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This Day Aria [1080p]

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30,000,000 views....o_o My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 2 x Episode 26 A Canterlot Wedding Part 2 Credits go to Daniel Ingram for composing the song. http://www.facebook.com/dannyimusic Lyrics: This day is going to be perfect The kind of day of which I dreamed since I was small Everypony will gather round Say I look lovely in my gown What they don't know is that I have fooled them all. This day was going to be perfect The kind of day of which I dreamed since I was small But instead of having cake With all my friends to celebrate My wedding bells they may not ring for me at all. I could care less about the dress I won't partake in any cake Vows, well I will be lying when I say That through any kind of weather I'll want us to be together The truth is I don't care for him at all No I do not love the groom In my heart there is no room But I still want him to be all mine. We must escape before its too late Find a way to save the day Hope, I'll be lying if I say I don't fear that I may lose him To one who wants to use him Not care for love and cherish him each day For I oh-so love the groom Oh my thoughts he does consume Oh Shining Armor, I'll be there very soon. Finally the moment has arrived For me to be one lucky bride. Oh, the wedding we won't make He'll end up marrying a fake Shining Armor will be Mine, all mine! Download (MP3): http://www.mediafire.com/?57697hu4e7m...
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Text Comments (47605)
MLP Rarity Hraje! (5 hours ago)
My favorite song
cuppster (10 hours ago)
*fireflies is better*
Kylie Southwick (10 hours ago)
Her vocals are KILLING me HOW???
Coolivoxy (13 hours ago)
1:02 1:33 my fave parts
Ameer Brice (15 hours ago)
That come from the hub network or discovery family
Ameer Brice (15 hours ago)
That is pretty evil
Ameer Brice (15 hours ago)
I don't think that is princess Cadence
Ameer Brice (15 hours ago)
Like oh my God
Ameer Brice (15 hours ago)
that voice awesome
Ameer Brice (15 hours ago)
Somebody should stop her
Ameer Brice (15 hours ago)
That is evil
Beauty By Addyson (15 hours ago)
this song is downright ICONIC
nobi donkeyface (17 hours ago)
omg this was posted at Olivia's birthday
WoomyOnAVroomy (21 hours ago)
The vilains always have the best songs. Altho, this isn't only Aria's song, it's Cadence's too... But still. xd
Unexpected Sage (1 day ago)
Someone needs to redo the animation but to have Crysalis singing her part.
Janelle Amezcua (1 day ago)
This is a BOP
Mikayla Friedman (1 day ago)
Him to be all mineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Bright Lapiz (1 day ago)
Omg I remember when I was a kid I loved this song
Dora Barbie (1 day ago)
55 millions de vue ?!?!
Random Person (1 day ago)
Is it bad that i laughed at Shining Armor's silly expression?
Rahim Haji Ahmad (2 days ago)
what shining armour have the expression me : XD
ZUO (2 days ago)
Hi I’m Luisa (2 days ago)
I’m 13 why am I here? And why do I find this song, like, really good?? 😂
Roana Music (2 days ago)
When ponies can sing better than you! 😂😂😂😁😁😊😊😆
Хочу перевод этой песни!
Brisa Carrasco (2 days ago)
Entcotre mi infancia
Eventspredetermined (2 days ago)
Not a fan of the series, but I lowkey like this song and how it’s sung
Cloud Queen (3 days ago)
Can we talk about the derpy expression on Shining Armor’s face?
Bethany 5115 (3 days ago)
This actually brought tears to my eyes. I used to love this.
Nikol Gaming (3 days ago)
haha, 3 million. PFFF now there is 55 MILLION VIEWS!!!!!!!!
Bass Record (3 days ago)
Damn, Chrysalis could sing real good (even if in different body)
Flutter Butter (4 days ago)
Play at 0.25x and she sounds like a angsty teen
Софья (4 days ago)
Че за херня?
the great papalina (4 days ago)
I love how the rose changes from red to hot pink lol
Kermit The Derp (4 days ago)
This sucks.Steven Universe is so fucking better.
Loganberrybunny (2 days ago)
Well, that's it. There's no answer to a brilliantly argued point like that.
jjanaa banana (4 days ago)
When I'm a two faced bitchhh
Veronica Fields (4 days ago)
awww u can make it to the wedding
Rachel Mallamace (4 days ago)
love this song so much
Queen Silver (4 days ago)
Dragønstar 702 (5 days ago)
I would literally try to sing this in front of my friends when I was 6
Leo Seki (5 days ago)
my brony self when i was 4 at 6 loved this song even still i like this now but im not a brony now idk why but this music was used for sonic exe and sonic for no reason internet is weird
Mocha ! (5 days ago)
Bells (5 days ago)
I still love my little pony :( I feel childish And I have a joke to make Guard 1: Should we be worried that Cadence is singing evil songs...? Guard 2: nah she’s probably got the wedding jitters
Namine Utane (6 days ago)
This is FBI (6 days ago)
I was watching reaction time
Jackie Ota (6 days ago)
I remember when I was little watching this I was in love with this that I sang it every time I hear and now I’m 14 XD
Secret grace (6 days ago)
“For I also love the groom all my thoughts he does consume” That part gives me actual butterflies
caulifla 123 (6 days ago)
ForeverWildstar (7 days ago)
i havent been in the pony fandom for like 5 years now but this song still slaps
Blood Twin (7 days ago)
1:12 when you are trying to wink but then looks like you are giving them the evil eye
Wander Lands (7 days ago)
6 years later...
