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Garmin or Rand McNally which do you think is best

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I started out with a Rand McNally and had to switch my Rand McNally GPS kept breaking so Garmin is what I use which do you prefer leave a comment below be sure to like Share Subscribe
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Sneaky Cobra (9 days ago)
Just bought a garmin's 780... complete shit! After the update it keeps looping right out the box and I Have to boot it on PC, or send it to them. Returning it back to pilot.
Sneaky Cobra (7 days ago)
Top of that the lady at the pilot didnt want to give my money back saying its exchange only, she was tripping but I got my money back. Which one do you have?
Parteehard da trucker (7 days ago)
Damn Fam sorry you had that problem that’s the type of issues I had with Rand McNally
BStaneK 10 (23 days ago)
Can you delete jurisdiction summary on Garmin so I can see how many miles I did in every state on the trip
Parteehard da trucker (11 days ago)
+BStaneK 10 Fam I think so Fam Im not sure how though I know it does cause some people do they ifta off the gps
dtp TV (1 month ago)
With all these comments I'm going with the Garmin thanks guys
Parteehard da trucker (1 month ago)
Garmin the way to go Fam
You like using your phone, Garmin is the way to go, down load the Garmin smart phone link. That alone will improve your user interface your less than happy with. Once you connect the gps to the phone you can then look up near by locations and send them to your gps and only need touch the go button on the Garmin to begin navigation. The Garmin then also gets its traffic info through the link and not over the antenna built into the cord. So it’s more up to date and accurate. Garmin also has an excellent trip planner, you can enter every single stop in whatever order you want and even change the order at will. Use more of the Garmin functions to get the most from your gps. The voice command function works very well in my experience also. Thanks for the video also, and please note, I get paid by the mile period, so I don’t mind the few just using the gps adds, others like yourself who don’t like adding any at all may want to use several methods as you said.
Parteehard da trucker (1 month ago)
Adam Jani (2 months ago)
Bro cell phone will take u to car routes
Parteehard da trucker (2 months ago)
Racer X (4 months ago)
Garmin just sucks ! At times it would have me get off highway on exit then have me get back on. Just really stupid stuff. So I use google on phone and Garmin with trucker route and see best route between both. Really sad considering the technology.
Parteehard da trucker (4 months ago)
Fam I do the same I dont know why they kant make a good GPS
Adam Vediz (4 months ago)
I use rand McNally as well, but my favorite is an app on my phone called copilot. I run them both and when I need fuel or parking I hit my rand and it puts me to those spots right on my route.
Donald Wortham (5 months ago)
I got the 780 and it want give me truck stops along route. And if I type in for example Hooters near destination it want come up. I'm have to go back and look near recent destinations. So I took it back and it did the same. So I swapped for the RM 740. But it want do trip summaries with via points. Exchanged it twice also and same thing. So I'm gonna stick with 740 RM. With a car Garmin GPS. And use Google for traffic and scope land out before delivery. Oh and yeah my RM cords always messing up. Most recent incident with my older RM the one before the 740 the screen black out
Bless Tone (6 months ago)
Bless! I'm going to get a Garmin tommorow. I start work Wednesday. No more nights and weekends off.! Be safe and keep prayers every day. Lol People don't believe I will change; but that's it. It's not me incacerated 13 times my brother. It was LORD JESUS! Why I'm still here and my close love ones are Gone!
Bless Tone (6 months ago)
+Thomas Parker Maan I went to a best buy for a Garmin the price was for a car$109. So now I gotta spend $489 for a "7 brand new Garmin tommorow at best buy.
Thomas Parker (6 months ago)
Keep your head right and make some $. I'm heading out Wednesday too, been two years off, I'm ready to roll.
Bless Tone (6 months ago)
+Parteehard da trucker what's RNS
Parteehard da trucker (6 months ago)
You got it Fam I got yo back RNS
CROWN ROYAL (6 months ago)
Rand McNally is garbage. TND Tablet 80. It's basically a cheap, sorry Android tablet that freezes up alot. I haven't tried the Garmin yet, but a gps should be just that, a gps. Not some cheap $50 tablet that's being sold for almost $500..
YFN Caution (22 days ago)
Man u agree this piece of shit getting on my nerves
LL Sneek Brown (6 months ago)
I use the 8pro rand McNally it could be better with sum things but it gets me by n it has live traffic up dats
Dieseltherapy (8 months ago)
I also think the sun and heat wears on them when we have them in the window or on the dash. When I’m not using it, I take it down.
Dieseltherapy (8 months ago)
I like and dislike both for the same reasons you cited. I recently bought the Garmin and took it back for Rand tablet. My Rand lasted 3 years. When the Rand has issues, it’s the cords. Some people will throw the Rand away when it only needed a new cord. Good topic. I agree: the gps companies need to build a good and lasting gps for the amount of money they charge.
