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Alabama State Marching in Magic City Classic

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franklin taylor (1 day ago)
... Whatever, you former SLAVES need to March your Black Asses back to that Goddamn Plantation... Fucking Cotton Picking, Chicken and Biscuit eating Negros!
Rubens Oliveira (1 day ago)
Gostaria de ouvir a banda tocar!
Mark Brown (5 days ago)
Go girl on the cymbals. I know that shit is hard and your keeping up. Hats off to you.
PNUT Smith (7 days ago)
Well I will never get that twelve and a half minutes back ..... waste of time
Armysdiva (7 days ago)
Simir Johnson (11 days ago)
Racist - not one white person.
Tramaine318 (17 days ago)
A white girl in a black college band? Disgusting! They can’t let us have anything!
Crimea (24 days ago)
Marching band or striptis....
charles moffett (25 days ago)
Is this not a racist band / university? Not a white person in sight.
Hasan x (10 days ago)
fault the racist whites who refuse to go join. don't go the games, buy paraphernalia,etc.. it's a public University open to all. Racist society.
ninedragons1 (27 days ago)
What is it about the drums that pleases the negro so?
cybergrind (1 month ago)
like my three wise kings i seen them on dr Phil looking for me Jesus
はとりきみのり (1 month ago)
Nutty World Rut (1 month ago)
Talkin' about my peops all over - Ice say we('re) COOL and Fire say we('re) HOT!
bigsisga (1 month ago)
The camera man is too close!!!
whiteclifffl (2 months ago)
So... Where is the diversity in this band??
LowBudgetCamaro (2 months ago)
If I were to get an MBA at Alabama. . . could I join the band? I'm only 53. . . ha ha ha
Cool Dude (2 months ago)
I don’t see how these kids manage to stay on beat. My ass woulda got distracted by the other band’s cadence
the camera man acts like he is drunk
Big Boi Yayo (3 months ago)
Why drum majors look like they smell something stink lol
Tericita Heard (3 months ago)
Jeremy Joseph (4 months ago)
Is there any band out there really fucking with Southern University? From style to arraignments? Who needs 3-4 drum majors really? Asking for a friend.
Mr. Wavy McGrady (4 months ago)
Mardi gras down in mobile AL kinda vibe
Octavia Silly (4 months ago)
Second time I have clicked on a coloured marching band to show some young girls something. And you show us nothing but walking around. Ugh
TheOnynca (4 months ago)
Bless every single one of you in the band and your Band leader! Everyone did a fantastic job! Sounds wonderful!!!
Charita Lucky (5 months ago)
The drum majors seem weird but they did awesome dick to ass that long SMH
THE NICE ONES (5 months ago)
Fredrick Berry (5 months ago)
Chris Robinson (5 months ago)
Who is the young lady on cymbals. ..I do not care what anyone says this lady is playing with heart and giving it all I mean focused to the max I like that although rare I like what see...the young lady is bringing it....who is she
kddog88 (5 months ago)
The camera person sucks.
Thank you for watching :-)
Donald Evans (5 months ago)
Zam Zam (5 months ago)
Snares at the entrance str8 WICKED!!!!!
Lutanyer Scott (5 months ago)
One of the baddest marching band in the south.
Lutanyer Scott (5 months ago)
ASU MOM!!!!!! Go Hornets!!!!!
Mamiya Phan (6 months ago)
That's some African tribal war music man. When the other tribe heard those drums, they threw down their spears, turned around and ran!
Mamiya Phan (6 months ago)
Those women are sooooo adorable!
slickingdom (6 months ago)
Yes!!! Love it!!! The grills on them Drum Majors!!! LOL
Bianca Da Drummer (6 months ago)
Drum majors 😍😍😍😍
S Dolan (6 months ago)
Angel Colantuono (6 months ago)
Yo honestly this was boring to watch I thought it was going to be like the movie but this shit was whack.
Jana Cam (6 months ago)
Alright Alma Mater, show up & show out every single time. Loved it!!!! #ASULifestyle
djtjtoo 72 (7 months ago)
John Chestnutt (7 months ago)
What a strange phenomenon. Bad football, the band is a greater priority obviously putting in a lot of work, and nobody in the stands to see either.
