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10 Infamous Evangelical Scandals

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Text Comments (1112)
Dan Beliveau (12 hours ago)
Dude you talk too much
Nazraq S (1 day ago)
Churches should pay taxes
Nazraq S (20 hours ago)
+Greg B Several reasons. I pay taxes, and enjoy the benefits they bring. Too many to make a list, but they should be obvious. From things like roads and infrastructure to having a strong military to keep our country safe. I work hard at my job and I EARN my money. I'm a member of a society, and I pay my fair share. I strongly believe in the separation of church and state. No religious organization should be exempt from taxes. As it stands, a religion has to be granted tax exempt status from the government. That doesn't sound like a separation of church and state to me.
Greg B (21 hours ago)
Why, so government bureaucrats can waste the money?
Savyar (1 day ago)
Liberals say disgusting things too, they just don't report on it as much
Jennifer Peterson (1 day ago)
Patterson's view, the reason I switched from southern baptist church to a more accepting independent baptist church...I was in the parking lot of church when my husband assaulted me, and some old lady told me it was because I wasn't praying hard enough.
Terpag11 (1 day ago)
"In the age of Trump"?? Trump has nothing to with this. The left is loopy and unhinged.
Salnsd (16 hours ago)
WEAK, it's you loonies and your self righteous attitudes ,
omz3694 (1 day ago)
Evangelicals are the worst human beings to trust. Stay away from them.
Jack Rabbit (1 day ago)
Captain Picard on prednisone at 9:25
Dave van Wyk (1 day ago)
You say Cavalry instead of Calvary....
david cunningham (1 day ago)
no surprises here really. evangelicals are nothing more than scumbag con artists preying on the weak minded/religious/children. christian morality ay?
Mike Reyes (1 day ago)
Click bait
George Orwell (1 day ago)
Do 'top 1000 Jews that lie to us' (Banks/media/government - we all know them)
George Orwell (1 day ago)
Do 'top ten Imams that kill us'
Salnsd (16 hours ago)
ahhhh someone's feeling were hurt
CrusaderKarl (1 day ago)
Religious people are stupendously creepy.
Dorth Lytwyn (1 day ago)
These Christholes who lavish be their money on these Parasites get what they deserve.
Douglas Bailey (1 day ago)
You are using the power of the beard wisely.
Cynthia Price (1 day ago)
They were Televangelists, also, not Ecangelists.
The pepper man (1 day ago)
It's very ironic that these preachers get exposed as being the worst when they preach about things like piety and abstinence
Cynthia Price (1 day ago)
C-A-L-V-A-R-Y not C-A-V-A-L-R-Y. They're a church, not a mounted force.
Izella McQueen (1 day ago)
What about priest and popes
Sean Costello (1 day ago)
And this is why all religions should be taxed and/or banned.
Evan Wilson (2 days ago)
Ha! Anyone remember Richard Dawkins interviewing Ted Haggard?
hairlesheep (2 days ago)
Subbed. Thanks for this vid. Shows the hypocrisy in these cults.
Aj Jingco (2 days ago)
And yet all these Evangelicals Protties still think that scandals only happened in the Catholic Church.
Alex Collins (2 days ago)
Ted Haggard's story gives me a boner!
RDE Lutherie (2 days ago)
Just as messed up as their holy book! What else is to be expected?
Jesse Eremit (2 days ago)
The scandal about Swaggart and Gorman was written about in the book Let Us Prey.
Monique Legarda (2 days ago)
1woksape (2 days ago)
George Manka (2 days ago)
You have a couple of mispronunciations: Cavalry for Calvary. Martin for Marvin.
paul1x1 (3 days ago)
I mean if you believe these people you deserve what you get I wouldn't buy a used car from Billy Graham or any of his evil spawn
Fixer Upper (3 days ago)
It's amazing to me that religion is objectively a conjob yet NEVER prosecuted for conning people. Any other subject you lie about to get money out of people would land you in jail.
Chip Curry (3 days ago)
Garbage about garbage.
William Sturgess (3 days ago)
Calvary is pronounced with the “L” where you see it. Cavalry is a military group which rides horses.
Art Karounos (3 days ago)
A christian saying he hates jews has zero clue about his own beliefs.
Archie Stewart Jr. (3 days ago)
We should make a video on English dudes who can't pronounce words and names right
Greg B (21 hours ago)
Especially those who come off as condescending know-it-alls!
Rod Pratt (3 days ago)
There was the case of a pastor running a lucrative mega-church in Australia who was caught out taking all the funds. However his congregation forgave him and so he went back to ripping off church funds having learnt nothing except human gullibility knows no bounds.
Mark Gigiel (3 days ago)
Send me money to sell you an invisible product with no proof that it exists. The greatest scam ever pulled on mankind and we haven't realized it or learned a thing.
Burton Bradstock (4 days ago)
Total twats the lot of them!
