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Top 10 Corrupt Charities

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→Subscribe for new videos every day! http://bit.ly/toptenzsubscribe →10 Reasons Bruce Lee was a Superhuman: http://bit.ly/1Hl4mVu Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Brand new videos 7 days a week! Videos are published at 6pm EST every day! Subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTenz/ Other TopTenz Videos: Top 10 Insane Things Governments Have Wasted Money On http://bit.ly/1RMEkBH Top 10 Craziest Bets http://bit.ly/1L7eoBx When we think of non-profits most of us think of organizations like the Red Cross, Save the Children or Meals on Wheels. Their status as a non-profit isn’t solely based on the intricacies of our tax system, but the result of the positive work they do in American communities and around the world. However, some organizations have used their status as a non-profit to procure not only favorable tax standing but to also secure massive profits for executives and board members of the organization. Many non-profits do very little to benefit their respective causes while using raised funds for unscrupulous purposes. In light of this, here are some charities that aren’t quite so charitable after all. Text version: http://www.toptenz.net/10-non-profit-organizations-that-are-secretly-corrupt.php?utm_source=TopTenz+Top+10+List&utm_campaign=1f055eb2cf-TT_RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_1c23b3e5f0-1f055eb2cf-67587685 Coming up: 10. American Association of State Troopers 9. Cancer Fund of America 8. Children’s Wish Foundation International 7. Breast Cancer Relief Foundation 6. Firefighters Charitable Foundation 5. Children’s Cancer Fund of America 4. Project Cure in Brandenton, Florida 3. Woman to Woman Breast Cancer Foundation 2. National Veterans Service Fund 1. Kids Wish Network Source/Further reading: http://www.tampabay.com/americas-worst-charities/#american-association-of-state-troopers http://www.tampabay.com/americas-worst-charities/#cancer-fund-of-america http://www.tampabay.com/americas-worst-charities/#childrens-wish-foundation-international-inc http://www.tampabay.com/americas-worst-charities/#breast-cancer-relief-foundation http://www.tampabay.com/americas-worst-charities/#firefighters-charitable-foundation http://www.tampabay.com/americas-worst-charities/#childrens-cancer-fund-of-america-inc http://www.tampabay.com/americas-worst-charities/charities/project-cure-inc http://vitaminw.co/news/breast-cancer-scams-worst-charities-include-5-pink-types http://www.tampabay.com/americas-worst-charities/charities/national-veterans-service-fund-inc http://www.tampabay.com/americas-worst-charities/charities/kids-wish-network-inc
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Text Comments (687)
TopTenz (1 year ago)
Please take a look at our new bigoraphy channel: Biographics - https://www.youtube.com/c/biographics
You should re-upload this video with your larger audience. So many people need to see this.
Rukia Kuchiki (1 day ago)
Why I won't donate my money to any charity
Corrupt police officers 🤔
Hank W (22 days ago)
Never give to a "charity" before looking them up at Charity Navigator.
Alex July (27 days ago)
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No,Isaidposse (1 month ago)
I don't what to call this list. Vastly incomplete? Politically correct? None of the Islamic ones? African relief that never gets to those who need it. Ones where Ceo's and boards make millions. Any of the U.N. ones. Come on.
Charvel Richards (1 month ago)
I used to work at a red cross charity shop they had a box you could put your change in by the till and the manager of the shop used to take money out of it forhimself all the time all those little old people thought they were really helpinh but they were just buying the manager his lunch
Mr. Popo (2 months ago)
Don't forget the American Red Cross. Im surprised you haven't made them your number 1, when they're all over schools in america collecting blood from minors.
Richard Colucci (2 months ago)
You forgot to end the video with all the founders spending time in prison for fraud.
Gia Marie (2 months ago)
Bradenton, Florida not Brandenton!
Bob Loblaw (3 months ago)
The Clinton foundation needs to be added.
Andrew (3 months ago)
Don’t forget wounded warriors project.
KLJF (3 months ago)
Ayn Rand is in hell , and all you capitalists will be joining her soon .
Shell Chenonceau (3 months ago)
Cancer is curable naturally. But we will never see that scientific evidence "come to light" because too much money will be lost if the general populous finds out. Follow the money trail.
Gork Skoal (3 months ago)
FWIW, the irony here in someways NGO's are a little more trustable then the amazons. By law (and conventsions) all their accounting and what they do is a matter of public record. Like any other group they get bad ideas and run with them sometimes.
Steve Jeffries (3 months ago)
Many thanks for this Its so totally awful when you cant trust a charity These corrupt charities should be totally punished
lisa starves (4 months ago)
Life is based on the fucken lies.. and flys..and who are stopping them..
lisa starves (4 months ago)
Life is a scam.. KNOW so..
Matthew McLeod (4 months ago)
Wheres PETA at?
SlavicSteelboi (5 months ago)
Why am I not surprised that every organisation listed here is from the USA.
