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Text Comments (1653)
TopTenz (2 years ago)
We made a goof. Sutton Hoo is not in Surrey, but near Woodbridge a small town in Suffolk.
Philip Williams (1 month ago)
it is for foreigners and Americans+Nigel Dighton
gladstane gonder (2 months ago)
those tribe maps again .... never saw the one at 0:35 before Angles driven out of most of northern Cimbria but occupying plenty of saxon land south of their actual border....well at least my area is accurately also anglian there
Daniel Willows (2 months ago)
+H VonWolfenstein In reference to King Oswald taking refuge on the island of "Lona", it's actually called Iona (with an i) so there's another mistake for you.
Victor Kane (3 hours ago)
Don’t forget about the Cumbri
Francisco Guzman (4 days ago)
you all cocksu***** of us Romans! cheers and goodwill ;)
Margaret Stephens (4 days ago)
Saxons = Isaac's sons
Shattered Knight (6 days ago)
Edward-2 was not crowned in AD 1975.
0rbiit (8 days ago)
Nice pronunciations lmfao
Sean Montgomery (8 days ago)
Um Friday isn’t frida’s day as in the Wife of Odin?
Sean Montgomery (8 days ago)
Freya I meant.
Fred Garvin (9 days ago)
Anglo-Saxons are punks. The Britons are the true rulers of the Island.
dave long (9 days ago)
allie fisher (12 days ago)
The Anglo Saxons joined the Varangian Guard to defend Europe against Islam, then 1OOO years later the Liberals and Socialists surrender Europe to Islamic barbarity.
Fred Garvin (9 days ago)
You have been punked
johncashrocks221 (18 days ago)
What happened to the millions of Britannic Celts? Genetic studies show that most indigenous English people are as Celtic as they are Germanic, so mass extermination is somewhat a myth.
Fred Garvin (9 days ago)
There is no such thing as Celtic genes you tart
Stu McCabe (25 days ago)
The latest genetic evidence shows that today's inhabitants of Britain have inherited 67% of their genes from the people who were here at the end of the last ice age and only 33% from the Anglo- Saxon "invasions". In other words, the native population was not replaced, but there was significant immigration and a very significant cultural/language change.
Fred Garvin (9 days ago)
cambs 01 (23 days ago)
So absolutely no genes from the Normans, The Vikings, The Huguenots, The Jews, Chinese, Afro-carribean, Eastern European,. Turkish Cypriot, Greek Cypriot, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian, Kenyan Asian, Ugandan Asian, Romani, Italians or anyone else who may of turned up on a boat in the last 900 years then?
Elliot Smith (29 days ago)
15 year old Edward in AD1975 being crowned king is pretty cool, I personally would like a go in his time machine. Surely going from 1975 to 978 would cause a few language difficulties. Also when was Elizabeth II’s second coronation?
Gabryjel (1 month ago)
Germanic means Lechian Empire, in old romnan BROTHERS... Germans were called people like Poles, Czechs Russians and so on back Ren(Rhen) river... Hello. Check out how Sasanids now called Saxons and Angelos and now called Anglosaxons from middle east invaded an Roman behalf and setteled in Europe around 1500 years ago. They "created" England- Angland, overtook France and Italy. They were at firs supposed to help Romans to fight Celts and Lechian Empire which had always border on Ren(Rhen) river. Good luck. Ps Project Disclosure on yt. Lagiewka bumper on yt. Lalak/Skwarek on yt have also done a LOT of reaserch in what you are doing.
Philip Williams (1 month ago)
Go learn some real history, don't assume everything from Hollywood, or because it suits your agenda
FordDot3289 (1 month ago)
Where are the HORRIFYING facts of anglo-saxons like yall do everybody else? JUS WONDERING
Fred Garvin (9 days ago)
+Light Primarily in England. They never really came here.
