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What's Next For The Oklahoma City Thunder?

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Welcome back everybody my name is Tucker and todays continuation of the “what’s next” series covers the Oklahoma City Thunder. After being eliminated from the first round of the playoffs in back to back seasons, things are very up in the air for this team. Head coach Billy Donovan has never really been a fan favorite, and this most recent playoff disappointment may be what gets him fired. His transition from one of the most successful young college coaches of all time to the coach of the Thunder was a bit awkward basically from the start, and even though I still think he is a really good coach, I don’t think his biggest strengths are best fit for the NBA. This season the team finished with a 49 and 33 record, which was good enough for the 6th seed in the West - but that is lower in the standings than I am sure they would’ve expected to be going into the season, even though there were some positives to come out of it nonetheless. For a period of time in the middle of the season, Russell Westbrook had fully taken a back seat to Paul George - taking less shots, showing more focus defensively, and committing to being a playmaker rather than chucking shots - which allowed George to play at a near MVP level during that stretch. Nagging shoulder injuries derailed George’s play later in the season however, and Westbrook slowly went back to his shot chucking ways... which ultimately came back to haunt him in their 5 game loss in the first round to the Portland Trail Blazers. Russ was thoroughly outplayed by Damian Lillard in that series and had his worst shooting performance in a playoff series EVER... and now their season is over. _________________________________________________________________ Business email: [email protected] Music: "Stand" in the YouTube audio library The Sporting Logically Podcast: iTunes - https://t.co/Am4tuhsLuB Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/1clu8kn... https://sportinglogically.podbean.com/ Follow SL on Twitch: Twitch.tv/Sporting_Logically Follow SL on Twitter: @SportingLogical Follow SL on Instagram: @sportinglogically
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Text Comments (327)
Shabutie554 (6 days ago)
Lol Thunder fan here. See you guys next decade
chris briscoe (10 days ago)
They need to fire Sam Presti. End of discussion.
Aaron Palmer (16 days ago)
They need Beal badly.I love pg13 and russ they can't get pass the first round.They should trade Steve Adams
Jamal Wikc (21 days ago)
Westbrook for Paul?
Christopher Forrest (21 days ago)
sign d cousins for the mid level and trade adams to mavs for tim hardaway jr.
Martin mir (27 days ago)
They need to get rid of Westbrook
rjdjjf spesl (27 days ago)
west lakers acquired ad and possibly cp 3
rjdjjf spesl (27 days ago)
overpaying robertson
rjdjjf spesl (27 days ago)
acquire tyler herro
face lol (28 days ago)
lol should they get kyle korver
freddyvidz (29 days ago)
loc power (29 days ago)
OKC ruined its legacy of a dynasty when they let Harden go. Kevin Durrant ruined his legacy when he left OKC for a easy way to a ring. Paul George ruined his legacy when he stayed in OKC and not go to LA. OKC is the place where legacy's get killed.
King Rocky (1 month ago)
With floor spacing westbrook blowing past everybody enough said
Robert Lennig (1 month ago)
Pg will leave.
Starlord (1 month ago)
Move Russ to the 2 and get a real point guard.
constanizo harris (1 month ago)
Yesssss,,, please draft cam....
MGVolts (1 month ago)
Westbrook is putting up more points than anyone on OKC. Sorry that the Thunder just can't win in the playoffs. OKC just needs more players and trades. And I'm excited for what they have in draft this year.
MenTaLisKing (1 month ago)
I think I seen a stat a few weeks back that said the Thunder have ranked dead last in team passes. In my opinion this is mostly because Westbrook/Billy Donovan and if you ask me...one gotta go and we all know which one ain't leaving
Anthony Thomas sr (1 month ago)
Patterson should be cut Felton huh well Roberson injury prone for years develop your beach you have future starters for other teams on your beach it is time for youth move kind of furgerson must become a better shoot and get a drive game shooter shooters bench Westbrook sometimes when out of control get a coach backbone this is from a true thunder fan and 50 plus watching the NBA
Andrew Grimes (1 month ago)
You also talk about Westbrook in the playoffs but fail to mention PGs failure in the last two playoffs which were far more damaging than Westbrook collectively.
Andrew Grimes (1 month ago)
Adams could very much be in the move
jessie fabillar (1 month ago)
Dish westbrook and pg.. get harden and kd then add players.
