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TopTenz (2 years ago)
We made a goof. Sutton Hoo is not in Surrey, but near Woodbridge a small town in Suffolk.
Daniel Willows (6 hours ago)
+H VonWolfenstein In reference to King Oswald taking refuge on the island of "Lona", it's actually called Iona (with an i) so there's another mistake for you.
william (3 days ago)
Indeed. I have been there and it is interesting that it is on top of this hill with a load of other burials too. It is a graveyard essentially and later on became an execution area, though the medieval people had no idea what was buried in the mounds.
Prepperjon (6 days ago)
The painting shown at #2 has a couple of goofs. First the man on the horse is fighting a man on foot that is dressed in the exact same armour and helmet meaning they are probably on the same side. Second - The saddles have stirrups. Stirrups weren’t used in Britain/England until after 1066. The use of stirrups was a contributing factor of the Norman victory.
John Smith (1 hour ago)
Quite boring
Alto Saxx (9 hours ago)
He is the egg man
aj koots (10 hours ago)
TopTenz Did the Anglo saxons settle in Sheffield?
Geraint Thomas (12 hours ago)
Seeing that the English are descended - not just from the Angles - but also from other Germanic tribes - the Jutes and the Saxons ; Angle- land - land of the Angle ( England) could also have ended up being called 'Jute- land' or 'Saxon - land'. Were it not for a historical querk ,what is now known as English could also have been called 'Jutlish' or 'Saxonish'. Interestingly ,the Welsh word for the English is 'Saeson' which translates as 'Saxons' , the Welsh word for the English tounge is 'Saesneg' translating literally as 'Saxonish' . The Welsh word for England is 'Lloegr' deriving from the Welsh word 'Coll' meaning lost . So the Welsh word for England - 'Lloegr' translates roughly as 'Lost land' - the lands of eastern Britain - where originally ,Welsh was once spoken , but was eventually ' lost' to the invading Germanic tribes........... Cyfarchion o Gymru Greetings from Wales ☺️
rustigsmed (15 hours ago)
funny how Wednesday /Wodan is anglo saxon but Thursday / Thunor isn't. Learn what a cognate is.... so no kids Thursday in English isn't "viking".
Sub-Zero (15 hours ago)
General suggestion read more than one article before you make a video there are a lot of inaccuracies in this so-called educational video I mean a lot you need to get more sources before you compile material to make it educational video
Nigel Depledge (1 day ago)
They celebrated spring and summer solstices, eh? I'm aware of the summer and winter solstices, and of the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, but I've never heard of the spring solstice before.
AK Brahma (1 day ago)
Should be called Sexland instead of England, as Alfred was a Saxon ruler of Wessex.
Chameleon1616 (1 day ago)
The Byzantine Empires late Varngian Gaurd was made up of ancient Englishmen, that is the coolest single thing I have heard in weeks.
LilZebra (1 day ago)
I cannot stand watching a bald men.
tecdessus (2 days ago)
Pretty sure Corfe Castle was already a ruin in 1978.
Gaetana Nelson (2 days ago)
The ebb and flow of history is very interesting. A thousand years from now their will be a video on how the UK is now some other language/culture/religion. LOL
Martin Ison (2 days ago)
omg please control your SIBILANCE!
Jeffrey Abare (3 days ago)
To all white people scrolling, its okay to be white and proud of that fact. And it doesn't make you racist nor are the other races any better for putting us down were all the same and the sooner we realize that the better. EVERYBODY deserves to have their heritage recognized otherwise thats the definition of racism
eyewit (3 days ago)
Why do anglo-saxs look like that? What gives? Millions of years ago, some space aliens must have landed on earth and raped some nenaderthals in europe, resulting in a hybrid race that's aggressive and colonizing.
JABoyle3875 (3 days ago)
This cant be a top tenz video. It doesn't ridiculously misuse the word horrible in a piss poor attempt at click bait.
Anton Szandor LaVey (3 days ago)
And now we are being invaded by Muslims, are we going to fight back or go the way of our ancestors I hope not.
YTRulesFromNM (3 days ago)
The German invaders called the Britons "Bigots". Bigot is what they call people that don't welcome invaders now.
Timothy Foster (3 days ago)
Also they are born white supremacist and serial killers,,please add that also,,oh and racist
Timothy Foster (3 days ago)
Go back to Europe
Shahrokh joudi (4 days ago)
Where you have found these savage people.unfortunately i put them in my culture and civilization!
arthur mcclench (4 days ago)
05.11 'Leichester' - Cute. ('Fascinating')
Glyn Brain (4 days ago)
Glyn Brain (4 days ago)
Sorry. The bones were finally re-buried in 1984. I should have got to the end before I commented.
Glyn Brain (4 days ago)
4:18 - that could be the island of Iona (iona spelled with a capital i), not Lona.
