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Hypergamy Experiment: Will They Date Him For His Money

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Alexander Grace (1 year ago)
Is this format good for getting to the truth of female preferences? Check out my personal thoughts here: https://www.patreon.com/redpillinterviews
Johannes Dolch (2 days ago)
Here's the thing. I think the Idea for this Video is good but as many, many research projects it's deeply flawed by your own misconceptions. On several fronts. For starters, what you should have done is play out the boring angle much more and then mention that he inherited a Company worth 100 Million from his late Father or something. Because the way you did it, and that becomes obvious in the Video (at least when you look for it), the money gets mashed together with a bunch of legitimately attractive qualities like "has his shit together" "Knows what he wants in life", "is a leader" etc. The way you did it, the money could be super important or meaningless, we don't know, because you set it up the wrong way. But don't worry, you are in good company. Actually most studies in the field of attractions etc are flawed as deeply or worse than this. And what I just mentioned is only the tip of the iceberg. Also the whole format of asking woman what they are attracted to (on paper no less) is ridiculous. A guy who looks like shit on paper can pick up super models. It's just a question of behavior and context. So the answer would be: No, it's pretty bad. You are basically just confirming your own misconceptions.
Superior No1 (5 days ago)
29 old? fuck what a pathetic world i live in!! 😡 😤
Paul Davoren (8 days ago)
You only had one profile, this proves nothing one way or the other
Donald J (11 days ago)
Forget about potato brained females and getting your dic off, and making babies.. You won't be able to feed them.. Soon most of you will be pounding on doors begging people for food.. Soon you'll be stealing peoples cats and dogs to eat, and you'll stripping everything out of the forest to eat.. Then you'll be killing and eating peoples kids and wives.. You'll be eating your own babies.. Forget pussy.. Prepare for the hell to come.. If you need pussy, use your gdmd hand!.. To hell with all those mindless soulless useless worthless loser bitches!.. They ain't worth a day's shit...
Glenn Hall (19 days ago)
This is a completely invalid method of finding the truth of this topic (and most others.) The issue has never been what do people say they would or wouldn't do (or want) - the issue is what their actions are. Further, and this is of critical importance, the reality is that most people BELIEVE what they say themselves. Yet, their actions betray that. This is true of men and women. Deep down, we are driven in certain ways that certainly vary person to person, yet those deep drivers manifest in actions eventually. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people (including myself) say, "I don't know why I did it." And mean it. It's sort of an old adage, but it is essentially true... Actions speak louder than words.
RCmies (1 hour ago)
This is why I will never talk to someone about being a virgin
Abdi Haji (2 hours ago)
Daniel Pettus (3 hours ago)
This wasn't anything
Meme Machine (6 hours ago)
The silver lining is the two brunettes would not have a hope in hell of ever dating him.
Arsagard Lim (7 hours ago)
Girl is purple is hot!
Julian B (9 hours ago)
Lol, tbh; the dude was more of a gold digger than any of the females.
Justin Long (9 hours ago)
This just in, women are money grubbing attention whores. In other news, water is wet. Get a wife from another country guys, our women have spoiled
Semper Ludens (9 hours ago)
6:16 It's nice to be with someone who is financially stable............
Joshua Villegas (9 hours ago)
God bless the light skin girl
Kal Kuma (11 hours ago)
What's the point of showing them a good looking guy with glasses lmfao, show them picture of actual nerds.
Cano (13 hours ago)
my dude be having 100 employees and women be like "yeah I'd maybe like to know him". "I'd fucking wanna have 5 children with this guy instantly" is what they actually mean
Cano (13 hours ago)
ohh 200 he got! then add it up to 10 children
Andrew Canning (14 hours ago)
I'm not sure what you were trying to prove here. All the women seemed to hold on to their initial assessment of the guy in the picture. Their assessment actually seemed to go down when they realized this guy would be unlikely to have any real time for them.
John isaac Balili (16 hours ago)
When your this rich its soo easy to raise your SMV. Just go to the gym. Hire the best celebrity trainer, hire the best red pill coach or consultant, buy those expensive as fuck sports car, get a fashion stylist and get dressed well. There you go. The formula on getting successful with women. If your not that rich do your own research in terms of fitness , being red pilled aware , work your ass off and go out actually socializing. Its up to us on how we use our cards were dealt with.
Serge Djanfada (18 hours ago)
What a stupid video why wouldn't they date him when they found out about his wealth?
