a card trick. You didn't respond to my argument, instead you just fled to a comment about how i was just making excuses for not practicing. I assure you that i am not making any excuses, i don't believe that people with small hands have such a large handicap as they say, but i found a problem with your argument. Now address my previous post, and stop making assumptions about how i am just making excuses.
bigfriki (3 years ago)
+snickelman Still missing the point... The fact that you're still here discussing and not sitting on your ass and practicing kinda proves that you're looking for excuses. Then again, I have no idea how advanced you are in card tricks.
snickelman (3 years ago)
+bigfriki Imagine the insanity if you could do that in the YT comment section, it would be pretty funny. As for the rest of your comment: I see what you are saying, but i still dissagree with the source you provided as your "impossible" component of your argumentation. You see, you wanted to convince people that small hands doesn't matter, by showing someone with no hands. That would hold up if he could actually do the slights that people with hands can. While he can do some, some he either can't do, or he heavily modifies them, so much so they loose their overall look. An appropriate analogy for this might be this (?): Someone says: "I wish i could buy that car, but i don't have enough money..." Tehn someone says to him: "Hey, cheer up mate, look at this guy:" And they provide a link to a video of a very poor man building himself a car out of carboard and plastic. He then proceeds by saying: "Look, that man in the video has way less money than you have, but he managed to get a car still!" You see why i find i problem with this, now you may argue that i am using a strawman here, but then please provide arguments to support it.
bigfriki (3 years ago)
+snickelman And you're simply totally missing the point... [sigh] I'll explain: the point is not to look at Gilbert as some way to learn difficult stuff (for people with small hands) but to look at him as proof that nothing is impossible and if you can't do a certain move, just keep practicing and eventually create your own way of doing it. Above all, my message was simple: STOP MAKING EXCUSES and MAN UP. If a guy with no hands at all could learn most of the difficult moves, so can you with "small" hands. (I would make a mocking baby voice while saying "small hands" but I don't think there's that option on YT).
snickelman (3 years ago)
+bigfriki He's certainly got tallent, but he doesn't do much good for your point about small hands, since he can't do the one handed shuffle either. It would be like if you saw someone saying: "Man, it's really hard to walk with only one leg." And you sesponding with: "Oh yeah? Look at this guy, he has no legs, and he can get around just fine.", and you post a link of a man with no legs in a wheelchair. The man can get around sure, but he can't walk.
Isak Nilsson (3 years ago)
This was so nice, especially explaining the index finger's role in enabling wiggling the halves back and forth to interleave them! Also, now I finally know what's wrong with my hands - they're big, but not as big as they've seemed compared to these video recordings. I've been using my bridge deck (i started this after being bored during slow bridge games) and the pack is so slim (i.e., not broad) that it behaves quite differently :(
Quinton Vuong (3 years ago)
My hands are too small!
Awais Khan (3 years ago)
"Charlier Cut"
Me (3 years ago)
Thanks for the tutorial, it took me about 5 days to be able to do it and it'll probably take me another week or two to master it. For everyone who thinks their hands are too small as long as you don't have tiny tiny women's hands then you can probably do it. My hands are small and I couldn't even fit a packet of cards between my index and middle finger until a few days after starting to learn this so just keep trying.
Harrison L (3 years ago)
Harrison L (3 years ago)
New magic channel please sybscrive
nala begum (3 years ago)
Legit, my hands are too small. I can't do it!
David Russell (3 years ago)
I can't get all the m words to happen to the cards
Mason Watson (2 years ago)
It's a lot easier with gold standard bicycle cards
Taariq Ramroop (3 years ago)
Did not explain it at all he just said then u end it
Taariq Ramroop (3 years ago)
How do u end it
Youri K. (3 years ago)
Dafuq, I can't get my thumb to move straight up, it stays at like the same angle as when holding the whole deck. I can get my thumb up, it just doesn't want to go up straight....
haveN (3 years ago)
fuc you
Jacob I (3 years ago)
i could never do the first part, so for people having trouble or don't like the first part what i do is i start it as if i am doing a bridge shuffle but i turn the cards long ways grab the inner part of the cards and shuffle, then i put my left hand (I'm a righty) under the two halfs of the deck, i put my right thumb in the middle of the decks so it creates a bend in the cards, i then turn my left hand so my palm is facing the table or whatever and release the pressure.
AquaTriqqer (3 years ago)
Ur a fukin lie, no one with small hands can do this dumbass
Brandon (3 years ago)
where did you get those cards
Brandon (3 years ago)
I got it in a day
Nairi Areg (3 years ago)
it's impossible
Ryuk (3 years ago)
lol my dad id a magician so he told me u hold it like one hand cut bot pinkie straighten it out
Pumpkin (3 years ago)
If you start the move with a one handed swing cut, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble. Good tutorial but if the beginning is the hardest move I just saved you 3 weeks of hardship.
Goperoni (3 years ago)
fuck that editing man jesus
Yash Sharma (3 years ago)
very very difficult
Dane MacFadden (3 years ago)
I've always pronounced it shar-lee-eh
Jordamndough (3 years ago)
+DaneTheGamer oh lol I always said char- lee- eh
Dane MacFadden (3 years ago)
+Bernard Hurley Haha I'll try
Bernard Hurley (3 years ago)
+DaneTheGamer That's basically correct. All you have to do now is say it with a French accent.
Austin Thompson (3 years ago)
cheated the whole way through and still can't do it lol
Yap Zheng Yao (3 years ago)
Hi,Jerek1:20 I am your biggest fan and I really like your magic tricks.

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