Ms Cris (4 days ago)
Do a show where it can be shown how Trump has been bought.
Joe Roberts (4 days ago)
One of the less remarked upon effects of the early Protestant Reformation was that the ordinary people took to patronizing "Cunning Men and Women," and those reputed to be witches and warlocks. This was because the Reformation had taken the magic out of Christian (Catholic) ritual. Priests were thought of as magicians because they changed the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ. Not only that, but Mass could be said for any number of reasons, including, or so it was darkly hinted, encompassing the death of another person. In addition, priests undertook to find lost or stolen property or to publicly curse thieves. Sir Reginald Scot makes a comic reference to this in his "Discoverie of Witchcraft." All of this was the most fantastic nonsense of course, but perhaps it served as dramatic entertainment. The Puritan Church would brook none of this, so the ordinary folk betook themselves to such charlatans as practised these arts.
Franz Karner (4 days ago)
Cavalry? Not just once, but repeatedly. Wow!
Adrian Thomas (4 days ago)
Cavalry Chapel?
Count D (4 days ago)
Terrible. Your inability to pronounce Bakker is just inexcusable, lazy and incompetent. Useless channel done better elsewhere.
Timothy Norat (4 days ago)
Dishonorable mention: Camp Kanukkuk leader was convicted on several counts of child molestation. Christian camp in Branson, MO
Mäander (4 days ago)
The ambient lighting in this video is absolutely brilliant!
Billy Graham ambassador to Israel😂
Scott Cox (4 days ago)
Of course people who sell an invisible nonexistent product are going to be the worst kind of people. And, these turds don’t even have to pay taxes. Disgusting.
TheDizzleHawke (4 days ago)
Calvary and cavalry are very different words.
Steve Sand (4 days ago)
If you haven’t watched John Oliver’s episode of “last week tonight” about evangelical prosperity gospel churches, you should immediately watch it, hysterical
Yoido Full Gospel Church does NOT seat 800,000...  seats 26,000
hepsabaptron00 (4 days ago)
This is why I am generally wary of religious people.
wade rivers (4 days ago)
This guy is a flake.
proud2bpagan (4 days ago)
I can remember watching Swaggart before going to church every Sunday when i was a kid. Even though we were Southern Bapitsts and Swaggart is Pentacostal, a lot of people at my church praised him verbally and said he was 'uncompromising'. That talk ended when it turned out he was schtuping a hooker.
Joe Baublis (4 days ago)
Shocking. But you forgot to do Prophet Mohammed's marriage to an 8 year old girl. And what about scandals in religions other than christian. Are there jewish scandals? Hindu? How about scandals from the distant past?
joanne syphus (4 days ago)
So what is so scandalous about Billy Graham’s Conversation with Richard Nixon? It would have been an excellent idea to make him ambassador to Israel. Better than Mr. Indyk = Turkey
ScreamARLH (4 days ago)
1:26 never in my entire life have i heard someone pronounce "controversy" that way. Simon is trolling us.
Kris McTopher (4 days ago)
They are NOT "Cavalry Chapels". It's "Calvary Chapels".
danwic (4 days ago)
17% yet they're the ones who shout the loudest and the ones republicans pander to...
Greg B (21 hours ago)
Meanwhile the Demos pander to the 2% to 3% sexual pervert population.
TheHigherVoltage (5 days ago)
I've come to learn that if someone claims themselves a Christian...they usually can't be trusted to be telling the truth.
Scaffgal (5 days ago)
Two-faced PIGS!
What? Theists who dishonestly assert an imaginary sky daddy is real engage in dishonest behavior?? _Who could have seen THAT coming?_ (asked no reasonable person ever)
Him Bike (5 days ago)
You forgot Ted Kennedy, he killed a girl and got in NO trouble. The church of Democrats.
What's with religious people and child molestation?
Humble Evidence Accepter (16 hours ago)
+Greg B Like who? Methinks you're just a theist whose religion was exposed.
Greg B (21 hours ago)
There are more than enough non-religious child abusers out there!
If you are immoral enough to promote dishonesty like faith, magical sky wizards, etc., or tout books that say we should kill gays or own slaves, what's a little pedophilia?
disney fan81 (5 days ago)
How about some of Pat Robertson's faux paux's?
william hogan (5 days ago)
and you think it is just the catholic church...
No, I know it's all of 'em.
william hogan (5 days ago)
money changers in the temple...
Goyon Man (5 days ago)
What exactly is an "evangelical"
Alan (5 days ago)
The secular world is much stronger than the religious
Kaleb Marshall (5 days ago)
It's "Bakker" like "Baker", not "Backer". And it's Calvary, not Cavalry. One is a hill in the Middle East, the other is mounted troops. Completely different things.
nyc nyc (5 days ago)
I was blessed by all these bananas type guys.God works in many ways.
