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Top 10 FASCINATING Facts About the CELTS

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Celtic history is steeped in mystery. You’ve no doubt heard of the Celts, but because they left behind no written records, what we know about them can often be chalked up to myth and legend. Contemporaries and frequent enemies of the Roman Empire, these warriors were quick to fight, and vicious in attack. →Subscribe for new videos every day! https://www.youtube.com/user/toptenznet?sub_confirmation=1 Help us translate our videos: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_queue?msg=10&tab=0 - Learn more why you might want to help: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6052538 Find more lists at: http://www.toptenz.net Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTenz/ Business inquiries to [email protected] Other TopTenz Videos: Top 10 FASCINATING Facts About the AMISH https://youtu.be/Sq7IhavcyeM?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnKEdcdzaYO1HCwvMfQlhzSv Top 10 AMAZING Facts About KAMIKAZE PILOTS https://youtu.be/wqSJIc8_OPc?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnJxUxVB7_iVyUoudkWy59vW Text version: http://www.toptenz.net/10-fascinating-facts-celts.php Coming up: 10. They Probably Didn’t Originate in Ireland 9. The Romans Had Nothing On Their Roads 8. They Were Among the First to Utilize Iron Weaponry 7. The Celts Were Hugely Wealthy 6. They Had Slavery… Kind Of 5. They Had Progressive Views on Gender and Sexuality 4. They Weren’t Savages But They Did Hunt Heads 3. The Number Three Had a Huge Significance 2. For Most of Their Existence They Were Polytheistic 1. The Celts Weren’t Really, Well, “Celts” Source/Further reading: https://www.ancient.eu/celt/ https://books.google.com.mt/books?id=f899xH_quaMC&pg=PA1516&lpg=PA1516&dq=celtic+wooden+roads&source=bl&ots=p-Zv9fFy0G&sig=ULgnzHRKyKOG5ZXa3Wqd9QhxTRw&hl=en&sa=X&ei=y3NRUtXfNMmTtQbbp4DIBQ#v=onepage&q=celtic%20wooden%20roads&f=false http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1366468/Roman-road-doubt-discovery-cobbled-built-100-years-invasion.html https://nicoleevelina.com/2013/12/16/celtic-weapons-and-armor/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celtic_warfare#Hallstatt_period_12th.E2.80.936th_centuries_BC https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_Age_sword https://blog.britishmuseum.org/2015/10/13/who-were-the-celts/ https://www.theguardian.com/science/2015/oct/04/celts-great-torque-snettisham-hoard-british-museum-alice-roberts https://books.google.com/books?id=ATq5_6h2AT0C&pg=PA136&lpg=PA136&dq=celtic+slaves&source=bl&ots=5NS7r3TWu_&sig=sYtTm4cxuABOs_Hqr2UFhRNCtgs&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjj7Kfe3OLRAhVGyGMKHe7JCFkQ6AEIdDAP#v=onepage&q=celtic%20slaves&f=false https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Celtic_women#Social_position https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Headhunting#Celts http://www.druidschool.com/page/509240 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celtic_polytheism http://www.livescience.com/44666-history-of-the-celts.html
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Text Comments (882)
Han wan (23 hours ago)
Like always Simon is the Best
Dahlsyar Storm (1 day ago)
Personally, I think having a person serve the family of someone they victimized is a great idea. Perhaps not for life, but it makes a lot more sense than throwing someone in a cell and having taxpayers be responsible for feeding their worthless selves. Maybe a system that dictates a certain number of months or years depending on the crime and the impact on the victim and/or their family. As for the feeding and housing part of that, well, I haven't thought in that much detail yet. :P As for the head hunting, I think it's a great strategy actually. It's gruesome and violent and invokes fear. Whether or not there's a spiritual component or not, you're gonna make quite a bit more of an impact on your enemies.
IntermediateJesus (1 day ago)
I know they didn't originate in Ireland geez. The Gauls were technically Celts. And Ive read Asterix and Obelix. My mind is unblown.
richardshalla (1 day ago)
I enjoyed your video. 1 spot of contention, the Y chromosome DNA for the "Celtic peoples" starts in the middle East, follows a path through Turkey, Greece, northern Italy, down around the Iberian peninsula back up to finish in the British Isles.
Billy Von Der Burg (2 hours ago)
Stop spreading Jewish/Christian lies.
Ann Fitzgerald (3 days ago)
you talk too fast--it gives me a headache!
Matt Jonson (4 days ago)
So basically the Romans took credit for everything the Celts did first lol.
John Murphy (5 days ago)
So many things wrong on this. Who associates Celts with Ireland only? A homeland in central Eeurope is a mistaken history theory well now outdated. I think a bit of reading about the Celts one have helped!