Francisco Miranda (19 hours ago)
When I talk to my parents on the phone. 1:33
Travis forsythe (1 day ago)
This was a poor example because none of them made an extreme turn around from what they initially thought. If you want to see Hypergamy at its best ...... and actually see women pathetically have a negative reaction at first just based on a picture of the guy and then have a complete turn around based on the information of how much worth he has as far as money and things ... do this experiment on older women and then you will get a true reading on how pathetic they are....And the funny thing is.... they have such little self awareness, that they don't even realize how much different their reaction has changed since the experiment first started.
Nuketown Traps (1 day ago)
Pretty evident ur a smart dude. Better than the other red pill channels out there. Bottom line though, if your worth is actually more than women then dont change.
Don Demitri (1 day ago)
"The virgin thing totally makes a difference" Oh, so you want a guy who's been in bed with many women? Ok. Gotcha
sourabh dhingra (1 day ago)
Man: i am worth over 65 Million dollars. Woman: ooh that's nice. I would like to be with someone who's financially stable. Lol!
K. SharkyBot (1 day ago)
The black girl though. I want to take her on a date she Hella cute.
Abdu Allah (1 day ago)
Bird watching is cool? Lmao
Elie Nehme (1 day ago)
Why include a male in this test !!!!!!!!
La Bivio (1 day ago)
With the exception of the Black girl, all of them are the perfect examples of how to fail in a relationship built on materialistic things. It was laughable until they found out he was rich. Some people are not looking for love, they want a social status and what you can give them. Rich in assets, yet poor in love and etc.
La Bivio (1 day ago)
Is that a goat screaming at the background?
SuperGGLOL (1 day ago)
Those two girls (the left one in a white tank top with a very nice cleavage) are so funny to listen to. The one on the right can't think of anything and merely agrees with everything the left says. I guess that's why they are besties. They have contradicting ideas. So owning a house is apparently not a positive thing because 'intelligence' is better. But when they first see a photo of him they say he looks like an intelligent guy in a demeaning and satire way. Also they laugh when they find out he's a virgin. I don't think they know what they are _really_ saying. Another funny line: "the virgin thing is not really my thing" so in other words, they like to get plowed by dominant men who know what they are doing. Got it. You can tell what priories the girls favor. The black girl is more focused on self-improvement and self-knowledge as noted by her need for scholarly advice from this successful man. The other two girls (the left one with a remarkably nice cleavage) focuses more on the shallow stuff. The first thing she mentions is his uninviting looks that would only suffice in being friends with them. Then she realizes that he is successful, which is the only dominating factor that would get him the date. Seems fair to me. Just noticing the difference in priorities. Very interesting stuff. Thank you for the video. Like, you know...
Shawn Xu (1 day ago)
You forget to choose an Asian guy. White guys still have good market.
A Burrito (1 day ago)
y'all railing on these girls but I thought they were pretty thoughtful for your average thots
Omikron1112 (1 day ago)
Everyone interviewed in this video are fking idiots. Do you realize to have one of those majors you do not have time for other things in your life. Especially at that age. Maybe at the age of 30 you would have found the time for computer games. But those majors do not fir those personality types.
Rahz Al-Ghul (2 days ago)
Funny I fit the bill of this guy very similarly as well. I'll tell you one thing I don't want a leech. What is the girl bringing to the table other than good looks and sex? She's got to have something to contribute ..[e.g.beautiful selfless personality...humanitarian..]
J Evans (2 days ago)
Females only love one thing: the flow of resources.
Peach Nehi (2 days ago)
The gay dude seems like the only one who’s actually that shallow
bwakel310 (2 days ago)
I wonder what kind of games he plays. I wouldn't mind playing some games with the dude.
Antony Stark (2 days ago)
Pretty pathetic, to see after all the feminist movement, that girls are ready to spread their legs, for a wallet, funny to see, the girls perception change, the second they know he is rich. MGTOW for ever !
Remco B (2 days ago)
65 million dollar is a cool little quirk i guess
hellrazor117 (2 days ago)
Whoa! What a massive redpill my MGTOW Bros, women want a financially stables provider? Wtf.
Raghu Veer (2 days ago)
"Nice to be with someone who's financially stable" Seriously? Financial stability = earning millions now? You can be financially stable even with a minim wage job, as long as you have a job. Gold digging whores, man
kbrigsby61 (2 days ago)
WHAT A BUNCH OF SHALLOW CU*TS!!! the NON-white female, seemed to be the ONLY decent one, from the ENTIRE group!
