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Approach Anxiety Magic #11

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"It doesn't matter what you say, as long as you say something." SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/1hXH68w TWITTER: http://twitter.com/jarek120 FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/DisturbReality 2ND CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/evancloyd INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/jarek120 COMMENT, LIKE, FAVORITE and SHARE this video if you liked it! http://www.DisturbReality.com Business Inquires: [email protected] ---------------------- DONATIONS: I never ask or care for money, but if you feel so inclined, I appreciate the love to keep my dream and channel running. [email protected] ------ Be inspired to learn. Aspire to disturb. ♥♣Rise Above♦♠
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Text Comments (843)
Haloboyxe (2 years ago)
Sound like a creep and say "pick a card and i wont tell you how kids are made"
Haloboyxe (2 years ago)
Say pick a card or else i will leave
Makoto Kazuki (2 years ago)
You need to keep doing approach anxiety magic!!!
Arturo amaro gonzalez (2 years ago)
Say hello my name is forest forest gump (with voice of forest)
DivKa L ValentinE (2 years ago)
Why'd this series end T_T this is the best prank ..
Bebs Skie (2 years ago)
i dont know why this only has a few views. i mean this is definitely better than most of the other pranks here in youtube.
Rommie Kamzols (2 years ago)
I watched all the episodes just now, its long since ive laughed so hard. Please, you got to do more of it, its brilliant :D
Royowaw (2 years ago)
Apostolos Papadopoulos (2 years ago)
easiest psychological card force to a woman... the fucking queen of hearts
500 Subs - No Videos (2 years ago)
Pick a card (fan cards out but then put them back in your pocket) say oh sorry, no time, I left my baby in the oven
Get an Extra a deck of card and Run into someone dropping all the cards and say BRO YOU WANNA GO pick a Card.
Bluntosophy (2 years ago)
PLS Jarek continue the series.. its so funny xD
Sergio Fiorillo (2 years ago)
Pick a card or I'll build a wall
Grass Tunes (2 years ago)
Fan out the cards and say nothing but "Kenny" for the entire trick
Curtis Nelson (2 years ago)
scream "hey you pick a card or I'll stand in the road and wait for a car to run me over" and then start to cry like you mean it
Tiny0109 (2 years ago)
Say pick a card if not give me 20$ I'm poor soooo pick a card
Daldameht, The Madlad (2 years ago)
for approaching anxiety magic, do an episode with Matthew Santoro.
Mariano Vargas (2 years ago)
Kenny would have done it hahaha never gets old
djrhoms (2 years ago)
Sergio Damas (2 years ago)
That last lady was blown away beyond reallity XD Queen of hearts ahahah XD
Zirduny (2 years ago)
Say:I `ve got your heart on my thumb,so please be kind and pick a card
Dinos Giannios (2 years ago)
Scream " I can't hold it in for much longer" and then say like you are about to shit yourself "so please pick a card fast"
Aidan (2 years ago)
"PICK A CARD or I'll spoil Stare Wers" *evil snicker*
Marko Siljegovic (2 years ago)
(nerdy voice) say ,,do you want to play yugioh,, and then correct yourself ,,um pick a card?,,
Matthew Clinton (3 years ago)
(to another white person) "You're black. I'm black. Pick a card... KENNY WOULD'VE DONE IT!"
Chandler Andrews (3 years ago)
Kenny would've done it....
ethan browning (3 years ago)
go up to them a start to hump them and say(i am part dog a witch did this to me and the only to get rid of the spell is to pick a card) and don't stop humping them
Yoyo123x (3 years ago)
( in a children voice ) say: big kiss if you pick a card
Thiago Ikeda (3 years ago)
Im asian myself but im so annoyed how those asian people are all like "don't touch me, go away, I don't know you"...
