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Trucking 1099 can get you in a jam

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Talking about taxes and how we don't see videos of the tax issues and how to handle these type of things I would love to see this content from Creators hope you enjoy the video
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gt nez (3 months ago)
Any follow up video of how your 2018 taxes came out, and arer taxes for a semi driver different from a local box truck delivery driver
Parteehard Da Trucker (3 months ago)
Bruh I'm about to file an extension rates are horrible its fucking the game up
soul sista#2 (8 months ago)
@ party tee hard...if you get paid once a week a percent of that is your taxes...you set up an account at your bank for the IRS..it is called self scheduled fee and only the IRS can take that money out..ya dig
Parteehard Da Trucker (8 months ago)
Appreciate that info Fam
Take 20% and put towards your business...And make sure youre llc not inc .
Iman Newby (1 month ago)
BREAKDOWN TO BREAKTHROUGH what’s the difference if it’s inc instead of llc
At best its better to remember to pay it quarterly about 30% . If you have any questions I can help you and wife in the game. Im experience in everything. .
Micheal Jordan (8 months ago)
BREAKDOWN TO BREAKTHROUGH can you call me it’s about my 1099 I’m a subcontractor
Micheal Jordan (8 months ago)
Mario Kitchen (1 year ago)
make more about taxes, Thanks
Great video. Great points
Reserved (1 year ago)
CHANGE YOUR SMOKE DETECTOR, Jesus Christ. You're fine with that beeping all day?
Daaveed Seth (1 year ago)
Brother, once you understand the 1099 OID 1099 cover sheet and the 1040, trust me, you'll love the ISR. If your not familiar with those forms start getting familiar with them and I promise you, your family will definitely be blessed! Peace!!
K C Francis (1 year ago)
Trans Am got me. 1 month leasing b4 I left. But the 1099 reported income...jamming me up. Got to take my taxes to get prepared...1st x in yrs!! I'm a former preparer...But not for trucking taxes. I only netted 10% of the gross wages reported.
Parteehard Da Trucker (1 year ago)
SENQUETA HICKS (1 year ago)
yes i would to im lost on the tax part i really am
France J (8 months ago)
Do them quarterly. And sit with a accountant let him hit you with some quick game. Then go online and buy a book. And you still might have to double back use a accountant or if your wife is good with money and has the time she can handle it. But you have to stay on top of the numbers
June Bug (1 year ago)
Great video. That end topic's the truth. That's why I'm subbed to anyone on ytta and other truckers. So I can absorb all that knowledge and experience and apply it too when I enter the industry. Truck hard and safe.
buffalosauce716 (1 year ago)
This the shit we need to hear! Great video PH.
Cedric Booker (1 year ago)
Ay yo PH!!! Tell em! Uncle Sam will put it in ya ass with no vaseline! What you were talkin about don't just apply to trucking... It's any business. Lots of people learn that lesson with the 1099 the hard way. I hope the young cats are hearing what you got to say because it's important! Keep sharing that knowledge bruh!
JessieJ (1 year ago)
Nobody likes having their hard earned money stolen from them this is why taxation is theft and in fact taxation is slavery! If only more people like me had the knowledge how NOT to give politicians their hard earned money. If anyone reading this actually cares to learn how to I recommend doing a youtube search for " Marc Stevens: Call of Shame Playlist " start there first then see " America : Freedom to Fascism "
Parteehard Da Trucker (1 year ago)
Thx for the info
Kevin Folds (1 year ago)
chopplolo72 (1 year ago)
That's why chasing Andrew Jackson will be in prison one day because of tax evasion. Good words ph
chopplolo72 (1 year ago)
Money mike Slick will maybe you should make videos bragging about all your money like that dumb fuck. Fuck him and fuck you
Money mike Slick will (1 year ago)
chopplolo72 you dont know what businesses Andrew got he does more than truckjng he has ebay to write off you tube to write off its called write offs.. before you speak on another mans wallet talk to a CPA and learn about write offs. I’ve been 1099 and w-2 and in my business uncle sam gets a whole lotta nothing because he wants your business to grow..
Lou Hawk (1 year ago)
Ever week I just send them money an it keeps me safe state an fed
JessieJ (1 year ago)
Yeah because if you don't pay armed men & women with guns will come and get and put you in jail or murder you on the spot if you disobey their demands! " Comply or Die "
jamar 2k (1 year ago)
Thanks for the game Parteehard
Trucker Devon (1 year ago)
I formed my business as an llc elected to be taxed as an s corp and I pay myself a salary of 33500 a year and the only reason I pay myself that much is so I can show on paper that I have a reasonable income to qualify for a mortgage. I grossed 169k and only owed the irs 130 at the end of the year because I paid my taxes quarterly. I messed up when I first came out here and got into tax trouble also but I chop it up as an expensive learning experience!😕
chaun H. (1 year ago)
PH you are truly inspiration.
Ray David (1 year ago)
Dam taxes confusing . Good info to put out here . Serious stuff . Great topic 👍
Thor-El Falcon (1 year ago)
Real Shit. Im going to 1099. I want to get used to doing business like businesses do. W2 means 50% money. Govt gonna get theirs first. 1099 elevates you to 20% money (20% total tax rate). You see your money first but still gotta pay. Which is great, pay the cost to be the boss! You're telling them cash game, hopefully they pick it up.
JessieJ (1 year ago)
Your " Founding Fathers " revolted over a 3% tax on tea and here you think paying 20% is great
steve (1 year ago)
I had the same thing over here bra . I ain't no good with paperwork so now I got a big ass tax bill 😣. Oh and the battery needs changing in your smoke alarm. . Could save your life 🖒
JayMV (1 year ago)
💯 I ended up paying 14 stacks bruh the tax game is serious
Umar Ali (1 year ago)

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