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Daily Street Magic: Day 24 ("Because I want to show you magic.")

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Text Comments (99)
Disturb Reality (10 months ago)
van Eden (10 months ago)
I think it's great to see new tricks.
Bilal Khan (10 months ago)
Eiketsu Xi (10 months ago)
The stupidity on the part of these people commenting negatively is real. Do they not understand that your whole channel is about teaching magic? I can even tell from your focus during the part of the video where you are teaching the guy the trick, and he gets distracted by someone off camera, you are like laser focused on teaching the trick. That's how we can tell you enjoy teaching. Buncha haters on here man.
itai alter (10 months ago)
Disturb Reality Welcome to YouTube 😁 BTW, I thought that the minute he said he wouldn't agree if it was the 3 card Monty, I thought you would say: "oh, what about a 2 card Monty?" and then blow his mind (metaphorically)
Ian Mullally (10 months ago)
Disturb Reality hahaha but you still managed to catch the card even when it wanted to fly away, that's real magic right there 😂😂lol
acemaster (8 months ago)
How old is jarek?
Andreas S. (9 months ago)
Hey jarek for me you are one of the best magician in the whole wide World and i Love your street Magic Show but why do you reveal the Tricks ???
Daddy Shade (9 months ago)
Those are basic tricks! Who cares if he showed them how it was done the real magic was in the card controls and with out those they can't do the trick anyways or reproduce it. Also it takes a lot of time to learn those trick I have been practicing for a year now and still can not get those perfect all the time Sooooo Yeahhhhhh.... Also I'm pretty good I practice everyday. I don't think anything was revealed there the method was still not told.
Cecil Brown (10 months ago)
He said "that darker couple" .... RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MAandS (10 months ago)
Okay but the timing for that pass made my eyes tear up. Just excellent .
Gildas Dollo (10 months ago)
You actually told them how the tricks were done. Excellent.
The Harlequin (10 months ago)
Hair lookin on fleek Jarek
Ahmad Salameh (10 months ago)
You should get back to wrestling
manuferreri (10 months ago)
1:13 that face lmao
Boricua Nice (10 months ago)
Nice vid. Respect that.
Rey Kan (10 months ago)
I'm a intermediate magician and im always very secretive about my tricks, i gotta say it surprised me that he told them how he did the tricks
Smarteez83 (10 months ago)
Hi Jarek, I'm also interested in knowing if there is something in what he said that made you explain the trick or were you just experimenting to see (and show) his reaction to the reveal ?
Smarteez83 (10 months ago)
Disturb Reality I'm not offended by the reveal. He was really eager to know how it was done. I guess you misunderstood my question. I just wanted to know if the spectator said something meaningful to you that made you give the secret. You just wanted to... I guess ?
Disturb Reality (10 months ago)
Plain and simple for you or anyone haven't grown to understand this channel: I teach magic. I don't give a fuck about the secrets. If someone wants to know how something works I would like to explain it to them. Why withhold information from someone? Is he going to go ruin magic for everyone now? Is he going to go perform the effect and fuck it up for everyone he shows? Everyone literally comes to this channel to learn magic, so why is there this double standard for this one person? I'm baffled at how many people are offended that I showed this guy how it works, considering what this channel is all about.
Robert Ryan (10 months ago)
If you’re going to Las Vegas make sure you go to Mat Franco’s show at The Linq. Definitely a great magic show.
taho339 (10 months ago)
Hey man hope all is well! Can we see your reaction to Shin Lim? He does a lot of close up card magic.
Lightman 3D (10 months ago)
Loved this format! Great video
Blair Sutton (10 months ago)
I like how good of a sport you are with the audience
jwd3003 (10 months ago)
That was awesome, You are the best when it comes to magic, plus the most entertaining, I'm so glad you're back. Fabulous work Evan, keep up the great work.
Saviour86 (10 months ago)
it was nice of you to telling them the "trick" lmfao, i admit I didnt see shit
TheRealNick (10 months ago)
People can do magic or reveal it in any way they want. Just because there is the saying that a magician never reveals his/her secrets, doesn't mean all magicians have to follow that. Just because one magician deviates their actions from how you do magic, it doesn't necessarily mean they are doing it wrong and you are doing it right. Respect to you Evan for performing magic to random people.
Steve (10 months ago)
What are you trying to do with your channel?
Disturb Reality (10 months ago)
Jarrelle Rivera (10 months ago)
That was sure fast bro.
KiddsockTV (10 months ago)
That;s awesome that you even explained it to them. They are still amazed
Nicholas Jackson (10 months ago)
Personally I thought this video was very cool, and I loved how into the magic the guy was. Don't worry about the haters, you didn't even show him how it was done just the concept. Why are people so triggered lol
runninghustler (10 months ago)
lol the snag!
phil mcguire (10 months ago)
Nice vid Jarek! keep em coming!!