Stefan Seniuk (7 days ago)
The Neolithic stone temple builders seem to have had an entirely different religion and culture
macker33 (9 days ago)
Fact no11 and this might shock scotsmen but the celts invented trousers.
Seumas na Tuaighe (11 days ago)
The Celts' origins are now established, (through linguistic and DNA analyses,) to have been on the Atlantic coastal seaboard from present day Portugal to Ireland and Britain. The former hypothesis of their origins in south-central Europe has proven false on the basis of the dating of DNA markers and technical, algorithmic linguistics putting them on the sea coast long before the first millennium BC.
Tery Morison (13 days ago)
i love how everyone in the comments act like professional historians, and homophobic ones at that.
Rhys (13 days ago)
Here after My DNA results say I'm 40% Irish
Karen Donald (14 days ago)
Austria ha ha
Justus Hall (14 days ago)
Watering down wine? Not necessarily a bad idea; can make it harder to get seriously drunk.
Justus Hall (14 days ago)
7:00: mentions headhunting. For a scary story involving headhunting, see Give Yourself Goosebumps: Elevator to Nowhere by R.L. Stine (book #34 in series).
Justus Hall (14 days ago)
Woman depicted about 6:28 into video: reminds me of the Navi in Avatar.
Justus Hall (14 days ago)
Woman depicted at 6:06 into video: very beautiful!
asherael (15 days ago)
How did Nicolas Cage's garbage remake become the reference when The Wicker Man comes up. The original movie is a goddamn fantastic classic.
James (15 days ago)
2:16 imagine if that's what the Celts actually looked like when building their roads . . . council workers haha
Irritable Australian (19 days ago)
I know you have to shill for ol shekelstein but the progressive views thing isn’t that they had an ideology, they were just more attached to their primal side, like most warlike cultures. They most certainly did not have progressive beliefs.
Talisman Skulls (21 days ago)
Wasn't the wicker man thing proven more than once to be pure fiction?
Vince de Simone (21 days ago)
DNA links to Middle East
ARI_B (21 days ago)
So celts We're basically OP and underrated,clever with money (OVER POWERED)
Gareth Oneill (22 days ago)
Shut it baldy
william switts (24 days ago)
If Celtic refers more to a language than a race, and the religious beliefs were not consistent throughout; Were Druids prevalent in all Celtic tribes or just a few?
Aled Kelly (24 days ago)
As a Welsh person why the hell would I think that Celts originated in Ireland when we actually pre date the Irish anyway?! Our language is the oldest in Europe which proves that! When talking about so called Celts the Welsh often get forgotten or get over looked by Ireland despite the fact that we still have our language and traditions. But no we're not actually Celts, though it's become a common term and I guess easier than saying ancient Britons etc ...
jared Richmond (26 days ago)
This breakdown was fantastic. I very much value the caveats regarding the veracity of different points informing the listener in effect; "here's the information we have on this bit of evidence." Bravo!
It was the heads of their sworn enemy they took.
Jeff Mullinix (1 month ago)
The Gaul's was of mainland Europe . Mainly France ! It is said the Gail's is a reign of France . This goes back before the Iron age. There was many cult's or tribes if you would like to call them that . It is believed that Gual is nortic . That I dont think it is . I am still studying .
IBeJamz (1 month ago)
im Irish and i usually end up naked when i get into fights this explains alot its not my fault its my celtic blood
Sunglass Brad (1 month ago)
Nikola Tesla was also obsessed with 3
Chad Mearhoff (1 month ago)
but were they bold?
Arpad Jones (1 month ago)
They were originally black..look it up. (Black Irish!!!)
evansdrad (1 month ago)
proud celt here
wiston Lawsons (1 month ago)
Celts were in the iberian peninsula
Julien (1 month ago)
probably and more readily from Persian background pre Europe. Thank you Top Tenz -- these facts are far closer to the truth than much of the crap that I have listened to. lol that gay crap is roman reportage and propaganda - still being character assassinated after all these years. Ok we moght have been a tad scared of our ladies but hey we like and still like our beer - pubs are no places for ladies per se and this is where it comes from. After a few jars it was back to the domicile (probably any domicile) and business as usual, bleary eyed and somewhat guilt ridden in the morning albeit. Does it ever ever end the persecution of us Celts. If you had been invaded as many times as us with all them foreigners eyes trying to see how we 'do it', youd be a little shy too.
mike acton (1 month ago)
not Austria father east, Greece, Troy, or what about Phoenicians
Alun Rees (1 month ago)
There is no Celtic gene the Assyrians called the Israelites khymri the welsh still call themselves the Cymry
Modern Witcher (1 month ago)
Can we get some history without virtue signaling? That would be great.