Daniel Hamilton (1 month ago)
You don't know what you talking about.look at the thunder as a team
Terrance Moore (1 month ago)
Also keep in mind. Good review btw, We need to start looking from Westbrook's point of view. Westbrook and PG13 are the main play makers and the major offensive players on the team. So if Sam Presti can acquire more shooters. I believe that Russ will pass and trust his team and make better plays.
qhamarii0 (2 months ago)
I’d trade Steven Adams & Patrick Patterson & amanesty Roberson
Doctor Cthulhu (2 months ago)
qhamarii0 Well I would trade George AND Westbrook to the LAL, for LaLonzo, sign LaGelo, get the rights to LaMelo next year, and hire Big Poppa to be the head coach and GM. Not you’ve got a team that’s contending for the next Decade, and will win you 3-5 rings. While the LAL keep George and trade Westbrook to NOLA for Anthony Davis. Thus setting up Zion to be (player) coached, into the next Russell Westbrook, but with a 45” vertical and a better 3.pt shot .
Christian Alvarez (2 months ago)
Billy Donovan needs to be fired! He's not a bad coach but he just isnt the right fit for the Thunder. But I don't think he'll get fired because he's best buddies with Sam Presti, but if he does get fired I would like for one of these coaches to be hired: Scott Brooks-I would like for him to return to OKC since I think he was a good coach for them and that they fired him unfairly and he had a good relationship with Westbrook, but I don't think it will happen because he's under contract with the Wizards. Jerry Sloan- He has been a great coach over the years( his win% over his career has been 60% and in the playoffs 50%) with the Jazz even though he hasn't had a job since 2010, I'm pretty sure if Sam Presti called him up he would accept and make the team better and play more attractive basketball with more ball movement and less Isolation plays.
Christian Alvarez (2 months ago)
Though I don't think they'll win a championship with these coaches, they'll definetly be more competitive and have a better shot at one than with Billy Donovan.
Sniper (2 months ago)
The biggest mistake is the Harden trade. Period.
DeAndre Page (2 months ago)
Lakers need to draft Tyler Hero😀😀, after trading down to acquire a 2nd Round Draft Pick.
DeAndre Page (2 months ago)
Dennis Shroder was the wrong fit. Should have been an UNDERSIZED 2-Guard to be the backup point guard. Both Shroder & Westbrook suck at making 3-pointers.
DeAndre Page (2 months ago)
Paul George, afraid of the HIGH EXPECTATIONS that comes with being teammates with the Lakers' Lebron James. 😭😭😭😭 Karma
Brad S (2 months ago)
Players I would target in the offseason (via trade or free agency)Seth Curry, Terrance Ross, JJ Redick, Wayne Ellington, Anthony Tolliver (or if you can find a way to get Bradley Beal)
Alex James (2 months ago)
I think that Westbrook and PG could be an elite duo, if they actually put shooters around them. They keep getting defensive minded vets, like Patterson and Roberson, (and to an extent Grant and Schroeder) which makes little sense given that Russ and especially PG are a great defensive backcourt.
Ryan Brooke (2 months ago)
Um ya dipshit billy donnovan is the biggest problem next to westbrook you dont know basketball clearly so you shouldnt speak on it at all no concept what so ever.
Death Rider Boyz (2 months ago)
Someone will trade for George and West.
WOHW Gameing (2 months ago)
Go coach cle
YABARBER (2 months ago)
I wanted Blake in OKC so bad it would of been perfect
michael james (2 months ago)
Trade Adams he’s over paid maybe even package with Roberson, get nothing but 3&D guys!!! Russ & PG is too much talent to be a 49 win team
Martin Senior (2 months ago)
What's next for your head shape?
David Marin (2 months ago)
Trade Dennis and the 21st draft for Tyler Herro, let diallo play backup pg till russ cant play anymore and get a better coach cause we all know they will not trade Russ.
Cole Williams (2 months ago)
You should do sports blogs! Or just trasncript your videos. Either way, I really like your content and I’m looking forward to seeing your next video.
Boss Lax316 (2 months ago)
One more star and a coach with a backbone and the Thunder will make it past the first round
Ross JP (2 months ago)
Fire the coach and hire Jason Kidd. Bring back Ersan Illyosova.
T C (2 months ago)
Westbrick 😂😂😂
EJOne (2 months ago)
The Thunder should just be happy they can still sell tickets after investing so much in Westbrick and losing Harden and KD for doing so.