Mingo Tubman (7 months ago)
heckauva intro cadence!!!
canrobert jules (7 months ago)
New Zulu land ????
Carl Bishop (8 months ago)
Marshall Smith (3 months ago)
Britain is Rubbish ! Get your prayer rug and bend over 🤔 !
Darrell P (8 months ago)
This is the best entrance for a marching band of all time!
Blessing Oluwatayo (8 months ago)
Dennis johnson (8 months ago)
The drum majors where on point
dale carney (8 months ago)
is it me, or do they all seem to look angry
Mike F (8 months ago)
Black dci. 🍆💧
Joachim Dittrich (8 months ago)
As a german "Whitie: i love it!
Andy OwO (8 months ago)
This camera man stressed me out
Jason (8 months ago)
Black band. How RACIST
Jerome Nelson (3 months ago)
There's a few Whites sprinkled in here n there.Dnt get ya Panties n a Bunch!
moonglare (8 months ago)
cool as chit
Queen Mahasa (8 months ago)
The video person sucks... I mean sucks... If this video was done right it would highlight the band where people can actually see.. And want to be apart of it....
Charles Pope (28 days ago)
Queen Mahasa (8 months ago)
And if it's you.. Who filmed sorry... You did horrible job.. I wouldn't paid you for junk... If it's a friend or family.. They suck and should not do this for money... But for fun..
Queen Mahasa (28 days ago)
VisualX Do you realize your doing to much over MY OPINION.. First this man seems to be with the school... Everyone else was on the sidelines recording.. Which means he filming for the school... Which means it sucks.. Period... You can go on and on... Sticking up for stuff that could be better is only hurting them.. This a college ... And high school students cover games has done better... This my opinion... And nothing you can say change that... Period.. Why it's likes are so low for this video... The band is doing they're thing but you can't really tell cause the video person sucks... And please I could cover this and wouldn't be in the band way getting knocked out.. I wouldn't be up. People nose.. Video is talent that boy did not have.. My daughter is in photography... If this boy was or is part of the school Media or photography class or club... Again sucks.... Would any one want to watch a game the way he filmed.. Nope..
VisualX (8 months ago)
Queen Mahasa You’re asking for too much from one person. You have to realize other people are going to be recording the same thing, so what’ll set you apart from everyone else. He’s in a confined space there only so much you can capture. People don’t understand what it takes to record period. I could give you a camera in the same situation and I you’d be lost.
Queen Mahasa (8 months ago)
VisualX If you feel that way.. That is you... But I wouldn't trust you to over see my video project.. This video could of been 100 times better.. It could of had angles that we would never get to see unless we was him/her.. But instead... We have a video that is focused on certain members close up.. Etc.. We do not have a clear view of the band going up the stars... Or the line the band walking through... If this is the best the college have as video... 😕 sorry it sucks.. These video is like advertising for the band and the school... But it looks like a bad fan did this.. Thumbs down.. And you supporting doesn't change the truth... We got to start representing our schools with more pride and dignity...
Kellie Carter (8 months ago)
Awesome, love it😍😍
Durrell LeGrair Music (9 months ago)
Some of the worst camerawork. Tip one: stay out of the performers' way.
Jose Nazarit (9 months ago)
Why do they never show chubby girls?
Homeless Pirate (9 months ago)
Nice to see African band.
Erikas. Gerasberniukas (9 months ago)
Visiems,sekmes darbe
earline poole (9 months ago)
smb10011001 (9 months ago)
And that's just how they get into the stands!
T_ miche_ (10 months ago)
Worst photographer ever, great band, captured poorly
cattycorner (10 months ago)
drum majors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wanda Elaine (10 months ago)
Look at these proud marchers...such a fan!
megan ochs (11 months ago)
Damn, this camera guy was uncomfortably close...
Deeky (11 months ago)
The drum majors look goofy bunch together
#1-Bama gurl (1 year ago)
I love those drum majors...I never saw the reality show but I can see why they got a show. They are very entertaining, IMO
StamfordBridge (1 year ago)
Epic. Makes me proud to be American.
D Ree (1 year ago)
If they don't hold that damn sign level!