Bj D (4 days ago)
The video implies thursday is of viking origin. This is a mistake; thursday derives regularly from “thunores daeg” just as wednesday derives regularly from “wodanes daeg”. Notice the days of the week are the only place in modern english where the ancient “es” genitive persists... it has become the modern “ ‘s” possessive in modern english.
George Godwin (4 days ago)
The last sitting King temporarily was Harold Godwinson. Look it up. He was the son of Harold Godwin.
Fingaz Mc (1 day ago)
Way hey another Godwin! We've got royal blood mate!
007JHS (5 days ago)
The Sutton Hoo helmet found at Sutton Hoo in Surrey... Found at Sutton Hoo near Woodbridge in Suffolk... Such a basic error makes me question the rest of the narrated text.
Melvin Brown (5 days ago)
They can make your day or poop your party.....its all in how you respond to them.....wait a minute...blanket statements are Not Cool....please disregard the comment.
Warren Davis (5 days ago)
Sutton Hoo is in Suffolk, not Surrey.
Fogata (5 days ago)
What the hell happened to these tough guys that now turn and bend over to the muslims.
JKHero (6 days ago)
PLEASE re-draw your map at 0:50. It shows the Jutes going to Wessex, but the Jutes actually went to Kent. You know they settled in Kent. You said they went to Kent, but then you got it wrong on your map.
Tiggerman 73 (7 days ago)
Oy vey, tame that treble in your mix. Better quality mic? Throw a compressor inline?
jumpingjflash (7 days ago)
I was fascinated by the migration of the Anglo-Saxons to Constantinople. Whatever became of them? Does there exist any DNA evidence of Anglo-Saxons today in Turkey?
Christian Patriot (8 days ago)
#11 You get them riled up at your own risk.
Stephen Clementson (8 days ago)
Vote Saxon!
richard aurswald (9 days ago)
Slow down the narrative and maybe actually come up with something fascinating.
TheModer8ter (9 days ago)
John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus.  Jesus the Messiah died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to save you, then you have everlasting life.
thorified (10 days ago)
Impeach Trump advertisement? Eat poop and die you dipsdnsdsdlkdslits! TRUMP TRAIN!!!!
Anglo-Saxons -- the greatest people on the face of the earth!
w41duvernay (12 days ago)
Thanks for this! At least I know where the day's of the week came from, and the name England. Englaland? No wonder the middle part got dropped. WTF!
Witch Of WoodStock (12 days ago)
Sooo what you're telling us is that present day Mancunians are directly descended from groups of heavy drinking, loud, aggressive, thieving, knife wielding thugs of the middle ages ?! This video actually explains a lot ...
Andrew Macdonald (14 days ago)
Total population wipe out or absolute ethnic cleansing would have been nigh on impossible with the technology of the time - people would simply have fled west, north or south and hidden in the mountains or over the sea in Brittany! You can outrun swords and arrows, the Anglo-Saxons and Jutes had no napalm or nuclear weapons with which to eliminate the previous culture. Also, as an aside King Oswald gave his name to the town of Oswestry in the Welsh Borders. Great video from a few years ago though and as always, Simon's presentation is impeccable.
Michael Neeves (7 days ago)
Idk Rwanda made an excellent effort with nothing but machetes
Darby O'Gill. (14 days ago)
In 1984!?, bit of a synth pop funeral was it?.
Mark Otter (17 days ago)
History can be overwhelming.
Too young to be old (21 days ago)
Your head's on upside down. I still liked your video.
moel man (21 days ago)
I understand many form England  as now, fled west to wales, then various principalities, and thousands went to Brittany to flee the Saxons, until Offa's Dyke was built 8th century,
Robinkae (22 days ago)
Talking way too fast.
andrew kellers (27 days ago)
To many facts to fast.. slow down a bit
Pawel Sz (1 month ago)
what do anglo saxons look like 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
Bob Redman (1 month ago)
Belgic tribes had established themselves in southern England well before Julius Caesar arrived (see Venta Belgarum, today called Winchester).Thus the Germanic tribes filtering in later found a Germanic language (proto-Flemish) already in place.
Cleeko G (1 month ago)
king Arthur was a botty mon
Carl Wilson (1 month ago)
Playing Sax was one of the best thing they left to us
Beans amd Nigglets (1 month ago)
Fuxin Normans always ruin everything.
Beans amd Nigglets (1 month ago)
Bernard Cornwell wrote a great series about it The Winter King.
Mountain Man (1 month ago)
To bad Islam will rule these lands soon enough! All the European warriors have died and the leftist weaklings have taken over!
Commenter Five (1 month ago)
Saxon = sons of Issac. Son of Abraham from Ur.
Pauly B (1 month ago)
What were the physical features (hair coloir, skin tone, eye colour) of the Ingaevones/North Sea Germanic tribes (Frisii, Saxons, Jutes, Angles)?
john horne (1 month ago)
And we are still here only we call ourselves English and try to avoid being called British
Bobby Hopper (1 month ago)
The host speaks as if he’s being paid by the word😒
Mr Jurgy (1 month ago)
I love this guy he needs his own tv channel! So talented
shaun byrne (1 month ago)
Sutton Hoo is in Suffolk.
