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10 Heinous (and Hilarious) Reasons People Were Fired — TopTenzNet

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→Subscribe for new videos every day! http://bit.ly/toptenzsubscribe →10 Reasons Bruce Lee was a Superhuman: http://bit.ly/1Hl4mVu Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Brand new videos 7 days a week! Videos are published at 6pm EST every day! Subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTenz/ Other TopTenz Videos: Top 10 Reasons To Abolish the Tipping System in Restaurants http://bit.ly/1M4XKA2 Top 10 People Who Were Too Pretty For Their Own Good http://bit.ly/1J1A4Md Most folks who get fired do so for mundane reasons—theft, tardiness, or just plain not doing their jobs well. The employees in the list below do not fall into that category. Rather, their hilariously ill-advised or awful actions on the job left no doubt that these employees had been fired for reasons well outside of the norm. Text version: http://www.toptenz.net/10-heinous-and-hilarious-reasons-people-were-fired.php Coming up: 10. Cheering Under the Influence 9. Biting a Dunkin’ Donuts worker 8. Singing a Bob Marley Song, Fighting Demons 7. Using the Office Copier…to Make Counterfeit Currency 6. Getting That Twix at Any Cost 5. Stomping on the American flag 4. Stuffing Students in the Trunk for a Snack Run 3. Peeing in an elevator 2. Photographing an X-Ray of Failed Sexcapades 1. Letting a Playboy Model “Earn Her Wings” Source/Further reading: http://www.aerolineas.com.ar/en-nz/prensa/comunicado/3681_aerolineas-punishes-pilots-of-flight-2708 http://www.thepostgame.com/blog/dish/201311/stanford-cardinal-mascot-tree http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Stanford-tree-mascot-fired-for-drinking-at-2504285.php http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/02/23/renzo-police-dog-bites-dunkin-donuts_n_6735380.html http://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/fl-police-dog-bite-20150218-story.html http://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/fl-police-dog-bite-20150218-story.html http://nypost.com/2015/08/05/city-worker-fired-for-singing-bob-marley-song-sues-to-get-job-back/ http://gothamist.com/2015/08/06/woman_allegedly_fired_for_singing_b.php http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/school-janitor-counterfeits-cash-work-copy-machine-police-article-1.1476204 http://www.knoxnews.com/news/counterfeit-bills-land-campbell-county-school-in http://www.knoxnews.com/news/counterfeit-bills-land-campbell-county-school-in http://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/investigations/2014/02/19/the-twix-bar-the-forklift-and-the-fired-iowan/5629551/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThzfZiCmvlE http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/02/20/worker-loses-job-twix-vending-machine/5635661/?AID=10709313&PID=3747368&SID=if4km8vgae0004m600dth http://www.cnn.com/2014/02/20/us/iowa-veteran-fired/ http://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/investigations/2014/02/19/the-twix-bar-the-forklift-and-the-fired-iowan/5629551/ http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/02/20/worker-loses-job-twix-vending-machine/5635661/?AID=10709313&PID=3747368&SID=if4km8vgae0004m600dth http://jg-tc.com/news/teacher-who-stepped-on-flag-awaits-school-board-action/article_e2d56202-edf5-5ee6-b0cb-ab28d3c973ac.html http://jg-tc.com/news/teacher-who-stepped-on-flag-awaits-school-board-action/article_e2d56202-edf5-5ee6-b0cb-ab28d3c973ac.html http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-illinois-teacher-fired-for-stepping-on-us-flag-20150630-story.html http://www.tulsaworld.com/communities/catoosa/schools/catoosa-teacher-fired-after-driving-students-on-snack-trip-with/article_ce620bfe-2e9f-5ecc-ada5-31aeb076c871.html http://www.kjrh.com/news/local-news/catoosa-middle-school-teacher-heather-cagle-fights-for-job-tuesday-night-after-snack-run-gone-wrong http://www.kjrh.com/news/local-news/catoosa/catoosa-teacher-suspended-over-accusations-of-piling-students-into-car-trunk-for-errand http://www.kjrh.com/news/local-news/catoosa-middle-school-teacher-heather-cagle-fights-for-job-tuesday-night-after-snack-run-gone-wrong
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Text Comments (519)
cu sl (2 days ago)
The teacher should not have been fired. If the flag can be put on clothes and worn (which is actually not allowed in the laws associated with the flag), a flag can be stepped on.
jawn1977jaws (7 days ago)
Darn ...I thought the story about the officer biting a Dunkin Donuts employee was going to be a human...that would have been much funnier...
