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"Easter" means "Eastern Sunrise" (Celebration) = Last Supper? Tiwanaku God = "Baby Sun"

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Happy Solstice Month to everybody! This video covers several topics! Why is the year celebrated from January 1, which is several days after the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere? Why not celebrate the summer solstice? The baby sun god (Hercules/Apollo) is actually very similar to the god Koliada in Europe. This is seen at Tiwanaku. The baby sun god lasts from its birth on Dec 25, until the Spring Equinox on March 25th. The Tiwanaku doorway is therefore the doorway for a procession into a 'rebirth of the sun' temple. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koliada_(deity) Koliada will become Yarilo after March 25th, an adolescent. These first two deities were obviously replaced by Jesus. After that he will become Kupala, (Cupid) the mighty sun, appearing after the solstice in summer. (This was replaced by the festival of John the Baptist, whose mature head replaced the solar head) Then the aged sun, possibly replaced by the 'Head of God' seen in various churches, and which differs from the long haired 'John the Baptist' images. All this information, very hard to get, unknown in the west, but thanks to Wikipedia, we have it! It explains the various Apollo heads, John the baptist heads, in churches all over Europe. In particular see my video on the Bizarre church of St Maries in Chelmno, which relates to this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE8uuyeVTR0&t=8s What is Jesus celebrating at the last supper? Easter? The "Romans" claimed the disciples did not know why they were even there? Jesus, born at Christmas, dying at Easter, reflects the pagan transformation of the solar deity! (That weird INVALID that pops up is supposed to be a watermark heh) My websites: Old Website http://charles.kos.id.au/ Videos http://www.whatisgiza.com/ New Website http://www.charleskos.com/ Facebook author's page https://www.facebook.com/CharlesKosPhD/
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griffineagle7 (1 year ago)
the feast of john the bapist that the masons were rumoured to of started on that day and is 3 days after the 21st june is symbolic of the victory of Set but is also by christians seen as the preparation of the victory of the comming light to come in , their case jesus ...so the Winter solstice is our start because of the celebration of Lights first victory on Dec 21st
Si Pi (1 year ago)
spinny2010 (1 year ago)
Christianity superimposing itself onto the pagan solar/seasonal based culture is not a new idea. It baffles me slightly that society hasn't completely rejected the scriptural lie based doctrines, and instead embrace the archaic revival. Connecting with nature again. And in a lot jungles and cities around the world people are getting plugged directly into the Gaia matrix (can't think of a better way to call it tbh). The jury is out on our future. Oh, Charles, if you're reading this please pronounce Solstice as sol-stiss rather than sol-stice as you are pronouncing it. My only issue worth mentioning in terms of your presentation. Thanks for the entertaining, interesting and thought provoking video's.
Dawn Cantagallo (1 year ago)
Jf WHataHWHat (1 year ago)
1. comes without warning 2. sun is weakened 3. the dragon is then seen in the sky amongst the clouds its so big it looks like feathered clouds. 4. When the dragoon leaves into the abyss the SUN becomes strong and bright again. Forever watching the east for the return of the danger the man feels in his bones that is so deadly it's evil!
And this aligns exactly with Graham Hancock's theory about the Sphinx. It was created in respect to the eastern sunrise of Lio on the vernal equinox 10,000+ years ago.
Ludicrous speed (1 year ago)
John Smith (1 year ago)
matey Jesus was born between march and September. December the 25th or give or take a few days was the birthday of the pagan sun God! Easter and Ishtar sound familiar? Ishtar was a fertility goddess of the pagans! Think about easter eggs. What have eggs got to do with Jesus? nothing! Eggs and Ishtar? well she's the goddess of fertility so she needs eggs
livewellbehappy (1 year ago)
We roll hard boiled decorated eggs along the ground at Easter. I was taught it was to symbolize the rolling away of the stone to Jesus grave. Then I discovered it was an ancient ritual about Spring and fertilizing the ground long before Jesus came on the scene. This actually put me off Christianity because if they can twist this little ritual what else has been spun to fit a particular belief.
Billy Whyte (1 year ago)
Hi folks. I can't speak for any of you or Dr Kos... but from my perspective it appears that as intelligent beings we are both gifted & blighted. We are educated with religious/moral teachings we are expected to follow or be outcast. Subsequently we end up with more questions in our core than the answers doctrine provides. An entire mysterious Universe dangles within & all around.. just outwith our reach. It is natural and good to query and speculate if our intentions are good. Our christian world order did not begin 2000yrs ago with an isolated miracle resetting the clock of space/time... rather it might have been the birth of disorder. Chaos! Check out this vid by Randall Carlson... he puts a logical argument forward on a astronomical timescale https://youtu.be/RkFjPUsLpkU
Billy Whyte (1 year ago)
Great quote by Randall Carlson.. "text books in stone" wow!
Francesca (1 year ago)
I can't find anywhere, where the council of Nicea discussed what books would be in the bible. I think you have that wrong?
