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Hypergamy Experiment: Will They Date Him For His Money

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Alexander Grace (9 months ago)
Is this format good for getting to the truth of female preferences? Check out my personal thoughts here: https://www.patreon.com/redpillinterviews
Ethan Helliwell (12 days ago)
thus is not really red pilling, this is just realistic haha, even when he is rich they don't want him
P Pumpkin (13 days ago)
Apparently you are revealing one bit of data at a time. You should ask them before you reveal he his successful and rich, and then after. Or take the same individual remove their glasses and haircut, and present them as two different one rich , one not rich. I bet some woman would prefer a bad boy ex-con, they could fix up. Makes them feel superior.
norton wayne (13 days ago)
cool and interesting.
Rich B (19 days ago)
No, these women knew what you were after and modified their responses accordingly.
W J (21 days ago)
I thought the blondes were going to be the worst but nooe those two dark haired cunts took the first place price for being shit stains
mdredheadguy1979 (3 hours ago)
Well of course they would date the guy if he's rich and has a career like that. I could have told you that.
Justin L. (4 hours ago)
Since when the fuck is bird watching cool?
Michael Gallagher (6 hours ago)
She don't want him cuz he's a virgin but a female virign is respected.
Wikus Van De Merwe (7 hours ago)
The biracial girl shows that not all women are walking resource magnets. Not only pretty, but humble. The rest, especially the gay dude, seem like extreme users. One downside of the experiment was interviewing females in pairs. You'll never get the same data as you would a lone female.
Dark Highwayman (9 hours ago)
"find out his cool quirks".... aka 65 million bucks
lakingscrzy (17 hours ago)
Did the girl in the purple top have a pretty face? I don't think I saw it once.
Bentaporo (1 day ago)
1:20 is that xxxtentacion?
bladee stan account (1 day ago)
beta bux
Stephen Towns (1 day ago)
Of course these are kids. Yes you are. And you are leftyand scared of own shadow. But I bet you have umpteen sexual partners.
De Lord Potato (1 day ago)
even the guy lmaoo
digxx (1 day ago)
There we go...Women at its best: At the beginning 1:35 they were like "looks intelligent, oh virgin...better not; not my type" and all that, but when the houses in sydney come up its the intelligence, the houses don't make a difference -.-
HILTED (1 day ago)
Ryan Heydari (1 day ago)
Is there a goat on campus?
Bradley Burial (1 day ago)
@1:04 I thought that was a bloke with long hair on the right.  Yikez
moist faucet (1 day ago)
if the rich man is jerk, women can get his money by law. win win situation for women. we have rich man marry a waittres. but you will never see rich and poor women marry a waittress.
mark vossler (2 days ago)
That gay dude straight up said he's a virgin and easy to manipulate 😂
booty dart (2 days ago)
Friends first so she can fuck around till the wall hits.
Andrew Sork (2 days ago)
"Its good to be with someone financially stable obviously" lmao 65 million dollar net worth being described as just financially stable is the biggest understatement
feministAwry (2 days ago)
Token gay guy 😂
Johnny Penso (2 days ago)
The problem with these types of videos is that they are edited and selective. You just pick the responses that best fit the point you are trying to establish and discard all the data points that don't. It's entertainment, not a scientific survey but a lot of less intelligent people use videos like this to confirm their own preconceptions. Not saying the preconceptions aren't correct mind you, just that this is entertainment and as far from scientific as possible.
gameboy920 (2 days ago)
This makes me lose all hope in dating. If money is all most people are interested in, I’d rather stay single my entire life.
J. Lueb (2 days ago)
i see a lot of dudes in these comments relate to this guy besides financial status
ashwin rokade (2 days ago)
More like scholarly money
Max Sproelich (2 days ago)
all the females were like i wonder why i would date him what would i get the one guy was pointing everything out making it vivid why the prospect's a perfect guy
ShogunBean (2 days ago)
BLAHAHAH even with all that money he can't get laid!! Now do one with a Chad and let's see how theses bitches respond???
shizzle1975 (3 days ago)
This world just keeps getting more rediculous. I’ll take that red pill neo
Wendy Alien (3 days ago)
you cant decide if you like someone off a photo thats why tinder doesnt work
chaz8624 (3 days ago)
Those Canadian bitches are skanks
Hey girls. Use that massive education to use a internet search and find out what types of men are out there. Find out how many available kings and princes there are.
