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Text Comments (1475)
TopTenz (2 years ago)
We made a goof. Sutton Hoo is not in Surrey, but near Woodbridge a small town in Suffolk.
Kelley (12 days ago)
You are a goof!
William Whyte (20 days ago)
+Dragon Kunia ......we live in the age of migration , so like half of Africa migrating to Europe , his hair has decided to migrate to his chin
William Whyte (20 days ago)
+History With Hilbert .......in that case deduct five house points and go and stand on the naughty step for ten minutes.
Billy Rubin (25 days ago)
+Nigel Dighton Just about everything! See Videos by Alan Hassell and especially Alan Wilson.
God lv22 (3 hours ago)
Der klassische Sachse
west A (10 hours ago)
England has always been helping out Greece in wars. We say thanks
:] (11 hours ago)
Ugly white trash are the English and Lowland Scots. Slavery and genocide made their society and now it is all going away forever
Churm Rincewind (12 hours ago)
As there are no Celtic place names in most of England, it rather inclines one to think that the population of England was already predominantly English in Roman times. The Romans were always notoriously vague about population definitions.
Remus (4 days ago)
Am I the only one who wants to punch the English narrator in the face every time he pronounced words ending in A like words ending in R???!!!!!
forestsoceansmusic (6 days ago)
To TopTenz: 6:58 in -- You said: "In AD Nineteen Seventy-five..."(1975); I think you meant to say 'In AD Nine Seventy-five...'(975).
forestsoceansmusic (6 days ago)
I'm sure the Saxons killed a lot of native Britons, but I thought they drove most Westward into Wales and Ireland?
j (6 days ago)
European Heritage, embrace it, with all your heart, all your mind, and all your emotion. October is NOW European Heritage Month, no matter what part of the world you live in. As people of European heritage we must learn to stick together, everyone else does, think about that.
Machmett (6 days ago)
Anglo Saxons everywhere
lenfire (7 days ago)
Tthis hasn't been very well researched....wouldn't pay it too much attention.
Miguel Roberto (7 days ago)
Wit Angle cynn.
Dave Patrick (9 days ago)
But I bet you didn’t know that the Saxon are the sons of Isaac the Israelite. Oh and by the way. The Britain’s were related to the saxons. They are Israelite empires
Super Spitfire (10 days ago)
Didnt king ecbert alfreds grand father semi unite england?. He was king of mercia wessex and sussex.
snake in the grass (11 days ago)
There is also " Friesland" in Germany, in the state of lower saxony.
MrBanausos (13 days ago)
All of these nationalist in the comment section complaining about muslim immigrants. Who hired the muslim immigrants? Right wing rich Englishmen. The same people the torries want to give tax cuts to. If you think diversity is a cancer then right wing rich people are the tumor
Lainey-Lou Watson (13 days ago)
I live in the capital of Wessex! And FYI it isn’t Winchester.
Carly Wilson (14 days ago)
The dead bloke from Sutton Hoo was me great great great great grandad the gold is mine hahahah
LlamaWithNoDrama ! (15 days ago)
Am I the only one looking at the houses. They didn't have round houses
chris carlyle (15 days ago)
I had no idea that the Minnesota Vikings where around back then?
John von Shepard (17 days ago)
yaya kara.
Fake history and fixed disinformation the saxonian tribe of Germanic Nazis were naked savages who went around bare breasted or wore wolf and bear fur
Portland4114 (22 days ago)
So should English people call themselves British?
Waterybint * (24 days ago)
The Celts settled in England for centuries. The Iceni's being an historic tribe.
Chris Bishop (28 days ago)
Saxon invasion was the same as the viking invasions, using the same clinker built long boats....only 200 plus years apart.
Matthew Mcd (29 days ago)
Could have disease played a part in the wiping out of the Anglo-Saxon’s predecessors?
T McDowell (30 days ago)
Another fun fact! They were a bunch of boy lovers 💪
Cynthia Loveman (1 month ago)
I am the white dragon
Cynthia Loveman (1 month ago)
I'm an angelo Saxton
Will Long (1 month ago)
I read in an old book titles the last of the Sea Kings re: Harold Godwinson, after the Battle of Hastings, some 10,000 English Ax-men total arrived and signed up for the Varangian Guard
Michael Halligan (1 month ago)
The helmet is not just for protection, it is a piece of Art, and must have been made for an important person, possibly a Noble?
