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Hypergamy Experiment: Will They Date Him For His Money

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Alexander Grace (6 months ago)
Is this format good for getting to the truth of female preferences? Check out my personal thoughts here: https://www.patreon.com/redpillinterviews
penkop2012 (4 days ago)
is the dude your boyfriend?
Derby Girls (1 month ago)
Just watch their eyes folks. As soon as Google and Apple came up their eyes keep darting back at the profile. It gets more obvious as the money is shown. One girl even grabs her necklace. That is a sure tell that she is ready to shank her girlfriend just to get the first shot at this guy. All these people combined aren't worth the rich guy's dirty underwear. This guy can get models and these silly girls are like....ohhh I'd let him be my friend for a while. LOL LOL LOL. This guy has 200 friends....they are called his employees. What does he need with a (what race is she) narcissist?
Lazy Art bloke. (1 month ago)
The black girl was cool, the rest were Cunts. 19 yr olds don't know shit about shit.
Brandon Hines (1 month ago)
im sure someone asked this but, 2 of those girls are clearly American... I take it that's on purpose and... they went to Sydney for school??, and the Aussie chic on the right has a texas state shirt?... I realize more and more how our politics and culture, and people are everywhere... why? or could someone elaborate? also the darker girl is the only one that seems legit good person, the americans fail completely, surprise surprise lol
Nightbob (2 months ago)
of course not. You always have to watch the behavior, not what they say. That's literally like rule 1 of being red pilled.
DRINK BLEACH (35 minutes ago)
That guy in the video though.
Prissila Constantino (1 hour ago)
Andrew Rabbitt (3 hours ago)
The best part about this video is watching all the nubile boobs wobble which is about all girls this age are good for. I'd forgotten how stupid they mostly are - great bodies but nothing developed yet between the ears.
BillyBob Roberts (9 hours ago)
They want money Check out Arnold Swarztzeneggars the Director of Tales from the Crypt where an old man traded his fortune for a woman then she dumped him for someone with money. You will never have happiness with a woman or a man or anything Life is full of Things that appear to be something but they are not what you had hoped for.
thekittenfreakify (13 hours ago)
Hmm saddening to see this.
Wiam L. (14 hours ago)
you have only confirmed that everyone likes money. The guy in the video has the same reaction. It's not just about money, successful people are attractive in the sense that a lot of people admire them and want to be around them. Same for attractive people, successful, adventurous... anything that is out of the ordinary in a good way is attractive. Stop being pussies and complaining about everything that women do
juicepimpson (1 day ago)
Only the black girl would get a second look I'm. The guy was the worst. . . . .
Jack Cornelius (1 day ago)
I notice some face and hair touching and lip licking as his achievements starting popping up. Tells are more honest than the words they said. Money matters.
xSpenceRx (1 day ago)
scott sanger (1 day ago)
they all have one thing in common..............they all lie thru their teeth.
scott sanger (1 day ago)
ask 18 , 23,28,32 yr olds. women love opportunistically...............MONEY TALKS all else walks.
Mr Mavvy (1 day ago)
The black girl is super attractive from all aspects.
Henerick Sedier (1 day ago)
She's an actress black girls like that don't exist.
AnUtter Mesh (1 day ago)
This shits fking depressing. And they wonder why so many men are not motivated to date anymore. They see shit like this constantly and it warps their perception about women. Who can blame them?
ba b (2 days ago)
LMAO its so funny how some of the women claim where would he have time to date me yet in america with well over half of women in their 20's to 40's are already singles moms always claiming their kids come firts and their jobs etc etc etc bull shit but want men to understand their circumstances.... women cant seem to do the same.. fucking cunts
ba b (2 days ago)
he just doesnt have time but men are always supposed to make time so fuckign pathetic
ba b (2 days ago)
these women are pathetic and don't even deserve to clean the mans house just look at their attitudes..... these bitches couldn't even be good at working at fast food. let alone making a million dollar man feel like a million dollars.... no they would only try to suck his hard earned money out of him because they have tits.... pathetic..... if i ever hear the word rape i think first what women try to do to men
ba b (2 days ago)
those two cunts showing their half the tits the whole time are the most judgmental of all. wtf do they HAVE GOING FOR THEM at first they are acting like "why would we ever date this guy a virgin? he could never please ME" to then acting like omg MAYBE HE HAS A CHANCE WITH ME stupid fucking cunts.... they are 6's at best and it will only get worse for them with age.... but this is the modern age..... women like them think they deserve a man that looks like channing tatum and have enough sexual experience as a porn star but also be as rich as steve jobs.... ...... fucking worthless cunts wonder why men are sick of this shit I MEAN REAL MEN..... not beta male cuks who defend them at everything
Not your business (2 days ago)
Why are they interviewing a man
dennis bryan (2 days ago)
Make a pos profile you know likes to drink, doesn't hold a job, drugs most likely but give him a maybe we can fix him vibe
SR MATLOCK (2 days ago)
SR MATLOCK (2 days ago)
Michael Avery (3 days ago)
It would be interesting to have approached this from different angle. Disclosed the statistical info starting with the photo and at each revel, had the girls react and then pose a counter point based on what relationships should be about with the concept of actual Love, fairplay and true honesty involved. I believe that at some point girls become women, I mean, in that girls change and learn to rely on easy way out options instead trying to make things work from a responsibility aspect instead of a golden parachute option. I.E. The, ultimately I can't lose that may or may not be in the back of their minds from the start.