FordDot3289 (1 month ago)
+Light lmao
Light (1 month ago)
The Anglo-Saxons did nothing wrong
Stuart Spiller (1 month ago)
There was no evidence of invasion only migration and from a lot longer ago than the western britons woulkd have you beleive.. Gildas is generally regarded as a very polarised monk and should not be beleived Please do better research.
jgimbernard (1 month ago)
Most illustrating... But please, would you not rush, specially when you're giving lots of names and dates? That would be a great plus.
Lav Lavv (1 month ago)
Anglo saxans are the first terrorist and murders in the world, they have killed everyone thru out the history and blame on others. Anglo saxons is the worse version you could possibly have , please watch out they are very dangerous
Mikey (1 month ago)
Prydain am byth! O bydded i'r heniaith barhau.
Mika Nieminen (1 month ago)
Most fascinating fact is that they are the most willing henchmen of the self chosen master race and this is what was their undoing. At least we fought for freedom here in the Baltic's.
MGTOW 4 LIFE (1 month ago)
Anglo Saxons are the best thanks for civilization
Fred Garvin (9 days ago)
Britain is Briton land.
Steve Daire (1 month ago)
Had my DNA tested and I’m 75% British 15% Irish and a smattering of northern Russia/Finland, quite pleased with that.
Steve Daire (1 month ago)
Love this channel x
glassmakerx (1 month ago)
I admit that my knowledge of ancient geography is somewhat lacking, but it certainly looks like the map shown at 6:00 in the video is indicating that England included Ireland at the time of King Alfred, which seems a little unlikely. Am I interpreting that map correctly?
vecchiosilvi (1 month ago)
Amazing how so many respond to this interesting video with racist rants.
Michael Weeks (1 month ago)
Bravo Sir! Bravo!
Don Bean (1 month ago)
If you see an actor with a sword on his back you know its going to be bollox.
cambs 01 (1 month ago)
You telling me He-Man wasn't true?
janis317 (1 month ago)
The DNA tests do NOT show that they were completely wiped out, it shows that the previous inhabitants were either wiped out OR forced off their land. They would after all have a very similar DNA pattern to the Celts that were not displaced.
Fred Garvin (9 days ago)
No such thing as Celtic DNA.
henrikhansen (1 month ago)
Oh no, not you again - I’m out’ta here !
Hugo Malice (1 month ago)
The presenters head is on upside down! 😊
walmartian (1 month ago)
i left the frige daeg door open and the saturns dog got into it
Snax Pendragon (1 month ago)
Thought Friday was named after Freya?
movingpicutres99 (1 month ago)
Snax Pendragon Same figure but different spellings and pronunciation.
Leon Strongbow (1 month ago)
Noah One (1 month ago)
I would like to see a facial restoration of these men and women - a didactic lecture is nice, but when you look at them as they were in life, no longer are they mere words on a page
Madra Dubh (1 month ago)
Let's face it, there's no real "English" identity - they are a mongrel of various European breeds.
Madra Dubh (1 month ago)
Angles and Saxons = Continental Europeans.
Snax Pendragon (1 month ago)
Achmed Seldomsinsobar (1 month ago)
Dats me , Anglo Saxon . But never knew what was up with them . Thanks .
Stephen Schwake (1 month ago)
I wonder if the ancestors of Modern English knew that their descendants would someday stop the World and Melt with You?
Spasoje Kulasevic (1 month ago)
2, I didn't know that
Spasoje Kulasevic (1 month ago)
There was a king Baldwin, hahaha
Spasoje Kulasevic (1 month ago)
English have funny accents, and norse people. Hahaha
Spasoje Kulasevic (1 month ago)
7, maybe some of them
Frank M (1 month ago)
I hate this guy. How did I get here?
TJ Strong (1 month ago)
WASP Lives Matter!!
allie fisher (12 days ago)
+Mika Nieminen there is an old saying " my enemies enemy is my friend "
Mercian7 (27 days ago)
+Mika Nieminen Babylon
Mika Nieminen (1 month ago)
Stop being the jewish henchmen then.
alpha beta (1 month ago)
There was no Anglo-Saxon invasion.