Nick Adams (1 month ago)
You forgot that they also wrote and performed the songs: Wheels of Steel and Motorcycle Man
andrew hart (1 month ago)
You have left out important facts. The Picts and Norse Gaels were friendly with the Anglo-Saxons as were the Scot-Irish. They all shared a common hatred of the Romans and the Roman way of enslaving conquered peoples. Offas Dyke was a shared venture between the A/Saxons and Welsh, not a conquering episode. Those Celts which supported Rome fled to Brittany keeping their Roman way of life. These same Bretons later came with the Normans to destroy Anglo-Saxon England and re-establish a second Roman Empire(a so called Holy 0ne). Even going to the extent of building on original Roman sites. Christianity in Anglo-Saxon England had been aligned to what would become Orthodox Christianity in the East. The Roman (Catholic) Invasion of 1066 followed the Religious Great Schism of 1053 when East and West split. 1066 was Europes first Religious War.
andrew hart (1 month ago)
Henry the 8th was the First British (non-Norman) King since the Saxon, Harold, and he was Welsh. This was the start of returning Britain to its own form of Christianity.
smileyShiiZniTZ (1 month ago)
Wow whites have gotten weak, they are actually choosing to give up there lands to foreigners hahaha Muslims will control all of the UK and France, all those white feminist will be wearing cloth over there heads.
Edgar Garred (1 month ago)
funny how simon you are an anglo saxon, You appear as such a jolly mild mannered britisher but deep withing your blood lays the dna of history's most dangerous warriors
Ihateyousomuch (1 month ago)
Why watch these? The guy gets so many things blatantly wrong. Not informed at all.
EXTOL ZEBULON (2 months ago)
We are the White Sons of Isaac. The Lion is Our Symbol as We roar like lions in battle. WE did not spread the gospel We are The lost Tribes of Israel. The Nords destroyed the pagan roman religion in a Christian Land. Our DNA evidence proves 1% to 8% Asia Minor Origin of Abraham's UR. WAKE UP
Jack Beaumont (2 months ago)
SURREY!!!!!! complete bollox, it's SUFFOLK, how to upset people!!!
TruthFoot (2 months ago)
This video is replete with error. The bald-headed rather frail looking bloke makes bad videos.
Hildugard (2 months ago)
Thus isn't 2008. You can slow down and take a breath because the 10 min. limit was removed long ago.
Nicole K (2 months ago)
Simon, the first letter of Iona is an I, not an L. So it's pronounced "ee-own-ah". There's still a religious community there.
Kiwi Viking (2 months ago)
Also...since this sort of history needs precision... 06:56 'In AD1975 a 15-year-old called Edward was NOT(!) crowned King Of England'. I think you mean Edward The Martyr in AD975 perhaps? This might seem simple but you are going to great lengths to put this video together so you probably want to get it right?
Kiwi Viking (2 months ago)
Ummm... I'm afraid you contradict yourself by 00:53. Your map shows Angles taking North-East and Mercia (yet you say they take North-East and East Anglia (your map shows the Saxons taking East Anglia)), yes, you've got the Jutes in Kent in the far South-East of England yet you say the Saxons took the far south 'naming their country Wessex and Sussex' but that is where your arrow shows the Jutes. The arrow for the Saxons shows them going to East Anglia where you said the Angles went. I'm only observing that you really ought to match your map to your commentary (and not contradict your own map or words!) from the start or it looks like a bit of a 'Mickey Mouse' production where you don't really know what is going on and I'm sure you can do better than that...
Alun Rees (2 months ago)
Rubbish Cristianity was in wales in ad 37
Mark McAllister (2 months ago)
Friday for Freya
anon for good (3 months ago)
Anglia is the Latin name for England. The people of Anglia are Angeles (Anglo). If you look at the Essex and Middlesex county flags, and the crest of arms for the town of Epping you will see they feature a "Seax" knife/sword. "Seax" is pronounced "Sax". "Seax" is an old English word that means knife. Saxon basically means warriors with knives.
russell slagle (3 months ago)
rick keane (3 months ago)
celtic monks taught the anglo saxon how to read and write
Bathtub Barracuda (3 months ago)
In short, death to the Anglo imperialists!