sim sparck (4 days ago)
For men the urge to fuck is a biological flaw put by nature to see women "valuable".
stallon brown (5 days ago)
Women are not stupid to say openly that they might live with a guy just for money. I think the man in the video is quite new to the dating game.I think he spills some beans here and there.
Brían Regan (5 days ago)
Lol, the only one who showed a willingness to date him JUST because of the money, was the gay man.....
SeFu2006 (5 days ago)
The gay guy was funny
Sir Footinmouth (5 days ago)
A lot of girls would like the fact that hes a virgin
Bryce Allen (6 days ago)
Hypergamist women never understand that rich men have no reason to settle down with them.
pleasebringmeback (6 days ago)
Golddiggin' Liberal NPC's minus the blackgirl..
Bonnie Archie (6 days ago)
I do love hearing that faggot!! The true nature of these poor poor labeled gentlemen..He's a cunt..For whatever reason he thinks he's something too? Bets let him know he's a 5..
Bonnie Archie (6 days ago)
This freakin gay dude cracks me up.Is he gay dude? WTF!! He wont care what you say...
Bonnie Archie (6 days ago)
The fag is the most critical of all.The biracial girl has a brain...YOu guys have as many idiot in college as we do here...If LIberals have their way, everyone will end up spending their lives in college never producing anything..
Bonnie Archie (6 days ago)
Nice tits!! Wow!! Love those on that first girl.I'd pay for her ass sure I would..Only if she promised to exit quickly..Just put her on in a bikini...
Rizal Ariffin (6 days ago)
I cant focus on their conversations because of that boobs 😂
sc06mad (6 days ago)
with that amount of money, he can own a harem of superb whores on payroll. and if he is so clung to his celibacy he can just let them jerk him off with their feet or strapon him, it's just as good as regular sex and he can remain a virgin till his death
Rav Singh (6 days ago)
The guy on here is one of the biggest assholes I've heard for a long time. His comments make no sense, he seems shallow, narcissistic, materialistic and ignorant.
mojo master (6 days ago)
if you have 65 million you shouldnt be dating women you should just hire high quality prostitutes who will worship you lol
fturla (6 days ago)
Isn't it possible our standards are just a tad high? (The American President 1995) What is so amazing is these people's standards are too high, and they can't see it immediately. Above average on looks, above average on height, above average on age, above average on wealth, above average on just about every aspect and all you say is maybe? Are you f#cking kidding me?
blueascetic (6 days ago)
Immediately I'd date him. He's cute & has a masters! Over a rich guy
Veronica Love (6 days ago)
Women should try to secure a husband that is financially secure, as well as mature, responsible in addition to natural chemistry. I see nothing wrong with any of these women. I'm glad they wouldn't want to jump him because he's a man. I am glad they are thinking and being picky. They should be picky. Most men are crap.
Chuck (7 days ago)
I almost wished you would give these people that you interview the links to your youtube video post, so they can see what a crowd of people think of them. This video sure did confirm how ugly all these people are with the exception of the black girl, very sweet! These peoiple are so ugly and remind me of overused condom mistakes! The more videos I watch, the more obvious how Extremely 2 faced women are! Night and Day answers! Watching these videos makes me glad to have been single.
Magnús Másson (7 days ago)
Don't date these shallow bitches.
Kami no shippai (7 days ago)
The moment they saw the Google and Apple employers, these bitches went full predator mode.