King Cole (2 months ago)
U dumb they invest in kd before westbrook I can understand James harden part
rich cerasale (2 months ago)
i hope the thunder fire billy donovan as head coach soon. He is a better college coach than a pro coach
bukunmi alli (2 months ago)
No one just chucks shots😑🙄 I feel like it's just so common to say that now with Westbrook. When you start making them, even if it's the same shots, no one says it's a bad shot and he's getting lucky. He's not chucking shots every single time he shoots poorly, he is a poor & inconsistent shooter who needs to improve.
Mikko Lopez (2 months ago)
Ben Ben 615 (2 months ago)
Thunder needs a coach that can control Westbrook
Mikko Lopez (2 months ago)
Take this W
imarino13 (2 months ago)
The Thunder will never win if Westbrook is going to be the focal point of the team.
Mikko Lopez (2 months ago)
Lewis Wong (2 months ago)
Trade away WestBrick and build with PG13
ShavonS (2 months ago)
The Great Wee Wee (2 months ago)
Yesterday created a new holiday “hate on Westbrook day” 😂 I hope we get Dedmon or bullock both good shooters
SnapBackBoy1999 (2 months ago)
Sam Presti actually needs to get shooting around Russ rather than searching for star power like he’s done his whole time in okc
N.I.C F.I.T.S (2 months ago)
Trade Steven Adams I bet he don’t act a triple double with a real center not going for that shit
Prime_Oli (2 months ago)
Westbrook has shown this year that he's willing to shift his playstyle towards other players. He took a step down to George and even to Schröder. Since the injuries he's gone back to his old ways. OKC desperately needs shooters so WB can keep playing the playmaker style which he did very nicely this year. PG becomes the top player of OKC and Donovan has to go. Since OKC are stuck with WB, Donovan isn't the right fit. A strict coach who can handle WB's attitude could make it a playoff team.
owen bengco (2 months ago)
Ill trade roberson and nerlens for a better backup center
Red Thunder (2 months ago)
Trade for Jrue Holiday
Kuatro Kuatro (2 months ago)
Red Thunder yeah as an okc fan i would trade westbrick for jrue holiday in an instant
Simon Whiting (2 months ago)
One team has to lose......it's the way it is....
Adrian Jr (2 months ago)
I think maybe they need a new coach.
Abstract Focus (2 months ago)
why did felton get playoff minutes?
kevin edwards (2 months ago)
Okc needs to make Russ a shooting guard, start Shroder at point. Demand Russ see a shooting coach to shoot more on balance and more accurately and then draft in a first round either Cam Johnson, Tyler Herro , PJ. Washington , Marial Shayok or Luka Samanic. Trade Dimolayo and Ferguson two great athletes who can't shoot for a proven shooter who can. Fire the coach, because he's a college coach, not a great pro one! Pretty Simple really!
Anton Arreola (2 months ago)
Great video man! Very detailed and well explained
Anton Arreola (2 months ago)
I hope my team gets some help.. the past few seasons has been heartbreaking
rome8180 (2 months ago)
Why wouldn't they move Adams? He's one of my favorite players in the league, but if they could trade him for a shooter or two and then slide Grant to the 5 you suddenly have a really nice modern lineup to maximize Westbrook. I'd actually consider trading him for Kevin Love, tbh. Cleveland would get off a couple years of Love's contract and OKC would get the spacing they need. Westbrook, Ferguson, George, Love, Grant makes a lot more sense in the current NBA than what they're doing now.
loc power (29 days ago)
Who will stop AD?
Fluffysaurus (2 months ago)
The real problem is that people have vastly overestimated the thunder. They are a 6th seed and got beaten by the 3rd seed and analysts act all surprised?
Nr4747 (2 months ago)
I would agree with you if the Blazers hadn't lost Nurkic due to injury and had McCollum just coming back from injury and still not being at 100%. Losing to such a short-handed team is just shameful. Plus, the Thunder already underperformed severly by only grabbing the #6 seed.
Tatokain Jones (2 months ago)
I hope they trade Adam's. I love big kiwi, but he gets payed to much for what he gives you, and really limits what the thunder can do financially.