Ramnath Shenoy (10 months ago)
Why did you reveal The Secret???🤔
Ian Mullally (10 months ago)
Jarek do not listen to whatever anyone else says, this is your channel you can reveal magic to whoever you want and I will support you all the way, people saying "oh you shouldn't have exposed it" well how come you can teach us but not them and some people are not magicians watching your channel too! So when people say he teaches magic to us and exposes magic to them you are very wrong, I'm just happy that every few days there's an amazing video for me to watch, you know the way you showed that guy the trick, well now he can go home and try it with his family which "if he has any" his kids could become magician's one day, you never know, just you do whatever you want bro, and I will like and share all your videos, can't wait for your next one!! Bye!!
Justin J (10 months ago)
Ha defo should have done the trick to Spider-Man, nice video
EnvyThaGamez (10 months ago)
Darker couple
Jason Irelan (10 months ago)
I tried a couple tricks for a dude while waiting at a bus stop for the bus. The first one was one of those taught by mismag822 where you deal out nine cards and have the spectator choose one of them and do four countdowns from 10 to 1 where face cards are worth 10 and where aces are worth one, and I know I did the right steps, but he said it wasn't the card he picked, and I know I did the right steps. After a little bit of waiting for the bus, I then took out a ring I had in my pocket and did the illusion of taking it off my index finger and mysteriously putting it back on, and that one got a little chuckle out of him. Take care. God loves you.
Jason Parker (6 months ago)
Hey for street magic maybe consider doing an effect with less piles and counting. He may have gotten bored by all the counting, and wanted to discourage you from showing more magic by simply telling you it was the wrong card. I think you have to choose tricks for street magic that are faster... more fun talking between you and them. More visual. Sponge balls... mentalism... two card monte... ambitious card... RING magic (like you did)... rubber bands... money magic. Or... at the very least, I would recommend starting with one of those. Then once you have their attention and appreciation... you can do a trick that requires a little more time and focus on the spectator's part.
Jason Irelan (10 months ago)
Ayush Krish Asking a spectator what their card was technically urges the person to give a wrong answer because it's my deck. Take care. God loves you.
Jason Irelan (10 months ago)
Ayush Krish Thank you kindly, but here's how the trick works, and it's self working and even fools me when I do it. You deal out nine cards and have someone choose a card and put it on the top. You then deal out four ten countdown piles where face cards are worth ten and aces are worth one; and if you get all the way down and none of the cards matches with a number you call out, you cap it by turning a card over and put it face down on that pile. You do that for a total of four times. Finally, you add up the number of the values of the face up cards; and the chosen card is that many cards down from the top. Now if there's a rare instance where you deal down to one on all four piles, cap it and turn over the last capped card; and that's the right one. Fortunately, I thought of the ring trick later to show. Take care. God loves you.
Ayush Krish (10 months ago)
learning how to do a palm is really useful in these scenarios. If you mess up, you can ask them what their card was, lok trhough the deck, cull it to the top then palm it off and show it "appeared" in your back pocket. Can't tell you how many times I have pulled off a trick that I messed up
Baharu Harris (10 months ago)
What do you do on twitch?
Mateus Ribamar (10 months ago)
Man, which cards are you using?
Mateus Ribamar (10 months ago)
Disturb Reality sweet, I live in Mozambique is the any way I can get my hands in one of those, I mean, do you ship in to Mozambique? hehe
Disturb Reality (10 months ago)
Ahmad Salameh (10 months ago)
stefan avlon (10 months ago)
0:33 I dont feel so good
Reza Frozano (10 months ago)
Why did u old them how that’s done
raj minhas (10 months ago)
Awsm vedio... That tells the power of because.... Keep it up buddy.... Also upload ur approch axiety vedio... That once uh upload 11 vedio of that....
Tri Monster (10 months ago)
Thank you Evan, I found this video really cool. You have proved this theory to me. Still not sure if you should've revealed the trick though.
Fat stax (10 months ago)
Ass stupid fat
Aprendiz de Mágica (10 months ago)
What song 0:03 and 0:16?
Sick Ediction (10 months ago)
I love that you bring light to the masses and even the explanation gets an amazed reaction so if Anyone asks you why you revealed that just say" because i wanted to show you some magic"
William HUTTON (10 months ago)
You just revealed haha
Sick Ediction (10 months ago)
Wow really guys come down off your pedestals for a second and realize a magic TEACHER when you see one, how is it any different from doing a tutorial on youtube? So he showed them in person i would pay for a live tutorial lol #DR4LIFE
Sick Ediction (10 months ago)
Ethan Netz well he certainly had interest on how it was done and it's not exposing it if you can literally look it up online and find it anyway
RILEY pro MAGICIAN (10 months ago)
Nice sandals
Disturb Reality (10 months ago)
Nice hair
Achraf Erramy (10 months ago)
why did you reveal your tricks ?thats not cool espicially you are a wrestler and in the future you will becoke famous in wwe you must delete thia channel for the sake of magic or it will die
Foderick (10 months ago)
sick trick. sick interaction. sick explanation. mad respect all around.