Jamie Tanner (8 days ago)
lmao. at first thay said he is too old. then they said omg he is so accomplished at 29. fickle retards
graham orr (8 days ago)
funny to see the tables turn by the end, demonstrating women's shallow hypergamy.
Agimus78 (8 days ago)
So being a virgin is a bad thing!?29 old!??😂 What is that faggot doing in this video? That black girl was the coolest and these all others are future single mothers for some fuckboys bastard kids.
Mark Landrebe (8 days ago)
But he's rich, that's pretty cool . . .<---- wonder what she has to offer, besides a pussy!
Chris Regimbal (8 days ago)
these girls would literally kill their best friend to have a chance to tap this guys resources, why do you even do this women lie through their teeth all the time
bb77077 (8 days ago)
The black girl was beautiful and a saving grace for women. The other privileged white girls can go to hell.
Ninth Symphony (8 days ago)
"Not my type": see you next week on blacked lmfao
Brandon Morris (9 days ago)
These women are too young though. Most young girls are hypergamous. It would be nice to hear women over 30 and maybe women who have been through a decently long marriage and maybe separated.
Ashley Davis (9 days ago)
That brown skinned girl is the winner
Ashley Davis (9 days ago)
Virgin is a choice shows strength in character this vid shows what females today are about
Abhishek Dev (9 days ago)
29 years is old.....you live in 1200AD ??
Abhishek Dev (9 days ago)
Black girl was the only human being. So cute.... 😘😘
Robbie Henz (9 days ago)
Of course women are going to like men who have money. If you are ugly, unsuccessful, AND poor, what exactly do you have to offer anyone?
Earthling (9 days ago)
The one thing which sticks out like a sore thumb is the POOF who is even shallower than the women! No wonder POOFS get on with women so well!
Timothy N (9 days ago)
Since it's on camera, I kind of doubt the legitimacy of the results. I think a better test would be to create a fake online profile with the same photos, one with the info on being rich and another without (and just painting him as someone average). You can gauge the number of responses of one profile over the other (wouldn't be of the exact same people, but it'd give an overview).
Mark Time (9 days ago)
Are you actually making money from this BS?? Try telling me something I don't know already...
anottakenusername (9 days ago)
"I totally agree with everything she just said" sums up the result of whenever you interview women in a group.
anottakenusername (9 days ago)
The parts where women laugh at him for being a virgin and then try to justify changing their minds without coming off as golddiggers once they find out he is rich and successful needs to be broadcast everywhere to break the stereotype of women being the "more caring and forgiving sex."
War, Death & Taxes (9 days ago)
That brown/black girl is marriage material for sure, lucky guy will wife her, as for the rest 😐
Niko Amaya (9 days ago)
We just gonna ignore those goats, or am I missing something?
Jack Capone (10 days ago)
Friend first? Get fucked
nonubusiness (10 days ago)
I gave this a thumbs down because it wasn't a true test. The girls looked to each other for confirmation of their thoughts and social acceptance. If they'd been by themselves the answers may have been different.
Liam Eller (10 days ago)
I feel like they are all in on it, who wouldn't think this is painfully obvious. Nerd likes to bird watch but makes 65 mill? Like cmon. Unrealistic as fuck
Talon Higgins (10 days ago)
Bitches are thots. Yall want niggas who fuck hella hoes? Thats how you get played.
AuricMonkey (10 days ago)
As soon as tech consultant for google came up they could smell blood in the water
War Is Wrong (10 days ago)
They didn't catch on that it was obviously a fairy tale
Phil Fry (10 days ago)
So ridiculous the differences between the 2 sexes. Men: She looks hot and respects me, I want her. Who cares what she does for a living or if she is popular? That's all we want! Women: He needs to be 6 feet tall or taller, he needs to be financially stable. He should be in a high social status and making good money! We also prefer men who work hard and go to the gym and treat us like the princess we are!
BoOniEDoTsShOw (10 days ago)
The black lady doesn't care about him being a virgin because many of them are aggressively pursuing white men today.
Lion (11 days ago)
The black girl is the only real one
KANDORI9998 (12 days ago)
You just KNOW she is a bitch/rides the dick carousel when a guy being a virgin is a downside to her.
KANDORI9998 (12 days ago)
Unnecessary video, it was obvious the money would get them hooked.
fv margot (12 days ago)
What is that sound in the background sounds like somebody's raping a goat
Dave Marx (12 days ago)
"I wouldn't immediately go for him but after you get to know someone..." Translation "I'd string him along for a year or two while getting dick somewhere else. And if I can't find someone better by then, I guess I'll marry him and occasionally let him put his dick in me for a few minutes a year."
