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Trucking a strong partner is key

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I got a new backup cam been meaning to show it to ya'll been too busy when you got a strong partner it frees you up to work on more things you can get more accomplished it's just my opinion but a strong partner is key in being successful
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18Wills Life (11 months ago)
Ok bro I see you in the air....good thing you got a good support system with your wife
Big Tim's Trucking LLC (11 months ago)
Lol that at garmin drives me nuts does yours say i55 north and south bound in Illinois a 10 ton weight limit? Mine does I always force it lol that is why I stay single I gotta be able to support myself before Im albe to have a family bout to get my first truck putting 10k down and yeah it's a peterbilt not new but u gotta start somewhere be safe mane
DHubb DaTrucker (11 months ago)
Preach my brother....Keep dropping them positive videos.
Bryan Livings (11 months ago)
Powerful message PH!
Big Daddy (11 months ago)
Good video bro , this is so true !
J Rodriguez (11 months ago)
Real talk
Dj Dev (11 months ago)
You can make all the money in the world,if your not their to show your son,you'll will spend all the money you made,for bail and lawyers to get your son out of trouble,your son is #1,money is 2nd!!!!!!!!!!
Dj Dev (11 months ago)
Parteehard da trucker,and alot people dont understand,in order to show a boy on how to be a man,starts day 1,not age 5 or 10 till they get grown,day1!!!!!!!
Parteehard Da Trucker (11 months ago)
Son you preaching to the choir I already know this did you listen to the video I’ve been black in America for over 41 years I know what battles my son is up against trust me Fam
Dj Dev (11 months ago)
Lance Stroc,what does race have to do with it,what im saying is,its hard as hell,not impossible for a woman to show a boy how to become a man,if a man isn't their,the statistics and odds are against him,and by the way I'm black and from the hood,
Dj Dev (11 months ago)
Money mike Slick will ,in order to show a child trucking you have to be there!!!
jermaine Carolina kid (11 months ago)
Im diggin the halo veiw!
B Amos85 (11 months ago)
Move the yams haven't heard that in a minute. Ol school
TheGameterrier (11 months ago)
I must have missed it in the description but how much is that backup camera? I need one for my Cargo Van im about to get out there and try to get it!!!! Best Wishes and good luck PH 👍👍👍
steve (11 months ago)
Notification squad reporting for duty! Looking forward to seeing the back up camera install. See a few orbs floating around in their with you 👀hopefully someone good looking over you

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