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10 Infamous Evangelical Scandals

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Text Comments (1306)
TopTenz (2 months ago)
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Terry (3 days ago)
Prounounced Bāk-er, not back-er. He is now selling doomsday food buckets that double as toilets to the rubes.
chokeholdking (28 days ago)
maybe a list of christian/anti gay politicians caught out in gay affairs/conduct?
igithΔ μ (19 hours ago)
Certain my ex will come up on one of these lists at some point in the future
James Haney (23 hours ago)
This is why I hate all religions they take advantage of children. That's why I'm an atheist well that and other reasons
Ronivan Fontanez (1 day ago)
Worst kind of people, and I can tell from personal experience. There is a quote from Shakespeare that says: "And thus I clothe my naked villainy with old odd ends stolen forth from holy writ, and seem a saint when most I play the devil".
david ludwig (1 day ago)
Why do you always act like being accused of something equals being guilty. Many people have had their reputations ruined due to false allegations
william holmes (2 days ago)
this video is a hatchet job on so called protestant pastors , i look forward to your video on the abuse of children by the catholic church .
Matthew Harrison (2 days ago)
I recommend the Roy Zimmerman song "Ted Haggard is completely heterosexual".
sandramorrison99 (4 days ago)
Tim Drake-Wayne (4 days ago)
G*psy is a slur— try using Romani instead.
Joe Stephan (5 days ago)
Bob Coy was also a former music industry executive.
T AA (5 days ago)
We all make mistakes and fall but a real christian would stay firm and repent and not repeat and continue in sin.
AdamRadz Sinclair (7 days ago)
This is small test for you.. can you imagine when the real master of Deceiver Anti Christ arrive?
Autumn Sunset (2 days ago)
Never, because such a thing does not exist. Did I win?
ferociousgumby (7 days ago)
Ted looks pretty haggard.
General Horse (8 days ago)
Alternate title: 10 Evangelicals caught for things not very Christian.
Coy Hampton (9 days ago)
America is one of the few countries in the world that lets these scam artists on TV How embarrassing.
Ivan Walters (2 days ago)
I agree. Letting Neil deGrasse Tyson on TV is embarrassing. Anyone who promotes the idea that after the universe formed it looped back in time so it could be the cause if its own creation has serious issues.
Reality Check (10 days ago)
Please learn how to pronounce "Calvary". It's not "cavalry"
GiftofChaosStudio (10 days ago)
A strip club manager addicted to porn... go figure
Damian Low (11 days ago)
i hope this isn't inappropriate to say, but you have one of the sexiest voices i have ever heard.
Owen Oulton (11 days ago)
Simon, Calvary and cavalry are two very different words, and you can't claim not to know the difference because they're "in a foreign language".
Djoudie Alexander (12 days ago)
No honest person supports israel only criminals
Look Stoop (13 days ago)
what revolting things to hear thanks top enz for bringing them to light xXx
playbackproductions1 (13 days ago)
What was wrong with Billy Graham???
Michael Houle (13 days ago)
love your vids simon but damn that accent, it's Ba-ker like the guy who makes bread not bakker like the backer of a project :)
Mel Thompson (14 days ago)
There was the stench of feminist virtue signaling around the whole thing.
Autumn Sunset (2 days ago)
Better that than the stench of not showering wafting from your fragrant neckbeard folds.
maureen skaar (14 days ago)
hey..its CAL VA RY not Cavalry..hate when folks mix up army with church...
Cush (15 days ago)
Let us call them religious scandals. From people with imaginary friends no rational or decent behavior is to be expected.
Luke Freeman (15 days ago)
I've watched a plethora of videos on YouTube where people pronounce the word "cavalry" as "calvary" but this marks the first I've ever heard this hilarious verbal inversion the other way round. What amuses me most about this is that by sounding out either word letter for letter, one can produce the proper pronunciation, yet despite this fact these two words continue to be confused and mispronounced. Thanks for the laugh Simon.
J. M. Pérez (15 days ago)
So why are they criticizing the Catholic church? Hypocrit much!!!!
Arian Gorman (16 days ago)
#7 I'd do 3 years anywhere for 12 million, Guantanamo here I come baby..."assuming they don't pull out teeth or cut off my dangley bits"
Frantick (16 days ago)
The Yoido megachurch seats 12,000 people. Not 800,000. 800,000 is their total membership worldwide.