Karolina :3 (7 days ago)
55 103 817 views...
This thing was my jam at 7
Mill (8 days ago)
Nostalgia. I used to be obsessed with this song
Vika Sysolina (8 days ago)
Подскажите изволь,какая это серия?
Brisa Lopez (8 days ago)
I. Love. This. Song, this, is. Want. Of. The. Most. Best. Mip. Song. Ever
Flip Donu (9 days ago)
Still the best MLP song
Molly Yeaw (9 days ago)
Does anyone know the episode?
Molly Yeaw (9 days ago)
Nevermind I got it
Joseph France (9 days ago)
I love how the music itself can tell the story if you look at the instrumentation and chord structure. Examples include the villain bridge having more brass and the heroine bridge having more strings, complementing the personalities of the characters singing. I've seen similar tricks used in the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde musical. I think the greatest part of this song is that it feels complete. Some songs, even great ones, tend to finish on a simple cadence and it may not sound bad, but i prefer when songs can tell stories. How this song goes from a 1 chord to a 3, and then a 5, before finally climbing up to a 1 8va up is brilliant and parallels the dynamics in the episode it comes from. So yeah. Best song in the show
90GB of hentai (9 days ago)
im surprised people are actually into this
Loganberrybunny (2 days ago)
Says someone with the username "90GB of hentai". :D
Christine's Domain (9 days ago)
*_N O S T A L G I A_*
chan ChanNel (10 days ago)
2:06 shining armor is very creepy
chan ChanNel (10 days ago)
0:18 when fake cadance's red flower on tiara turns pink
Charlotte Radler (10 days ago)
Wait at 1:12 her eye is open but then in the mirror it’s closed. Is she winking? Please don’t hate on me I’m just confused and expressing my opinion
Loganberrybunny (2 days ago)
There are a few theories. It could just be an animation error, but personally I like the winking theory.
PinkishPineapple (10 days ago)
The nastalga. XD
HOANG NHAT NGUYEN (10 days ago)
This song is so laaaaaaaaammmmmmme
Aja's Face (10 days ago)
Who else is going in a nostalgia playlist of their favorite mlp songs....
Mist Shadow (10 days ago)
Watch at 1:10. Look at the mirror in the Backround and then her face....That's a strange expression Cadence...
Juliet Hernandez (10 days ago)
Man when I hear "in my heart there is no room" I was like you have a heart???
My love Vitebsk (10 days ago)
Я наверное один-единственный российский, которому попросту нравится английское выполнения
sparkqq (10 days ago)
ahhhhh, the good old times. thanks nostalgia.
Jrna (10 days ago)
Am i the only one who's still listening to this?
Rain Storm (11 days ago)
What if someone walked by her door as she sang that song. Hmm... Cadence singing about being evil and not loving her groom? Ok that seems perfectly normal.
Clawsee (11 days ago)
GirlWhoDoodles (11 days ago)
1:11 Did anybody else see in the mirror her eyes are different?
Lepitorus (11 days ago)
i left my pony phase behind over half a decade ago but i still love this song with all my heart!
Ellie Loves reptiles (11 days ago)
2012... Wow... Time. Flies. By. I WAS 6!!! But I still remember all the words 😂😂😂
FIameIeaf (12 days ago)
I don't know why but it sounds like a kid is singing.
Ummmm...😐 ok
Meg _fnafhs (12 days ago)
2018? i hear this song when I was with 6 years old,but now I have 13!!!!!!!!
LilithCatsLol(*-*) (13 days ago)
I used to know this song 😂 I forgot it
Blueberry GamerTM (13 days ago)
I’m currently going through my mlp phase.
Blueberry GamerTM (12 days ago)
Give in to the force of P 14 ;)
How. Old. R. U.
Emily Monkman (13 days ago)
Wtf was this on my recommend
3033712 (13 days ago)
i'm proud to say i grew up with this instead of the shit pile that are cartoons today
Mooneh (13 days ago)
When I was younger, I would always think of this song and act like the rude one and I would just act like I was so Badass.
FilthyMercy Main (14 days ago)
This is the equivalent of Vanessa/Ursula song in Little mermaid
michi sama (14 days ago)
I watched this atleast 8 times a day when I was small
michi sama (14 days ago)
Oaky (14 days ago)
God this brings back a shit ton of memories
A Basket Full Of Trash (14 days ago)
I remember singing this all the time when I was a little kid and my parents would yell for me to be quiet when I sang it too often XD
Jahlon Caesar (14 days ago)
this has no right to bang this hard
Forever Young (14 days ago)
All the memories I remember the lyrics by heart.
souma's dreams (14 days ago)
ora che rivedo 'sto video ripenso a quando da piccola cercavo, inutilmente lol, di cantare usando le parole esatte HAHAHAHA
Jen Soph (15 days ago)
I last watched this around 3 years ago and I still remember the lyrics wtf
Loida Sabanal (15 days ago)
Pz1 Haaaaaaaaaaa
How the flagnog did I come from watching BTS, chucky, kubz scouts(BTW Jay is that DUDE) and then here.....
Chat Noir (15 days ago)
Did anyone see the rose change from red to pink?🌹 to 🌷
FireChaser2134 (15 days ago)
One of my favorite songs.
smol Weirdo bean (15 days ago)
I used to draw this when I was a kid and write lyrics. Now I can actually draw it good.

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