Aaron Filip (3 months ago)
Cuetip Whistlah
Diomedes1962 (4 months ago)
The Island of Lona?! Are you from the UK? Abysmal misinformation (again). You really should take this down.
Stomper Ringholm (4 months ago)
Saturday isn't Saturn's day like previously thought, it's Sætre's day, their name for Loki
marius offing (4 months ago)
There weren't millions of people inhabiting this island, before, during and after the Roman period. You'd be hard pressed to say there was 150,000 here during the height of the Roman occupation. Britain was full of forests and woods (most of which the Anglo-Saxons cut down to grow crops on in the centuries that followed). You have to factor in economic collapse once the Romans left, plagues and civil war. All of this pushed the native population numbers down significantly.
Calico Jack (4 months ago)
Absolutely amazing history
Brandon Brooks (4 months ago)
The Welsh are where the Britons went. Breatnais is the Irish word for Welsh, , which is suspiciously similar to Briton
Johnno Villa (4 months ago)
Wont be anglo saxon country for much longer
The Brony Christian (4 months ago)
I was already ſubſcribed to Hiſtory with Hilbert. Great to see two aweſome YouTubers working togeðer! :)
Zach Ward (4 months ago)
Actually Oxfords DNA study shows that the Celtic peoples who originally populated the British Isles were not whipped out by the Germanic tribes who invaded.
The Castamereian Raynes (4 months ago)
Funny how Angles and Jutes (part of 'Anglo Saxons') both came over from Denmark. It's almost is if the Viking Danes were playing catch up.
Neil Óg (4 months ago)
The English in this early period called themselves 'English' or 'Aenglish', not 'Anglo-Saxon'. After the Pope sanctioned the Invasion of England in 1066 religious allegiance of many English seems to have shifted away from the Pope, towards the Orthodox Church, hence recruitment to the Varangian guard. Just before 1066 England had extremely close cultural ties to Scandinavia.
les odgers (4 months ago)
Such BS, if men will hump a friggin sheep they will certainly hump a woman from a small different group where u can't even tell the difference. Hell, we have Neanderthal DNA in us all but Africans, that said a lot about us having a bigger brain as Neanderthals had bigger brains than humans even considering their larger mass.
Mike Davies (4 months ago)
You made a mistake with the Welsh flag. The white represents Llewelian the great, the green is his son junior and the dragon is for his grandson Owen the avenger.
mizfrenchtwist (4 months ago)
so did the anglos settle germany or what . I thought the scandinavians were older than the germans............can you tell me............thank you..............
Adolf Hitmaker (5 months ago)
What an effeminate "man"
Hildugard (2 months ago)
Hipster eurotrash.
Aquila Rossa (5 months ago)
I am skeptical that Sutton Hoo was a Saxon horde. Too much about it is Scandinavian, especially that helmet and the ship. Why would a Saxon leader be buried Viking style wearing a Viking helmet that had Norse art themes on it? It is possible, but does not seem the most likely to me. I wonder if it was a Dane burial and just contained some Saxon loot they took on campaign. I suspect that national bias made them prefer to think it is Saxon and want to explain away the rest, especially those who try to say it was Elizabeth II's ancestor etc. That part of England was ruled by Vikings in that era.
Aidan Sumner (4 months ago)
Because if you get your mind out of "VIKANG" and look towards culture instead, you will realise that all Germanic cultures wore the same helmets, armour, equipment, rode the same longships and the anglo Saxons also worshipped Wodan (Odin), Tiwar (Tyr), Thunar (Thor), etc. The Vikings tv show is a really bad place to get your sources from. Anglo Saxons and Norse (Vikings) were identical culturally and linguistically were so similar they could kind of understand each other.
marius offing (4 months ago)
The Angles (English) were the most northerly of the West Germanic tribes and had close links with the Danes and southern swedes, so there may have been some cross-pollination there. King Radwald of Sutton Hoo was definitely an Angle (English), but his tribal group traded both far and wide, hence all the exotic grave goods. Even today, the 3 crowns that represent the emblem of modern East Anglia is the same as the national emblem of Sweden.
