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Staying at the WORST REVIEWED HOTEL in my City... **THEN THIS HAPPENED**

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THAT WAS SO SCARY! Today I decided to stay at the worst reviewed hotel in my city, and you guys won't believe what we found.. It was DISGUSTING! • My NEW GFuel FLAVOR ► http://bit.ly/ChugRug • SUBSCRIBE IF YOU'RE NEW ► http://bit.ly/SubToRug Original Creator of this Trend: https://www.youtube.com/user/PhilipSoloTV Follow me on my Social Media to stay connected! Twitter ► https://twitter.com/FaZeRug Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/fazerug/ Snapchat ► "thefazerug" (Add me to see how I live my daily life) :D If you read this far down the description I love you
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FaZe Rug (3 months ago)
That was SCARY & GROSS! Let me know if you guys want another worst reviewed video... DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE <3
Alani hernandez (8 days ago)
You the best I have been watching you for 3 years
Xavier Brown (23 days ago)
That wasn’t a blood stain on the bed and bedbugs move pretty damn fast bro future reference😊
Miguel Pascual (1 month ago)
It was jizz 💦
Jacqueline’s World (2 months ago)
FaZe Rug you should do a best hotel one I mean never do something that creepy again plz
elmercastillo72 (24 minutes ago)
My girl friend said your cute
BRENE TM (4 hours ago)
6 Ak47's n' im stayin
Aurora (7 hours ago)
blood at 11:00 is blood but not from long ago i know that cuz i was bleeding from my nose in my bed and i had blood on my bed. 1 or 2 Days later the blood was just like that. You are really lucky Rug
Ya7ya Muthafer (9 hours ago)
One time i went to the SAME AXACT HOTEL but not the same one your in faze but i peaked thorugh the window to your hotel and a saw a dude doing drugs and he coghed blood on the bed the same blood and he fell.....and i ran...
Jose Benitez (12 hours ago)
🛑STOP 🚕🚗🏎🚓🚙🚑🚒🚌🚎🚐🚚🚛🏍 ✅GO
The Darkness (13 hours ago)
Burn it with fire.
BANG YT TUBE SHOOT (14 hours ago)
we want more plss
BANG YT TUBE SHOOT (14 hours ago)
that was scary it's just like in the movie there's a killer in a motel and need ti escape.
Alana Banghart (16 hours ago)
This scarred me for life 😭🤮
Servando Carillo (17 hours ago)
I think there was someone who dead in there or killed in there
not mystic (17 hours ago)
scared af
not mystic (17 hours ago)
rug the music does not help!!!!!! its Fucking 4am don't do this shit
Gacha Tube (17 hours ago)
I don't even know how I got here 💀
Spicy Chili pepper (18 hours ago)
The mask is upside down
Kristi Hughes (23 hours ago)
It could be a ketchup stane
Marvin van der Heiden (23 hours ago)
Good video man can u make a part 2 that would-be AWESWOME!!!
shadow xxx (23 hours ago)
I would stay
Cryp_Tius (1 day ago)
U forgotten something bring pictures of middle fingers too
Christopher Barrera (1 day ago)
Thanks for posting two days after my birthday.
CristixHyper (1 day ago)
The hotel is called EZ 8 Motel Old Town, SO YOU KNOW WHERE NOT TO GO TO.
Seif Soliman (1 day ago)
Go to five stars hotel and check if there is bed bugs and the same as this hotel
sixshot 21 (1 day ago)
I would have brought a weapon
Niamh Cheney Kirsch (1 day ago)
Katrina Butler (1 day ago)
This scared me by the knocking and the phone ringing
chungus humugus (1 day ago)
chungus humugus (1 day ago)
No rug its better if you go full russian and wear body armour and just shoot every staff member with an m60 lmg
william maiser (1 day ago)
The white thing in the curtain and in the table near the beds are jizz
Lynda Animate (1 day ago)
I am scared as heck now!
Easy Cam (1 day ago)
You should do the wrist review Hamburgers in your city
Jonathan Liu (1 day ago)
You know the blood you found in the bed sheets it might be girls period mostly bc my sister she had a period it it looks like that and it stains
Aãron Wõlfiè (1 day ago)
10:56 small chance thats blood i have blood on my bed and it's wayy more coloured but it could off been an attempt too wash it off. (Blood from period)
Tessa King Studios (2 days ago)
What’s the difference between a motel and a hotel
Gaming Withpals (2 days ago)
I suited myself oof
Sarah Afari (2 days ago)
Sarah Afari (2 days ago)
Elite_ Heat07 (2 days ago)
The person calling could’ve been a killer
Sesilia Fisiilose (2 days ago)
do WORST REVIEWED NAIL SALON even though you are not a girl
Diwo Wow (2 days ago)
Um your bed has beg bugs everyone has beg bugs
Andre galeon (2 days ago)
U sould bring a gun so u could blend in ya know
ツLewiZz (2 days ago)
To be honest it was a good choice you left the place you could be dead or stabbed
I Watch Spongebob (2 days ago)
*Walks into worst rated hotel with Gucci* People in Hotel: *???*
Moises Hernandez (2 days ago)
I was just scered by the music
Mr Noob (2 days ago)
I would only stay there if I had 100 layers of bubble wrap around me and a fun for self defence
Mr Noob (2 days ago)
Chase Douglas (2 days ago)
1like = 10 subs
cai davis (2 days ago)
Morgan went there
Rosa Mendoza (2 days ago)
me when it came out:Ew blood me rewatching today:period blood eh girl problems
The blood stain can also be if a girl was on her period cuz my mom said that her blood came out and it string the bed
Smity Smith (3 days ago)
Morgz did it
Hira Faisal (3 days ago)
Morgz also did it
LecTriXx Official (3 days ago)
Disclaimer: This is not a likebait, I swear! 50 likes, I'll change every text in this comment to the name of the hotel they stayed in.
