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Black women think they are intellectualy superior to black men

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Vincent Burnett (10 days ago)
Rasheen Babe (12 days ago)
Omg my mother called me dumb so much I thought I was dumb.
ghetso girl (21 days ago)
Cry me a river! You guys! When you treat women like a meal ticket or an arm piece trophy and talk trash about your lost opportunities being her fault! You guys are just lazy and looking for an excuse to play the victim. Now go back to your blunts and 40 ouncers. I have to get back to my studying for my bar exam.
Jimmie Jones (1 month ago)
Bruh you spittin some real shit...I love this video...brother you my Dogg!
tony wilson (2 months ago)
Dude....you sound particularly angry in this video!
Keyaon Jackson (3 months ago)
Hefizba Beula (5 months ago)
Well i guess they think, our black man didnt rebel, they didnt do nothing to deliver them so they wont respect you and they dont see you as a leader, it took a white man to deliver the blacks, thats why.
Hefizba Beula (5 months ago)
Egypt was middle east
derrie page (5 months ago)
Frank Camacho (3 months ago)
Lol you need to get over it
luke Last (6 months ago)
Ima black guy I don't believe the thing about men being minds women be hearts....but I do agree black women be thinking they superior than everyone.smh.that's y I be dating whiteies
KINGDOM BLESSING (6 months ago)
A lot of us guys may think and believe that the human race is perfect but it’s not so and if the balance of power were tilted what then man and woman would still be clueless in subduing evil and elavating goodness . So let’s keep celebrating black masculine skin and white supremacy see how long and we’ll white supremacy can stand high and mighty on their own pedestal , without falling .... # eternal brothers
raven bowyer (6 months ago)
the pyrimids were not built by negro's,that is a damn lie, they did occupy egypt for a while, 25th dynasty, but then were overthrown by others, you are reaching,lol.
Tammana Arora (6 months ago)
Women are intellectually equal to men but they are socialized to think about makeup more than reading/building
jackiemjones1 (7 months ago)
Sad to say but every blacl male I have dealt with was ignorant, insecure, narrow minded and narcissistic and HATE for black women to know more than them and will do all they can to drag black women down Fuck a nikka who stupid as fuck and not willing to learn or share knowledge with black women! Black males seek out weak white women to control! Fuck whoever made this one sided video!
Shaun Williams (7 months ago)
I hit the like button and thanks for the eye opener and reminder. Later brother and thanks....
Samane (8 months ago)
Wow, hard to the ear, but it true.
Big Za (8 months ago)
When I was 8 I had the accuracy of a soldier, when I was 14 I learned the philosophy of a soldier: “The only way you’re superior to me is when I’m dead.”
Franklin Young (10 months ago)
Now show tatyana Ali who think she's White
C A (10 months ago)
This is women in general dude, not just black women. They attack men verbally. And for the record, white slave masters did not create black women. Fuckin crying about race and shit. Go to your mom and tell her shes a fuckin bitcg if youre so pissed off, and quit blaming a generation of whites who are all dead. In saying this shit you are giving those racist white slave masters credit for having a very broad thought capacity beyond normal. Simply not true. They were just racist ass people. And you arent doing yourself a favor talking like some BLM BP MLK activists. People dont listen to this "powerful" way of speaking as it is a cliche form of intimidation you are trying to display... Dumb. Ass. Video.
Beverly Balius (10 months ago)
Oh Lord!! No one white is in charge of making these dumbasses like this believe anything. They are like they are because they are raised without Fathers....raised in dysfunctional homes.... That is the problem......Pick wives and stay with them and raise your kids.
Aisha Richardson (10 months ago)
What's with the anger??