Ayaal Novgorodov (2 months ago)
i would trade adams and 1st round pick and get shooters in that trade or sign them when adams salary is off the paybook, i think they should play 5out like the bucks, westbrook being a slasher like mini giannis and other 4 guys are out of the paint, they need a stretch big at the center, ofc grant can play small ball 5, but they should explore other options, bigs like adams and noel are bad for westbrook, it will be great for him to drive if the paint is wide open and also kick the ball to the shooters on pick and pop and to the corners, westbrook's gravity is still huge so someone of the 4 guys will be open, they really need to look at what bucks doing having a non-shooting ball-handler/slasher and having 3pt shooters everywhere
Khalil Wright (2 months ago)
I need you to explain what makes him a good coach
freddyvidz (29 days ago)
For real...
Jonathan M (2 months ago)
Trade Westbrook, Grant and Diallo for Blake Griffin, Jon Leuer + 1st round.
King Cole (2 months ago)
Derius Bethune (2 months ago)
There is no way OKC is getting Rodney Hood or Seth Curry. Obvious reasons.
Kuatro Kuatro (2 months ago)
Forte IV it’s obvious, they don’t wanna play with westbrick who is a terrible teammate and a brick machine.
Forte IV (2 months ago)
Derius Bethune whats the Rodney Hood reason? Seth is because of Callie Rivers. Is Hood cuz of Westbrook? Don’t remember
Alex Smith (2 months ago)
My personal opinion is that they need a coach with the balls to enforce a game plan, not allowing iso ball EVERY TIME. We know PG can hit clutch shots. Great. Russ isn't clutch, but he could run a spaced floor pick and roll for mid range/attack kind of play even in the clutch. Just gotta get him to stop shooting late 3s or get him better this off-season. And they need some better shooters and a better bench.
garrett shumway (2 months ago)
I don’t know about y’all but this guy is dumb he said nobody wouldn’t want Russ on there team he still a top 5 pg in the league he’s a great passer he puts out the most effort every night in the nba billy Donovan is the worst coach in the nba he doesn’t use Russell to his advantage Russ needs to go to the hole more he is the best post scoring pg in the nba
Dean (2 months ago)
I got a Steven Adams ad about beef lmfaoo
BurnAftaRollinENT (2 months ago)
They should rebuild. Get a coach with potential, send Westbrook to the Spurs ( if presti respects him like he says), trade Paul to the Lakers for whatever to fill out the roster and hope one of the 3 young SG's turn into a star.
mauszx (2 months ago)
The Solution is easy IMO. Thunder is sending a message about loyalty, so No trading RW or PG. How to fix this problem? Schroeder is very tradeable, there are teams that need a Point Guard. Pelicans Phoenix Detroit Indiana Miami. Now Thunder are already in a money problem, that is a BIG issue. But I think that Schroeder might be the key. Either get a terrible player that is expiring like Anderson (might help in the 3 point line) Or get a good player with a bad contract, Like Kevin Love. This could only work with a 3 way trade. So, Schoeder can go to Magic... T Mosgov will go to Cleveland and Roberson to Cleveland. K. Love to Thunder, Thunder gives the First and second to Cleveland. Magic gives a second rounder to Thunder. Another deal can be made (this depends on if the Hornets keep Kemba) Trade Adams for Marvin Williams and Biyombo. (wait a second, let me explain) By having Kevin Love, you have the 3 point line secure, but not so much the rim and since everyone complained about how Adams has a hard time defending the Pick and roll... Biyombo can do that, he is a good defense center and a fast Center too. Marvin is a good 3 point shooter that can defend and start games or come of the bench. IN ANY CASE. Both Marvin and Biyombo are expiring and if this doesn't work they can easily just take them next year for a cheap contract and not be in the tax line problem anymore. Is it complicated YES it is. With that trade the Thunder might be able to get a second rounder probably.
RJPD_Official (2 months ago)
I wish that the thunder were in a better position. But this will be around where they will be again next year. The thunder are at a 5-8 seed in the west and a likely first round exit for years to come. We realistically need a coaching change and to wait for Westbrook’s contract to expire and then rebuild. Also, trading Adams, Ferguson, Diallo, and our pick could be a possibility. We might have none of these assets by the end of the 2019 draft. But whatever it is the thunder do, I don’t think we can win a title with Russ. As a thunder fan, I’m a bit disappointed with how our potential dynasty turned out. We are left with the worst of the 3 players that we selected between 2007 and 2009. All of them have been league MVP. And Russ is the only one without a scoring title. Durant and Harden are still in the hunt. This just proves how poor general management can lead to an average team for a long period of time.