Peter Jongsma (5 days ago)
The Beatitudes don't say you shall not admire women's beauty. They say you shall not covet another man's wife. Bad translation.
Travis Salisbury (5 days ago)
Too many "Godly Men" with their hand either on your WALLET or your ASS.
Is there any other kind?
sunnybrett (5 days ago)
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for having the courage to say the bare and simple truth about the inbred american christian "forecast"
HORTONDLFN (5 days ago)
Horrifying and heartbreaking.
Norman Neskio (5 days ago)
...and that's why these evangelists just want to make me PUKE...
Kat I M (5 days ago)
It's KAL VA REY, not CAV EL RY. I'm pretty sure cavalry has something to do with horses. I do like how you pronounce TU TANK A MUN, but now I am disappointed that it was because you didn't check out the pronunciation before you posted. Oh Well, I'm still going to use Tu TANK a mun because it sounds cool.
Johannes Busch (5 days ago)
Stay away from religion.
MeMyself &i (5 days ago)
Never, ever, ever say Baker again...you are barred for life
Billy Jesusworth (5 days ago)
The slipperier than eelsnot weasel has slithered back into it with his doomsday products and end of the world preaching. Hard to stop a cockroach...
OmnissiahZelos (6 days ago)
Ted Haggard is completely heterosexual! Ted Haggard is completely heterosexual! Ted Haggard is completely heterosexual!
ImaginaryMdA (6 days ago)
Christian slavery? That's certainly nothing new...
Stevie84s (6 days ago)
Tax the churches.
Goyon Man (5 days ago)
Technically, they're not a business Irregardless of your opinions on them
Smitty (6 days ago)
christian evangelism isn't about elevating people, humanism is. abrahamic theism is about subjugation
John Carbonbasedbiped (6 days ago)
How is Bernard Francis Law not on this list
Greg B (21 hours ago)
Archbishop Law is a Romanist, not an evangelical.
Difficult Journey (6 days ago)
Everything that Billy Graham said about the Jews was true and he was actually being mild. The real scandal was the immense Jewish pressure that forced him to back down and apologize.
Peter Hoare (6 days ago)
I'm a big fan of the blatant con-men Robert Tilton and Peter Popoff. Both wonderfully unashamed of stealing the last pennies of the desperate.
dannywizz (6 days ago)
Jimmy Swaggart Ministries is still huge. They made a sincere comeback since the scandal.
pinesiskin59 (4 days ago)
I love his music. Very talented.
Billy Jesusworth (5 days ago)
Think he may be the melting candle faced man on channel 64 here in Australia, a freakin 24/7 singing begging charlatans channel that is pillaging and conning little old ladies out of plenty both in Nz and Australia...
Linda Sandoval (6 days ago)
Way tired of these pedophiles
Sandman (6 days ago)
Its not verbal abuse, its "Verbal conversion therapy" "You are not gay" "you will go to hell if your gay"........" Its like when the american government say they do not torture, they do "Enhanced interrogation"
Chris Williams (6 days ago)
There are more, such as so called pastors demanding new personal jets. Why?
Tojazzer (6 days ago)
I can under his mispronunciation of 'Bakker' but confusing 'Calvary' with 'Cavalry' is just a case of not paying attention.
Lari Kipe (6 days ago)
Child's play in comparison to the horrors brought on by Socialism, Marxism, and Communism.
Lari Kipe (6 days ago)
Interestingly enough, Graham could not have been more correct.
NaySay Network (6 days ago)
According to the bible women arent supposed to be preachers anyway. So umm... You gotta read the bible before listening to a minister.
Joe Mama (6 days ago)
Further proof that being a Christian doesn't make you a better person than the rest of us.
Humble Evidence Accepter (16 hours ago)
+Greg B Christianity is as Christianity does. Also look up the _No True Scotsman_ fallacy.
Greg B (21 hours ago)
Billy Graham was the only person discussed in this video who is/was a genuine Christian.
Indeed, I am not better because I am an atheist; I am an atheist because I am better.
Joey Suggs (7 days ago)
Are you Jewish? Cause so few have honed their hatred of Christianity than you, and Jews.
Michael Brown (7 days ago)
Before people think to comment on Simon mispronouncing simple words, bear in mind, the more comments a video gets, the higher YouTube ranks the video, the more views he should get, and the more money he'll get. I've noticed quite a few simple words mispronounced. I guess it's just a cynical tactic. (British people don't pronounce Calvary any differently to Americans.)
steve tabley (7 days ago)
Love your work Simon Thankyou !always honest and well researched=
Lynne Webb (7 days ago)
Love you, Simon, but your pronunciations are absolutely appalling. Maybe you should slow your speech enough to hear yourself speak. Almost every video has mistakes. Get a grip.
István Kovak (8 days ago)
I think you're missing joel osteen
Katarina Patterson (8 days ago)
CaL-Vary, not cavalry. :/

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