Frank Camacho (3 months ago)
Lol shut up. I aint angry im just laughin at how true this is
Harley Quinn (10 months ago)
What's the solution? Individually, I found my own solution through reading and prayer. That's only on an individual level however. How can this issue be addressed on a massive scale though? I try to tell my friends but they all think I'm "old-school". Hate to brag but my relationship has been successful since I learned to stop all that nonsense. I respect him, let him lead, support his endeavors, and I only interject if I feel like someone is waiting to stab him in the back. Not everything has to be so personal, and a lot of women don't get that. I don't hold grudges, and I'm not arguing shit (excuse my language). If you cannot compromise for a man that respects and protects you, then be single. At the same time what about the workplace and public? Almost every time he comes home and complains about a co-worker, it's a female; that says a lot. Ladies we have a lot to work on ourselves, remember when you point one finger you get three back. Stop fighting the white woman's war with her man, she's rebelling for a whole different reason. We haven't been under the control of our men for centuries. Let that sink in please and don't take what's being said as hateful. I wasn't offended by this video because I learned the truth years ago.
Anthony L Leid (10 months ago)
😲👍💣👏🤔☝🔍🔥! That's right Bro bring it out !
Meagan Constable (10 months ago)
I've never seen any group of successful men babbling about their women this much..god it is so sad and embarrassing
Frank Camacho (3 months ago)
Its embarrassing you because youre exactly what was described in this vid
Meagan Constable (10 months ago)
😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂ahhhhhh u find some weird ones on YouTube
Essence Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Wow I never seen another race of men degrade and disrespect their women like black men do black women ,, smh very sad...
Frank Camacho (3 months ago)
Suck a dick . Truth hurts. Trust me its nationally accepted to men bash but when a dude says some true shit about a female yall act like its magic or some shit😂😂😂
Common Nobody Lulu blue (11 months ago)
This is propoganda
NPC TARD (11 months ago)
The egyptians were turkish European-DNA proves it-the Egyptian copts are well mad at blacks claiming egyptians were BLACK,out of Africa THEORY also debunked-making false claims-Google it-intellectually superior aye if u say so. Africans were slaves to the Egyptians-
steele sharpen steele (9 months ago)
Plus egyptos is Greek for burn skin idiot
steele sharpen steele (9 months ago)
Difk lg g6 Kennedy do some research those ppl you mentioned came to Africa thousands of yrs AFTER everything was built lol try again paleface show me the artifacts and statues that don't look like black men lol you ppl are delusional
ME3 (1 year ago)
Why do black men have sex and worse yet children with women who look down on you?? Don't blame white men for your choice in women. The Moors occupied Spain for almost 800 years (almost 4X longer than slavery lasted in America) sending millions of Europeans to Africa as slaves. Once free of the Moors, Spain became a powerful country AGAIN. Unless you are saying whites are superior, why didn't the Spanish just blame the Moors and become the charity cases of Europe? If not for blacks supporting Democrats black men and the black community would have been far more successful. Don't blame all whites because you chose to support the same party that supported the Confederacy and started the KKK. Look at Haiti, how did a black country run by blacks work out? France won't help them because AFTER they won their freedom, they slaughtered thousands of French citizens. The Dominic Republic won't help them because Haiti took over the DR and kept the blacks as slaves for 22 years. But blacks never had a problem with slavery.... as long as they weren't the slaves. It was Africans who sold your ancestors into slavery, just like they had for over 1,000 years BEFORE the trans Atlantic trade even started. If not sold to Europeans your ancestors would have been sold to Muslims where 90% died before even being sold. 10% died on the ships to America. It was whites who CHOSE to end slavery in our own countries then forced most other countries to give up slavery too. Any idea how many MILLIONS are slaves in Africa today?
The Power Of Offense (1 year ago)
I like domesticated better than created. Great video bro. 100% facts!
PeekaPeep (1 year ago)
ALL TRUE, BROTHA! Noticed this behavior in them ever since pre-school. Made me enjoy my asexual nature even more as the years have gone by, lol!
leem kralc (1 year ago)
WOW! I found truth here! I’ve seen black women do everything you described!!!
BK Born Shahid (1 year ago)
For all the dudes (women have no interest in the truth), that don't believe their lying eyes, and ears in 2018. Peep this link, and note the dates http://www.blackpast.org/aah/combahee-river-collective-1974-1980. This is only 1 document that shows there was conscious and deliberate thought AGAINST the Black family for over 40 years crafted by Black women. Read the strategy, and you will see they knew they COULD manipulate all Black men into perpetually stagnation - so the capers are just a way to ensure their "success".