You're going to hit 2 million in no time
Bruce IDW (17 days ago)
Publicly, overtly evangelical Christian = adulterous gay pedophile, probably partakes in domestic violence too. (Nothing wrong with being gay unless your life is dedicated to telling others that there’s something wrong with being gay... hypocrisy is an abomination and hypocrites should be stoned to death)
Stephen Lovejoy (17 days ago)
Yoido Full Gospel church does not seat 800,000 church goers. Idk where you got that number, but for comparison, the largest football stadium in the US seats little over 100,000 people. Wtf?
Autumn Sunset (2 days ago)
He mixed up the church's total membership with the seating number, which is 12,000. Still a pretty substantial number, nevertheless.
Myathewolfeh1 (17 days ago)
I'm caught between feeling disgusted by these snakeoil salesman and wondering if I should start my own religion to milk gullible idiots of their cash.
Autumn Sunset (2 days ago)
I mean, it worked for L. Ron Hubbard
Elspeth Graham (17 days ago)
I was on vacation in Orlando when Jim and Tammy Bakker moved to Orlando. There was a big billboard which said Jim and Tammy Go to Miami. I found out where they had set up their new TV ministry. It was an abandoned minimall with grass growing up in the cracks. The phrase which came to mind was "how the mighty have fallen." it was very very sad.
Gabriel Jordan (17 days ago)
There's evidently a lot of money to be made preaching the word of magical skydaddy.
KDavis (17 days ago)
Even in my more devout, younger years. I held a deep hatred of televangelists and mega churches. It screams of vanity and it makes my blood boil. Especially prosperity gospel hucksters. I sincerely hope there's a cold, horrific hell waiting for them.
KDavis (14 days ago)
+Dr. Wier Read the Divine Comedy, then come back.
Dr. Wier (15 days ago)
A *cold* hell? Why cold?
BeenarBear L (17 days ago)
Graham is 100% right, he told no lie
Rebecca Armstrong (18 days ago)
Religion scams scandels .. you dont say XD
Non Sense (18 days ago)
And the Sheep say "Baaaahhhhhhhh!
BANE KITTY (18 days ago)
Follow an imaginary sky being and get indignant when someone uses it to con you.......mkay
MegaLazygamer (18 days ago)
This episode made me want to watch Total Recall. It have no idea why.
Catholic church choir is a safe space by comparison.
A V (18 days ago)
Oh Simon, you missed the perfect chance to say, "I hope you found that ENLIGHTENING".
C R (18 days ago)
I want to know the rest of the list, but this dude’s judgey tone ruins it.
kinglearisdead (18 days ago)
calvary, not cavalry.
Dee Marie Dubois (18 days ago)
Oh there was Tammy Faye Bakker—by the way pronounced Baker in spite of the extra K. My friends and I would watch her just to see her heavy trampy makeup, false eyelashes, hair color but mainly to watch her cry. Rarely a TV time happened that Tammy didn’t turn on the water works especially while praying for someone and asking for money. Amazing woman.
Jeffrey Bailess (18 days ago)
I never hear anything like this about atheists.
Autumn Sunset (2 days ago)
Nah, we have our scandals too, my dude. The difference is that we hold the offenders accountable.
starcrafter13terran (18 days ago)
Think his name was pronounced Baker, like bakery.
Yoda Man (18 days ago)
"prosperity gospel" the exact opposite of what that religion is supposed to be teaching
Samuel Pope (18 days ago)
You're right! They really should focus more on the intolerance and self loathing.
pizza punk (19 days ago)
nothing makes my day more than one of these scumbags gets busted.
Mark Lawrence (19 days ago)
I have SINNED!
Katherine Phaye (19 days ago)
*Chris Hansen has entered the chat*
Kitty Ruiz (20 days ago)
Oh, this is funny as the English love trashing the US on their pronunciations of words.
Tmdamora Damora (20 days ago)
I wish these video presenters would learn to correctly say people's names.... Ex.- Jim Bakkers name is not pronounced Backer.
Gary Daniel (20 days ago)
Faith Healing means you need your Faith healed after being told you didn't have enough faith to be healed or be a millionaire or have a better job....
rxjimen (20 days ago)
Yet another documentary about the ugly face of this ever balding ugly guy that thinks the most important part to show is his ugly face in the documentaries.