Pyro-Nexus (1 month ago)
Nothing I didn't know before.
Hope Rules (1 month ago)
...🕸...my chain mail guard...
dylan thoms (1 month ago)
Filthy pagans. Deus vult
SHäge (1 month ago)
Picts are said to be the same pre Celtic people who inhabited Ireland before celts (Irish are a mixture)
SHäge (1 month ago)
Gaels are essentially a mixture of pre Celtic and Celtic People
Philip Matsikoudis (1 month ago)
How come the Celts were so technologically advanced, yet, still left no written records? How are these conclusions being made?
Kodi Pagan Shqiptare (1 month ago)
Celte meaning Albania Accente language ( Gegrisht), Came from an origin, , Make sure Scotland call Albania England - Albion Irland call Alban all Albania names
Chip Kosboth (2 months ago)
So, a guy melts some rocks for his local lord and makes a sword... pulling a sword from a stone, sound familiar to anyone?
thomas pollock (2 months ago)
interesting but you got it wrong re celts where affiliated to britons as britons where never heard of they came later when the germanic tribes formed as a race and called the barbarians who also fought the romans but where well beaten not like the celts who won many wars against the romans it was later to be called germany celts where a true breed and mebe the oldest man to enter the earth as a force to be reckoned with . the celts where like travellers and broke up as a people going all over europe as i said n france britainy etc. if say the celts went to ireland as a nation instead of millions spreading all over the romans wouldent have a chance entering into their land now england germanic. the saxons would have been slaughtered and today wouldent have been in in their lands called uk. they where the most greatest power on earth their downfall splitting up as a nation but ireland is still wales and scotland. all is left is to get the saxons english out hah too late
thomas pollock (2 months ago)
the baths in sumerset where made by celts and where great road builders
Charlie Bronson (2 months ago)
Saying we should take Julius Ceasers accounts on the druids with a pinch of salt but wholeheartedly accepting the same accounts referring to celtic promiscuity and homosexuality. Cuz whatever fits the agenda.
Gabriella Shimone (2 months ago)
I was told Celt is derived from a Greek word for "kilt". Is this true?
Gabriella Shimone (2 months ago)
+Meerim Usubalieva Ah, thank you. What is the Greek word for "kilt", then? I'm just curious and want to know the facts. =)
Meerim Usubalieva (2 months ago)
Gabriella Shimone no,no! In Greek , the word "Celt" will be "Keltoi".
The Idolatrous lot they wete.👽👽👽👽👽
Professor Roundbottom (2 months ago)
3:01 Love those golf pants, Blondie McBarechest. Can I get some of those online? ⛳
MrWizardofozzz (2 months ago)
Well done, but let's remove everything about the Roman empire and this will be a lot more accurate..
Sam boliah (2 months ago)
Patriarchal, because they did not identify as intersectional communists.
Mark O Rourke (2 months ago)
Ask yourself one question about the Celts, how come no written records from their time exists.?
tim b (2 months ago)
so, no writing, had slaves, didn't convert all that gold into an empire , and human sacrifice. they sound so civilized.
Vampir Tara (2 months ago)
A SJW's version of the Celtics, Most of your sources are Wikipedia, not a credible source. And you made sure you made the Celtic men, look like a mess of Queens. Playing nude LeapFrog in the forest, it was more like the Romans. That was purposely done, because why was it even necessary to mention that subject it in the top 10. Now I am of the Druids religion, yes information is very limited on our religion, because it wasn't written down. The teachings were passed on from one to another, along with our Gaelic language. our religion was forbidden by the Romans and persecuted by the Knights Templar. And no one is 100% certain where the Celts came from originally, they are only guessing. Ask for Wikipedia, Wikipedia is written by anyone that wishes to contribute their two cents to an article or page. It is not written by experts in the subject of where that page is.
TopTenz (2 months ago)
John Noxel (2 months ago)
This Guy needs to find a different job like garbage collector
Anthony Ciccariello (2 months ago)
Digital Concepts (2 months ago)
More lies.
ThisSuitsMe (2 months ago)
Waving your hands about so much is really distracting and annoying
Iain Macmillan (2 months ago)
An idiots guide to the Celts.
Dan Rogers (2 months ago)
Be interested to know if we can find out about the Dobunnie tribe. Pre celts who very possible ended up being the last bastion of Celtic culture in England
Thom Al (2 months ago)
1). The Celts came from the Caucasus mountains 2). The Celts wore kilts to walk around and trousers when they rode horses on the continent. 3). The Celts or gauls or galatians or galileans - Christ was a Galilean, i.e. the son of a Roman captain who was a celt who lived in the galilee, the place where the gauls lived in the holy land.