BK Born Shahid (1 year ago)
"How do you make Devil"? Answer: "You must first GRAFT from the Original". 3+ years later and any BM that cannot see this truth is loves her more them he loves anything else... especially himself. And the females that come on these channels are just temp checking... "can they really see again"?
BK Born Shahid (1 year ago)
The truth and can be proven in any limit at time. They also want us to be inept in all areas of life except as entertainment. And they as a group cannot and will not want us to rise, because they LOVE the current setup. Take it or let it alone.
ShedaBeast ShedaBeast (1 year ago)
Though I may not agree with this brother's message I do agree with him being able to explain his strong dislike for the women of his own community because it's what he wants to share with the world. He is speaking HIS truth, which is sad because unfortunately black women were divided and conquered from the black man hundreds of years ago, and as a result of that THIS man now has this painful solutionless reality! So brother I hope that you CONTINUE to run into the most evil and unruly FEMALES this world can produce for two reasons... 1st because such horrible interaction is what you need within YOURSELF to remain correct within YOUR truth, and 2nd because you have not yet experienced proper parenting or guidance on how to exist in the presence of ANY real woman... that's why you HAVEN'T ENCOUNTERED THEM, "the black ones," YET. But good luck on pushing division and I hope you succeed, because that would mean I have FEWER chances of running into such an ignorant perception as YOURS.
Frank Camacho (3 months ago)
Lol cry me a river. The truth hurts
Sun Storm (1 year ago)
lol These vids scare bw... You can tell by the comments. Wake up, bitches! The righteous path is straight and narrow -- no room for half-assing it. Now that more and more black men are seeing your true nature... and dropping any and all romantic notions about you... there's no turning back. Look at the condition of black community! Look at the condition of black youth! You're either with us or against us at this point. Your ways are cutting too close to the bone, the clock is ticking, and we can't afford to "meet you halfway" in these times...
Sun Storm (1 year ago)
It's sad, but this vid is so true. Being a black man with a mind = pain. ...Especially because your eyes are open to the fact that EVERYONE is desperate to "enforce" your requisite intellectual "inferiority"... including black women. That's the only way they can feel secure, so there's a constant attack on your psyche. Really "pedestrian" people especially hate when a black male exceeds them both physically and intellectually -- and it's sad that black women are now in on it too. You have to face the tedium and indignity of constant insult for being "bigger" than they are. The only "armor" against this is to understand you also exceed them SPIRITUALLY -- and to convene with like-minded black men. Thanks for community, SJW.
Jocelyn Jones (1 month ago)
Sun Storm then prove everyone wrong.
Casandra Langley (1 year ago)
Lol, but you don't like black women.
All Knowledge (1 year ago)
Look into the mirror Black woman.
Rebmetpes4 (2 years ago)
White SUPREMACIST demons, just like Satan, knew how to get to the woman to screw up the whole world! Hmmm!
John D (2 years ago)
this video is ridiculous. white men didnt genetically modify black women to hate black men. blacks never had advanced civilization. there is no evidence that the pyramids were built by blacks.
Ms J (2 years ago)
Is there anything more soul destroying than having relationship with a man who thinks like this? Unaccountable, bitter, irrational with an over inflated sense of intelligence. THIS ladies, is what you must avoid. You intelligence should never be seen as a threat, your growth as a human being should never be correlated the demise of the black community, equality that is fit for any other race of women is also fit for you. I hear this kind of thing and I stay well away....I feel a wave of burden, depression and angst and what life I've got left on this planet weighed down and suppressed.
Royal Johnson (2 years ago)
right on!