Rockgamen (18 days ago)
if it was just a mile, why didnt they walk to walmart?
kickballfever (19 days ago)
Does any body else watch these videos with closed caption on? A lot of times the caption will be different than what Simon is saying, sometimes it'll be better. In this one Simon says X-Rays but the closed caption says "Sex-Rays".
Dom the Bomb (22 days ago)
1:00 if that thing engaged with me, i'd... hurt it somehow. I'm not saying I'm going to roundhouse kick it our something because I can't do that.
EvilJ069 (23 days ago)
"Con-tron-vacy" gah...
wren 22 (24 days ago)
Why In The World would you sure a deputy for public urination
Airik Luna (29 days ago)
I was fired once for throwing away barbecue sauce that had a few dead grasshoppers in it. We had just paid for a pesticide treatment due to thousands of grasshoppers on the building so they were assumed, by me to be covered in poison. The owner said I was a waist full manager. I love right to work states.
Toad Boss (1 month ago)
Y do u look different??
cyber Wolf (1 month ago)
i still don't understand why some people think that the paper in a photocopier is the same as bank notes or the ink for that matter
x24 agthorn (1 month ago)
NEVER nevernevernevernevernevernevernevernevernevernevernevernever shave.
Christopher Good (1 month ago)
Simon... looks so different without the beard... he... should never shave... ever...
IamDunn (1 month ago)
I hope the urinating cop claimed “Uromysitisis” as his ailment... LOL #Seinfeld
Is it Stafford or Stamford for 10? you keep jumping.
kingpest13 (1 month ago)
Uncool Grandma
Crystal Wish (1 month ago)
I now do not blame you for the poor beard and glasses.
Jocelyn Martin (1 month ago)
There was the incident at the Wire Rope Co. In St. Joseph MO. A disgruntled employee was filmed peeling in the coffee urn.
Javier Torres (1 month ago)
I got to say the beard and glasses are misted..lol
Doctor Lolchicken (1 month ago)
The most unusual and unlucky firing where I worked was a guy who went on vacation to the Netherlands and ended up in a news report on people who go to the Netherlands to do drugs. Not a young guy either.
Sou1defiler (1 month ago)
Number 2 sounds ridiculous but it's absolutely true and richly deserved to be terminated. I work in patient information security at the healthcare provider I work for and what the nurses did is a BIIIIIIIG no no. No buts, no ifs, you're fired. Its a very serious violation of HIPPA regulations which deservedly led to their termination. The healthcare provider would also have had to pay a very hefty fine and more than likely more in compensation. Nurses and especially doctors like to think they are indispensable, but for things like that. No. No you're not.
CBiscuit 456 (2 months ago)
Don't shave again hahahaha you look better with a slight beard bro!
iVideo (2 months ago)
Makes me laugh, he got fired for disrespecting a flag, they should see what England looks like after we lose the world cup.
Joshua Harrison (2 months ago)
Antonio Tejada (2 months ago)
My ex-fiancé got fired as a Starbucks store manager for teabagging his regional manager while they were all drunk in a hotel room at a conference... 😂 (the regional manager was passed out and they took pix, I guess!)
Martin McComb (2 months ago)
Told my district manager he was irresponsible, useless and too lazy to do his job properly. Gone the next day LOL and it didn't bother me one little bit.
Flournoy mason (2 months ago)
I got fired for using obscenities and I deserved it big time.
Christopher Melvin (2 months ago)
Dear airline pilots...just because it's called a 'cockpit'........
Christopher Melvin (2 months ago)
That tree thing is the most awful mascot I've ever seen..Non apropos.