Bertie Wilsmore (1 month ago)
Already knowing most of what isn't taught in schools, vid's such as these provide excellent depth and perspective, of course being someone who thinks laterally yet with empirical values I'm required to check each new fact or factoid out with at least four separate corroborations, so thankx smartass, you've just given me an extra 1,000 hours work ;-)
mikepodella (1 month ago)
"Edward was crowned king in 1975" - NO, he was crowned in 975. Listen and it's unmistakable that the narrator says "nineteen seventy-five'.
Coldfire (1 month ago)
Ummmmmmmmm ......,.what do you have to be proud of ? Your ancestors were strong and real patriots. You men and women today are cowards. You are giving away the land your forefather fought and died to preserve for YOU. You let people from other countries come in and take over and tell you what to do. You will soon be a minority in your own land. Then it won’t be your land anymore. Cowards.
Dod o (22 days ago)
Coldfire you just challenged the entirety of Britain from behind a screen, so by you own logic me you and Cambs are all cowards
Coldfire (1 month ago)
cambs 01 challenging a complete stranger because you don’t like hearing the truth ... you are only brave enough to do that because you are safe behind your computer. British men are cowards !
cambs 01 (1 month ago)
Calling people cowards from behind the safety of a keyboard and an anonymous account.
Coldfire (1 month ago)
Yeh. Here’s a fact ... they weren’t BLACK. Like today’s globalists are trying to say. Taking away the history of the White Europeans little by little to satisfy the global agenda to diversify every inch of the planet and eradicate white peoples from history AND from the future. Trying to dilute us with diversity until we breed with other races and white is no longer a race.
My Name is Gladiator (1 month ago)
Simon Bullshitter? Is that what you said?
Gus Armstrong (1 month ago)
Unfortunately, the English are no longer "blood thirsty ". If they were the world would have fewer problems today.
Apollo13 (1 month ago)
they didn't wipe out ALL of the pre anglo saxon population... Exhibit A: Karl Pilkington
Trev0r98 (1 month ago)
"Bye-Zin-Tyne" Wtf? "Byzantine" is pronounced like this: "Bizz-an-teen".
lifeforce (1 month ago)
Frea wasnt venus, I am pretty sure.
vellaW (1 month ago)
There is a certain amount of junk in this video. Why no mention of the big island in the north sea? There was no Anglo Saxon invasion. There were movements of people. And yes there was fighting. However, please don't trust this video.
Dwight Langston (1 month ago)
So the Anglo Saxons are just viking invaders who settled in england and became christian but were later attacked by other vikings from denmark who were now seen as foreign invaders due to being separated over a long period of time?
games games (1 month ago)
Joe Mastercue (1 month ago)
not notness (1 month ago)
Culturally productive over and above every other culture. Thats all you need to know.
Carson Harned (1 month ago)
anglo saxons are the direct decendants of Abraham and Sarah .. see Genisis 48.
TheDb2450 (1 month ago)
48 what?
Benedict Badminton (1 month ago)
the cornwallian and welsh shits would always attack me in ck2 when i was trying to conquer mercia
Gerard Linehan (1 month ago)
Iona is pronounced Aye-one not Lona
Steven Pick (1 month ago)
The first Anglo-Saxon king to become a Christian was Æthelberht of Kent in 597, not sure why the video skipped that and only talked about Oswald becoming a Christian 30 years later.
Fritz Vold (1 month ago)
he of the Aethelbehrt SWORD ?? [cf. PBS episode on NOVA] a science-invention-technology series.
Astuteous Maximus (1 month ago)
11: They Wuz Kangz
I'm English and so proud to be part of such a mighty ancestral heritage. Anglo saxons were badass.
+Coldfire Well it's hard for the people to do anything when the elites in power call the shots but I do actually agree in part with what you said.