Ray (2 days ago)
i dunno what all these comments, they were not disgusted that he is virgin, they was stunned by the fact they even mention it and still bothered by the fact he is full of himself as workacholic and they dont realy want to date him because of that, he simply dont gona have any time for them.
Gustavo Laranjeira (3 days ago)
The black girl is the only one who isnt retarded
What a massive echo chamber in these comments lol The top comments are about the black girl, for no other reason than the people who made the comment and upvoted them agree with her. The others are the spawn of Satan according to another top comment. Women can't take logic, showing over 1K people never met an intelligent woman, which is just kinda sad. Conclusion: people can't have their own standards. Or actually, you can, but only if a large number of people agree with you. Because that's how we decide our values.
+Angelique Yes that's another option, but not very likely. Ideologies and such are always there. You really don't have to be a psychologist to understand what's going on here. People naturally look for validation, and group think/conformity is one of many options. I don't, in fact, know what these people think. What I do know, is that they have not given the other side the light of day. Just how much can someone have thought about it when a different standard means you "Aren't human"? No this is just normal disgust. People with one type of standard, are rejecting the other, for no good reason. Let me take the best example, the dude in the video is apparently a virgin. Response 1 "That's bad" Response 2 "That's irrelevant". Why in the world is 2 better than 1? Many options, again. Different people have different standards. But it's also true that more people are virgins now than in the past. Let me make a short list: virgins in the comments felt personally attacked and rejected that reaction as hateful or shallow, traditional religious values such as keeping your virginity for marriage could play a part here, there's also the more recently adapted choice of staying a virgin because you want to share that experience with someone you emotionally connect with; the general logic behind this one is very personal so if you dismiss it with simply " Oh no he's a virgin", you disqualify the decision and the method by which you decided to keep your virginity (which is more important than the actions itself). There are many, many more reasons at play, but let's be serious, would you read some exceedingly long comment written by a "pretend psychologist"? I would because it's fun to read what others think, generally. It doesn't look like you think the same, hey, I wonder why? I have no clue. My issue, is that these people go so far as to denigrate a standard without thinking it over, in all likelihood. Blaming everything on extremely simplistic explanations like hypergamy, " not being human", "being a terrible person" and so on. In essence, doing what (probably) they think the video is doing to them, like that's going to fix it lol I bet some pride themselves on being impartial or good judges even.
Angelique (1 day ago)
Or these people already felt that way and upon seeing others who agreed threw their hat into the ring. Everyone in YouTube swears they're a psychologist.
Francisco Guzman (3 days ago)
nowadays fucking people all on pursuit of money
Anton Boludo (3 days ago)
I am a Gigolo. I date her for HER money ;-)
Beats by iNSPiRATiON (3 days ago)
That's so sad that girls are only attracted to you if you obtain something that they don't, and men are sexist and judgemental?????? Mgtow always
n1ghtmare (3 days ago)
I wanna bash them with a rifle stock till their brains fall out
slapabantha (4 hours ago)
Cuz you're an ugly beta
Cenk Tüneygök (3 days ago)
Would that black girl marry me? Because I want to spend my life with a wife, not a parasite.
ED-E Almyghty (3 days ago)
Of course the black chick would be the most realest go fuckin figure... And all the other women should do men ah favor and leave the planet lol
The black girl should get rid of that mustache first.
+Ikhenaten Nzeribe Shitbag is where coloured people came from. And what comments are you talking about? The black girl had a mustache, i pointed it out, how did you get offended by the truth?
Ikhenaten Nzeribe (3 days ago)
You can't even grow one, Incel. Everybody loves her. Read the comments, sh*tbag.
Britt j (3 days ago)
College girls are idiots
Pieter Lindeque (3 days ago)
Next time use a picture of a male model Chad with the exact same description and watch everything else instantly cease to matter.
Jamal Landry (3 days ago)
19 year old girls aren’t women. And obviously a man isn’t either. Interview real women next time. Don’t even talk to these little girls weirdo.
BigTymin (3 days ago)
damn these twats are stupid
Buuzzsaw Touched Me (4 days ago)
3:26, not going to lie, but what he said at that moment was quite funny. P.S. Although I think his comment should be the other way around, as no Man is a Virgin by choice.
Buuzzsaw Touched Me (4 days ago)
I'd like to point out (an no Homo) that the girl on the right with Blonde hair, has tremendous hair. Way too many girls these days use way too much hair spray, leave hair bleach in for too long, wear hair extensions etc, but she seems to have perfect hair.