jasmine stone (3 days ago)
Who's looking around their room right now
ItZ Amne! (3 days ago)
I’d rather sleep under a cat butt
ItZ Amne! (3 days ago)
Oof From u complaining about the smell so much made me feel like I could smell it to :ccc
#NOREGRET (3 days ago)
you acted well though
Liaquat Khan (3 days ago)
I think the motel is just like my house XD
Mi love Cakes (3 days ago)
Yes with my best friends [ima gurl][mist friends are dudes][4 are girls]well all get like excited and that blood stain could be a murder or a period stain....
Will Nelson (3 days ago)
I would have brought a knife
Menyuam Yaus (3 days ago)
I wish I had your house it's sick bro
Riley Arnold (3 days ago)
Faze: Sprays Lysol that kills 99.9% of germs Faze again: Oh it kills germs
anderson671056 (3 days ago)
He got this idea from sssniperwolf
Marie Eastman (3 days ago)
10:54 that could have been a period stain
BrickBoyStudios (3 days ago)
14:09 ewww!
BrickBoyStudios (3 days ago)
If I get 1k likes on this comment I’ll post a video of me watching a video like this on his channel at NIGHT! ⬇️
Jazmin Campoverde (3 days ago)
11:57 💀💀💀💀💀 “i hope it’s not what i think it is”💀💀💀💀💀
Theo Hughes (4 days ago)
Next time go back to the same place and clean it and put new mattresses and duvets like if u agree thx for 1 like oh wait that was my like :(
cai davis (2 days ago)
Theo Hughes I liked it (:
Owen Parigen (4 days ago)
Soumyadeep 980 (4 days ago)
Turn on the English subtitles 15:16 *SUBSCRIBE* *TO* *PEWDIEPIE* wtf??? 🤔 Are you secretly supporting him 😶
Janu Patel (4 days ago)
i gave you a sub
-godjinnie - (4 days ago)
*okay but i almost shit my pants when someone knocked on the door*
Mackley Paul (4 days ago)
Helllll no i wouldnt stay
jake weeston (4 days ago)
Tip for bed bugs weakness heat fire and warm
Basil Hardy (4 days ago)
Your the nicest Youtuber ever
GalaxyPandicorn Games (4 days ago)
You should go to a different state and spend a night in a worst reviewed hotel in another state
It’s me and Tiny (4 days ago)
You should go to the best reviews hotel
Miley and mi Bestie (5 days ago)
Oh yeah it is
Miley and mi Bestie (5 days ago)
Are you at clown Motel?
Christina Kuhl (5 days ago)
OMG I would never stay in this nasty hotel EVER! I searched at google for the worst hotel in San Diego for fun and found this one even BEFORE finding this hotel review ...and what can I say?! It met all my expectations and more... I will definitely search for another hotel or airbnb when I'm in town this summer! Never seen such a gross place in my life! NASTY AF!
mangirdas petravicius (5 days ago)
you shuold call the police
BlueLionPlays (5 days ago)
Genuinely believe this you could tell by their expressions that they where scared
Suo (5 days ago)
Buddys wearing Gucci lucky didn’t get robbed
Mask ‘n Play (5 days ago)
8:22 Drake and josh love the show and I’m only YOULL NEVER KNOW MY AGE NYAAAA
Mask ‘n Play (5 days ago)
4:59 *drops something* I’ll pick that up later
Angelina Tikhomirova (5 days ago)
You guys are so irisposible sometimes like when. You liked at the first bed and saw blood what if someone got there period on the bed
Taylor Hogsett (5 days ago)
Really the ice machine is outside
8:58 he looks like a puppy :)))))rip
U wot M8 (5 days ago)
don’t like if u hate like beggars
Conn Reilly (6 days ago)
Starpaw 99 (6 days ago)
14:12 made my head very itchy. Eeeeeep >~<
Mieke Hermans (6 days ago)
This would definitely be where the druggies and cheap skates would stay
Zombie Crasher (6 days ago)
I need to know where this is and what this hitel/motel's name so that my family does not go there
Bob McMuffin (6 days ago)
I think I pissed
Garrett Merrill (6 days ago)
Should’ve bought a small handgun for self defense
SPZFilmz Gaming (6 days ago)
Do the best hotel and use black lights
Hector (6 days ago)
Goes to a motel full of criminals *wears a gucci hoodie*
I'm scared
Akillios _yt (6 days ago)
Akillios _yt (6 days ago)
Bloody mary + Dryed Blood
Mehname Bob (6 days ago)
11:57 "Like how would it go over there? 😀"

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