KK Foto (1 month ago)
I can't believe the whole tree selection process, "saplings" and all, is real. Unbelievable.
13eetle13omber (2 months ago)
At least Officer BROWN only urinated in the elevator...
Taylor Wiseman (2 months ago)
#5 He looks like a high school STUDENT
fumblerooskie (2 months ago)
Firing a teacher for stomping on a flag is just wrong.
khzoyesti (2 months ago)
henis lol do all brits say it that way?
shady shane (2 months ago)
at 2mins, Simon is that you? are you the 99% simon?
Chad Suggs (2 months ago)
I was once fired for stealing boxes on my day off. The real story is the Friday night. A friend of mine got some weed to sell but ended up smoking it all. Hilarious hijinks followed. We ended up in a big fight in front of the entire neighborhood. I beat a neighborhood bully up. Everyone cheered for me. My friend ended up in rehab and I moved away.
gunther Vladimer (2 months ago)
My sis got fired from Taco Bell from twerking on top of several tables while customers where sitting down and eating. My sis said she was bored and just did it
DogGone Natural (2 months ago)
Victoria got a prostate!
Inhuman Filth (2 months ago)
I cant be the only one who was thinking a human cop went full blown mike tyson...... And was then dissapointed lol
MILDRED PIERCE (3 months ago)
If you're going to be a counterfeiter, learn how to make double sided copies and not glue two pieces of paper together. Gosh. Didn't this guy learn anything in criminal mastermind school?
Walter Gould (1 month ago)
Most modern copiers now detect the copying of currency and the machines lock down requiring the manufacturer to manually release all functions AFTER they investigate. So kids, don't try this at home. 😁
Joyce Asiddao (3 months ago)
I cant focus on the video topic... YOURE SHAVEN!! .... WITHOUT GLASSES!!! 🤯🤯🤯
jimon8998 (3 months ago)
Imagine being so fragile that you get offended by someone standing on a flag
gunther Vladimer (2 months ago)
jimon8998 Americans such as myself nomatter what have great pride in our flag. We see that flag represent our history, our tragedies such as 911, our greatest moments such as putting the man on the moon, our future and everything each and everyone as one of us in one way or another. When I hear a story from a veteran of any war we see it as our story as if told from a relative. The flag does not represent land or politics but we the people. People have died and killed for it. We have suffered and endured for it we have prospered for it. I travel 48 states for work and been to 49 in total and I see much diversity and yet we are all one thing, Americans. Our life's, story's, moments, thoughts, families, history, greatest triumphs, and this ever so diverse land is all put in one this, the American flag. And anyone who disrespects that flag disrespects everything it ever has, is, will stand for. And that is disrespectful. So yes we Americans at end of the day love our flag. After all we Americans are more patriotic than any other country by a very long shot.
Anna Starr (3 months ago)
Got fired from a nursing home while in college. Director said my punk hairdo "scared the patients" No it wasn't in a mohawk.
Anna Starr (3 months ago)
Yeah, well Somebody shot the deputy
WillJM81280 (3 months ago)
A “concerned” employee. You mean a little rat snitch.
Kai Proton (3 months ago)
Whoa! Simon, No Glasses, have I swapped into another dimension ?
Zack Salter (3 months ago)
Its CONTRO-versy not con-Trov-ersy
Jan Edmunds (2 months ago)
Zack Salter it’s US English vs UK English
Eric Tobias (3 months ago)
The flag stomping was brilliant. He proved to his students that freedom of speech is a fallacy while trying to prove that it's real. He should have received a raise and praise, probably the most real lesson his students will ever learn at school.
Bob Langford (3 months ago)
Who the hell is this guy? Sounds like Simon. Smells like Simon.
Marc Barrett (3 months ago)
#6: I saw someone do EXACTLY THIS once. He did not get fired.
rwdplz1 (4 months ago)
Go home drunk, you're tree
SkyJUSTIN6 (4 months ago)
wear glasses you look better
Kage Shi (4 months ago)
Xrays without dedicated name,id# or other event are no HIPA Violation. In fact many safety slides and videos I've had in industrial jobs used such items to instill a safer work ethic to prevent such injuries.