Coldfire (1 month ago)
King Alfreds Shieldwall what do you have to be proud of ? Your ancestors were strong and real patriots. You men and women today are cowards. You are giving away the land your forefather fought and died to preserve for YOU. You let people from other countries come in and take over and tell you what to do. You will soon be a minority in your own land. Then it won’t be your land anymore. Cowards.
Max Tickner (1 month ago)
Rubbish - without us you wouldn't be 'English'
Will Hall (1 month ago)
Speaking as an Anglo-Saxon myself, the goddess Frig, also spelled Fricg, also known as Eorþe, wasn’t anything to do with Venus, she embodied nature, animals, fertility of soil and the earth itself (her name is where the modern name for the planet comes from). Also, the European settlers didn’t practice human sacrifice, that was a Celtic thing. Otherwise, fairly accurate. In addition, all English monarchs are Anglo-Saxon, as are most (or all depending on your politics) English people, so there hasn’t been a last Anglo-Saxon king, and if we can sort ourselves out, there never shall be one.
Rose White (2 months ago)
Scotch, Welsh and Southerners hate we northern Anglos as we are a different race.
Rose White (1 month ago)
+Cider Yeti You call yourself cider yesi and spout hate at me for saying Scotch people hate the English! WOW! Go look in a mirror at a scotch imbecile!
Cider Yeti (1 month ago)
Err since when does an inanimate item like a bottle of Scotch hate anything? Or were you talking about Scotch tape, The same question still applies. Don't you mean Scots? Maybe this is why you think people hate you. You talk bollocks.
Spasoje Kulasevic (2 months ago)
Some Saxon women are sexy, hahaha :)
James Addington (2 months ago)
Well what can I say, I know my family history. I know I am Saxon, look at my name Addington. My family history and it ago to1066 in the book of doom. It was know as Edda the first known Saxon. But after we don't have the infro. of Edda and his life before 1066
Dr Sanguine Sunrise (2 months ago)
But...still no Black Africans or Muslims - so historical truths are still important.
Godfrey Poon (2 months ago)
aww shiiieeeeeeeeetttt!
Winston Smith (2 months ago)
AD 975, not exactly 1000 years later (1975) :-/
David Kaas (2 months ago)
Did You know the words "Anglo-Saxon" was originally Anglo-Son's of Saac. From the middle east spelled backwards is Son's of Caas. The 2nd son of Levi was Caath. The Caathites carried and administered to the Ark of the Covenant.
No it's from the union of Angles and Saxons
Charles Crowell (2 months ago)
Britain is made up of warlike invaders. No wonder they conquered the world. Proud to be a celt.
Aaron White (2 months ago)
John Smith (2 months ago)
Quite boring
Alto Saxx (2 months ago)
He is the egg man
aj koots (2 months ago)
TopTenz Did the Anglo saxons settle in Sheffield?
Gallowglas (2 months ago)
Yes, they settled all of Britain excluding Wales up to the firth of Clyde line.
Geraint Thomas (2 months ago)
Seeing that the English are descended - not just from the Angles - but also from other Germanic tribes - the Jutes and the Saxons ; Angle- land - land of the Angle ( England) could also have ended up being called 'Jute- land' or 'Saxon - land'. Were it not for a historical querk ,what is now known as English could also have been called 'Jutlish' or 'Saxonish'. Interestingly ,the Welsh word for the English is 'Saeson' which translates as 'Saxons' , the Welsh word for the English tounge is 'Saesneg' translating literally as 'Saxonish' . The Welsh word for England is 'Lloegr' deriving from the Welsh word 'Coll' meaning lost . So the Welsh word for England - 'Lloegr' translates roughly as 'Lost land' - the lands of eastern Britain - where originally ,Welsh was once spoken , but was eventually ' lost' to the invading Germanic tribes........... Cyfarchion o Gymru Greetings from Wales ☺️
Elaine Stewart (2 months ago)
My Great Grandmother and her husband referred to anyone South of the Scottish borders as being Saxonak!The Anglo's and their power came to an end with the death of King Harold in 1066, at the Battle Of Hastings! Enter the French! Bad news!Bringing with them their sickening Zionist stuff. Their privileged blood line! Or at least what they thought was The Planet's Bespoke bloodline. That stemming from the genetic line of the Royal House Of Judah!And here we are today guys still all being manipulated, exploited, taxed to death, our children enslaved. Wow I am telling you their Messiah had better show soon or we are all doomed!
rustigsmed (2 months ago)
funny how Wednesday /Wodan is anglo saxon but Thursday / Thunor isn't. Learn what a cognate is.... so no kids Thursday in English isn't "viking".