Not Anna Jones (1 year ago)
Charles, I just found this on youtube. Thought you would find it super interesting. I did. I think this is key info. Please work your research magic and tell us what you think! https://youtu.be/ImPSfcnlCiY
MrCHINBAG (1 year ago)
Easter comes from the name Ishtar
Charles Kos (1 year ago)
Maybe if Europeans came from Syria that would be correct.
Armagideon (1 year ago)
Easter derives from the european pagan (Celtic? not sure) goddess, Oestre. The female hormone oestrogen, is named after her. She was a goddess of fecundity and fertility and her festival was celebrated in spring, though I'm not sure when. Possibly at the equinox in March. The christians co-opted the festival, name and all, and moved it to the first weekend following the first full moon after the equinox, which is where it is now.
Steel Standing (1 year ago)
Agriculture, the lifenerve of all people, it is dependent on the seasons and they have been mixed in with the divine for all ages, have read that up here in Scandinavia before we became Christian, we used to sacrifice our leaders to the Gods if harvest failed. The leaders where the ones in touch with the gods as they ran the "Blot", it was their responsibility as they where both spiritual and worldly leaders. They where magic battle priests in a sense, expected to give victory at war and fertility at peace. And it is fertility and death that it all revolves around. Same with the Egyptians and their way of dividing the day, a year, a life in to similar ways like the Slavic sungod, they had Ra, and the old Egyptian word for dying was "westing" like the sun did in the west when it sets, the death of the Sun each day. Then the Scarab comes and rolls the Sun back in to the sky, the newborn day, the infant day, symbolised by the Kheper or the "Driller" the scarab is an hemafrodite, like an infant its not a boy or a girl yet, its just a newborn, like the dawn where the day is not yet decided or like a life of a human at infancy. The Christian churches in general holds the Sun day Holy not the sabbath like Jesus preached, and to top it of, the square of St. Peter is a giant vesica pisces, complete with the erect fallos. In Sweden they still erect the fallos on summer solstice, adding rings of leafs as the "balls" and young women dance around it with ribbons tied to it braiding a pattern, its a family event, so many dont have the full understanding of the symbols in use, but the tradition is millennia old, pre Christian. The Communion was borrowed from the Mithras cult. Dionysos the fertility god of old Greece, smal statues of him showing crucifixion as his death at the end of the year, before rising as a newborn baby, like the plants in the spring. Fertility, death and birth all the way, for both flora and fauna, including us.
Legend bruh (1 year ago)
Thanks Charlie boy got me thinking there..
So the painter was with Jesus that day. Error and imagination. Like all past false religions the source is the knowledge of the Incarnation of the Word plus imagination. Like the fake gnostic bs. The Scriptures are like no other book. The better story is God's story but ungrateful humans prefer the counterfeit bad fables.
Mee Too (1 year ago)
F I N A L L Y 💙
The Real Slim Adie (1 year ago)
Babes, we need to talk about your pronunciation of 'solstice'.
Charles Kos (1 year ago)
But we really do pronounce it like this over here! :(
Not Anna Jones (1 year ago)
Thanks Charles for another great video!!
Charles Kos (1 year ago)
Thank you for watching!
Neuro . Genesis (1 year ago)
You need bosley
edna bell (1 year ago)
The picture at the beginning,is so much more than it appears to be if u have eyes to see? Jesus has 2 legs under him one his and the other looks like it belong to the one comforting him put its not his either ? There is something going on in the picture really look at the colors of what they are wearing to how they are positioned to the placement of the objects on the table ?? one big plate of fish one small plate of fish? The picture is an illusion !! Something totally different going on and if you really look u might figure it out ?? GREAT VIDEO !!!
Charles Kos (1 year ago)
Thanks! Yeah it's a funny-looking pic all right!
Adam Hurley (1 year ago)
hahahah!!!! that cut to the festival was hilarious!! great stuff
Charles Kos (1 year ago)
lol, thanks, i think!
Bryon Lape (1 year ago)
Jesus wasn't born on Christmas and he wasn't celebrating Easter. Those are traditions added later, perhaps some as early as the late first century.
Lost in Brent (1 year ago)
"oh, I didn't see you there" Intro is killing me! Hahaha! Love your work, Charles!
Mee Too (1 year ago)
Brent Ritchie 😀
Reggie Smith (1 year ago)
Dr Chuckie you didn't research this one as good as you normally do
Marcus Chalk (1 year ago)
On the Druid Year Wheel. The year begins at Imbolc.
Charles Kos (1 year ago)
steve clark (1 year ago)
religion is pure bullshit
Derek Jinks (1 year ago)
the festivals around the solstices were probably tied to farming times of planting and harvesting were probably way more important then than now they would have to keep remembering the sequence as effing it up could result in hardship and starvation which could lead to conflicts with more successful neighbouring tribes/communities over resources peace (from the UK)
GIANTSECRETS (1 year ago)
Using the idea of a baby to explain a weak or stronger Sun. This sound correct but lets not confuse this with the baby Jesus or Horus. There are Pagan roots to Christianity. This is the case and Jesus is Jupiter. Jupiter was the Arch Angel Micheal. We are told a different Archangel name for Jupiter but this is wrong. Clearly it is Micheal. The proof is on top of Jupiter holding as assembly of the Gods (Angels) in Rome. This is the assembly that was called by Zeus in Plato's writings. Check my facebook page. Link on my channel. Both Jupiter and Jesus were and are called the King of Kings. There is also much evidence of Jupiter (the Arch Angel Micheal) being known to be Jesus.