OmnissiahZelos (4 months ago)
I think the flag one is the dumbest one.
Steve Grooms (4 months ago)
You missed a big one, Simon. There are several women who have been fired for "being too attractive."
Laverne Blaszczyk (4 months ago)
Americans are so weird about their flag- it's just material on a stick, stop fetishizing it
Anders Püschel (4 months ago)
2:15 That's no Malinois. it's a German shepherd
Albert R. (4 months ago)
9:00 ...11 people in a Honda Accord??? Are you sure they're on a candy run or trying to get across the border???
Dixon Cider (4 months ago)
He looks so weird without the beard
leon dillon (4 months ago)
#10 Was the tree ever been mistaken by a stud dog to be real?? One man was fired because he called in sick to go to a ballgame. His boss was watching and saw the man on the TV!!
Jay’s Game room (4 months ago)
The only people cops care more about than other cops is donut workers for they are sacred to the cops, you do not ever mess with the donut worker or else. No FOP card for you ever! And you will forever receive the distrust of all law enforcement. World wide
BeckiWitte (4 months ago)
Those "trees" are straight out of a nightmare!
Amadeus Kurisu (4 months ago)
pathetic absolutely pathetic you shouldn't be allowed to fire people for stomping on a flag to demonstrate free speech
Daniel Powers (5 months ago)
I remember the one about the janitor in Campbell co, I live near there.
Chuck's poke (5 months ago)
Number 4 should not have been a fireable offense. I would almost bet anything that his employer wanted him out before the vending machine incident happened. Sadly, No2. Something similar happened to Joan Rivers moment before here untimely death. Member of surgical teams had made videos and made comedic remarks before and Joan was put to sleep. There actions were discovered and brought to public in a laws suit which they settled for undisclosed amount of money.
Troow (5 months ago)
The counterfeit bill printing was hilarious. Couldn't he at least had gotten his own printer.
Mahnarch (1 month ago)
No... Those cost money - and he hadn't printed enough, yet.
princesstamika (5 months ago)
#10 always makes me laugh "poorly concealed flask".
Mahnarch (1 month ago)
"Where was she hiding it?" "In her hand..."
Jacob O (5 months ago)
If i was the mascot, i would've snuck in a bottle of vodka... I'm a Russian in Estonia, go figure.
james johnson (5 months ago)
Catoosa is a town in Rogers County Oklahoma.
flagmichael (5 months ago)
#4... 50 years ago I was one of eight people - a teacher and 7 students - in a Karmann Ghia. We were going to a UC Berkeley math lecture by the legendary George Polya. I was the one pressed against the rear window. Each of the seats, except the driver's, had lap sitters. All went well and we learned about diophantine equations. Of course, I don't remember what we learned about them but I do remember how much trouble the sporty little car had going up hills with 8 people inside.
TruthSeeker7 (5 months ago)
A tree for a mascot? Are you sure that doesn't offend someone in the world? Politically correct BS.
antiproanti (5 months ago)
Is it just me or is the guy over the copier in the thumbnail Tim Schafer?
Buster Hymen (5 months ago)
Right twix hired him the same day
Donnie Yeager (5 months ago)
I remember hearing about that teacher in Catoosa on the news. We grow 'em smart in Oklahoma, don't we?
robert edmistonii (5 months ago)
Catoosa is the name of the town. It resides in Rogers County in Oklahoma. Please don't lower yourself to our level of education.......................
affinityforanime (6 months ago)
Number 5 doesn't belong on this list.
