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Coldplay - Magic (Cover By Derran Day)

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Text Comments (786)
Alif Syauqi (11 days ago)
your voice is amazing!
NakiaSimone (2 months ago)
Okay Craig Mario David Derran! I see you 🤗
Lidya (3 months ago)
Still the best cover of this song
Angelic Cox (5 months ago)
Your voice is smooth like warm butter .
SoFlyy Suasian (7 months ago)
Still my FAVEEE 😍😍😍
Walid (7 months ago)
Armand Kahlel (8 months ago)
come back mann:(
Impresionante 😧
Kay K (9 months ago)
How can anyone dislike? I loved this
AlphaNate (10 months ago)
Whose watching in 2020?
Beatriz Nascimento (10 months ago)
the best cover ever
Bex K (11 months ago)
Can u get this on Spotify 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼❤️
Lidya (11 months ago)
Still my favourite cover of this song. Fairly certain I listen to this one more than the original.
Othon Pedro (11 months ago)
I love it
Tania Richards (1 year ago)
Still amazing
Pedro Silva (1 year ago)
Please, more videos, music, and covers... i love you.
John Decker (1 year ago)
Where you guys at?
nicholas martin (1 year ago)
bro we need more covers i miss the music bruh where u at mr. day
BARBIE'S WORLD (1 year ago)
2018 still here
Tom Huges (1 year ago)
4 years later this is still a tune. His voice is wedding shit 😂
terramonde (1 year ago)
Badass! The boat a ya! 🤒
Gabriel Melo (1 year ago)
woww fuck! Nice... very Nice man
perplexed_ hearts (1 year ago)
I still love this cover.
Jadir Neto (2 years ago)
Alguém do Brasil por aqui?
George Newman (2 years ago)
I tell you what bruv you've got one of the best voices I've heard but I typed you in spotify and all there was was 2 songs and they were like your trying to be current club songs and they were shit stick to what your good at bruv and you will make it
George Newman (2 years ago)
I say this cause this version of this song is my favourite thing ever both of you
Monika B (2 years ago)
Best cover ever
Jonei Northcutt (2 years ago)
I have been listening to this song almost every day for the last 2 years 😊 so warming
tinydragon264 (2 years ago)
On word. Brilliant!!
hilma rose (2 years ago)
I love this song
hilma rose (2 years ago)
I liked this
LovingAtlanta (2 years ago)
👍 I wish you could get a musical spot on Empire. How do you not have millions of subs??!!?! Pure talent! 🤗💞🤗
ly24 (2 years ago)
Derran, will you marry me?
Tania Richards (1 year ago)
And me
David Davesby (2 years ago)
So I'm a straight dude, but this guy makes me think otherwise. Boy is blessed with both unbelievable looks and voice. I'm very jealous.
marcelo lopes (2 years ago)
very nice guys!
M.W.N Productionz (2 years ago)
chords pllz with capo
freddie rojas (2 years ago)
A, D, Fm, E. You can strum along with those chords with out the capo
James Guccione (2 years ago)
Fame! You wouldn't be willing to put up keys would you? Would like to do a piano cover of ya'lls version.
AHPS 2018 (2 years ago)
God damn man that dude singing is the shit
Ilyass Naout (2 years ago)
nice cover bro/ fom morocco <3
Jeison Perdomo (2 years ago)
Please re-do and give verse 2 to Tori. <3
Jeison Perdomo (2 years ago)
Then slow it down and sing it at my future wedding lol
Smoked it man!
joanna boon (2 years ago)
Beautifull and a amazing voice better then the original for sure (Buth also the boy with the gitar he have a nice sound in his voice
Dorail Crayton (2 years ago)
Sfiso Kunene (2 years ago)
Bushra (3 years ago)
Oh my god 😭💜💜💜💜💜💜.
Sara Humia (3 years ago)
Your version is amezing ! <3
Alexandra J (3 years ago)
I can't stop watching this
Richardson Oliveira (3 years ago)
Luana Campos (3 years ago)
vineet sheemar (3 years ago)
little bit of justin beiber here and there but overall very original and great voice
Amber McAfee (3 years ago)
Great Sound!
José Santos (3 years ago)
amazing voice.
Mariah Glenn (3 years ago)
Doesn't sound like a Coldplay song. Awesome 😊👍🏻
myafaith0825 (3 years ago)
this is one of my fav coldplay songs. great job derran!