Mark Stricklin (8 months ago)
I been following you for a good while bro. Im looking to getting into trucking and becoming an owner operator also. I also have a felony back from 1998 and was released in 2003 and been working a factory job ever since. Been working 15 years straight good driving record only 1 felony and nothing else. My felony is manslaughter bout 20 years old can you tell me will it be hard for me to get a trucking job and the route you think i should go , im from a small town in Ripley Mississippi. And keep doing what you do helping the people
bigyungan84 (4 months ago)
Yea u definitely can my first driving partner had attempted murder and it hadn't been 15 years. That company was Carolina Cargo but DO NOT WORK FOR THEM unless your life absolutely depends on it get u bout 6months to a year experience. Work for the small companies less than 10 trucks. Stack your cash. Get your own truck cause nearly every company has some type of bullshit with them. They generally don't give a damn bout u. So don't drive all the miles and give them most the money.
Mark Stricklin (8 months ago)
Parteehard da trucker the
Parteehard da trucker (8 months ago)
Mark Stricklin Bruh email me so I can help you with this can't just write a reply to your question
michael betancourt (8 months ago)
that's right Rand McNally only had to get a Garmin do to freightliner mechanic in Charlotte NC walking off with it caught him on dash cam but bought Garmin didn't like trying to use it pulled over and return that pos back with Rand McNally yes use phone for back up
Don S (8 months ago)
Hell no to both copilot all the way get tablet install copilot
SAMUEL SANCHEZ (6 months ago)
Does it require internet access? I know the maps are downloaded to tablet but is internet necessary
Big Trucker Strong (8 months ago)
Man it goes back to our conversation we had a few days ago. Rand McNally’s need to fix there hardware issues. As far as their chargers and ports. They do have live traffic updates but only if you are connected to WiFi via hotspot off your phone and I’m not going to keep running up data just for that. Garmin has live updates without the WiFi and their hardware is on point. Software could be better. But until Rand McNally fix those issues Garmin got my money all day. I run the Garmin and my phone and an Atlas all day. Rand McNally better tighten up.
Keng DeShawn{MYXER-TV} (8 months ago)
Yup use truckers path or one20 app on your phone with the rand McNally you'll be straight
Tracy Lucas (8 months ago)
Hey, all that shit that's been popping off, got me looking at ur stuff.....my husband been flowing u for a minute now...I'm just now checking in. So, wrong or right...idk...but when I get hater fans this my go to song....yeap it's old but it works, I'm sharing it with you and anyone on else that may need it....you should make it your intro song. https://youtu.be/SdJAhvTSsI4 I really think its low that they bring your wife into all this while she has a life in her body. I dont agree with everything you say.....but your wife has a life in her, a black child, stress affects babies, anyone that has an issue with you, should keep with you.....not go after the sister. In the beginning of this crap it was the wife is good ppl....ect....ect....I'll say it again yall no face ppl, that going after a pregnant black women is part of the black community tear down. Yall claiming to be business ppl, and that's y yall dont show your face....I believe yall shame, if I was part of tearing down a pregnant female I wouldn't not show my face as well. Say what yall want to say. Come back at me I dont give no fucks......yall wrong so wrong so wrong no matter how you shake it for going at a women that has life developing in her body. I pray she has a health strong child...many blessings to all whom up left one another, and may the universe brings true fulfillment.
Parteehard da trucker (8 months ago)
Thx I don’t respond to any of that mess and that’s all I was saying leave my wife and children out of it because they all I got and will defend them at all cost
Loren C (8 months ago)
Thanks for the comparison video
Bernard Wilkinson (8 months ago)
Love Rand McNally I drive a class B truck for work and I use it works awesome
Jurzee Slugga (8 months ago)
I ryde with the rand mcnally 740 and I haven't had any problems. Enroute weather and traffic updates via wifi
GunZ N’ Butter (8 months ago)
Terrance Bryant (8 months ago)
Hey when my dude fire up the cigarette shit bout to get real lol
the highway runner (8 months ago)
Been using garmin dezl for while it's ok
Racer X (4 months ago)
I have been having problem with it. Really a pain in the ass.
Devin Jackson (8 months ago)
I use Garmin tho fam I got the exact one u got n i think it's pretty decent so 👌
Mathew Fortunato (8 months ago)
Have you heard of trucker route app? It will give you a truck route plus all the truck stop along the way bro. Good content and be safe
Freeway DaTruck'a (8 months ago)
I have the Rand McNally 740 it have live updates
Dopos (2 months ago)
Freeway DaTruck'a n
Highwayrunner76 (8 months ago)
Garmin DeZl 550. I’ve been using it over a year. So far so good. The Hazmat feature is on point as well.
MMO Trucking (8 months ago)
I had a Garmin Dezel 770 absolutely sucked! I would be on a interstate it would randomly have me exit of the interstate due to weight restrictions ...weight restrictions on a interstate.
Racer X (4 months ago)
MMO Trucking Agree !
Andy Garcia (6 months ago)
Have you tried updating it?
SAMUEL SANCHEZ (6 months ago)
Mine tells me I95 is closed.
Devin Jackson (8 months ago)
Wats up big bruh u been dropping alot here lately I appreciate dat bruh cuz I love ya videos n i can feel ya vibe like dat real vibe f all da B.S.
Big Daddy (8 months ago)
Good video bro ! Stay safe FAM !
Doneli305 (8 months ago)
Garmin dezlcam !

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