Day Knight (2 years ago)
The black man started the problem with black women so you say the black woman doesn't respect the black man yet I see the black man with hip hop, nba, and rap has put down the black skinned women down by calling them bitches hoes and sluts. The pyramids yes built by black men only because women were to busy building the Egyptian culture by teaching the kids the basics in education. Stop attacking the black women and start helping them they aren't the enemies. Talk on how the black man is also the enemies to the black man yet you won't do that. What's your solution. There were great black women in black history. If you say that the black women were grafted by the white man then so was the black man since most are not caring for the up lifting of the black women. All your complaining yet you cry like a bitch about the black woman. Wake the fuck up and realize that your contributing to the problem by making a video down playing black women. If you have such a problem then stop bickering about them and marry or date a Latina, Asian, Native American, Indian, or white woman. If your not part of the solution then your part of the problem.
Sebastian Martin (2 years ago)
I believe what you say has strong elements of truth. I see so many black females not wanting to support black brother... whether we superior to them however is another matter. but if black women ain't getting something from it... they ain't helping black men... if as said not getting something... they ain't helping.
D CONSTRUCT (2 years ago)
this is word. undeniable
Hold them accountable (2 years ago)
Website debunking the "Hidden Figures" myth. Yep, gynocentrists and black females are LYING about that too! http://www.vdare.com/articles/why-not-a-movie-about-jack-crenshaw-the-white-man-who-actually-did-what-hidden-figures-credits-to-black-women
Fan Dub (2 years ago)
I love this channel
Minnesota Slim313 (2 years ago)
Truth like a mf I just wish I would have realized this at a younger age
tony Johnson (2 years ago)
I love your video's and work.
baby pink (2 years ago)
haha we are. watch the movie hidden figures
Day Knight (2 years ago)
baby pink when does a man create another man not known in science it takes both the man and the woman to bring forth man into the world not man and man (gay sex)
baby pink (2 years ago)
Hold them accountable so why can't men give birth to men than if they create men? point is if it weren't for black women there wouldn't be anyone. that's probably why so many get abortions and I don't blame than. we have that power. and I'm not ever in my entire life having a boy EVER . getting an abortion myself. few weeks from now.
Hold them accountable (2 years ago)
baby pink Moron you said watch the MOVIE which is NOT based on facts. Contrary to feminist propaganda, which you dumb bitches believe, there were plenty of minorities working in science during those periods. That doesn't mean they singlehandedly put someone on the moon. Again, it was largely the work of one Jack Crenshaw that actually did what the movie claims an OCTOROON did. She's not a Black WOMAN; nor did she and two cohorts put anyone on the moon. You silly girls believe anything they invent to trick you into moving in the direction the financiers want you moving in. Hollywood knows bitter women are stupid. And there was no "racist man", like in the film, opposing her. That character was created specifically for the film which is gynocentric nonsense promoted by those who consistently rewrite history to serve modern day political agendas. Also, men are NOT created by black women. Take a biology class. Women don't have the ability to create men. Only men can create men. And both sexes are determined by the Y chromosome.
baby pink (2 years ago)
Hold them accountable I didn't rely on them I did my own research. I said to watch the film cuz it's quicker that way. and that lady is half but nice try to drown it out. point is black men wouldn't exist if it weren't for black women. so that rules everything out anyway, and no question black women are better.
Hold them accountable (2 years ago)
baby pink That's a myth. The guy that opposes the women in the film never even EXISTED! And the woman being portrayed by the lead actress is an OCTOROON not a black female. In addition, what the film claims the women did was actually done by a white male named JACK CRENSHAW. You're an idiot to rely on HOLLYWEIRD for your history. Read a book.
Leslie Watkins (2 years ago)
black women are 👿
Leslie Watkins (2 years ago)
fuck black women
Truth Teller (2 years ago)
So the white men created the Black woman? How sway when every race comes from us? black women created the notion of black men being strong dumb bucks not white men? Black women worked with the slave masters oppress you while being raped and beaten themselves right? Lol 😂your Misery clouds your judgment. If u are so intelligent, research and learn something. Stop deflecting.
Truth Teller (2 years ago)
Frank Camacho (3 months ago)
You mad lol
I'm a white guy and I partly agree with what your saying. The government has trained women in general (no matter what race) to be your enemy, not respect your ability to think. They wanna surpass you in everything besides physical strength cause they know they can't do anything about that. Modern women think that the only good thing about men is physical strength which is not true at all.
luke Last (6 months ago)
I actually have good experience with western women it's them afrian American and Jamaica ones that are too annoying for me.I do like women I'm not a meninazi or anything but I have bad experience dating my own black race of women.