Buuzzsaw Touched Me (4 days ago)
Women hate being called Sluts for sleeping around, yet they shame Men who are Virgins. Call me crazy, but am I the only who who sees the hypocrisy? Even within this video, the girls find it laughable that the guy is 29 and still a Virgin. I say it's fair game, if Men who are Virgins have to lie about not being a Virgin just to get a girlfriend (every guy in my High School class had "lost their virginity" upon leaving High School), then they shouldn't be ashamed if we think less of them for being a Slut. P.S. I'm not saying two wrongs make a right, I'm saying that Men are Keys and Women are Locks (look that up if you don't know what that means).
Ton van Kooi (4 days ago)
He has money! Yeaaaaah, now they want him!
AntwanFuzznips (4 days ago)
65 million dollar net worth and,a successful company gets you only a "maybe friends first" when you're averagr looking Hahahahahahahahahahha
Buuzzsaw Touched Me (4 days ago)
+ AntwanFuzznips, When their Biological Clock starts to run out, they'll be all over him.
TUSHAR ADHIKARY (4 days ago)
A guy with worth 65 millions u girls doesn't stand a chance
Lee Gallagher (4 days ago)
The gay guy??? Why is he included.
Buuzzsaw Touched Me (4 days ago)
+ Lee Gallagher, Good point, as this video is meant to be about Hypergamous Nature
MyDreamside (4 days ago)
why they asked a guy?
dmaster365 (4 days ago)
The fact that a guy being a virgin is seen as bad but a girl being one is like the holy grail....
roger kle (4 days ago)
most women will date a chad instead of a guy with money. if women could choose between rich and handsome/muscular/sexy they will always choose the handsome guy. im 40. but all my entire youth, when i was between 18-35 i stole millionaires gfs as a hobby, especially from 24-30. this was in the miami area where there always was rich guys in their late 30s who was in a relationship with young women in their 20s who was stunning as fuck. chemistry also has alot to say and not just the superficial things, as many of you MGTOWS think.
Unpretentious Wind (4 days ago)
Girls you already fell in love with his wallet y you want to friendzone the wallet is this new tactic or what
Commando Master (4 days ago)
The guys in their 20s running multi million dollar companies aren't gonna be the same as the jocks out there partying with girls and socializing with them. I don't even think they understand that, or how much 65 mil is. Everything after a couple of mil and it's all the same to them.
Andrew Lowe (4 days ago)
I mean it's common sense they don't want someone who has no idea what he's doing.
Superior No1 (5 days ago)
29 old? fuck what a pathetic world i live in!! 😡 😤
The black girl was the only honest person in this conversation.
Dr. Waako Barbie (5 days ago)
I don't know what being a virgin and being 29 years old mean when anybody with 20 dollars can get laid. 🤔
Commando Master (4 days ago)
He clearly doesn't care about that stuff. He wants to change the world rather than pursuit self pleasures.
Steven Thury (5 days ago)
Why do we have to listen to the homo's comments?
AtlasGuitar (5 days ago)
MrShadowofthewind (5 days ago)
What's sad about being virgin ? What is wrong with these people ? He does not buy into the peer pressure of having to have sex before a certain age, i'd say that is a major plus, but of course, in this supervicial world most will laugh at it, except for the nice black girl, who is totally wife material.
You Too (5 days ago)
I lost my virginity at 17 but could have lost it much earlier but I remember being too nervous not knowing what I was doing thinking the girl would pick up on that, so I rarely made Moves.
Darshan Bahutale (5 days ago)
I'm 24 Still virgin
Back2Black (5 days ago)
I‘ve still another bet open. I spend 10.000 euro if a woman is good enough for me so that I want to date her. Without relationship or sex. Just awake my interest and you get the money. Until now, all failed.
Jess Connelly (5 days ago)
The black girl is the most genuine 👍👍👍👍👍
Jess Connelly (5 days ago)
The whores laugh the loudest at the virgin part 👊👊👊👊👊
Emmanuel Nunez (5 days ago)
Now try the experiment with older women. Not on a school campus. Im sure veryone will want to see the reactions of adults in the workforce.
Why did you show a dude?It was gross looking at him checking out the guys profile.
Ric O'Shay (6 days ago)
There was one beautiful woman there (the woman by the bicycle stand). She is genuine and I wish her the best. For the life of me I can't understand why some of these other homely young woman with un washed knotted hair and a uni brow can have such high standards.