One MercilessMing (6 months ago)
Yeah. One of my young, male, untenured colleagues at a school flouted the rules repeatedly. He had first graders run sequential laps on the black top in 100 plus degree heat (even though recess was SUPPOSED to be inside the classroom due to the excessive heat. He brought an Egyptian lizard to that class; it got away and he left his class of first graders ALONE in the room while he ran through the neighborhood trying to catch it. He sexually assaulted a senior female teacher in front of witnesses. Was he fired? No. His MOTHER was a member of the school board. He WAS, however, transferred to another site where he attempted to sexually assault yet another older female teacher, again in front of witnesses, ,and saying that his mother was on the school board and he could do what he wanted This time, he was fired. Not for what he did, but because he embarrassed the administration with his braggadocio. His mama stayed on the board for some time after.
damen whelan (6 months ago)
Noberon (6 months ago)
the police dog one made me think of the time I was attacked by a seeing eye dog when i was younger working at a grocery store.
neemguy81 (6 months ago)
Dogs should not be considered officers of the law.
Jennifer Keatts (6 months ago)
who stole your glasses and beard?
GECKman88 (6 months ago)
Only in America would you be fired for standing on a flag.
Trebor Ironwolfe (6 months ago)
Re 09:13 : Hahahaha I always try to be a thoughtful and considerate fellow human being, but when passive-aggressiveness feels necessary... this might be the best tactic I have heard of after hiding a fish under the car seat.
Kayleigh Lehrman (7 months ago)
Renzo wasn't fired: he was never an employee, because he was never paid and never applied or consented to his position
Eric Taylor (7 months ago)
I actually did have a medical condition that would cause sudden and powerful urges to urinate, usually without enough time to reach a bathroom. Rather than pissing in an elevator, I took to keeping a jar with me with a tight lid to use. I was caught once by a cop but when he saw I was peeing in a jar, not on the sidewalk, he let me go.
Isadora Obsidian (7 months ago)
Thats strange the police dog wasn't given a promotion and a gun. Instead they fired him. That is species racism at its best. Any human that is a police officer that assults other people, (civilians) gets a promotion or bonus of some type. Oh wait, the dog officer doing the assult was not caught on video. Never mind, thats why the dog was actually fired.
Unstopapple (7 months ago)
0:04 'hee niss' hee niss. Not heyness. How can you even?
DatUhu (7 months ago)
Boi. Imagine getting fired over stomping on a flag in any other country than the USA. I wouldn't even know where I could quickly get a flag of my country
Joseph Ellis (7 months ago)
So it's fine for police in America to spray bullets at civilians but as soon as they piss in a lift (yeah I'm calling it a lift, deal with it) they're fired for, what was it, 'unbecoming conduct'. ... Okay.
copper head (7 months ago)
So glad you grew a beard lol
Kari Greyd (7 months ago)
That teacher didn't deserve to be fired
DaxTubeTheBest (8 months ago)
Beardless Simon is creepy Simon.
CrazyBear65 (8 months ago)
I've been on both sides of the supervisor/employee dispute. I've also been on both sides of the landlord/tenant dispute. Helps put things into perspective when you can see it from both sides.
Ken Hudson (29 days ago)
A beautiful comment. Sort of humorous but packed with wisdom.
CrazyBear65 (8 months ago)
How many people remember cigarette machines? One ate my money one time. I rocked it back and forth until it tipped over on its face, and several packs spewed out. I grabbed the one I had paid for and beat feet with a security guard chasing me. I got away clean.
coweatsman (8 months ago)
Americans worship the flag. A national religion, state religion. Very culty.
daniel chenault (8 months ago)
@1:58 - check your pronunciation of "controversy"
GigawingsVideo (8 months ago)
Aaaaaaah clean shaven Simon Whistler!
MasterZebulin (9 months ago)
*[makes jokes about police, donuts, and dogs biting people in the arse]*
keeranimal8 (9 months ago)
Well I'll be damned...a deputy in my hometown of Orlando made the list...go figure...
reldra (9 months ago)
Poice: Shoot 12 year old with fake gun in cold bood, just fine. Pee in elevator, immediate termination.
Nastasja Zecevic (9 months ago)
Heavens, it is just a flag ^^ Kinda like in middle ages.
Eddie Brock (9 months ago)
Only the pilots should've been in trouble. The playmate deferred to their judgment.
Phillip Santos (10 months ago)
I bit into a donut as Simon said biting a Dunkin donut worker. Irrelevant but I wanted to share. It's the little things...

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