Lord Vader (9 months ago)
Fuck Western women!!!
Jermaine Rathan (2 years ago)
Good vid!
Peter Oehring (2 years ago)
Just like any woman, a black woman will go where the money is. That is nature and the shallowness of women in general. If there are more successful white men then that is where the black chicks will go. Just like my ex, she figured that my job did not pay enough and made her look less important to other women so she pushed me out of the marraige. Turns out that I became more successful after the breakup because she was a burden on me. Basically she was like a child and I also had two kids. I found other women who saw who I really was and wanted me but I remained single because I learned what women were about.
Aly J (2 years ago)
Oh shut up!!!!!!! You want to talk about Intellectual? You making this dumb video shows me that you have a lack of intellectual. A black women did something wrong to you and now you are butt hurt and want to take it out on all black women. Stop blaming and stop using black women as a scape goat for what ever happens in your miserable life. Yes I called you miserable because only a sad miserable bitch would get on a site and bash and whine about an entire race of females who a big majority of them you have never even met in your entire life. If you have such a big problem with black women then stfu and go date a white women or a man what ever you prefer. Dumb cunt.
Nana Afrika (2 years ago)
Lol this guy is the best comedian in town
BOSSCHICKTV (2 years ago)
Aguston Adiansingh (2 years ago)
100% truth brother
Lovelm Purple (2 years ago)
you must really been hurt by black women you sound stupid you not helping the race if you want respect protect black women and take care your kids you sound sick and self hating you spreading hate for black women not white women your real enemy you pathetic
this video is telling the truth, I commend you bro, keep up with exposing the truth to, not only just black men, but to America.
MIRCIA MORGAN (2 years ago)
SlimazzBadd tho (2 years ago)
stupid asses
SlimazzBadd tho (2 years ago)
black women are not your Enemy,the white women are the Enemies to yall Black asses.. yall men DUMB yourselves Down,.listen to yourselves it's RIDICULOUS!to say That!!!💯✌✊👑👠🙋
Gene Davis (2 years ago)
I go through this with some black women now. My every thought is a reason to debate. They resent that white people respect my intellect.
Eddy Spagetti (10 months ago)
men of intellect respect other men of intellect. race really doesn't factor in, although...a meeting of the minds between men from different cultural/racial backgrounds can include a special "joy"...for the simple fact that any perceived 'barriers' have been broken... now, the subject of "women"? I'll stay outta that !!
Frederick G (2 years ago)
Most of my life I have been told this by mostly black women but it seems it is largely they who are the most unhappy, unsatisfied and hateful in rhetoric between the two opposing genders of the black race in America and if it were somehow so that every single black male 17 and over would be this unrealistic and imaginary creature these disingenuous black females keep saying they want in a so-called "good" black man, the present dichotomy would be even wider than it is now as the more educated and material-minded brothers would tend to avoid these women in even greater numbers simply to not be "owned" or put in a corral and end up neutered, depressed and impotent. The demand from black women that black men be this "standardized" and "homogeous" catering service to their misandry and ego-driven visions of grandeur are never going to be realized in the real world and it is high time these women understood that black men are not going to be this mythical "superman in blackface" to come and sweep them off their feet and carry them away to the life of Riley and from the way so many of these women themselves behave toward black men without any prompting at all from the men but primarily the self-generated contention that turns black men off like a light switch, to never be approached again is at the base of why the men just aren't going to be there and no amount of sniping by these women is going to make a bit of difference to millions of brothers who have been damaged by their encounters with such black women, they have been permanently jaded by their personal experiences and outside of an occasional tryst, there is not going to be any substantial desire or need to be in a romantic relationship with women who have been trained from childhood to lose over black men because they feel superior to black men intellectually and whenever they do meet a brother who knows his stuff, they will do all they can to compete with him until he tires of the exercise and