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Paul Walker's Daughter Sues Porsche, He was Burned Alive in Faulty Car | TMZ

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Paul Walker survived the impact of the crash that took his life but suffered horrifically as he was burned alive ... this according to a wrongful death lawsuit his daughter has filed against Porsche. According to the lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- lawyers for 16-year-old Meadow Walker claim when the Porsche Carrera GT crashed and broke apart, Paul's seat belt "snapped Walker's torso back with thousands of pounds of force, thereby breaking his ribs and pelvis," and trapping him in the passenger seat. Click 'SHOW MORE' for related content... Paul Walker Crash -- Scumbag Roof Thieves CAUGHT ON TAPE https://youtu.be/ZXzmY8fMSQk Paul Walker -- Emergency Dispatch Recording ... 'Dead on Arrival' https://youtu.be/ahM3rSY3lI8 Paul Walker Dead at 40: Tyrese Gibson Breaks Down in Tears https://youtu.be/zmnUD0Pra-k Paul Walker Crash: Cops Investigating Possible Street Race https://youtu.be/oCAi5adENj0 Tyrese Breaks Down in Tears at Paul Walker Crash Site https://youtu.be/zSqEoSeeNpg Paul Walker Dead At 40 In Fiery Car Crash -- R.I.P. https://youtu.be/bYMW6cZYL3w Remembering Paul Walker https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIPm6JAyEJ_fQCjpZAUVtQ6qwp9vbAKG7 SUBSCRIBE: http://po.st/TMZSubscribe About TMZ: TMZ has consistently been credited for breaking the biggest stories dominating the entertainment news landscape and changed the way the public gets their news. Regularly referenced by the media, TMZ is one of the most cited entertainment news sources in the world. Subscribe to TMZ on YouTube for breaking celebrity news/ gossip and insight from the newsroom staff (TMZ Chatter & TMZ News), the best clips from TMZ on TV, Raw & Uncut TMZ paparazzi video (from TMZ.com) and the latest video from TMZ Sports and TMZ Live! Keeping Up with Our YouTube Exclusive Content: TMZ Chatter: TMZ newsroom staff insight and commentary from stories/ photos/ videos on TMZ.com TMZ News: The latest news you need to know from TMZ.com Raq Rants: Raquel Harper talks to a celebrity guest with ties to the hip hop and R&B communities. Behind The Bar Podcast: TMZ's lawyers Jason Beckerman and Derek Kaufman loiter at the intersection of law and entertainment, where they look closely at the personalities, events and trends driving the world of celebrity — and how the law affects it all. We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it. Need More TMZ? TMZ Website: http://po.st/TMZWebsite LIKE TMZ on Facebook! http://po.st/TMZLike FOLLOW TMZ on Twitter! http://po.st/TMZFollow FOLLOW TMZ on Instagram! http://po.st/TMZInsta TMZ on TV & TMZ Sports on FS1 Tune In Info: http://po.st/TMZOnAir TMZ is on iOS! http://po.st/TMZiOS TMZ is on Android! http://po.st/TMZonAndroid Got a Tip? Contact TMZ: http://po.st/TMZTip Check out TMZ Live, TMZ Sports and toofab! TMZ Live: http://po.st/TMZLiveWebsite Subscribe! TMZ Live: http://po.st/TMZLiveSubscribe TMZ Sports: http://po.st/TMZSportsWebsite Subscribe! TMZ Sports: http://po.st/TMZSportsSubscribe Toofab: http://po.st/toofabWebsite Subscribe! toofab: http://po.st/toofabSubscribe Paul Walker's Daughter Sues Porsche, He was Burned Alive in Faulty Car | TMZ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK7IIV6Q2junGSdYK3BmZMg
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Text Comments (3474)
romona balesar (7 days ago)
Paul walker I miss you so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jordan H (24 days ago)
So seatbelts kill people?
Cameron Conner (1 month ago)
Well if he was still alive why video tape I wouldve checked then got him out
PAUL WALKER 1973 2013 GOD покойся миром чувак
Phil Dollars (2 months ago)
🤷🏽‍♂️60-70 miles a hour??? and could cause death for 2 men and a crushed car and explosion . 🤔 Porsche or the driver . Ummmmmm🤔 .I say “both “Driver speeding “ “Porsche with its defects and a dangerous car to drive no traction”
JB GTO (2 months ago)
Garrett Ray (2 months ago)
Lmao it was Paul falt not porce
SUGAR XYLER ! (3 months ago)
*Idiots and their cars*
Chrissy Jr. (4 months ago)
This guy looks like a real piece of shit
Dan C (4 months ago)
The car was 5 years old and had the original tires on it. Tires do not last for 5 years even when not driven on. The hard rubber on low profile tires deteriate after a few years. It's the owners fault for driving a multi million dollar car on old tires.
Moonlxght Shadows (5 months ago)
This is false as footage has been seen as in videos u can see him trying to escape but just didn’t make it 😭😭
Ninpo Shinobi (5 months ago)
she has a point.