Balla Baby (3 years ago)
still your best cover in my opinion
dani suarez (3 years ago)
ugh this song<3 congrats to the both of you for real you guys are beautifully classic
amelynkrys (3 years ago)
Yris Ventura (3 years ago)
ta muito massa
Suellen Pereira (3 years ago)
+Yris Ventura muito bom mesmo =)
erin exline (3 years ago)
:) i LOVE this version! Your voice is amazing....the end makes me cry lol <3
Joel Linkomola (3 years ago)
what are the chords that he's using?
Sawsan Speede (3 years ago)
your voice is magic.
fantasiaroberts (3 years ago)
you are amazing.. your voice..I just wanted to cry..👌💓💓👌
mydogiscrazy13 (3 years ago)
I want this sung at my wedding, but only HIM singing it.
Christina Williams (3 years ago)
I call it magic, what ever created you, I call it magic, can they make two? lolz (one for me) jk jk
Kevnhelm Gubbenheimer (1 year ago)
Christina Meadows , actually there is in fact two of him, he has an identical twin Brother. Look it up. Enjoy and good luck
unique brand (3 years ago)
sweet voice
Clayton De Oliveira (3 years ago)
great cover!
Sofia S (3 years ago)
Jaysal Agua (3 years ago)
wow! SUBSCRIBED!! newest fan! love the way u feel the songs when u sing
Laura Rychlik (3 years ago)
Holy smokes pure in love with your voice!
Jean Carllos (3 years ago)
Parabéns....Muito bom
Lucifer688 (3 years ago)
Amani Bisle (3 years ago)
Listening to your music honestly puts me into the best mood. Love your voice. Thank you for sharing your art.
Allan Ferreira (3 years ago)
Congrat guys !! pure talent !!!
Jaste (3 years ago)
Great cover! Check out our version of Magic on our page :)
David Goudy (3 years ago)
Haha I hate this dude bc his voice is golden and he's an amazing looking dude. SCREW YOU but keep it up brother
D. Chiaroscuro (3 years ago)
Jordan Mackintosh (3 years ago)
I want the tabs for this song ! Great rendition:)
Reine Rouge (3 years ago)
Omg I'm I love with your voice dang 😍😍
Olivier olimz (3 years ago)
Miriam Silva (3 years ago)
love it,
Ikram Fasih (3 years ago)
Love it <3
Rhiannon Owen (3 years ago)
Amazing! This was my brother and his wife's first dance in their wedding last night! Beautiful song!
Ace Ledger (3 years ago)
love your voice....... sing to me why dont you!
Gen Cazalez (3 years ago)
This needs to go on iTunes!
David Goudy (3 years ago)
Idk what u guys are saying... This is better than the original hands down.
Joel Davis (3 years ago)
Can someone tell me what brand of guitar this is?? I thought i saw Taylor
Rob Ramble (3 years ago)
Yep Taylor. Sweet guitars. I don't do acoustic though. What did you get?
Julie Bee (3 years ago)
You guys are awesome together
CMGomez7 (3 years ago)
Great cover!! Xxx
Jacob Brown (3 years ago)
How do we get your guys CD? damn you guys are the truth! lol
Tyler Tennis (3 years ago)
This is Weston btw
Tyler Tennis (3 years ago)
You should do a cover of- like I can by Sam smith!!!
Naomi Prentice (3 years ago)
+Tyler Tennis YES
Thales Bessa (4 years ago)
Well done! What a lovely voice...
Anne Griffon (4 years ago)
Omg I'm in love
Destiny Hackney (4 years ago)
Jeremy Riley (4 years ago)
nice man !
Ash Reed (4 years ago)
I love how he spins it his own way but still keeps the essence of the song. Nothing's better than the original, in my opinion, but this comes close.
smh shama (4 years ago)
your voice is so beautiful - i didn't hear the real song till now but i think ill be disappointed by the real song after hearing your cover
Eli Gomez (4 years ago)
<3 hermoso!!
Nikolay Pavlov (4 years ago)
Keep it up,ur awesome. Amazing to see the effort u've put in this cover and how well it fits to your style. Thumbs up from Bulgaria.
Mia Daws (4 years ago)
This is amazing!
Zinnia TCC (4 years ago)
Wow, you are a beautiful man XD Love the cover, your voice sounds amazing and this is one of my favorite songs.

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