McSeem (10 months ago)
I would, instead of revealing the freaking trick to the spectator, they mentiond the card being in your pocket - the perfect excuse to show some ctp routine
MichaelNicle (10 months ago)
0:30 Only in New York you will see spider-man and apologize like you would with any other person.
Roach Toast (10 months ago)
Bravo XACTO they don’t call it holly weird for nothin lol
Bravo XACTO (10 months ago)
that's hilarious :D
Roach Toast (10 months ago)
Hes in hollywood, spider man i is a common sight
Mr. Charcoal (10 months ago)
MichaelNicle He’s in LA
OnurSevenDoğan (10 months ago)
It is a kind behavior that you revealed the trick because he is really interested.
Chung Boul (10 months ago)
I really enjoyed the interaction at the end
Juan Venegas (10 months ago)
Good stuff
Arthur The Magic Savage (10 months ago)
@Disturb Reality Beast Mode!!!
marul cz (10 months ago)
Do tutorial after perform onstreet cool
system ise (10 months ago)
Don't get why people are upset with Jarek revealing how you did the card tricks. It's not like they were paid tricks, they could've just found it out through a quick google search; moreover, often the sleights involved in the tricks are more impressive than the tricks themselves. This type of approach to street magic helps discourage the "oh magic relies on gimmicked props" mentality a lot of people share, and shows that most card tricks take honest effort on part of the performer.
Magic Mac (10 months ago)
system ise acryqkly5not quite cause if they search up card trick, it won't pop up.
Dj Wagga (10 months ago)
Thanks dude...you inspire me,aspire to inspire....can you please do for me a shout out on [email protected]_merndez
Nikhil Murarka (10 months ago)
Magic tricks have started to fascinate me as i started watching ur vedios for last few months...u are great man.I learnt my classic pass,herman pass,2 mont scam,rubber band trick and dollar change all for ur channel..Thanks man.
LeliGD (10 months ago)
Why my friend?
Ranjit Singh (10 months ago)
i liked this video jarek......bt everyone is talking about why you revealed the secret...i wanna say that to all of ..becoz when someone reveals magic then the opportunity comes to create a new one...
valdezserg (10 months ago)
Do me a favor, play “Shake them haters off” on your phone and don’t listen to all the haters commenting on this feed! Much love from Texas Jarek!!
Lindsey Harvey (10 months ago)
Can I also show Ernest "The Cat" Miller a trick?
JR express (10 months ago)
I like how you just improvised and tell the truth on how it all happned .....even with that you did it smoothly nc 1
Nurul fireball TV (10 months ago)
Nice magic keep it up ♤:)
Viktor Stassijns (10 months ago)
What made you wanna reveal the tricks?
Jason Parker (6 months ago)
But... isn't it better to only reveal magic to those who want to learn and perform it? It seemed more like this spectator had idle curiosity. He wasn't taking down notes or seeming like he wanted to try it himself right there. He just wanted to know the secret, and I think it would have been easy enough for Jarek to make some joke or just show a different trick in response.
Nìshú निशु (10 months ago)
Viktor Stassijns Cuz The Guy Asked So !!
Saviour86 (10 months ago)
maybe "because he wanted to show him" ?
Viktor Stassijns (10 months ago)
No its a legitimate question, Im interested. I've never seen Jarek do that before, I wanna know
JR express (10 months ago)
He couldve just searched it up on just youtube anyways..i mean its not like we payed for these slights
Wilmer Cuevas (10 months ago)
What did the guy said about three card monte? I don't understand what he says in that part 4:00 Edit: I like a lot this particular video you did simple effects with a good idea of "counting" the cards, definetly will give that trick a try
guru prasath (10 months ago)
Wilmer Cuevas yes
Samir Lalani (10 months ago)
3 card monte is a scam people do. The trick Jarek does it 2 card monte thats just named after the scam
Wilmer Cuevas (10 months ago)
guru prasath So if jarek would have done a three card monte routine he would have said no to watching the trick?
guru prasath (10 months ago)
Wilmer Cuevas three card monte is a scam game they play for money
Iron Martian (10 months ago)
Was this a re upload or an I tripping?
Iron Martian (10 months ago)
Disturb Reality keep up the good work dude
Disturb Reality (10 months ago)
You trippin
Infinite (10 months ago)
Already liked it before I watched it

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