Heather Meaney (2 months ago)
I thought that Celts were originally Nordic people who migrated to the British Isles.
jackbootbadger (3 months ago)
Pnawn da -)
Aled Kelly (24 days ago)
Iawn de
ZarlanTheGreen (3 months ago)
Bronze swords were quite *superior* to early iron (not steel) swords. The reason that people went over to iron, was simply because it was more abundant and easier and cheaper to get hold of. The Romans kept using bronze, whilst others used iron, because it was better, and they had the organization and resources.
gg (3 months ago)
Ha ha. The celts were german. Now the queen is even german
Jiří Dušek (3 months ago)
Celts originated from Bohemia you know the Boii. And I never imagined celts would be from Ireland. Who even thought that in first place
Nomad (3 months ago)
It's inaccurate to claim that "the celts" originated from ANYWHERE! There are some loose ethnic connections between alot of celtic nations but the term generally applies to linguistic and art categories, not a single people.
ian lewis (3 months ago)
the Romans thought most other tribes were barbarians, they were bias like the American and Soviet media!!!!!!!!
ian lewis (3 months ago)
I am a Rodnovery Pagan, the Celts are my pagan brothers and sisters!!!!
ian lewis (3 months ago)
the 248 dislikes are probably from The Vatican.
Neelia (3 months ago)
Wow !! I'm a Scot (born near Glasgow), but I always believed that the Celts were barbarians that Hadrian tried to keep away from. I'm (reasonably) tall, and my hair is strawberry blond, so I always thought myself to be more Saxon than Celtic. This is the first time I've ever heard the Celts depicted as progressive and inventive !!
Adeel (3 months ago)
I am a Pathan/Pashtun and had an ancestry DNA test done recently. I got around 12% Irish, Scottish, Welsh (Celtic). I have seen the same for many other pathans having Celtic and Nordic DNA and the percentage is fairly high. What happened somewhere within the last 700 years that many Irish and Nordic tribes came to settle in modern day Afghanistan?
Vaikunth Shenoy (1 month ago)
Adeel, *The migration of Vedic Aryans  from North West India beyond Gandhara (today's Kandahara) to Europe and Eurasia of the Druhyu tribes(Druids), the Alinas ,the Anus etc resulted in the settlement of the Celts and Gauls, Germans, Balts, Hittites and the Iranians* The truth about this migration has rarely been told, firstly because Western Indologists hardly believe them in view of their idea that the Aryans migrated to India. Secondly because of the Christian and Islamic civilizations, whatever religious ritual and mythologies remained we're destroyed as the work of the devil or as paganism that did not merit study. Namaste
Tecumseh Sherman (3 months ago)
Pepe Chiweenie (3 months ago)
Head hunters? Guess they are still hunting to this day, aren’t we all?
evansdrad (3 months ago)
if the celtic race was born is austria then the foreigners should leave austria and we celts should live in our ancestral homeland of celtic origions if our ancesters came from austria then that is our homeland that means the austrians should give us our homeland back austria belongs to the celts
evansdrad (3 months ago)
im a celt
Vaikunth Shenoy (1 month ago)
evansdrad, hello, I am from India and wish to clarify few facts. As far as to my limited knowledge goes, I am of the opinion the migration of Vedic Aryans from North West India to Europe and Eurasia of the Druhyu tribes, the Alinas ,the Anus etc resulted in the settlement of the Celts and Gauls, Germans, Balts, Hittites and the Iranians. Remnants of these tribes in India we're absorbed into Puru mainstream. *Being Celt yourself, I would like to know who are the Celtic priests? Are they the Druids (knowers of wood) also known as Druhyu priests because of their place of origin* Namaste.
xeepromx (3 months ago)
I believe that the Picts fought naked and it was an individual thing.
damian goys (3 months ago)
ha ha ha stop smoking ice , it was too cold not even fish could live there in that time
BigGmos1 (3 months ago)
celtic civilization spread out from ireland denying this is what creates mysteries
Sonja Morrison (3 months ago)
Celts are German. ❤️
asherasator (4 months ago)
Celt, Gal, Galicia, Galatia & Gaul are regional exonym variations of the same name, even related to Got, Goth, Gat, Jat & Jut. Most of the time these people did not call themselves that. So many names of tribes are generic & related to waves of people from the Caucasus that came into Europe Above & below the Black Sea. They're all interrelated but sometimes various names were given to understand which wave in time or group was referred to... & this has confused many. Scribes describing a group or person would use their various names given from different locations, there was no agreed upon general name from any tribe that would be used all over. So at one point 5-6 names described from different regions were describing the exact same people. Even individuals would have several names & nicknames or described by a particular visual distinction or trait that another scribe wouldn't use the same terminology. Locations were called by many names & spelling, nothing was fixed or agreed upon. So then chronologically scholars tried to layer false histories & linear timelines when it simply wasn't so. All academic ancient history & chronology is completely incorrect.