Billy Crosby (3 days ago)
If he looked like Johnny Depp (10 years ago) I bet it wouldn't have mattered what he did. Girls would have found him "interesting."
starcrafter13terran (3 days ago)
2:31 Can they sound sluttier? OMG a virgin, that's not really my thing. Apparently not. Don't blame him for your mistakes.
starcrafter13terran (3 days ago)
Also, I found it interesting that the gay guy was the most shallow and the lady of color was the most down to earth.
Robin (3 days ago)
i like that gay guy
Ben Fairhead (3 days ago)
The dark haired slag on the left kept talking over her friend... Don't date that bitch 😂
Matt Regan (3 days ago)
Love how they "magically" warmed up to him by the end.
NINJA's Depression (3 days ago)
Every time they giggled i wanted to be shot in the face with a 12 gauge.
John 3 (3 days ago)
06:00 Trash whore Western Girls, Deserve to die alone with their cats. I hope that happens to both of them.
Billy Jenkins (3 days ago)
right.. more time for meeeeeeeee :-D bitch won't even let a man GAME! I hate them like that.. just want to run your life and make it all about them.. women like this want you to be their scapegoat and run-around.. fuck them in the ass and leave...
SugarRay2 (3 days ago)
hell yeah! i'd date him too if he's worth 65 mill
Billy Jenkins (3 days ago)
people don't get that kind of money by giving it away
AliGay (3 days ago)
the guy turned out to be the most shallow one here
MrFreddy61 (3 days ago)
the black girl was the only genuine one! and the most attractive at that!
Philip Goymer (3 days ago)
That’s not a valid data gathering technique because the participants in the study were influencing eachother with their responses, the sample size was too small, there was no control condition, and one of the subjects wasn’t a woman but a gay man. It makes for decent anecdotal data that could motivate interest in a legitimate study though.
Sanjeev Prasad (3 days ago)
is he taran from linustechtips?
Cyber Taco (3 days ago)
Bird watching= checking out hot chicks at the mall, or zoo, or concert.
Daily News (4 days ago)
These Australia girls are hoes. I hate it how progressives force us to watch gay comments. But their time will come.
Duke Gallagher (4 days ago)
Buy a flash car then sleep with as many Thots as your heart desires lying about wanting a relationship with them along the way then move on to the next thot. Once you're sick of the same thot move onto the next,they're basically whores any way and deserve everything life throws at them. 100. I lied to many woman in my life that I knew were gold diggers. Fuck em. Play them at their own game.
This is honestly really sad. In my younger days I thought girls were angels on earth but the more I dated and older I got, it just wasn't so. I'm sure there's plenty of sweet girls still, that aren't out for some sort of personal gain. They just aren't easy to come by anymore. Is it just me, or has dating and the social ladder changed a lot the past 10-15 years?
DutchKing72 (4 days ago)
lo,l the dude is a stock photo 😁😁😁😁
Robert Ribot (4 days ago)
It was a good way of exposing hypergamy, but you did a poor job on the age range. See women that young before they hit their 19 and 21 their minds change from the cool good looking guy to the provider, they’re still in that process and there’s still reminiscence of a more infantile approach to relationships, not that they change too much with the years but, I think you would’ve gotten a better result if you had asked some women between 25 and 30. Real hypergamy manifestation doesn’t start happening until probably 21 22, before that it happens but it’s still in the works. They tend to fuck up but more on the side of who’s the coolest guy, than who can give my offsprings a better life. call it the training stage.
DonPapi mo (4 days ago)
Honestly, I dont consider people getting old until they are like 45. What is with people saying people in their 20's are old? Lol is that what this generation actually thinks? First it was, wow 29 is kind of old. Then it was, wow he's only 29 and he has all of those things. Women are such hypocrites.
the bongheadization (4 days ago)
Females don't mature faster haha. The evidence speaks for itself.
Hugo Lessard (4 days ago)
Suddenly the fact that he is virgin is not important anymore when they see the guy is rich and has a great scolarity.