simply leaves her for a simpler waking existence. The subversion is what i couldn't live with and this is a common trait in most of the black women i have been involved with over a lifetime. Black men regardless of intellectual level are not interested in competing that way with a woman they are in a relationship with and if these women can go elsewhere and find a man who is willing to live like that with them then more power to them, i've been there and once her agenda was decoded and identified as to intent, i started to feel like i was on a continual job interview and that started to wear down my sense of attraction and life with such a woman became in effect a chore... A lot of men in general but especially today's average black man just doesn't want to live like that and they get a one-way ticket out of there as fast as their feet can carry them because they know they can have an easier life alone or with a woman who doesn't require as much in the way of a material empire or power hunger. A man is not less because an aggressive black woman says so, he is just one guy who is not going to be henpecked into becoming a vassal to a woman, living to serve her whims until he is exhausted, used up like a dirty rag then thrown away without fanfare into an early grave.... When a black man learns to say "no" to what a black woman wants in many cases, it is right then and there when he is labled "the enemy" and the exit song starts to play in her mind. Go if you must, it's ok black woman, most of us black men can use the extra solitude and stress relief and most of us will not be mad at you all, that's just the way it is and it must cycle itself through, end of story....😒
yhwh knight (2 years ago)
so true , what are these foolish women going to do when the entire system crashes which it will do. you know what these deluded selfish women will say. brother help me brother. its the same old story by these no good willi lynch demons
Daniel Robitaille (2 years ago)
White's men fault.....again !!!!! As usual
Tobias Orion | rFitz (2 years ago)
Maliki Matari (2 years ago)
This video is just too much truth. Even the manginas know this is true, but they won't admit it.
Nobodi Jones (2 years ago)
Women think their emotions ARE facts, ARE morals. As soon as she's slighted morality goes out the window, evil moves in. Women as a whole, in the West, need to ve brought down two pegs, one for equality and two for natural order.
Tink Borrelli (3 years ago)
I said what i had to say .. Move on already.. 😴
Vincent Beville (3 years ago)
The truth hurts. American black women are a "running joke" amongst the people of all nations, and they (American Black Women) don't even realize it. They are a "curse" on their communities, abort their children 6x more than white women, and many are abusive to their sons because they hate the child's father. Be the "strong black women" you profess to be, and keep your legs closed, as opposed to being the "cum dumpsters" you are, and bedding down with all of these thugs-and having children with multiple fathers-that will ultimately leave the child fatherless due to your poor decision-making when it comes to choosing men.Then again, you have to question the mental stability of a group of women that wear other people's (Sometimes Dead people's) hair on their heads, and see no problem with that.
Brittany Jones (3 years ago)
That's not what college graduation rates are saying #boop
Kenya Liongo (3 years ago)
But I'm a black woman (non african american or carribean) and I love black men and only black men.
Merce Mercero (1 year ago)
c'est moi If you think white men are the most "beautiful" men, why the fuck are you are a black man's channel? Go to a white man's channel!
Prulls Tames (2 years ago)
+c'est moi. Why are u here This is not for u Always u whites pucknosing in other peoples issues
Kenya Liongo (2 years ago)
White people wanna be victimized so bad, its actually tragic
Kenya Liongo (2 years ago)
Uhm cool but that has nothing to do with the video
c'est moi (2 years ago)
That should. Are you racist then right? So if I love white men only can I proclaim that without being called racist? Probably not but I sure do. White men are the most beautiful men in the world to me.
Cammy Mc (3 years ago)
Donna Farrakhan touched on this very issue.
Tink Borrelli (3 years ago)
Tink Borrelli (3 years ago)
You calling her a black bitch is not doing anything to change or help remedy the situation.. So don't look forward to the mindset you'd like to evolve
Yellow Synth (3 years ago)
speaking to black women is like speaking to a bucket of cement lol i'm done
76LeoMom (3 years ago)
Have any of you men in this thread ever had a good experience with a black female??? It's sad to hear how angry your comments are?