Afro samurai (3 years ago)
go behind them like you are having a gun(withhand) and shoot them infront of them then say take a card and that is the only way to escape
Marko Jovic (3 years ago)
KEEE P THIS THING UPP PLEASEEE THIS IS AWEMSOMEE ... btw say to them that they will change your life if they pick a card ..in strange voise
Nibhal's World (3 years ago)
@1:35 is that Adam Sandler in the car?
Ruben Verster (3 years ago)
If I show you mine, will you show me yours? *fan cards*
Yonatan Luzon (3 years ago)
Go up to someone, bend down on one knee and say "Will you" (Pause), pull out deck of cards "Pick a card"
CRAZICalebb (3 years ago)
"You know how Disney World is supposed to be the most magical place on Earth? Well actually *fans out cards* it's right here. Pick a card and watch this"
Pokepowerz (3 years ago)
Give someone the Deck, Then You Pick a card, Then when they Guess your Card Run away in Fear :3
Eddie Huang (3 years ago)
Did you hear about the magician that everyone is talking about? yeah he came out of no where and is amazing everyone... well if you see him he's wearing (say what you're wearing) [and then fan out your cards]
Tommy Irwin (3 years ago)
With a straight face "I can blow your mind if u give me the opurnudity. "
Tommy Irwin (3 years ago)
Vinayak Gajjewar (3 years ago)
Sneak up behind somebody, stick your face over their shoulder, and in a pedo voice say "I'll bet you're very good at picking... a card."
The Spade (3 years ago)
There is some statistic like 70% of girls pick the queen of hearts or something.
x D (3 years ago)
Say slowly and creepily, "I'm very good at pulling out, then take out your deck of cards."
ACEupmySLEEVE (3 years ago)
Walk up to someone a and sniff there shoulder and say you smell different when your awake so can you pick a card
MayJay Magic (3 years ago)
Kenny would have done it!
Ivan Munđar (4 years ago)
Can you  say:"Wouldn't it be impressive if you'd pick a card and i would teleport it to your pants and then it would start to burn." (sorry for bad english)
Fenella Sto. Domingo (4 years ago)
Yo homeslice the hood asked you to pick a card or there'll be trouble you got that dawg?
sparrow123 (4 years ago)
Walk and moan like a zombie with outstretched fans in both hands saying 'braaaainsssssspickacard'
FOOTBALL LOVERS JC24 (4 years ago)
With a erotic voice said: Let me fuck.........your mind with these magic trick, check it out
Hunter Thomas (4 years ago)
go up to someone and say, "pick a card" with a retarded voice and with your eyes crossed.
Ken magic789 (4 years ago)
LUCY The LIGHT (4 years ago)
Yo man!! I love magic, u luv gals so pick a card coz gals luv magic
dskid28 (4 years ago)
Say ill do a trick if you give me ur number
Chris Young (4 years ago)
that made me very happy :3
angus black (4 years ago)
Say, " I have tomatoes in my pocket" with a long pause hold out the cards then yell "COME ON BOBBY SAID YOU WOULD PICK A CARD!!!!" With heavy breaths and a blank stare lol
Inspired Magic (4 years ago)
walk up to a pretty girl and say if I give you my number will you pick a card
Blai Mcgowan (4 years ago)
Walk up to someone with the cards spread in your hands and when they pick a card scream as loud as you can!
KCran (4 years ago)
My name is Jeff. So pick a card bruh. Or I'll give you a potato. but when you say it, say it like the ones from vine
I need Jesus (4 years ago)
whisper to someone's ear:heyyyyyyy.pick a carddddd
Erich Eis (4 years ago)
tell them to pick the card as if you were robbing them.
Aravind Krishnan A (4 years ago)
"sup  my name is arturo benedetto giovanni guisippe pietro archegelo alfredo cartofali da milano ,so pick a card
Nathaniel Mason Hughes (4 years ago)
Look mom. I did magic.
AGillies (4 years ago)
Say I have a dick of cards here
John Meo (4 years ago)
(Show them all the cards) I'll kiss you if you pick the six of diamonds.  (optional: take out the six of diamonds OR trick deck, all six of diamonds)
John Meo (4 years ago)
(Fan a hot girl with one-handed fan or thumb fan) Wow... you're hot.  Pick a card.
