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I Should Just Get My Authority

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I’m Parteehard the Trucker. I have been driving trucks for 2 years working the same trucking job living my dream I trained my fiancé and we team drive on my channel we will show you our day to day in the trucking industry and we go home sometime and show you how truckers do off the road I hope you enjoy the trucking vlog and follow and comment any trucking question we try to respond to your trucking question so please be patient https://www.paypal.me/ParteehardNKeeDeeWee
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Text Comments (37)
cam dolby (15 days ago)
Noreaga has a song called Married to marijuana._..The beat is stupid!!!
Uncle Luke40x (1 month ago)
If you get 15¢ from each sub. that would cover the $750 fee.
Parteehard Da Trucker (1 month ago)
Bruh that $750.00 fee is better than giving % any day
Bryant Mills (1 month ago)
What’s up Driver, you are so right I was driving under Landstar for over an year it was good last year but this year rates are down and 15 and 20 yr vets selling or turning trucks back in. only guys with no responsibility’s are hanging on or ones with dedicated accounts.. I wasn’t begging no agents for loads and I damn sure won’t pulling cheap freight. I loved Landstar and if pay goes back up I’ll definitely go back but won’t long as rates are down. I have an clean record with landstar and was offered to come back soon as I’m ready by Corporate. I’m pulling back w company 1500 week or little more w benefits and home every weekend and once during week. Keep up the good work brother Ur doing well. And damn the haters!
Parteehard Da Trucker (1 month ago)
No doubt Bruh thx
jet T (1 month ago)
I say cash out on it. 35 tho
Devin Jackson (1 month ago)
I watch ur lives bro, but sometimes I jus listen to em like a podcast. Good content 🖒
Jason Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Lol..What works for you may not work for me.. Just a saying..I love being a motor carrier and not an owner operator...
Big Tex Trucking (1 month ago)
Spot market is good if you know what you are doing
vroor32 (1 month ago)
And have the right frame of mind. I even surprise myself at the rates I get, when others seem to struggle
Jay Vorobyov (1 month ago)
You couldn't of summed it up better. Nothing else to say other than if you come around Chi feel free to reach out. Dinner on me.
collione513 (1 month ago)
Man do what you been doing, youtube trucking was a positive thing alil ways back, what i don't get is why niggas always gotta make shit negative, man its embarrassing to all of us, ppl wanna see you fucked so they can have something to talk about, stick to script and do you, give us some more ride alongs bro those were good vids keep em coming# boss mentality
Parteehard Da Trucker (1 month ago)
I appreciate that Fam
TY Kassh (1 month ago)
“You got 8 bans right now” ooohh nooo lol
TRUCKER RAN (1 month ago)
Yeah bro that spot market is for the birds
demontray miller (1 month ago)
Do it black own I SUPPORT 💯💯
Quill Mill (1 month ago)
tht warehouse in nestle atown take so long to just checkin n get loaded, safe travels pimp
M Cummings (1 month ago)
What it do P H it's yo boy Kaffinated Kowboy. Its been a minute wifey got sick had to lay back in the cut dawg.
U funny bruh (1 month ago)
Bro I seen you today on the 80
milktastictv (1 month ago)
Keep it going PH💪🏿💰💰💰💰💪🏿
Big Tim's Trucking LLC (1 month ago)
Do what u wanna do times like these it's not worth it. What u can do is get your own dot let it sit for a couple of years and mature. Most brokers won't work with a fresh set of numbers facto
Duhdada g (1 month ago)
Can i send you a sample of my Egyptian musk
Duhdada g (1 month ago)
Or message me at www.smells4us.com
Duhdada g (1 month ago)
Parteehard Da Trucker (1 month ago)
vroor32 (1 month ago)
Bruh, you prolly not gonna like what I will say, but I'll say it anyway. *Everyone* telling you to get your own MC, is telling you from a good place in their heart. I'm not tryna be in your business (you putting it out there anyway), but it funny how you complaining about spot market, and those of us in it are still snagging $3/mile dry van loads (coyote /chr/redwood/amazon etc). None of them over 25K lbs. So what if truck breaks down, ... I spent $4K doing a 6-pack injector job in 2 days, and made all that in 3 days. You have the wrong impression about dealing with brokers, and that's why you see things from a negative view.
vroor32 (1 month ago)
@Woodzedge - tru dat ... I don't see it as kissing ass. More like, "help me, help you" I have a Broker/agent that was going to a wedding. Sent her a gift card to get her hair done. After she came from the wedding, I snagged a $2500 load from VA to CT from her. She called me too. Interesting how bees make more honey when treated with some honey to begin with. Honey works better than vinegar.... Especially when Momma Bear and lil bear cubs need to eat some honey when Papa Bear comes back home
Woodzedge - (1 month ago)
@Parteehard Da Trucker I kiss as when I'm talking to brokers I got kids to feed
Parteehard Da Trucker (1 month ago)
I've dealt with these brokers your talking about and they are fucking scum bags and I dont want to deal with them anymore
Parteehard Da Trucker (1 month ago)
I'm happy for you I'm not interested in playing the spot market PERIOD I dont ever want to see the spot market I'm okay with what I got going on life is about happiness and I'm happy that's all that matters to me
F80 didit (1 month ago)
vroor32 👌🏾
L.Johnson_official (1 month ago)
That authority shit ain’t ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s plenty of ppl with authorities that hopping back on with mega carriers cause the expenses are crazy.
Parteehard Da Trucker (1 month ago)
Thx you bruh these niggaz acting like the spot market sweet I'm paying that shit no mind
Derrick cheese (1 month ago)
Your number still the same I tried calling
Parteehard Da Trucker (1 month ago)
Derrick cheese no

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