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Behind Scenes at "Magic City": PS3 Theme Dancers (Virgo and Lisa) - Pt 1

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Konsole Kingz held a private event at Magic City. We talked to the dancers featured in our Playstation 3 wallpaper theme. We interview owner Lil Magic and the dancers named "Virgo" and "Lisa". About the theme: Konsole Kingz brings the famous nightlife the Magic City club to your PlayStation. These playful ladies are all business when it comes to satisfaction - and the Girls of Magic City theme is no exception. It features 6 side scrolling, auto rotating images and custom icons. http://www.konsolekingz.com/magiccity Click "Like" and "Add to ▼ Favorites" if you like this! Helps us make more videos. How to download the Magic City theme on the PSN: 1. Log into the PlayStation Store 2. Go to Themes & Avatars 3. Go to Dynamic Themes 4. Go to Babes 5. Go to Photo 6. Navigate to Magic City theme. How to install Magic City: 1. From the Settings icon on the XMB (Xross Media Bar), scroll to the Theme Settings option. 2. Press the X button to display the Theme menu 3. Press the X button again to display a list of themes that are available for use. 4. Scroll to the Magic City theme. Song: M2G2 by The Pro and The Champ Click "Like" and "Add to ▼ Favorites" if you like this! Helps us make more videos. Directors Channel: http://youtube.com/ Directors Facebook: http://facebook.com/ Directors Twitter: http://twitter.com/ Music by (Artist Name), the song is (Song Name) _______________________________________ Partner with KKZ! ➜ http://goo.gl/KheLx - Click the Partnership tab Subscribe to Channel KKZ! ➜ http://goo.gl/Smx0H Like us on Facebook! ➜ http://goo.gl/DvFYA Follow us on Twitter! ➜ http://goo.gl/IcSdm Add us on Google+! ➜ http://goo.gl/DRR4P Follow us on Instagram! ➜ http://goo.gl/E4SKA _______________________________________ (TAGS)
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Text Comments (63)
Well Ofcoursesir (3 months ago)
those low grade low quality whores are all bottom of the barrel cheap stripper hoe garbage
Erika Haynes (7 months ago)
I want to be a stripper at magic city in atlanta ga
Well Ofcoursesir (3 months ago)
youre a pathetic waste of oxygen. degenerate whore
Lejon Leonard (1 year ago)
Women with impossible bodies?...I remember one bitch who look like the Beyonce type...other than that these broads just look like everyday hos selling ass.
Resna Anglero (1 year ago)
THEBIGMEOW (2 years ago)
send this guy to Africa
Tesa Mesa (2 years ago)
this guys voice tho
pookie801 (2 years ago)
right annoying
Karen Samson (3 years ago)
the beginning ! 😂😂
missqueenbean420 (3 years ago)
Wow, under the black light all you see is long pretty hair, amazing pole work and exotic dancer moves and even toned bodies.. with the lights ... Damn,, how do you get ashy in your butt cracks, you can actually see the faces under fake weaves..... KEEP THE LIGHTS DOWN AND GET YOUR MONEY LADIES... they would not do so well in a day job where the light exposes everything. Like Sommore says, if you girl moisturizes her knees before her face.. she might be a hoe. lol but damn those knees needed some triple thick cream. Go get yours ladies:)
berightwithyou (10 months ago)
missqueenbean420 I really don't think you are in a position to critique anyone's physical appearance.
missqueenbean420 (1 year ago)
I'm not talented like these girls. I was watching Vlad TV and Jonni Blaze came up and this played in the auto play after that. I have no hate for dancers but I do not like Jonni Blaze bc the first rule of the club is to keep your mouth open in the club but shut when you leave it. I used to bar tend in a club when I was in UNI before I graduated. I still like to go on occasion when I'm tying one on and I got spare notes to make it rain. We only have 5 dollar bills here unlike the USA so it's fun after I win at the casino.. I like to spread it around when I can afford it:) (I really can't stand Jonni Blaze.. she looks good but she gives dancers a bad name bc she is a snitch who uses her clients for fame. She should use her body and talent for fame without burning her bridges, You think other rappers will fuck with her now when they know she will put their business out there? She done fucked up)
The NBA -Holes (1 year ago)
+missqueenbean420 what inspired u to look up this vid, do u happen to poll dance?
missqueenbean420 (1 year ago)
Luv the banana and cherries LMFAO : ) It was smart to ask in retrospect with the vids I was watching today... Gotta be sure nowadays.