Chapel Tom (2 months ago)
Get rid of Westbrick and the coach. OKC are trash.
Frede2300 (2 months ago)
I know alot of OKC fans and possibly NBA in general will dissagree with this, but i feel like they should see what the trade market looks like for Steven Adams. No doubt Adams is a great big man but for 25m a year i think they could get something that's more of a need and still find a Center in either the draft or in free agency that can do a similar job to Adams.
tyriek craddock (2 months ago)
They should get Terrence Ross
Frede2300 (2 months ago)
Billy Donovan has to be fired, they gotta add more shooters and Russ has to either become more of a true PG or he needs to be moved to SG imo
Nishith Shetty (2 months ago)
Its Billy mother fucking Donovan
Van Dammege (2 months ago)
PG must be having so much fun.
kingJames :/ Kawhi (2 months ago)
Now I'm about to do an OKC rebuild
RedHunter (2 months ago)
Next season just save time and link to this video. New season same as the old season.
Stalker Bleach (2 months ago)
Jerami Grant is too good for them.
Stalker Bleach (2 months ago)
he played well in the last three. those were probably the most important games anyway
Cuckhead McGee (2 months ago)
Stalker Bleach he was awful in the playoffs.
Gucci Baghdad (2 months ago)
Russ doesn't have a good team
Don Jhon (2 months ago)
Trade Westbrook
ShavonS (2 months ago)
Rene De Los Santos (2 months ago)
Adams was picked and rolled or stuck down on the block. The Trailblazers without Nurkic out shot the a fully healthy Thunder. Shooting is important but their lack of center play participated as well. The Thunder also lack a bench. Adams is being paid 25 million dollars for his 1987 Center play. The Thunder have overspent for mediocrity and individuals
Drayton (2 months ago)
Technically speaking, the Thunder weren't fully healthy, Paul George had nagging shoulder pains and they were also down their best defensive player in Andre Roberson
Christian Lumba (2 months ago)
Maybe it's time to let Westbrook go.
ShavonS (2 months ago)
nyc now (2 months ago)
I've been saying this for the longest the Thunder needs to go out their way to get Evan Fournier and Luke Kornett. Westbrook doesnt necessarily have to be a good shooter, as long as he improves his spot up shooting that'll be a huge deal for the Thunder.
We Are The 99 (2 months ago)
OKC team was shooting good this game. Schroder was 70% from the field. RUSS TOOK 30 SHOTS. 30 !!!!! Even if you surround him with snipers he will still go out in the 1st round.
Mikko Lopez (2 months ago)
Trey Reacts (2 months ago)
Aye my man Cam Johnson made the video, gonna miss him at unc. Whoever drafts them got a killer
Yousef ElZiki (2 months ago)
why not trade adams
Philippe Peltier (2 months ago)
They need a real coach. If a real coach can't do nothing to improve the team : push the big red button.
Matthew Ayala (2 months ago)
This sounds crazy but I think that the thunder should trade Westbrook to the suns for the 1st pick (if they get it) Tj warren and Tyler Johnson. Idk how you feel bout the trade itself. But I think Westbrook should be traded
BigMan300 (2 months ago)
Why would the Suns want Westbrook though? Goes entirely against their timeline of young talent.
Risky Business (2 months ago)
Hint hint, up the nose shots aren’t very pleasant. Also a little more lighting coming from the left would help as well.
Diogo Bruno (2 months ago)
Get rid of westbrick
Lander Hendrickx (2 months ago)
Prime Roberson coming back next year!
sulo 4 (2 months ago)
Rebuıld trade george and westbrick
Alan Robert (2 months ago)
Relentlessly bully Westbrook until he retires? I dunno... Start a process, trade PG and Adams, look to gain some picks, tank for a few years and do a Hinkie Process again? Or pick up AI from 2k19 and hope they become a real person not a game character...
cute dog (2 months ago)
OKC has to do what the raptors did.
Mikko Lopez (2 months ago)
BasketballAddict (2 months ago)
Monte Morris > Russell Westbrick
Mikko Lopez (2 months ago)
Mr Higgins (2 months ago)
I don't think the Thunder view Adams as off limits. I hope gets traded just to see him fulfill his potential in a different system
Steven Adams (1 month ago)
12-14 RPG easily without Westbrook
Calvin Bacu (2 months ago)
His rebounds will go up, thats sure

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