John Meo (4 years ago)
Pick a card (classic force) You're a loser if you picked (forced card)
John Meo (4 years ago)
(Pretend to sneeze all over it) "Pick a card"
John Meo (4 years ago)
If you pick a card, I'll sign it.  Worth at least a hundred....(If you want say "pennies" or just say dollars)
Evalyn Oake (4 years ago)
Say "I'm tired of these motherfucking people not picking these motherfucking cards!"
zhou Tim (4 years ago)
omg how did u let the last lady think of a card and directly say it out?
Marti Perramon (4 years ago)
People think I am drunk............... So pick the z.i.x .....................of ......clubz. Pleazzzzzz
Nabosaka (4 years ago)
Pick a card but first let me take a selfie.
Lebron James (4 years ago)
Walk up to a random girl and say:" i know we've been dating for just 7 months", then get on your knees, pull out the deck and say " will you pick a card?"
Mr_Nice 24 (4 years ago)
How was the last trick done? I really have NO clue... someone enlighten me?
Thunderdawg (4 years ago)
Play 'eye of the tiger', stare at the person with a fanned pack of cards and with a serious voice say"Do it."
Mr_Nice 24 (4 years ago)
Say,"Hey I just met you and this is crazy But here's some cards, pick one Maybe."
Borna Turk (4 years ago)
DerpyPotatoesXD (4 years ago)
Say I can distribute reeltee!!
Luke Staples (4 years ago)
More approach anxiety
Danumaki (4 years ago)
Extremely funny, man!
DerpyPotatoesXD (4 years ago)
Say, "wanna see a maheeko treek?"
DerpyPotatoesXD (4 years ago)
Except roll your "r" in treek
You are so beautifull, i want you so much to ...... pick a card
Mannnnnnnn These street videos are awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!
Ziggs (4 years ago)
Wanna do it... (Wait 5 seconds)... It's called picking a card
PsychoSyndicateGAME (4 years ago)
0:22 FO WAT
Secretly Suspicious (4 years ago)
slap a person in the butt then say pick a card
Secretly Suspicious (4 years ago)
FAP then say pick a card
Secretly Suspicious (4 years ago)
say I am your butt in a unicorn form then so whatever
Secretly Suspicious (4 years ago)
Secretly Suspicious (4 years ago)
Make a really weird slurping noise to a girl and say in a really weird voice wanna.... Come over here.... To pick a card....hehehehehehe.
Secretly Suspicious (4 years ago)
Say to a girl wanna do something with me (then wait a couple seconds ) then say a magic trick?
Secretly Suspicious (4 years ago)
Say pick a card or I might have to fart on you (holding a far thingy in your pocket and if they dont do it ) fart on them (with the fart thingy)
Illusionist52 (4 years ago)
"Darth Vader kills Luke Skywalker if you don't pick a card!"
Thomas Lyon (4 years ago)
"Pretend these cards are Pokemon; Oh, but you don't have to pick em all, just one!"
Fluffy Muffin Magda (4 years ago)
Run up to someone like you're being chased, fan out the deck and say in a hurry "Pick a card or I'll go to jail!" :)
Yami Kapil (4 years ago)
i loved the last one
Elie Valdenaire (4 years ago)
with a voice of a little girl "I want to be a unicorn....wait 5 second....but if you don't pick card i will fart rainbows on you" and have the biggest smile that you can =D
Joseph Brimicombe (4 years ago)
Get called on the phone by someone, and tell the specatator it's for them. When they pick up the phone the other end of the line says "Pick a card"
Darius Ezekiel (4 years ago)
Say this "pick a card or pick a card *wait up to 5 seconds* and say or pick a card?"
Moefy Milkbag (4 years ago)
In a Batman Voice say "I'm whatever Gotham needs me to be" and say pick a card with batmans voices 

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