Frank Camacho (3 months ago)
Yea. They can be friends. Maybe. But no im not dating them. Already been through the fake baby mama drama because this girl didnt kno who the father was
myastroflight (3 years ago)
You have this so wrong dude, don't insult your own wife. The men built the pyramids and the women were in the house cooking, cleaning, and in the fields, so they weren't thinking? The woman's role was nurturer and THAT is what they have lost (thrown in the trash). A woman can not nurture and emotionally support a family without thinking and planning. Today they don't, that's why the black community is imploding on itself. It's the lack of maternal nurturing and just using men for sperm and child support.
Tink Borrelli (3 years ago)
so where you at in the world? what are you doing with your life.. I have a happy one bruh
Frank Camacho (3 months ago)
Shutup lol its clear youre offended just say that
Vincent Beville (3 years ago)
We see that you are in "denial" with your life, sista. The truth hurts, doesn't it?
Yellow Synth (3 years ago)
lol butt hurt much black women y'all expired you think getting the western degrees is going somewhere in life.
Tink Borrelli (3 years ago)
Real Moe (1 year ago)
SlimazzBadd tho dirty who're shut up
Vincent Beville (3 years ago)
They are the laughing stock of the world; weave (dead people's nasty hair) and all. The only people that don't see this is them. American Black Women are "jokes" to all of the world's nations, and they (American Black women) think they are "queens." Please.... They are more like "demons."
Delusional Guy (3 years ago)
That is the problem of you black females in the U.S, you are very naive. You are the laughing stock of the world.
Tink Borrelli (3 years ago)
You have your view still sticking to mine!!
49jubilee (3 years ago)
well, it so happened, that black women went to college when black men thought it was Actin white. ASIANS went, took the right courses, and now make better money than whites.. especially engineering degrees for men
Stephen ABM (3 years ago)
Liberalism and Feminism is Marxist and established to destroy the family structure.
So white supremacy had nothing to do with this ??? How am I an enemy ? IT broke down women and men, videos like this gets us no where, just pointing the blame and coming down on each other does NOTHING FOR US AS A PPL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The way some women act and men act is a product of White Supremacy !!! Now how can we move fwd ??? U left that part out !!!! #RBGS #iloveblackmen
Yellow Synth (2 years ago)
@mikejohn29mj that argument is a lie and hate been debunked so many times but each one to their own. You rep the moon and the spirits thats your set. I rep the sun period.
Moonchild34 (2 years ago)
+Yellow Synth The sun we see now is a hologram too just like everything else around you. Close your eyes and you will see truth hidden in the dark that we are that darkness the carries the light within. Lights you see do not last as long as the light within.
Moonchild34 (2 years ago)
+Yellow Synth I heard the sun is black.
Not all black women hate their kids not all of us are messed up in the head. We're on the SAME journey as you brother... you need to calm down....You sound real hurt about nonsense. Go kiss your Latino or white wife..Go complain to your daddy Bill Cosby & all the NFL NBA & black celebrities who really careless about keeping the BLACK family together. Men control housing, jobs, oil, even Water everything what you desire is for women & children to BEG. I thank GOD for welfare benefits good paying jobs & yes every Oprah that GOD creates. Eve was AS RICH AS ADAM so get your LIFE men don't want to share the wealth they want it all!. Welfare my brother is the Lord's will our government sits on Christ shoulders...YHWH's will be done on earth as it is in heaven. He's our father it's his pleasure to take care of do you find pleasure caring for your family? Stop being so hateful & mean if we are your enemy you should love us & pray for us Love covers sins..not hatred.
Ladies if you NEED benefits get it! Don't listen to these men they complain if you make good money & they complain if you on welfare...just work live & get your benefits girl get your money aspire to become Oprah # 2. 99% of OUR black Male celebrities are not faithful bunch of male whores fro Bill Cosby to the NBA NFL possibly even your neighbor..Girl get your money men come & go..Go get your blessing.
errol1 (2 years ago)
I'm going to sip champagne and do the moon walk when welfare is cut. Then I can't wait to see how you bitches react.
mangolt23 (3 years ago)
You    go    girl.   you    tell   them.  you   are   a    strong    black   woman.   get   that   paper.
clrkkdd12 (3 years ago)
David Bowman (3 years ago)
Black women are not superior to black men
Koriander Yander (3 years ago)
... It's being debated rather or not to consider black women alone, model minority... Apparently they earned it by being the most educated in the USA.