Amaze Balls (4 months ago)
actually the wicker man and sacrifice was a lie, the romans and greeks did that
Charlot Privates (4 months ago)
where is eburones? isnt that before tungri (tongeren)?
Charlot Privates (4 months ago)
she just runed into the romans without a decend tactic losing almost everybody lol. almost like she paniced and had tunelvison
Charlot Privates (4 months ago)
and how many humans had ceasar killed (sacrifeced) ? like u said only the winner tells the tale
Charlot Privates (4 months ago)
they where wealthy because they did not had a goverment ho was out for there money like today. evrybody was more equal, compare that to the rich and poor in the roman empire
Evan Newcomer (4 months ago)
the picts were thought to fight naked
I identify as "celtic" but I believe in Asatru. Ironic huh?
I live in Louisiana
Kernow Forester (4 months ago)
TopTenz, where do you get your research from? Celtic languages, culture and peoples are not exactly the same thing, as Western Europeans adopted Celtic customs and languages quite early in European culture. There is actually no identifiable Celtic peoples leaving a DNA genome as such, as the Celts were a range of cultures, not s ingle people. I am a modern Celt (Kernow/Cornwall), and surprise surprise, we can read and write, so yes we have left written records behind. The Q Celtic speaking Celts (Irish, Manx and Highland Scots), adopted Roman script for writing, as did the P Celtic speaking Celts (the Cornish, Welsh and Bretons). Some old Cornish, Breton and Welsh scripts go back to the 10th C in the case of Cornish, with Welsh being as far back as the 7th C. Irish also has text as far back as the 8th C. Also, Ogham script found in Ireland, Wales and Cornwall/Devon dates back as far as the 4th C. I know of ancient stones with Ogham text on them just a few miles from me. If you mean the continental Celts of the La Tene and Halstatt cultures, then yes, there are no written records I am aware of, but Celtic culture is still alive and well in Western Europe, and has influenced (myths, legends, archaeology etc) much of modern Western Europe, even where the Celtic languages have been lost. King Arthur is perhaps the most famous Celtic myth? From Bodmin, Cornwall.
SJ L (4 months ago)
Your videos would be improved if they focused visually on the content rather than the orator.
Melanie Barrera (4 months ago)
Representing the descendants of the CeltIberian tribes ✊🏼🇵🇷🇪🇸🇺🇸
Ohio Against The World (5 months ago)
"Da-noob River"
Lachlan Buckley (5 months ago)
not bad ay. ur pretty onto it. you should have brought up the The Declaration of Arbroath
Michael (5 months ago)
Pretty sure it's pronounced bowtika not bootika
Ella Larkin (5 months ago)
There are some inaccuracies in this video. Here are some facts. The Celts are of Indo-European origin. The Celts in Ireland had a system of law called Brehon law. Under Brehon law, nobody was executed. If a man killed a married man, depriving the wife and children of his labour and support, then the murderer of that man had to work for that man's family for a long time. He was not a slave or even a prisoner, it was a very practical and humane law. The reasoning behind it was that in working with the family every day, the murderer would see for himself the grief that his actions had caused and be truly repentant and that he could atone for his crime by working for the family as long as they needed his labour. If he had a family of his own, he had to work for his own family and the family of the man he had killed. The Celts were not 'head-hunters' but a custom once existed that when there was a fierce battle, and a warrior killed his enemies, after he had killed them he would chop off their heads and these heads would be tied together and worn around the neck of his horse until he got home. This had nothing to do with religion. The heads were 'trophies' to show how great a warrior he was. One of the reasons the Celts were such great warriors, as well as the fact that they were extremely brave, is that the Celts both male and female were extremely skilled in horsemanship. You also didn't mention that the Celts were wonderful musicians, poets and storytellers, that we elected our kings and queens, that we have always shown great respect for the dead and reverence for our ancestors, and there are very many other things you didn't even mention. In fact, this was a very poor video.
Rhys (5 months ago)
What's the background music, really like it, if anyone knows please let me know, thanks
John Colley (5 months ago)
now the evidence is showing that the "celts" may have originated in WESTERN europe including the british isles and NOT east/central Europe

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