Liam Maclaine (5 months ago)
The history channel makes the Anglo saxons look bad
julian giangrande (5 months ago)
The Anglo saxons are the sjws worst nightmare
Alex A (30 days ago)
julian giangrande for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, remember that boy
Maria Giulia Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Also Britons were all around the island
As a child (some sixty years ago) I was taught that the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons opened a 400yr long period of ethnic cleansing, during which the Romano-Britons were systematically slaughtered by the pagan Anglo-Saxon immigrants. As we watch the massive numbers of Third World immigrants swarming into UK today; I'm forced to ask: " Will history repeat itself in the coming decades ? "
Winston R (5 months ago)
Born in 89', maternal grandafther was 100% uk/basque, rh negative. Married my mom off to my father at 19 who was german/serbian/ashkenazi. He (maternal grandfather) was a philosopher/historian and always told me i was an anglo-saxon. He always said "the celts killed the natives, the romans killed the celts, the vikings killed the romans, the normans killed the vikings, and that melting pot is anglo-saxon."
jay olson (5 months ago)
i wouldn't consider brainwashing their population into christianity a fascinating fact... their society went from a warrior society to a peasant one. they became weak, the vikings nearly wiped them out because of it.
Brian Diehl (4 months ago)
I mean it stopped human sacrafice
Per Oskarsson (5 months ago)
This guy is quite hyterical in his performace and not always correct. Swipe this babbel away.
The Anglo-Saxons lived together with Low Saxons and Frisians in East-Frisia in Germany, because the the West-Frisian terretories were often occupied by the romans. The native East-Frisians have the same genetic code of native Anglo-Saxon people in Northumbria and East-Anglia. People who speak Sater-Frisian in Germany with experinence in East-Frisian Low German dialects understand Old English, West-Frisian and Dutch without learning the other three languages. The Netherlands and English people forgotten always their real german roots from East- and North-Frisia in Germany who lived in the same areas with vikings and Anglo-Saxons. The viking settlement in Hedeby/ Haithabu in Schleswig-Holstein/Germany was a trading post for danish vikings and North-Frisians
Witch Of WoodStock (6 months ago)
I'll try to keep this brief cause I'm very lazy ...never knew much about my ancestors other than my mother claiming "just English" full stop. I knew about the Germanic Saxons of old and decided to take an online DNA test. My results indicated strong Dutch (Netherlands) and Belgium. Basically the low countries but also Croatia. I can explain away most of my results but not Croatia. Never knew anything about my dad's side and this Croatia thing is a big mystery ...
1966human (6 months ago)
Anglo saxon is an orsome language
Juame (6 months ago)
Zelous pagans. Okay then. XD Saint Bruno trespassed into country named Lithuania. It's the first time the name of the country was mentioned in documents as he and his followers were killed. I'm from Lithuania and i know this part of history well.
Michael Lunney (6 months ago)
The last Anglo Saxon king was Harold Godwinson and he died in 1066.
Hardeep Singh (6 months ago)
I want to know about jutes of england...i m a jutes from india...we come india thousand years ago...my surname is mander...
M. Hall (7 months ago)
"Anglo-Saxon" is a language, not a people. Similarly, "Aryan" is an old-fashioned name for a language family; it does not refer to a race.
Will Spencer (7 months ago)
we were never invaded. we are our own people
Askar Turebekov (6 months ago)
Anglo Saxons were NOT native to Britain.
Mark Ant (7 months ago)
What do you mean?
Collin Sivers (7 months ago)
I have to correct you on the whole "Britons were nearly eliminated by the Saxons." There have been a lot more genetic studies done that show that rather than a complete takeover/eradication of the natives, that it was much more of an aristocratic takeover, aka, they took over the ruling classes. Everyone else was hooking up with the Britons, especially in the north and southwest, due to their proximity with Celtic nations. Listen to the accent(s) in the West Country; far different from the majority of England. Genetic studies have found that even in Somerset, the place where Alfred The Great made his home base and was an Anglo-Saxon stronghold, has been found in numerous studies to have just 30-40% Anglo-Saxon DNA.
Mark Ant (7 months ago)
Where did the celts originate though? Some say they came from ancient Israel, they had to come from somewhere.