SUB-ZERO (2 months ago)
General suggestion read more than one article before you make a video there are a lot of inaccuracies in this so-called educational video I mean a lot you need to get more sources before you compile material to make it educational video
Nigel Depledge (2 months ago)
They celebrated spring and summer solstices, eh? I'm aware of the summer and winter solstices, and of the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, but I've never heard of the spring solstice before.
AK Brahma (2 months ago)
Should be called Sexland instead of England, as Alfred was a Saxon ruler of Wessex.
Chameleon1616 (2 months ago)
The Byzantine Empires late Varngian Gaurd was made up of ancient Englishmen, that is the coolest single thing I have heard in weeks.
LilZebra (2 months ago)
I cannot stand watching a bald men.
tecdessus (2 months ago)
Pretty sure Corfe Castle was already a ruin in 1978.
Gaetana Nelson (2 months ago)
The ebb and flow of history is very interesting. A thousand years from now their will be a video on how the UK is now some other language/culture/religion. LOL
Martin Ison (2 months ago)
omg please control your SIBILANCE!
Jeffrey Abare (2 months ago)
To all white people scrolling, its okay to be white and proud of that fact. And it doesn't make you racist nor are the other races any better for putting us down were all the same and the sooner we realize that the better. EVERYBODY deserves to have their heritage recognized otherwise thats the definition of racism
JABoyle3875 (2 months ago)
This cant be a top tenz video. It doesn't ridiculously misuse the word horrible in a piss poor attempt at click bait.
Anton Szandor LaVey (2 months ago)
And now we are being invaded by Muslims, are we going to fight back or go the way of our ancestors I hope not.
YTRulesFromNM (2 months ago)
The German invaders called the Britons "Bigots". Bigot is what they call people that don't welcome invaders now.
Fred Garvin (9 days ago)
We call them republicans in the US
Timothy Foster (2 months ago)
Also they are born white supremacist and serial killers,,please add that also,,oh and racist
Timothy Foster (2 months ago)
Go back to Europe
SHAHROKH JOUDI (2 months ago)
Where you have found these savage people.unfortunately i put them in my culture and civilization!
arthur mcclench (2 months ago)
05.11 'Leichester' - Cute. ('Fascinating')
Glyn Brain (2 months ago)
Glyn Brain (2 months ago)
Sorry. The bones were finally re-buried in 1984. I should have got to the end before I commented.
Glyn Brain (2 months ago)
4:18 - that could be the island of Iona (iona spelled with a capital i), not Lona.
Bj D (2 months ago)
The video implies thursday is of viking origin. This is a mistake; thursday derives regularly from “thunores daeg” just as wednesday derives regularly from “wodanes daeg”. Notice the days of the week are the only place in modern english where the ancient “es” genitive persists... it has become the modern “ ‘s” possessive in modern english.
George Godwin (2 months ago)
The last sitting King temporarily was Harold Godwinson. Look it up. He was the son of Harold Godwin.
Fingaz Mc (2 months ago)
Way hey another Godwin! We've got royal blood mate!
007JHS (2 months ago)
The Sutton Hoo helmet found at Sutton Hoo in Surrey... Found at Sutton Hoo near Woodbridge in Suffolk... Such a basic error makes me question the rest of the narrated text.
Melvin Brown (2 months ago)
They can make your day or poop your party.....its all in how you respond to them.....wait a minute...blanket statements are Not Cool....please disregard the comment.

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