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Black Sails | Season 3 Official Trailer | STARZ

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A war is coming--the strong among us must stand together and face it. Watch Black Sails now on the STARZ app: http://starz.tv/WatchSTARZYT Subscribe now for more Black Sails clips: http://bit.ly/1kalhP0 Like Black Sails on Facebook: http://bit.ly/BlackSailsFacebookYT Follow Black Sails on Twitter: http://starz.tv/BlackSailsTwitterYT Follow Black Sails on Instagram: http://starz.tv/BlackSailsInstagramYT Follow Black Sails on Tumblr:http://starz.tv/BlackSailsTumblrYT In the wake of Charles Town, the world lives in fear of Captain Flint. But when his campaign of terror crosses over into madness, it falls to John Silver to locate the man within the monster. Meanwhile, with Eleanor Guthrie gone, Jack Rackham and Captain Charles Vane struggle to secure Nassau for the ages. All will be tested when a new threat arrives. It knows them. It understands them. And in the blink of an eye, it will turn them against each other. Like STARZ on Facebook: http://starz.tv/STARZFacebookYT Follow STARZ on Twitter: http://starz.tv/STARZTwitterYT Follow STARZ on Instagram: http://starz.tv/STARZInstagramYT Black Sails | Season 3 Official Trailer | STARZ http://bit.ly/1mkHKgZ
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Text Comments (75)
Ron Jans (3 months ago)
Noooo Flint he's hair
ASMRBear (6 months ago)
I want moar )o)
Brock lesnar (6 months ago)
"Everyone is a monster to someone and if you so convinced that I'm yours I'll be it" immortal quote
Brock lesnar (6 months ago)
There is something in the story I can't swallow it easily which is the fact that says " Captain Flint was a gay"
Brock lesnar (6 months ago)
Charles Vane is a bad ass
mark casey (1 year ago)
Probably the Best TV Show I have ever seen, and this is coming from a Star Trek Fan lol
Alpha Wolf (6 months ago)
mark casey vikings? Game of thrones? And I like Black sails too. I would put Black sails 3r on the list
Half_Harry (1 year ago)
wow the change we have seen from John is nothing short of extraordinary the man who plays him deserves a fucking award amazing actor
honestiago1000 (1 year ago)
how can anyone dislike Rogers....he is so clever ... and he is the good one
Sagar Adhikari (1 year ago)
I just finished season two. Don't know what happens in season 3. So i am just gonna say it, i hate that prostitute bitch max and hope she doesn't make it to the 4th season.
Half_Harry (1 year ago)
Sagar Adhikari I agree mate she's my most hated character
Derek Fortenberry (1 year ago)
What new music is this?
anycullen21 (1 year ago)
""To rule Nassau you must know her. And you don't." No, but he knows Westeros, at least he did before Ned Stark cut him down
RagnarTheRed (1 year ago)
Well, if he knows Nassau as he did Westeros things don't look good for him xD
Music name?????? <3
hwplugburz (1 year ago)
I SO wish Starz would make more episodes in each season of this(one of my absolute favorite) shows. Like Vikings has started to do , and like Starz already do with Outlander(wich is an ok show) , but in no way can be compeard to the quality entertainment of Black Sails. (cant agree with myself on wether black sails . vikings , or game of thrones is the best tv-series of all time, but its sertainly 1 of them)
anycullen21 (1 year ago)
same here m8
Jimmy Stronk (2 years ago)
when comes at netflic
Elena Vitoria (2 years ago)
Watching season 2, don't get it, why everyone is bisexual, today was the Flint, for the fuck sake, what is wrong with you people? I mean writers...
Sofie Jørgensen (1 year ago)
keroji s Where is all this sodomy you are taking about?
keroji s (1 year ago)
The freaking lgbt agenda forcing sodomy on people. Show how twist the people who run the industry are.
Elena Vitoria (1 year ago)
GooferDusty Dear, I am old fashion aristocrat, Sodom and Gomorrah are not for my mind. It is a mortal sin. And why are your talking about homophobe? what about HATE, I am homohate )) so kiss my.....)))))))))
GooferDusty (1 year ago)
+Elena Vitoria It's okay, sweetie. I really didn't expect you to be open minded at all. And you can keep your definition of "a normal women". Happy Easter to you too, my dear little homophobe. *Kisses*
Elena Vitoria (1 year ago)
GooferDusty yes, dear, for normal woman it is. You just can't understand it. I'm not going to read your comment, because I'm not interested in your sick gay opinion. Happy Easter, freak:-)
Goodjizzer On (2 years ago)
first season was boring hope more at the second
TheMrHavish (1 year ago)
Season 2 is a vast improvement over Season 1. Though I liked the last couple episodes of S1 (that climatic battle with the Spanish Man of War is brilliant!) However, you need to sit through S1 because it sets up the story developments to come and you'll be rewarded by the payoff in S2.