Khylon Pearson (1 year ago)
I hate this band
marshall smith (1 year ago)
Khylon Pearson if you AIN Gettin hate then you ain shit ! Thanks for da compliment tho ! 😕
AfroChicMedia (1 year ago)
Intuitive Ha Mische (1 year ago)
if they want ONE drum major , JUST GET ONE , instead of fussin 10 ballz innerwined
Intuitive Ha Mische (1 year ago)
what is the head directors name?
Intuitive Ha Mische (1 year ago)
Somebody please respond AND THANKS IN ADVANCE . Is this the band that did the reality show a few years back ?? what was the director name
Intuitive Ha Mische (1 year ago)
Somebody please respond AND THANKS IN ADVANCE . Is this the band that did the reality show a few years back ?? what was the director name
Sommer Baker (1 year ago)
Camera peopl get wau to damn close.
The Lady Hodges (1 year ago)
Just stone COLD! LOVE IT!
Anika Allen (1 year ago)
Did Rickey smiley sneak back in as a drum major?
Maurice Moore (1 year ago)
That's so gay to me lol but I like the bad alot
Nutty World Rut (8 months ago)
Maurice Moore Maybe they respect our HERITAGE and the SHOW more than they care about what it LOOKS like to some people. PEACE
ThaReal G. (1 year ago)
That Shit is Baaaaddddd!! Gets me Hype....Lets go to war.... Wish we had that in Highschool for Football!
Leslie Duncan (1 year ago)
Damn sure glad it did not take our ass this long to get into the classic back in the mid 1970’s. I would have been to tired to play at halftime. Damn drum majors don’t play a freaking note and everybody’s in love with them!!
Chiamaka Ifeoma Uzoma (1 year ago)
I love HBCU bands and high school bands that are run in this style! I always wanted to be a majorette but I fucked around and got pregnant so that’s that.
MizzBankable (1 year ago)
Hey YouTube, can somebody explain the “ugly” face that the band members make? I’ve watched several HBC schools (all I’ve watched) and they seem to all do it. What is that about?
Do4self 1 (1 year ago)
African warrior music!
peachmari (8 months ago)
thats the feeling i got too
mokaspyc (1 year ago)
Mighty they were ! An amazing job and that side walk and that close up stare of them drum majors was so on point ! Yes, Mighty they were !
ElfHighMage (1 year ago)
When you know the band has as much athletic talent as the players.
MOBROOKS (1 year ago)
Damn that beat at the beginning was hard as hell!! Those snares and symbols are aggressive af!!!
Butterfly (5 months ago)
MOBROOKS I played in high school in Memphis snare drum only female for four years was bad to the bone became captain..something bout that drum beat!! Went on to play for Tennessee State!
Genile Bankai Elric (1 year ago)
Positively Badasses when they come out.....oh yea....... Got to do it with flair and style!
death cure (1 year ago)
Omg!!! What cadence is this called
marshall smith (1 year ago)
Sharod hornet bout da sting dat ass 😋? Jus guessing . Famu has their Rattler / slow one ; even tho it's fast as shit , i like . ASU 's is kinda like what a hornets nest would sound like . check out grambling enters TCU . LOVE Tradition Always . let da haters do what dey do 😒 . hit me up if u find tha name of cadence .
Romona Robinson (1 year ago)
So exciting, professional
Krysshonda Williams (1 year ago)
@ :22 seconds... That is tight! Love this!
Lotus Bee (1 year ago)
They are so awesome
Rachael Maldonado (1 year ago)
vevery inch of me sometimes goes to war ;; and all you all do is put me in their faces;; really you all give me to the enemy;; with out remorse;; and hate can go a long way'/
SuperMarkus35 (1 year ago)
yes..I would lick every pussy
Darius Pour (1 year ago)
A Fucking unbelievable disgrace. All of those young fine ass Black gals wearing next to nothing and the camera guy can't hold the fucking camera still. What the FUCK is the matter with people?
SheDreams (1 year ago)
He messed up when he took it off the girls intro
Sabrina Doctor (1 year ago)
❤️👊🏽❤️👊🏽❤️😻😻😻 Black Power ❤️👊🏽❤️👊🏽

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