Frank Camacho (3 months ago)
House nigga shit.
robert jordan (3 years ago)
buahahaha so dumb
anna bell (3 years ago)
Why? Why? Why? So much hate, smh. Why are you generalizing? White men did not create black women, I was created by God. You are preaching about black women, what about the black men? You ought to take responsibility for something, some of you people find every opportunity make race an issue with regards to everything. And that is simply why some people in general never learn, they fail to take responsibility, always blaming someone else for their downfall.
John Creasy (3 years ago)
That's great because your replies will engender zero respect and your opinion will be considered null. 
anna bell (3 years ago)
+anna bell *not seeking respect
anna bell (3 years ago)
+John Creasy To be honest I do not have the time to debate with him, my head hurts just to think about starting, perhaps I shouldn't have said a word, but I came across a few of his videos and all he does is blame black women for something or belittle them. There is a saying which goes "When fools talk they believe fools are listening. My comment was just a general statement in reaction to watching a few of his videos which made me wonder what was his real story. btw I am seeking respect, I simply said what was on my mind and something emotional must have happened to this man to make him hate black women to the degree that he does.
John Creasy (3 years ago)
+anna bell, I'd have more respect for you if you replied logically instead of emotionally. How are you countering the points in his argument?
LaTasha Sweet (3 years ago)
Really LOL ...not all black women think or act like this. just like not all black men are thugs, gangsters, drug dealers ,and dead beat dads.. instead of beating each other in the heads on who is more important we need to be in unity and up lift each other we will never grow as a people if we keep blaming each other this is what they want us to do so we will never be as one i always believe that man is head of house hole and he should provide for his family but i also believe that a woman should do her part as well we live in a world where no one on this earth like us but they love to imitate what we do this fool talking bout pyramids that he didn't even built lol but i understood what he was saying WAKE THE HELL UP MY SISTERS AND BROTHERS
John Creasy (3 years ago)
+Latasha Sweet silly response. why can't you stay on topic? if you disagree, talk about why.
Lead-Properly (3 years ago)
So how do we all solve this issue?? It's gonna take a collective effort.
Frank Camacho (3 months ago)
Leave them hoes alone
KinkyCurlyDiva16 (3 years ago)
Meantime, what are idiots like you doing about the brother who was found lynched?
Frank Camacho (3 months ago)
@John Creasy lol exactly . She aint doin shit
John Creasy (3 years ago)
+KinkyCurlyDiva16 what are you doing about black women spreading their legs and getting pregnant by men they know have zero intention of child rearing?
Lawrence Porter (3 years ago)
so don't exploit black women on YouTube help them
Lawrence Porter (3 years ago)
@Joseph Jackson we all know the black community is fucked in a major way. The boys blame the women and the girls blame the men. But the real men and women except the fact of the matter and come together to find a remedy for the problem instead of adding to it.
Lawrence Porter (3 years ago)
@Joseph Jackson see you one of those guys that point out the elephant in the room instead of focusing on how it got there and how to get it out
Joseph Jackson (3 years ago)
+Lawrence Porter HOW!! I listen to these videos and all i see is my mother sisters cousins doing the same shit and all of them are single with the Big mama syndrome. Turning the kids against their fathers and by the time those boys grow and realized (if ever at all) it's too late and they don't even know what the hell happen to them or they think it as the norm. And as far as helping them, I have tried in so many ways...being at the edge of sanity and a few mini strokes later i realize that there is nothing i can do but watch it decay. the reason what these men are all of this stuff about black woman is not about anger or hate it's about our destruction from the inside using the most integral and important part of our community. but there's a brighter side there are a few good black women out there but they snatched up with the quickness because brothers truly know their worth.
Blacka Đøn (3 years ago)
from the USA to The UK black women behave the same way they think white man superior and the black man inferior

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