Kam Harmon (20 days ago)
I was with it until you said "Cavalry Chapel." Same as I would have if you'd said something like "I was in the calvary unit."
#1 Ravens' Fan (22 days ago)
What about Jim Jones convincing his followers to not only drink Kool-Aid laced with cyanide, but force their babies and children to drink it too. This occurred in Guyana, South America on November 18, 1978.
Mudder Fukker (22 days ago)
Shortly before Haggard’s scandal broke, he was “interviewed” by Richard Dawkins for Dawkins’ documentary on Faith. He was arrogant and condescending AF. As Dawkins’ production crew were packing up, Haggard sent a security detail over to the Dawkins group that ordered them “off of his property” immediately bc Dawkins had said ‘we are all animals’ which Haggard interpreted as calling his children ‘animals’. Some fairly pompous behavior by a guy who, by deduction, was at the time smoking meth and having ghey sects while preaching “Fahgs are bad, m’kay’, lololol.
Sammy Nichols (23 days ago)
Ted Haggard I always knew he was gay. Gay is ok but it is wrong to hide it from your wife.
Dave F (23 days ago)
This is the second time I've seen a video in which Simon mispronounces Calvary as cavalry.
Dustin Rodriguez (23 days ago)
'Deny lust and you will be molested by strange perversions.' I read that quote in a collection of similar sayings like 'Deny anger and you will be consumed by rage.' and similar things. The more inhumanly 'pure' someone claims to be, the greater the likelihood they are in reality a savagely immoral character who has harmed many.
Autumn Sunset (2 days ago)
+gritsnsand There's a difference between denial and control, my dude. To control something, you first have to acknowledge that it exists. By denying that something even exists to begin with, you are by definition unable to control it, which allows it to grow and fester unchecked, but unseen.
gritsnsand (20 days ago)
So the message is don't try to control anger, lust, a desire to steal or kill ? Don't try to improve yourself, just go with the flow? I believe that was summed up as "Do what thou wilt", the motto of Aleister Crowley. No thanks.
Kathryn Ashworth (24 days ago)
Calvary not Cavalry 😡
Unforgiven5150 (25 days ago)
Baker! Just like a baker of bread. Its not pronounced BACK-er!
Donald Manthei (20 days ago)
He also pronounced Haggard as Hay-guard.
Andrew Gardener (27 days ago)
I could tell Haggard was gay . That was no shock .
Andrew Gardener (19 days ago)
Religion is the opiate of dumbasses
The pepper man (27 days ago)
Ironic how the most religious pastors are the least moral
Josi (27 days ago)
Simon, you're usually so precise, but there is a HUGE difference between "Calvary" and "cavalry."
Julie Muriuki (28 days ago)
I'm itching to slap Ted Haggard's face at 10:50
Wubba Wubba (28 days ago)
This proves that those who complain the loudest about the LGBTQ community and other things are usually hiding a dark secret. It’s called projection.
SCP (29 days ago)
i used to ike to laugh about Ted Haggard, but him telling the Wisconsin Whatever that he is bisexual has earned my respect. At least he can own it.
anonUK (29 days ago)
"Ted Haggard is completely heterosexual, (x3) Gloryhowheblewya!" What is it about religious ministries and flouting the usual religious rules about where you can put your willy?
dirty birdy22 (29 days ago)
For the #2 entry: Jessica Hann described it more as an pressured/assault not an affair. And another pastor was involved. I believe she sued him and then it was settled as well as the previous hush money paid before. Idk. It was a messy situation all together.
KnoxTN Yankee (29 days ago)
Is that your real accent? Come on!
Dawn Amato (29 days ago)
Michele Bachmann stating that Trump is a godly and holy man. Is she insane! No, she is an evangelical. Scary
Toni Kemppainen (1 month ago)
Yeah fun!
Ben Longwell (1 month ago)
The worst kind of people use God for their own screwed up means.
Seiyuōkami Himura (1 month ago)
This made me laugh just from the thumbnail. This will be great!