Saxon Quinn (1 month ago)
My name is saxon
Kenneth J. Fox (1 month ago)
I just saw the very first episode where the show 'Vikings' finally used HELMETS
Yuri Boyka (1 month ago)
if it wasnt for Uthred of Babbenburg... Alfred would have not succeeded...
Nick Tombs (1 month ago)
Not historically very correct, why is your head on upside down? And is that what makes you sound like a twat?
Jun Bug (1 month ago)
Anglo Saxons are a great warrior race. I am actually a Turco Mongol mughal, with 15% anglo saxon dna, since british soldiers mated with mughal women.
Malachi McGuire (1 month ago)
My ancestors were awesome
Timothy Foster (1 month ago)
Born Killers
ArianneNymeros (2 months ago)
I think Freya was Venus (Aphrodite) and Frigg (Odins wife although her attributes resemble more those of Hestia) was Iuno (Hera).
Xavier Lowsley (2 months ago)
Genetic replacement is a myth! Prof. Bryan Sykes book the blood of the isles asserts that the English blood is a mix of Germanic and native Celtic, usually more Celtic in its % too. Can’t believe Hilbert is pushing his own Dutch pride agenda on this 😡
TsalagiAgvnage (2 months ago)
Nah, it's the women where one must look less DNA shows many things, such as people just having MORE Germanic blood, not ALL
They were white. Which means they were inherently racist.
Dave Cannabis (2 months ago)
but can you trust a man who has grown taller than his hair ?
God lv22 (2 months ago)
Der klassische Sachse
west A (2 months ago)
England has always been helping out Greece in wars. We say thanks
Ian McGreevy (22 days ago)
Elgin marbles
o.o (2 months ago)
Ugly white trash are the English and Lowland Scots. Slavery and genocide made their society and now it is all going away forever
Remus (2 months ago)
Am I the only one who wants to punch the English narrator in the face every time he pronounced words ending in A like words ending in R???!!!!!
forestsoceansmusic (2 months ago)
To TopTenz: 6:58 in -- You said: "In AD Nineteen Seventy-five..."(1975); I think you meant to say 'In AD Nine Seventy-five...'(975).
forestsoceansmusic (2 months ago)
I'm sure the Saxons killed a lot of native Britons, but I thought they drove most Westward into Wales and Ireland?
j (2 months ago)
European Heritage, embrace it, with all your heart, all your mind, and all your emotion. October is NOW European Heritage Month, no matter what part of the world you live in. As people of European heritage we must learn to stick together, everyone else does, think about that.
Fürst von Metternix (2 months ago)
Anglo Saxons everywhere
lenfire (2 months ago)
Tthis hasn't been very well researched....wouldn't pay it too much attention.
Miguel Roberto (2 months ago)
Wit Angle cynn.
Dave Patrick (2 months ago)
But I bet you didn’t know that the Saxon are the sons of Isaac the Israelite. Oh and by the way. The Britain’s were related to the saxons. They are Israelite empires
Super Spitfire (2 months ago)
Didnt king ecbert alfreds grand father semi unite england?. He was king of mercia wessex and sussex.
snake in the grass (2 months ago)
There is also " Friesland" in Germany, in the state of lower saxony.
MrBanausos (2 months ago)
All of these nationalist in the comment section complaining about muslim immigrants. Who hired the muslim immigrants? Right wing rich Englishmen. The same people the torries want to give tax cuts to. If you think diversity is a cancer then right wing rich people are the tumor
Lainey-Lou Watson (2 months ago)
I live in the capital of Wessex! And FYI it isn’t Winchester.
Carly Wilson (2 months ago)
The dead bloke from Sutton Hoo was me great great great great grandad the gold is mine hahahah
LlamaWithNoDrama ! (2 months ago)
Am I the only one looking at the houses. They didn't have round houses
chris carlyle (2 months ago)
I had no idea that the Minnesota Vikings where around back then?
John von Shepard (2 months ago)
yaya kara.
Fake history and fixed disinformation the saxonian tribe of Germanic Nazis were naked savages who went around bare breasted or wore wolf and bear fur
Portland4114 (2 months ago)
So should English people call themselves British?
Waterybint * (2 months ago)
The Celts settled in England for centuries. The Iceni's being an historic tribe.
Ian McGreevy (22 days ago)
Yay Queen Boudicca beat the Romans
Chris Bishop (3 months ago)
Saxon invasion was the same as the viking invasions, using the same clinker built long boats....only 200 plus years apart.
Vinegar Enthusiast (3 months ago)
Could have disease played a part in the wiping out of the Anglo-Saxon’s predecessors?
T McDowell (3 months ago)
Another fun fact! They were a bunch of boy lovers 💪
Cynthia Loveman (3 months ago)
I am the white dragon

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