Assassins Creed Songs (1 year ago)
214 1341 (2 years ago)
América era española y no salen los españoles. Típica basura anglosajona envidiosa de España.
214 1341 (2 years ago)
+Hugo Sanchez Sí claro, algún rincón no lo era pero mira el mapa: 3/4 de EEUU, el Caribe prácticamente entero, etc. No sacan galeones españoles más frecuentemente porque los galeones a los anglos los enviaban al fondo del mar durante siglos. Ainss.
Hugo Sanchez (2 years ago)
No toda america era española en ese momento. Cuba y Florida por ejemplo si lo eran, pero Jamaica y otros lugares no. Saludos
Regina Perry (2 years ago)
This was the best season yet!!!!!!!! Lots of drama, intrigue and action! Black Sails just keeps getting better and better. But why Charles Vain?! Looking forward to seeing him out there in other Television and Film experiences like his current character in the CWTV series The 100. And can someone please create a character to put Zach McGowan shirtless in a kilt, a great Celtic Warrior! I can't wait till Season 4 of Black Sails. Long John Silver is knocking it out of the park season after season!
licklackthegame (2 years ago)
cuse thats how he died in real live, some parts of story is based on real live :)
tremere26 (2 years ago)
This series is getting better and better, every episode adds story to the series, no filler ups, just one great episoded after the other :).
nurmi0 (2 years ago)
Rest In Peace Charles Vane... My favorite character in Black Sails! Can't wait season 4!! I Really hope that Eleanor bitch will burn in hell! First i liked her (Maybe because of her sex scenes) But now i hope that bitch will die! I was so fucking glad when blackbeard heard that Vane is dead... that look on his face... Priceless!!!
Satnavvv YT (9 months ago)
Fuck you
nurmi0 (1 year ago)
Just a tip: If you are watching TV-show, SKIP youtube comments!!
Norbert Sendek (1 year ago)
fucking spoilers!!!
Jussara Resende (2 years ago)
love love love love loveeee Cpt Flint.
Ryan Rustad (2 years ago)
I fucking love this show
Kira Shaw (2 years ago)
Can't believe it's already over! *sob *
Alexpascu2785 (2 years ago)
STARZ Treasure Island make it happen .
Ema Z (2 years ago)
Long John Silver!!! Epic finale.
Danov Art. (2 years ago)
what the song here?
Josh Connolly (2 years ago)
oh ok. yeah same here why would they do that
aKrazyGuyUKno (2 years ago)
It originally was "New Blood", but STARZ has taken the music out and replaced it with original score. They did this to the Ash vs Evil Dead trailer as well. Not sure why.
Josh Connolly (2 years ago)
No Problem
Danov Art. (2 years ago)
+Josh Connolly Thanks
Josh Connolly (2 years ago)
but the one in the trailer sounds a bit different to the actual song
Tiago Pereira (2 years ago)
when is it coming to netflix??
Jess Jones (4 months ago)
It's only in spain on netflix as far as i know
Alpha Wolf (6 months ago)
Mr Nameless its not on netflix
Mr Nameless (10 months ago)
Tiago Pereira it's on Netflix and HBO
Sihap Mudahara (2 years ago)
Türkiye'den Selamlar.. Filmin hastasıyım yorum yapamadan geçemiyeceğim dehşet bir roman ve çok güzel bir görsellik her bölümü içtenlikle hayran kalarak izliyorum zamanın nasıl geçtiği aşikar serüven dolu bir dizi bizleri bekletmeyin yeni bölümleri gönderin :))
such a great series, every episode is thrilling
GEORGE BERRO (1 year ago)
I watched Black Sails full movie here https://twitter.com/e807528950f1f72c3/status/824452559402262528
RagnarTheRed (1 year ago)
This, GOT, Black Mirror and Preacher. My top favorite shows.
no idea man....
Reinier de Kievit (1 year ago)
FIRST-LAW-FANTASY ABERCROMBIE do you know why i can only watch season 1 and 2 on netflix?
Mood Music (2 years ago)
95 % of this season is just fucking TALKING .......TALKING TALKING TALKING.....WORST SEASON IN ANY TV SERIES EVER CREATED......
Squidwood (2 years ago)
You could always try watching it on mute
Redfuj (2 years ago)
+SWAMP KING This show has some of the most memorable dialogues in the history of TV, why would anyone take issue with that? If you're looking for pure undiluted action with no character building, you can always watch something else ;)
Galmion (2 years ago)
+SWAMP KING kill yourself my man
KytoRS (2 years ago)
+SWAMP KING that's how season 2 was but then the finale was amazing so i assume it'll be the same this season
Rabby (2 years ago)
Fuck this, I want Spartacus back and more seasons! :D
Al Swearengen (2 years ago)
"My name is John Silver and I have a long fucking memory "-my favorite moment from season 3 so far.
nurmi0 (2 years ago)
+Al Swearengen Hahaha aye! I saw that scene yesterday and i was like "BOOOOM"

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