Umberto (6 days ago)
You should try the reverse now: handsome guy but broke and with bad habits
The Snookman (6 days ago)
Can I take those tits home with me but leave the girl?;)
Daniel Widrich (6 days ago)
These are girls, not women. Teenagers really. No matter what conclusions you draw from this, consider that simple fact. They're still kids.
Ikhenaten Nzeribe (3 days ago)
No, they're women. In previous eras, they may already have been married by now - old enough to vote, kill for their country. Stop making excuses for women. Didn't you learn anything from MGTOW?
Steve Smith (6 days ago)
What the FUCK does hypergamy have to do with the faggot? Political correct bullshit
Steve Smith (6 days ago)
For political correctness they had to throw in a faggot...😆
smileyfacehead (6 days ago)
I wish all girls had a mindset like the black girl
Ethos Thirteen (6 days ago)
They want intellectuals and they wouldn’t even be able to hold a decent conversation with a man with such accomplishments. It would be like he was talking to a child. Women hold themselves in high regard no matter what condition they are in currently. If they are obese they still think they are sex symbols. If they are broke they live outside of their means. If they are old they dress young. Etc. They can do no wrong no matter the circumstances
PrizePirate (6 days ago)
Shes aboriginal
william Ehrhardt (7 days ago)
Is that a goat in the background
Spider7xx (7 days ago)
the homo wanted him
Matias (7 days ago)
For all the men simping over the black girl. Remember, all women are like that.
†Centucifix† (5 days ago)
I would never say that all are like that. *Never*
M C A (7 days ago)
No Man's Son (7 days ago)
Hypothetical or not 65 million at 29.. fucking depressing most guys I know get paid Jack shit if they even work at all.. anyway the guy doesn't look bad. But it goes to show a regular guy is basically not good enough for the majority.. fuck bitches man...
Buuzzsaw Touched Me (4 days ago)
+ No Man's Son, Here's the thing though, I wouldn't be so pissed off if Women were at least honest about how they view Men. At least Men are honest, Women on a Night Out know that Men who buy them drinks are usually after one thing, from their perspective it may be shitty, but at least they know what they are getting themselves into. Yet with Women, your never sure what your being judged on, or what they want out of the relationship, which is why so many MGTOW Men have been created. P.S. I'll be honest, many Women have told me "...I'm not interested" with very little Feedback as to why, an if there was Feedback, then 9 times out of 10 I wouldn't be interested in them either e.g. I don't date my friends ex girlfriends for the main reason of knowing what type of people they are.
Roman Hernandez (7 days ago)
This is why I keep my 6 pack and swerve bitches lol feels so much better than giving them what they want
Kamille (7 days ago)
kinda funny how to women virginity is a turn off but to men a decent looking woman who's nearly 30 and still a virgin would be a major turn on.
Robert D (7 days ago)
Now do one of these where the girl is very successful and rich. I would definitely turn her down and most guys, at lease the older ones, would because we've learned that eventually, a relationship where the guy makes substantially less and has lower status will not work for her no matter how much she is ok with it in the beginning.
Slimer (7 days ago)
Black girl is cool and genuine. The white girls are garbage.
kim warfield (8 days ago)
These are really ugly woman. He is actually at the same level they are, 3 to 4.
Rochus Misch (8 days ago)
Tfw white women betray their own men and are complete trash and give their fathers a VERY bad rep. Kudos to the black woman. White women better start self reflecting or we will simply opt out.
Buuzzsaw Touched Me (4 days ago)
+ Rochus Misch, I'm White, an based on the Black Men I've personally spoken too, Black Women tend to be more dedicated/loyal to the relationship (to the point where they will disown friends and family), with the problem though being that they are more aggressive. But White Women tend to be the biggest whores, where they even lie about it (making matters worse), even to the point of not revealing the true Father of their child (an as a Father myself, that would be heartbreaking, I'd much rather find out earlier than later), but White Women are less aggressive. P.S. I ain't being Racist when I say this, but could Half Black chicks be more desirable for this reason, the best of both so to say, I've never met a Half Black girl who I didn't like.
Anon Mouse (8 days ago)
These youngsters will get old - then complain there are no men for them.
It's legal to think (8 days ago)
Girls are so... They don't find a person attractive, but when they find out the person is stacked, they out of nowhere finds the person attractive. That's all, money.. I will only date girls who believe I'm poor

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