Tomo Lowe (1 year ago)
bro look into the Ana lema .. It's the pattern of the sun Sirius cycle loooook into it it will click straight away
BonsaiDanielsan (1 year ago)
"I'm assuming the Romans changed the Bible because they did, at the council of Nicea". This is a very ignorant statement on your part, and one often repeated by those who have not done thorough and honest research on the topic. The fact is there are more ancient copies of the New Testament than any other ancient manuscript and scholars(both secular and religious) KNOW that the bible was not "changed" at Nicea, because there are many existing manuscripts that predate the Council of Nicea and they are the same as the translations that came later. You obviously have a presupposition(you admit it yourself by saying you "assume the Romans changed" it), but if you want to know the truth, you need only look for it and stop reading only the sources that confirm what you yourself want to believe. As for your claim that Jesus was celebrating "Easter" at the last supper...They were celebrating the most important Jewish feast, which was Passover, commemorating the angel of death passing over the dwelling places of the Jews when they were in Egypt. There is a ton of fascinating symbolism in this, as Lamb's blood was used to mark the doorways of the houses of the Jews to "ward off" the angel of death. Hence the "Lamb of God" title given to Jesus as he was the truly pure sacrifice that saves those that believe in him. The disciples weren't asking Jesus "why are we here" because they all knew why they were there. Read the text for what it actually says, not what you want it to mean, and please do more research before you make these videos.
Billy Whyte (1 year ago)
+Hey Dandy ... oops "Easter" being the key opening door & opening statement.
Billy Whyte (1 year ago)
Bonsai man...... gasp... 'bit severe, judgemental and sarcastic. You have an excellent stage from which to spread your views of how you see from mind & research how these past times happened. None of us were there & the Romans did appear an opportunistic empire. I believe Dr Kos raised the question for debate... did Jesus exist as Christ, as just Jesus the knowledgable pagan, at all -- or the Lord hung from from a tree in Egyptian & Norse mythology??? Jesus is a good story like.. but so are the others... What is your take? I think the Romans shafted us & invented christian slaves.... & the rest is there to be found fir those with eyes to see & EARS to hear.
Daniel Whitaker (1 year ago)
Never wondered why there are at least two versions of every story, parable, or myth in the Bible, BonsaiDanielsan? each with very different endings? Starts right at the beginning with two Garden of Eden stories running side by side. Which one is "true" and which one isn't? Listen to someone like Steven Ben Noon and see how things are changed regularly from the 'original' to the copies, versions, and translations you read. Maybe try reading some of the Gnostic scrolls, and see how very different the first Christians were from how they worship now. The Bible is nothing more than a conglomeration of writings from antiquity scattered through with 'historic' references, like you said, but it's cannonization was under the Romans. They chose which writings to include and which would result in your death just for reading. What people who DO study the bible say is; there are far too many inconsistancies in it for it to have any valid meaning theologically and is a social commentary more than anything else. I see the bible as one of a vast number of tactical methods in the control of populations through religion. I like the new format Charles, and look forward to more videos. Your research is impeccable. I'm impressed at how you don't stop looking when you reach your belief, but push past the belief to the truth.
Charles Kos (1 year ago)
Which are...?
BonsaiDanielsan (1 year ago)
The sources I'm referring to are the actual existing ancient manuscripts, not books written by modern authors. They aren't "my" sources.
David hill (1 year ago)
great info Charles, your observations make you think! thanks
Charles Kos (1 year ago)
TheRooftopSHOUT (1 year ago)
Try Passover.
Mr Rooter (1 year ago)
very interesting thank you!
Charles Kos (1 year ago)
David Vo (1 year ago)
Awesome video man
Charles Kos (1 year ago)
Thanks David!
Amaterasu Solar (1 year ago)
Is it because the psychopaths in control are led by some Entity that keeps these holy days running in Human society? Not, I think, metaphysical, but ET, who used Their advanced tech back in the day to appear magical... Is this part of the worship still practiced within those circles? Thus We find institutions run by the psychopaths perpetuating the traditions in different cloaks? My speculation...
ARWD AWD (1 year ago)
the serpent in the bible is a reptilian alien.
Amaterasu Solar (1 year ago)
Well... Given that many ancient texts speak of "Gods" from the sky, the Dogon tribe that knew all about the Sirius system, stories from around the globe of the "war of the Gods" above the planet, and other such data, I have to give some probability to My speculation. [smile]
Charles Kos (1 year ago)
Charles Kos (1 year ago)
Hey everybody! Please sub and thumbs up 'cos it annoys the haters, and for the truth!'
Not Anna Jones (1 year ago)
I always thumbs up so that your videos will stay in my suggested list. :) And yes my notifications are on.

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