Codie James (5 months ago)
All I got to say is that if Paul Walker was driving that car this would have never happened and Paul Walker would still be with us what indeed Rodger Rhodes was driving and does not know what the f*** he's doing I don't care how good of a racer Rodger Rodas he will never be as good as the driver as Paul Walker therefore as my speech if Paul Walker was driving that day this never would have happened rest in peace Paul Walker forever in peace
he was sacrified in the same car he got from the skulls movie n this story proves it
Harpoon2theRescue (6 months ago)
Suing Porsche?! Blown through daddy's money already?
Mac N Cheese (6 months ago)
that lil bitch didnt have a relation ship with paul
Ethan Hunt (6 months ago)
Paul Walker was not exactly proved dead they just found 2 bodies, but is their a possibility that he could still be alive but in exile/ or hidden ?
C Moore (5 months ago)
he is... Where else would there be a Carrera GT happened to crashed at the same time paul left from the charity.
LB MIKLO (6 months ago)
She sue??? Shit girl get a job that wat u need
Jacque Renee (6 months ago)
So what’s the result of this case or suit
Damn Ness (6 months ago)
Who chose the background music???
Makayla Baby (6 months ago)
I think she shouldn’t have sued the car company it wasn’t the car it was the driver who made a terrible mistake.
willy no brainz (6 months ago)
If you look at video close you see Paul moving
Zachary Story (6 months ago)
They was doing 100 plus engine in the back of car hit them in the back and killed them instantly I hope
Afonso Fernandes (6 months ago)
Why wouldn't Porsche put the stabilizing devices on the car that supposedly was put on ALL the carrera gts? maybe Roger Rodas removed them.
Camila cabello (6 months ago)
So sad man
PROD LOVEPURRPP (6 months ago)
icedcoffeeanyone (7 months ago)
This is heart breaking. Such a beautiful soul taken too soon...
MrDoublehappy (7 months ago)
It cant be good for business ...
Allissa Arvizu (7 months ago)
Bray bray chi+
Good for her... :)
Puffy The fam (7 months ago)
63-71 mph in a 45 mph zone but speed wasn't the problem... fucking dumbass anything for a buck huh ?
GunXMetal37 (7 months ago)
I remember this awhile ago ..all kinds of conspiracy theories ...he was hit by a drone missile ...or he backed out of a fundraiser and they didn't like that ,so they rigged his car ...
Shashith Kanchana (7 months ago)
gon huttige pthata wahanayak pada ganna bariwa banala wadak tyda wesiye. uba ammath ekka appa dapan
Archana Baweja (7 months ago)
they not R.I.P
George V (8 months ago)
Ridiculous driver error he wasn't going 65 mph! Speed kills
Martin De Santiago (8 months ago)
Just felt like commenting of course it was the speed its their fault for speedind
Grant Ojeda (8 months ago)
Porsche didn’t put stability control in the Carrera gt Bc it’s a drivers car. The Carrera gt doesn’t have any driver aids at all in fact not even power steering. It’s supposed to be a race car for the street and will kill you. This bitch doesn’t know what she’s talking about she just mad her daddy dead
Andy Martinez (8 months ago)
Miss Paul walker sad to say every time I see him in movies makes me wanna she’d treats such a loving person should have not died that way
Aaron Wright (8 months ago)
His daughter can suck my balls
Jaedem Nembalemba (8 months ago)
Where is Paul walker is this for real
BigTymin (8 months ago)
give me a fuckin break
ACG Medical (9 months ago)
I can’t believe she won the suit. How is it wrongful death when the disclaimer says don’t go over 80 mph. He wasn’t trapped, he was dead on scene from impact. The vehicle was going well over 100 mph.
DJ Shanas (9 months ago)
SUE< SUE< SUE.....SMDH   always want to sue someone for a death!  Noone told that driver to speed, was his choice and it cost them both.  Nothing to do with the car.
Lord Beerus (9 months ago)
That would’ve been anyone else they wouldn’t of gotten shit
Daniel Villeneuve (9 months ago)
Pedro Rodríguez (9 months ago)
Rip Paul Walker
Adriel ReD Studios (9 months ago)
Why don’t get a DMC-12 So you got a good*weak PRV powered,Italian designed*car(or maybe.....a time *Car* Machined power thingy?[for short a time machine]) But only few of them are made
Shawn P (9 months ago)
I mean rest in peace Paul and respectfully to his family, you cannot blame the car. There's no way 60 70 mile per hour speeds folded that car up like that, that little tree went through the entire car you're not going to bend the frame that easy . this car was going over 100 mph, and with a destroyed leaking gas tank and sparks from mangled wire there's going to be a fire. The impact broke his back, pelvic and his legs was broken. They was flying driving recklessly..Sorry for the lost of your Dad but don't blame the car.... if the car would have caught fire for no apparent reason that's another story but look at the condition of this car ,come on be fair
Fernando Parra (9 months ago)
She only wants the money
James Fowler (9 months ago)
The only defect was the drivers actions.... What next? Sue the electric company if you get electrocuted?.. Sue smith and Weston if you get shot?... Ridiculous.