Robert Theisen (4 days ago)
The girl in the purple tank top wants you to stop staring at her tits.
Andre Mccormick (4 days ago)
Problem here is the interviewees are still living off the teet and are still children themselves. Need a more mature interview base Alexander.
heymanhaha (4 days ago)
Aint nobody gonna mention the fucking animal sound in the background? Wtf is it
cj anon (4 days ago)
The gay man was at least honest
grrrindz (5 days ago)
every females are gold diggers , either they low key or full blown. its just in their natural. they started this when they started "daddy daddy get me that barbie . pretttttyyyyy pleaseeee." they trained from there till forever.
Stevenson Bowen (5 days ago)
a man can't be a virgin
Goku Godly (19 hours ago)
Unless they are were masturbated their penis so it's not virgin they can lose virginity by self masturbating without woman or pussy.
GabKoost (5 days ago)
Black lady is the best person on this video. Gay dude is the absolute worst. 2 other girls were trying to not sound so much as the assholes they also are.
jxsilicon9 (17 hours ago)
Gays are very shallow.
J Nano (5 days ago)
This is a powerful man (economically). He is the leader of his own company. Very ambitious, focused, dedicated and smart. Being a leader and being powerful makes him an alpha male and everyone is naturally attracted to an alpha male... he would even be getting smiles from me and I am a straight guy
Gazzara5 (5 days ago)
One way or another, male or female, everyone has a price.
burak ayan (5 days ago)
Do not cry boys it is because of the evolution. Female organisms evolved to find stronger spouse to give better survive chance to their offsprings. Simple is that.
apacheslim (5 days ago)
29 is old? You stupid fucking bitches.
Sensitive Uncle Jay (5 days ago)
you know why you came here. i at least know why i did.
Aris Ilias (6 days ago)
the right one from first frame is a Baddie..
sebastian Sm (6 days ago)
Whats wrong with "virgin" ? Stupid anglo culture
Jeff Yoo (6 days ago)
7:50 "Obviously when you get to know -someone- _someone's net worth_, things change.
Runer Warlock (6 days ago)
If people don’t see the value in waiting for marriage that’s united by God himself then I don’t want her anyway I’ll wait until I find a woman who is just as passionate as me laugh all you want but everyone of my friends who made fun of me are now divorced and mgtow
Well, those women (and guy) are not representative for the entire population. For me, all the "unattractive" qualities are attractive and the other qualities are just a bonus.
Yasmin Os (6 days ago)
That gay dude was so disgusting with his ugly views. wtf @ 'hes easy to manipulate'???
Christin S. (6 days ago)
Can't say I married my husband for his money and looks. Because he had no money and was out of shape!!!!! Now he's fairly in shape and has more money, though I still bring in the bigger paycheck. But I still love the big lug. He's also a bit over 8 years older than me. Also been married going on 18 years. And I did do a virgin once. Really nice guy, sweet, innocent. Just an all out good guy who didn't want a relationship, but would still stop by my workplace and asked if I wanted to head out to the movies with him and his friends. He was a really nice guy and we hung out a lot as friends.
Ege Çağan (6 days ago)
What is that weird sound on background?
jnnx (6 days ago)
The uptalking of hypergamic women is too damn high!
Barbaricum (6 days ago)
I guess the profile is fake,of this guy that they are being asked questions about.In any case it is true that women do care about wealth/how successful are you,for marriage,that is..I am sure some of you have noticed yourself getting more noticed when you wear something nice,which is something simple, imagine what would happen if you got a new car,a better house or something more significant.As for marriage,again, you cannot blame these women, if they plan to have children, they will want a man that can provide for the offspring,and that is the best advice someone can give you, make sure to make the best from the education you are given,and make sure you get good at something,hone your craft, because that's something women find attractive and that's something that is going to keep you fed.
Phil Santos (7 days ago)
The red bone is the only one who is not gold digger...
Kepin (7 days ago)
The Black Girl would be the only girl I would respect.
