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Why gay men are superior to straight men!

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Maybe I'm taking gay pride too far? Maybe I'm deluded? Maybe facts are facts? ­­__ My Social Media Links: -Twitter: thomashbeck -Instagram: thomasbeck95 -Snapchat: thomasbeck09 ­­­ Who am I: I'm a University Surrey chemistry undergraduate finding my way through life. I am trying to vlog my experiences to share with you guys and for me to look back on in the future. Welcome to my life. If you're reading this and you're new, welcome. __ Tags: Student, Gay, LGBT, Dancer, London, Surrey, University of Surrey, Surrey Uni, University life, university experience, gildford, __ Music by paramusical.com
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Regan Blair (1 month ago)
they also have aids they have that on straight guys
Geoffrey Wakeley (3 months ago)
Gay Scientists❤
Horse Radish (9 months ago)
No person is superior to another based on their sexual preferences. But what I will say, is that the title of your video this way makes you look like a pathetic bitch desperate for validation. Then again, you are on the internet, so you already knew this....I hope.
Horse Radish (9 months ago)
And there is no proven correlation between IQ and sexual preference. There are way too many variables, not to mention that the left/right brain has no real scientific foundation, but is often used figuratively. Also, I'd take having my own biological child with my wife, than dying young from butt cancer anyways.
iMU (10 months ago)
Hi There, Hunter (1 year ago)
You. Are. Adorable ❤️
Thomas Beck (1 year ago)
Hi There, Hunter thanks ♥️
lengthyounarther (1 year ago)
Also anecdotal gay men are more fit and cook better
Thomas Beck (1 year ago)
Boss Yuki (1 year ago)
Thomas Beck (1 year ago)
Boss Yuki ♥️
Sky High Productions (1 year ago)
First comment
Thomas Beck (1 year ago)
Sky High Productions appreciate it ♥️🙌

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