Dave Marx (12 days ago)
"It's always good to be with someone financially stable." Which is why so many women get left.
Dave Marx (12 days ago)
Hopefully you're doing better experiments. This had no control or differing variables.
VOIP Portland (13 days ago)
MGTOW. The juice is not worth the squeeze. SO MUCH more in life than trying to appeal to someone else or make them happy. Focus on yourself and leave these narcissists in the rear view.
Øyi (13 days ago)
So you are going out to see if women like money -not men mind you- havent you seen all the water wet comments this is not uncertain it is expected remember gentlemen. IF SHE BREATHES
Peter Moygannon (14 days ago)
i knew a guy young guy 20 years ago his grandmother passed away ..he got her house it wasn't long before the money girls turned up for a free life was pregnant within 3 months ..i saw that guy recently and asked him if he still lived in that house he said no sold it he was rideing a pushbike i wonder if any of that house is left ..id say no
Daniel Shephard (14 days ago)
This this proves people are the same everywhere as well as bing effected by the same values. The problem is there are all average people trying to be part of the larger group. This is the first sign of genuine weakness. Women across the world are discovering The Sorcerer's Secrets by Jesus Ramirez found at Amazon.com These are part of a greater Toltec Institute known among the paranormal community
DeadDollKada (20 days ago)
Something I find strange here. None of them said, "He's out of my league." I feel like a dude with that kind of profile has alot of value, but of course it's not seen the same way as a woman's profile with equivalent detail. I've heard men say that a woman is out of their league so often. It's pretty much only on 90s/early 00s tv that I've seen a woman say the same about a man.
Mr Awesome (22 days ago)
They're holding out for a Chad Thundercock with his own company. But Chad is too busy hitting the gym and nailing hoes to actually do anything useful.
aleterra (23 days ago)
worth 65 million and virgin, that doesn't add up :D
Rick (25 days ago)
Hes a virgin... women : gross hes not a whore like me. I think the funniest thing about this video is these cunts act like they get guys like him all the time. They act like they date lots of guys with houses in SF and other countries. The twat level is high. The reality is they are your average skanks that suck dicks for hamburgers. They are only acting the way they are because they are on camera. Anyway...
Rick (25 days ago)
Kurt Hannemann (27 days ago)
Dark chick is marriage material.
Ronin 6 (27 days ago)
I noticed the majority of these women (and also the one man) save for that one girl seemed to word things in a way that attempted to deflect their opinions by using terminology to appear less shallow. It seemed rather obvious to me that the other traits outside of his money were clear turn-offs and they would try to word those opinions (in some cases) to make themselves sound like they actually were considering him. Once the money factored in, however, they went from a lack of interest to, "I might be friends first," and, "I might go on a date with him." No matter how you slice it, the majority of these people that were interviewed are either motivated by his money or his looks. Either way, it was about what he could give them or do for them in the material sense in the end. I find this behavior despicable in any human being.
Ramz Azim (28 days ago)
Wow what’s this world have come to! Non virgin girls/women laughing at virgin men smh 🤦‍♂️
Music! (29 days ago)
they are natural prostitutes by default ... its coded in their DNA .
Lance Keller (29 days ago)
At least the gay guy is honest instead of sugar coating it. Maybe because despite being gay he's still a man.
john mullens (29 days ago)
the gay guy was actually the only ass here..
phoenix rising (1 month ago)
damn, it got a little cringy towards the end
jediknight38 (1 month ago)
The virgin thing is definitely a turn off for women. No woman will want a man who is 29 and still untouched because they'll think that there is something wrong with him.
barcaman101 (1 month ago)
These cock carousel jumping monkeys was turned off by a virgin, don't want a guy that plays computer game because need more time for her. MGTOW
app shadow photo lol
That's half bullshit & half truth from the girls, listen to the the guy sizing up dudes profolio, he helps show how fake liars R. Those girls would have sounded alot more like that gay guy if no cameras were there & it was just girls being girls. I bet money Those tiny titty Hoes would joke & laugh, share plot storylines even with that gay guy using & taking advantage, girls feel using & never really caring about liking him isn't bad or wrong, it's just that kinda shit doesn't matter too women. Girls will drop a guy, (doesn't matter witch guy) as soon as she learn that other dick has more, & so on & so on.. that's how Hoes roll!

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