MadakiNomaroishi (1 month ago)
Top 10 little white boys molested by Michael Jackson next
Rob Carp (1 month ago)
I never heard of that Ted Haggard guy until the gay prostitute scandal, but where there really people that knew him that couldn't tell he was gay!? That guy makes Elton John look like John Wayne....
sailormanariel (1 month ago)
Next to oil, televangelists were Louisiana's biggest export.
sailormanariel (1 month ago)
Wherever you have blind obedience you have child humping.
sailormanariel (1 month ago)
Why would anyone belong to a Megachurch? My sister belonged to one. It was held in an amphitheater with a giant screen and a Rolling Stone quality speaker system. The reason most people go to church is social interaction. How do you get that if the congregation is thousands?
sailormanariel (1 day ago)
+Autumn Sunset Meh.
Autumn Sunset (2 days ago)
Ever been to a rock concert? It's that feeling, but once a week for free.
sailormanariel (1 month ago)
Yeah Billy was kinda a racist but he did hold other evangelicals to their own standards.
Baked Utah (1 month ago)
7:34 “Cavalry” chapel. 😂 That must be the kind where towards the end, where the preacher has everyone almost ready to die of boredom, when all of a sudden a bunch of dudes on horseback barge in through the front door to rescue everyone. 🤣 For the sarcasm-impaired, he should have said “Calvary”, not “Cavalry”, Calvary being another name for Golgotha, the place where the Christian Bible says Jesus was crucified. Interestingly (I think, anyway), one thing we can perhaps infer from Simon’s slip is that he is not a Catholic, or at least, not an _Irish_ Catholic. Too many old Lenten hymns, taught by too many fierce old lady teachers, drove the word “Calvary” and how it is pronounced _(“You boy! How many times!? It’s Calvary, not Cavalry! <slap>”)_ deep into the brains of all Catholic kids in Britain and Ireland to allow them to then forget it in later life.
basejump (1 month ago)
NO, not shaken babies!
Alabama Mothman (1 month ago)
What about the crimes of atheist" Stalin, Hitler,. No comparison.
darttoyou1 (1 month ago)
Sheep herders, who's in your wallet?
J. C. B. of the USA (1 month ago)
All the preachers that are not mentioned here either havent been caught yet or have and its just not well known. Anybody knowingly spreading lies and granting absolution for donations is immoral by definition
Roger Whittle (1 month ago)
J.C.B of the USA. One of the scariest people in the US is Robert Jeffress. Talk about stark, staring, raving bonkers - he is actually scary. To even pretend he is sane and rational, is folly of the first water. By the way, do you mean Joseph C. Bamford of Norfolk? (UK) They invented what you guys call the 'backhoe.' They are one of the largest family companies in Britain.
FiftySeven Welder (1 month ago)
Society holds these pastors to a higher level of integrity than what we follow. When we parade these fallen leaders around like they are the fool, it is really us who are the ones with the problem.
sirfer6969 (1 month ago)
Simon Whistler's pronunciation of English is often far worse than that of foreign languages. Such a shame for an otherwise fantastic presenter. Calvary is not cavalry ffs
Roger Whittle (1 month ago)
sirfer6969. Simon Whistler IS English, or at least British. (All English are British, but not all British are English.) But he probably misread the script. Calvary is definitely a place, cavalry is not. I've noticed he often opts for the American pronounciation, probably because he's largely working for an American audience.
TakohamoOlsen2 (1 month ago)
My father remembered meeting Billy Graham at a Freemasonic lodge in America in 1952. With Swaggert, it's Murphree, not Murphy. With Bob Coy, It's CALVARY, not cavalry.
paul gleason (1 month ago)
Graham was correct on media jews as we see today they arent real jews
abuslinky (1 month ago)
Minor pronunciation note: "Calvary" is a place. "Cavalry" is soldiers on horses.
Ashes, Ashes (11 days ago)
I still remember when I sorted out the difference. I was 8 or 9 and had just never questioned the cavalry/calvary discrepancy. Nobody needs to know how old I was when I noticed Circle K = okay 😞
troyzarb (16 days ago)
also Whistler is pronounced 'SMITH'
bamachine (18 days ago)
Also, it Jim Bakker is pronounced as "baker" not "backer".
Rex Hardesty (1 month ago)
Never trust a preacher with a boner.
Lorena Zampini (1 month ago)
Just a bunch of hypocritical crooks!
Diane T (1 month ago)
Bet this subject had so much material to sift through
Sandra Weilbrenner (1 month ago)
Baker not bakker
Mary Grech (1 month ago)
Simple people believe what belly goat grham says

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