Tyler Abel (7 days ago)
The guy that said, "well he's a virgin so he's easy to manipulate". I'm a 28 year old virgin, I think part of this ties into me being hard to manipulate. PLENTY of other dudes my age who got manipulated by a woman and are now divorced paying child support. Not me. Women can't tempt me with sexuality, they can tempt me with stability and honesty, which so far I haven't found.
What is this video about? I couldn't hear anything over the sound of that girl's tits.
Snorzor (7 days ago)
Look at how the tone and expressions changed, first his "negative" sides (i dont find them negative but you know what i mean) they are serious and doubtful, later when his "good" sides come out its cheerful and interesting.
Kay Map (7 days ago)
To be honest even if he was just neardy and virgin i would date him, he looks like a husband material haha 🤗😍
pidouble145 (7 days ago)
Do a guy that has a Harley and a neck tattoo
MoLassessss (7 days ago)
Yeah right. Come to California and run this test. U still get very different and greedy results.
Bliss Madness (7 days ago)
These people are beyond shallow, but they don't realize this guy is out of their league. If he was a real alpha he would not bother with these bottom feeders that have a low intelligence level. No respect for these people when they literally market people so rudely. Except the one black girl she was pretty good.
Angel Crow (7 days ago)
Making fun of him because he is 29 and virgin? 29 is old? Compared to what, a baby? Engineers are boring based on what?
> "Umm... I really like the photo..." A photo isn't enough. You have to actually meet the person. This is particularly true if your goal is to have a relationship.
> Just because he is, you know, really wealthy and umm... ambitious and all that good stuff. So, are they going to want to date this guy, I'm not sure...? I used to make good money and women weren't exactly lining up.
> If women are willing to overlook some of the nerdier aspects of this guy and go on a date with him, you know, and have a relationship with him... I don't think a lot of women are refusing to have romantic relationships with nerds. I don't know a lot of women who are like "he's not having sex with a lot of other women, so I totally should not consider him for a romantic relationship."
Will McNamara (7 days ago)
"all his quirks" she only changed after hearing of his success and money
Mo Weems (8 days ago)
Wait a minute here. Are you saying that women are...….shallow money grubbing slugs?
Citizen Shane (8 days ago)
what in the hail is that sound in the background? Sounds like a dying goat. what is that tho?
zzzpal (8 days ago)
These are 'real thots'.
Rainer Wahnsinn (8 days ago)
Whats the problem?Even the man said dating... If a person asks you for having fun and give you 1000 $ for sex Would you say no? If you dont life on the streets ok,but as an homeless person? And if a person asks you for having fun and give you 10000 $ Would you say no? If you have your own house ok say no,but in a low-money-job? And if a person asks you for having fun and give you 100000 $.Would you say no? If you have no family and no dreams ok say no,but if you have?Can you answer for? And if a person asks you for having fun and give you 1000000 $ Would you say no? If you are stupid ok say no,but one time sex and rest of your life no more fear having no money? Always the person will use a condom,looks normal,not stinky,no killing ,just "normal" things Of course the person wants a man! So it will be gay-fun,even if you are a hetero. Even if you said only yes at 1 million $ you are a "gold digger"or not I dont know. But you are not better then every woman who wants a rich man. Of course they will not be happy,maybe,but rich. And of course the man will just have his fun with a 19 years old girl/boy and leave.
IIIPackyIII (8 days ago)
I can't wait for all these cunts to hit the Wall.
IIIPackyIII (8 days ago)
When someone says at 29, you're too old...they live in a fucking retarded world.
Cricis11700 (8 days ago)
The pair of tits on the left, have a nice face.
Krock164 164 (8 days ago)
Balls in there chinn.mgtow
Mr Nonstop24 (8 days ago)
Why you showing homosexuality, red pill about women nature?
Cordon Kalis (8 days ago)
To Get almost any Women: Have some good looking Muscles but not too much, Be Rich, Be Tall, Have a Big Dick, and what i know: 3 Haircuts that will work...to get some "Attention" Yes... Women are Stupid ;D I have only one thing of this... i am Tall ;D But women are really stupid, i am sorry for that.
Aziz Hussein Z (8 days ago)
We more women like that one lady
Salman Memehood (8 days ago)
6:14 the moment when they went from dry to wet
At least the gay guy was totally open about changing his mind because the guy turned out to be rich lol

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