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Jimi hendrix, hey baby (land of the new rising sun)

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Recorded using amplitude 4. A true jimi unfinished master piece. I hope viewers can pick up a few bits from the videos I put up as I know I would not of been able to play this style if I hadn't met the people I have done on my travels over years gone by.
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roberto pirovano (4 days ago)
I like
CorbCorbin (2 months ago)
Nice. My favorite song to warm up with. The intro especially, but the entire structure really, is a masterpiece.
harleyrider916 (2 months ago)
I like that you articulate the notes like Jimi as well as go note for note. Great job!
Lacy Wheeler (2 months ago)
Thanks a lot 👍
B-Nana Man (3 months ago)
I'm having trouble figuring out the last chord in the progression. Is it Am-G-F-Dm?
CorbCorbin (2 months ago)
You can play D major as well.
Lacy Wheeler (3 months ago)
Hi yes their the chords for the main bulk of the song
Stardust Hellfire (3 months ago)
Rock on \m/
Joe Lockwood (4 months ago)
jose mora (5 months ago)
Are you using a univibe
Lacy Wheeler (5 months ago)
Yes the amplitube univibe
teddy boy (5 months ago)
Really good...are u running thru a univibe??
Lacy Wheeler (5 months ago)
Thanks, yes it's runninging through amplitubes univibe set to tremelo
Oliver Forster (7 months ago)
Yes,well played cover. Thank you very much.
Walter Schomber (7 months ago)
Muy buen cover de Jimi. Felicitaciones.
sumit sarpal (1 year ago)
One of the best versions I've heard, so beautiful... Man, can you please share a link to this version of Hey Baby?
CorbCorbin (2 months ago)
It’s the studio version, although it was a live take, with the whole band. Jimi always played it differently live.
sumit sarpal (1 year ago)
Lacy Wheeler okay man, thanks for your reply, I appreciate that... I will look that up
Lacy Wheeler (1 year ago)
sumit sarpal Hi, this is the version from the album land of the new rising sun. Unfortunately I don't have a link. Thanks for you comment
Ian P (1 year ago)
Outstanding.  One of my favorite songs.
Darrin Robinson (1 year ago)
he starts off the beginning riff in E Maj and ends it E Major. the dude here does a really great job doing this song. I feel that this song was jimi's signing off song. like change is gonna come was Sam Cooke signing off song. saying bye to their earthly existence. Peace until we meet again.
Spanish Caravan 68 (1 year ago)
How much was the guitar?
Lacy Wheeler (1 year ago)
About 800 quid 15 years ago
Brian Shive (2 years ago)
Beautiful version of Hey Baby. Thanks for keeping Jimi's spirit alive.
Lacy Wheeler (2 years ago)
brian shive thank you for your kind words.

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