Amber Wisdom (1 year ago)
+B Allen lol 😂
bid next step b label (3 years ago)
real bitches big ass
bid next step b label (3 years ago)
real party
JayDen mcallister (3 years ago)
+konsolekingz u sexy af i wanna shake my ass on u
konsolekingz (3 years ago)
that's no party that's how it is. every week. normal.
Mr.Dubb219 (3 years ago)
Im never going to Magic City now that I've seen this, I heard Onxy was a better club anyway.
talkin shit (3 years ago)
These girls aren't pretty
Lejon Leonard (1 year ago)
talkin shit exactly what I said when I walked in the bitch!...wtf is this!
Kimberly Simom (3 years ago)
ass wobbel
Mike Dimeo (3 years ago)
Lol Virgo's ass tho >>>>>>>>>
Tiffany Fischer (3 years ago)
BL go on chm no I'm no HB b BL ink v Cecil hoo in NL VP Jul six
L Lopez (3 years ago)
They nasty
Stephanie SC (4 years ago)
Omg...butt cheeks full of zits...
lunetta williams (4 years ago)
LOL...Bad skin, Bald edges and fake hair,puffy face from drinking and not pretty! perfect package for a horny man.
Domino fisher (4 years ago)
If u not single let me know when u is single just asking and i'm a big fan, i fuck with u ok see u later
Michael Love (1 year ago)
Domino fisher hey
Gizelle Blanc (4 years ago)
Is it just me or did anyone notice the two marks on the top of virgo's cheeks, ass shots!
AMarie Sampson-Burgess (5 years ago)
I'm digging the bartender girl, she seemed like the only one looking nice. That ghetto bitch yellin "technical dancer" was hilarious, and she had a baby gut..... 
konsolekingz (5 years ago)
southerngirl318 (5 years ago)
I love dancers !!!!!! Make yo money
Mazi M (5 years ago)
"Technical dancer first" lmao lmao fuck out of here
Lani Esau (5 years ago)
Sorry but there is a BIG Difference between a dancer and a WHORE........
Claudia Hernandez (5 years ago)
Hey si me ven
H Robinson (5 years ago)
The whole "they could have gone to college!!!" when it comes to strippers is the stupidest thing ever. They obviously haven't spoken to recent graduates because almost all of us are thousands of dollars in debt and scrambling to do unpaid work. The amount of debt students are accumulating is a big burden on the economy. And Burger King doesn't just not cover college--most workers aren't earning a living wage at all.
H Robinson (5 years ago)
I graduated from college 7 months ago, cum laude from a university that is in the top 100 according to the Princeton Review and Forbes. Have you graduated from college? Because if so, you should know underemployment is a huge problem. I've applied to several jobs but I'm still working part time in an office that doesn't even cover rent. I would be over $20,000 in debt if not for scholarships (but thankfully I am debt free already). +Team DRIZZY shaming strippers?
porcelain100 (5 years ago)
porcelain100 (5 years ago)
go watch more Justin bieber and nicki minaj videos like I just saw on your profile. smmfh. lmao. says everything i need to know.
porcelain100 (5 years ago)
I know you are awful angry over a damn youtube video and it's funny as hell. also btw: burger king isn't even close enough to helping pay for the costs of attendance at most universities. not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouth. if you don't like them then don't watch their videos. duh. and with that statement I bid you good day.
porcelain100 (5 years ago)
maybe their parents didn't have enough to send them. so they started dancing to save up to be able to attend... you don't know their story.
Well Ofcoursesir (3 months ago)
fuck those whores stories
AdoptABlackCat (6 years ago)
Snack pack? Ok
James Pruitt (6 years ago)
i lke that
blueheatbaby (6 years ago)
Let's get, get, get it!!!
PilipiliTv (1 year ago)
Ortavis Luke (6 years ago)
this djbuu follow me on twitter also instagram @djbuu
Trock316 (6 years ago)
I wanna go there.
onQ Q (6 years ago)

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