Fredrick Unverzagt (7 months ago)
This one is particularly fascinating. I’m digging it better than the last one, Teddy Roosevelt = Batman
Justin Stephenson (7 months ago)
As a Northumbrian, it is important to correct the idea that St. Oswald brought Christainity to Northumberland. That was King (and later Saint) Edwin who converted in 627 AD and was king from 616-633. Oswald was exiled by Edwin and only on Edwin's death did he return to Northumberland to take the crown by force in 634 and allegedly re-introduced Christainity. In the year between Edwin's death and Oswald taking the crown Bede claims the Northumbrian reverted to Heathenism but as Bede was a bit of an Oswald fanboy it is impossible to know how much of that was true and how much was Bede polishing Oswald's reputation. What is definitely true is that under Oswald and his successor (and brother) Oswiu, Northumberland became one of the leading lights of Christainity in Europe until the mid to late 8th century
kevin savage (7 months ago)
If you are going to make information films like this You NEED and MUST to be 100% accurate please don't guess our history ...
Mike (8 months ago)
It depends what studies you believe are correct. Some of these DNA specialists have an agenda. They hate any show of cohesion and racial identity. and try and convince us that we are all basically Celts with very little Germanic influence, when our language and customs and character tell us quite the opposite. It's very obvious to me that Yorkshire folk"who call a spade a bloody shovel" have a very different culture, attitude and ancestry than the Welsh native Britons. There's even an "expert" who tries to convince us that the native British adopted English just because they liked the sound of the language, and in fact there was no Anglo Saxon invasion at all.
george buckingham (8 months ago)
Sutton hoo is in Suffolk not Surrey lol
Hmm so whos subhuman now, dundu.
Do you mind (8 months ago)
They came over here talking all our jobs.
Gian Torres (8 months ago)
ANGLO-SAXONS are born to kick everybody's asses and invent everything.
The MUSLIM scum that now has destroyed England must be eradicated from the British Isles! They and their ilk are the scum of the earth and totally unworthy of life. Any Muslim sympathizers, they have who are white skinned, should be given the blood eagle ritual of execution!
Owain Shebbeare (30 days ago)
+That Specific Gentleman Probably not a joke, Indians believe all sort of racist stuff.
Grenherb (1 month ago)
+That Specific Gentleman that British are thieves and liars, or that they steal tech from everyone? you pick.
+Grenherb LOL is this a joke?
Grenherb (1 month ago)
+Br00tal Teutonic Thrasher666 and British stole everything and inventions from Indians, Africans, and middle easterns. white people in general are thieves and liars.
GrilledCheesemmmm (8 months ago)
30 years Europe will be descendants of middle East Muslim brotherhood, cheers.
Fire Macnom (1 month ago)
+Omais Mazhar sorry i thought you meant it somekind of ironic
Omais Mazhar (1 month ago)
+Fire Macnom did you even read my comment?
Fire Macnom (1 month ago)
+Omais Mazhar hahaha english are anglo-saxon AND celts. and actually there isnt that a difference between them wheras there is a huge difference between an Omais and a Timothy
Omais Mazhar (1 month ago)
+Matt White Wolf the ironic thing is the Celts and Picts and eventually Anglo Saxons thought the same of the newest arrivals.
Tom Baillie (8 months ago)
The DNA imprint of the Anglo Saxons is overstated, most brits are descended from the natives who have lived on the isles for thousands of years
S J. (9 days ago)
Tom Baillie source?
Zed Haley (8 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j617mImHVvk The English are Germans The Welsh are real Britons
Zed Haley (8 months ago)
The Angles and Saxons butchered the natives and drove them off. The only true natives are the Gaelic types in Scotland, and the Welsh.
PokeEmblem 692 (8 months ago)
Ooh, Hilbert wrote this!
Judaic Israelite (9 months ago)
My ancestors are Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Swiss, and Dutch
Robloxian Unicorn (9 months ago)
You sound like siri
heterodyne1 (9 months ago)
there's no spring solstice , winter solstice more like.
Ernest Reeff (9 months ago)
After 48 years I know my ancestry !!! I was adopted and I had no idea. I just got my DNA back so I am doing my homework. LOL Awesome video !!
zachf (9 months ago)
So they wrote the part about you telling us they wrote the script?
TV-94 (9 months ago)
An interesting little tidbit is that the Founding Fathers of America actually had respect for their Anglo-Saxon ancestors, Thomas Jefferson even proposed featuring Hengist and Horsa on one side of the Great Seal of the USA, Jefferson said in regards to his proposal "the Saxon chiefs [Hengist and Horsa] from whom we claim the honour of being descended, and whose political principles and form of government we assumed."

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