Good Porsche your fire
MisterOrange Gaming (9 months ago)
Why did Porsche even make this death sentence? To get money? To get fame? It seems like Porsche doesnt really care about people
4k3el (9 months ago)
Might as well sue God whilst you at it
Ollie BT (9 months ago)
Give the money to charity then you spoilt bitch.
santi sisneros (9 months ago)
The Carrera get is a fucking racecar and it doesn't matter if driving it on a street or a track the car didnt have what it supposed to so shit failed fucking idot lawyer
Alfonso Garcia (9 months ago)
She bad af
Ty Butler (9 months ago)
God Speed (9 months ago)
Porsches are Nazimobiles and are cursed
sonia salam (9 months ago)
that is why because everyone say that we should be careful while driving car
Shock (9 months ago)
sorry but her case is d.o.a! all porsche has to do is show the tons of youtube videos of the carrera racing other supercars.....case closed!!!
Vicks (9 months ago)
Kinda his fault...
Craig Eazy (9 months ago)
Who cares, he's dead. We all live just to die anyways.
Commandant Teste (9 months ago)
Thats y they r called widowmakers
Silent Jay (9 months ago)
So stupid hate when people balne others
ImSippinTeaInYoHood (9 months ago)
Defects it's a legendary car if the stupid ass driver wasn't going 115+mph and try in turn in a rwd car he will be alive still
Vlad Vasiloni (9 months ago)
xdStrangeTaco (9 months ago)
No brake assist or something then I agree with her
ST∆R™ (9 months ago)
Or idk dont fucking crash the car
Every car guy knows the carera gt is the most badass car ever if you know what the fuck your doing with it otherwise it is a death trap.
Brandon Meyer (9 months ago)
He such a good guy, he did not deserve to die like this
PacoVL46 (9 months ago)
Complete bullshit! He wasn’t burned alive! His autopsy report states they found very little soot in his airways which indicates that he stopped breathing before the car really burst into flames. Also, it took at least one or two minutes after the crash before the car started burning which is clearly evidenced by surveillance footage from neighboring buildings.
Mikel Penrod (9 months ago)
can not believe some of the stupidity comments let me tell you something! porche are supposed to be designed to drive fast and it could be car companies fault if the car was missing the stablizer plus faulty seatbelt!😠🙅
Brian Domingguez (9 months ago)
Whos man is this porshA
GSW porn (10 months ago)
People in the comment section acting like they drive perfect
Kash _ (10 months ago)
More and more stories
Lucy Locket (10 months ago)
Paul Walker is the same league as Bill Cosby!
P d (10 months ago)
God b with her everytime.😇
Vladimir Putin’s Clone (10 months ago)
He thought he was on the fast and furious set
Blue kisses (10 months ago)
he was speeding going 70 to 65 in the zone that you can only go 30 to 40 miles he was not on the freeway in reality some people cause their own death that was so stupid of him to get in the car and going that fast you didn't think about his family and people who love him so you can see how much he actually really did value his life a grown man does not put his self in that position
All Original Content (10 months ago)
Porsche doesn't put it in the car because the gt is an actually a real race car
Ray Brown (10 months ago)
should have stayed a walk-er and not used a car-rera
AvrySxcks (10 months ago)
Godly (10 months ago)
I mean, don't do that fast and furious shit outside of the stunt.
That is a horrible way to go
Kirito 9901 (10 months ago)
He could still be alive
Jordan Edward (10 months ago)
Pretty sure Paul was into dating girls his daughters age...
Farid (10 months ago)
“Nobody knows the truth, but everyone knows reckless driving and speeding doesn’t end well.” RIP
Legend-25 (10 months ago)
It's funny cause the car is from 2005 and it was actually more of a track car
ACG Medical (10 months ago)
Lol I miss him to but you can’t sue a company when the passenger wasn’t the driver number one and second, they were speeding. Porsche, won’t take responsibility for illegal maneuvers with their brand vehicles.
WereBakedFreestyles (10 months ago)
Are those cars made of plastic? Because it looked pretty fucked up to only be going 70 mph its still Rip Paul tho
Yash Sachdev (10 months ago)
Love you paul
Mike Snow (10 months ago)
stupid bitch..your father was a retard that is the reason he died..lol
mexalkid (10 months ago)
It's not defective, it's just a very hard car to drive, and you really need to know your shit with that car
Roelof J. Hetsen (10 months ago)
seems like nonsense, yeah im sure money is gonna heal your wounds, that'll help.
FreDDio (10 months ago)
Play stupid games (driving fast), win stupid prices (get burned alive)
PipaTube (10 months ago)
Blue face (10 months ago)
This makes me rethink seat belts...
fastone942 (10 months ago)
If the car had NEW tires on not the same tires that came in the car new in 2005 who in there right mind drive a car that 8 year old tires on it and that car with old tires on it will hurt you same with the rest of those type of street car no grip you wreak
Tammy Geo (10 months ago)
Ah well hunny , sorry to break this down to ya but the illuminati killed yo dad
Aj John (10 months ago)
Real comes down to why drive a Porsche ,be humble and drive a BMW ,it's a horrible blessing but it's not Porsche fault,you should of picked a sensible car ,it's the driver fault if anything his the one that did it.

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