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Patrice O'Neal Men Are Better Than Women

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orehasubarashi (6 months ago)
Patrice I love you
FNHot (1 year ago)
Women train men? lol, I have never met a woman worth fucking, that had any transferable skills, opinions, or points of view on anything that she could "train" me with. The only thing they've trained me to do, is restrain myself, and stop myself from choking them out.
FNHot (1 year ago)
lol actually most animals the female tends to be bigger and stronger.
ag2407 (3 months ago)
LOL are you retarded?
Brendan Day (1 year ago)
Come on shut down that woman
true speak it...he is holding his ground with these bitches...head hunting...aint nobody talking when i am talking so shut the fuck up. she is an enhancer..THAT'S IT. BITTTCH PLEASE
Jahquez Wilks (1 year ago)
Men are better than women tf u mean😂😂😂😂😂
Terminology! (1 year ago)
That stupid bitch said "the maid." Smh, thats why Patrice is right, always. "Im better than you!"
Glenn Zarmanov (1 year ago)
the bitch version of any animal is weaker
Austin Murphy (1 year ago)
Except the Praying Mantis. I think we can all agree on that.
Mr.Grim (1 year ago)
Every time Patrice said the bitch version of any animal is weaker they started to name animals where the female runs things but they didn’t realize they were naming animals with feminine qualities. For example the black widow is stronger than the male. In human world men are stronger Male penguins have to carry the egg as if they are pregnant but again in the human world the women get pregnant. No matter how they flip it Men are the dominant ones and only become weaker when they take a feminine role.
Shadiest One (1 year ago)
OgGarcioVega. They are pack hunters, similar to wolves. Vultures are scavengers. Hyenas mainly kill their own meal and sometimes will steal from lions if they have a big enough group. The comments I read from here contain a lot of woman-haters, some justified and some are not.
Terminology! (1 year ago)
Shadiest One who gives a fuck about a scavenger? Although some women are scavengers, so your point is mute. 😂
Shadiest One (1 year ago)
Glenn Zarmanov. Spotted Hyena. The females are bigger and dominate the male hyenas.
GMSVegasSitdowns (1 year ago)
Patrice was raw....even he knew what time it was with these hoes.
It's just true

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