A folding chair (5 months ago)
oops i thought he was matthew santoro from the thumbnail
The War on Children (5 months ago)
In the Uk it's Cancer Research, Red Cross and NSPCC
MissLilyputt (5 months ago)
This is why I don’t like to donate. So many organizations waste vast amounts of money that could be used to make a difference.
GV Games (5 months ago)
What about Cancer Research and Oxfam. Both are hugely corrupt.
Tyra's world (6 months ago)
The Red cross should be # 1
Thomas Yerosic (6 months ago)
Very simple solution!!Books open to public 24/7 no matter what👍👍
norman kinnaird (6 months ago)
all charitys world wide are con merchants,no charity does what it states it is doing,,you alwas have the top wages for the people who run them,,if you want a real charity then sorry it has never been made yet,i include un,ucnf,and all over seas and local charitys in this rant,,they all rip off expences wages overheads as an excuse,they all get tax relife as well..all charitys are crooks..look at the ngo shops in the sea picking up illegals,,the skippers get a bonus every time they land in an eu nation
Dave Todd (6 months ago)
Where's the Southern Poverty Law Center?
Rob Manzoni (6 months ago)
Where's the Clinton Foundation?
EJ GIGGEY (6 months ago)
Are we overlooking something? This dictator president and his kids have used their charity foundation funds[million$$$$] like a checkbook to pay for personal items, trips, special interests, and lawyers. Isn't that enough to prosecute the whole family?
Glen Allen (7 months ago)
all the major charities (no matter what the country) are fraudulent (by which I mean that a tiny fraction of any donation makes it to the victims). Here in Ireland a number were caught out in the past decade paying exorbitant salaries to the wealthy elite who would spend a handful of hours a month attending committee meetings, usually to discuss their pension top ups. Ever since then I ask any person collecting for charity if I can see a copy of the accounts (certified) to see just how much goes to the intended party. If you are going to donate, then do so locally
David Johnson (7 months ago)
Most charities are just an Illuminati collecting pot and behind the issues in the first place in one way or another. Have you noticed the mantra of don't give to beggars you are encouraging the problem, don't give to charities, you are encouraging their behaviour and the worlds problems too.
Boris Lara (7 months ago)
This is why they dont try to find cure for cancer!
M C (7 months ago)
I’d rather give money to a bum on the streets. At least I know what it’ll be spent on. booze, drugs, hookers.
Marmalade Stex1591 (7 months ago)
There is a New Charity being formed for those who Lack the Electrical Resistance they Need, It is called "Help the Ohmless!".
Stacy boulderdash (7 months ago)
There’s no reason to illegally steal money. Idiots will legally line your pockets. Just learn to milk the system legally. Get a few politicians in your pocket at the state level by giving them a cut. Easy!
Logical Thinker (7 months ago)
ASPCA should be on the list. The exec get 500k annually. There is a long list of people getting 300k+ annually. Those staged rescues that run constantly on many channels makes a hefty profit for the ad agencies.
Lesson learner (8 months ago)
I actually just got off the phone with a Kids Wish Network rep. They were super pushy to get an immediate over the phone payment and even tried to make a larger donation saying that ," well these kids might not live long enough for a payment through the mail". Finally they agreed to send something through the mail. After 5 minutes of looking into them....I'm giving these scamers nada! Making money off of empathy for dying kids....I'm more sad than angry.
Mia (3 months ago)
This world is disgusting
mark lewis (8 months ago)
...made in america...
don worry (8 months ago)
Brest cancer one is huge.
Juan S (8 months ago)
The Biggest ones are The Clinton Foundation (Dough-Nation), United Way and the Red Cross.
If you Think about how much money all over the world has been Donated to Cancer Research People like me and you do all kinds of Drives Running walking Skydiving etc and no Cure . Because the cash cow would die if three was a cure it most be millions or even more Billions a year collected so why would they have a cure. Greed that is all it is
Partisan Black (8 months ago)
You forgot *The Clinton Foundation.* Haiti is still waiting on that hurricane relief money
Yurit Rodriguez (8 months ago)
I thought legally you had to donate AT LEAST 10% of profits to be considered non-profit. Why are there no arrests, charges, or dismantling of these organizations?
Deanna Jackson (9 months ago)
Doctors Without Borders is the charity I always stick with. None of these on the list ever got a dime from me.
Gavriel Papas (9 months ago)
Wow! I live in Israel. Can you make a video about Israeli ripp-off charities?
Kimberly Cooper (9 months ago)
Also, we can google an organization before donating so that we can learn if the organization is a scammer
Ernest Reichardt (10 months ago)
It’s O.K. They can’t spend money in Hell !
Dolphignition (10 months ago)
Makes you wish these people who set up scandals in the form of cancer charities actually got a dose of cancer.
Mike Jones (10 months ago)
How are they and I mean theyyyyyy letting them do this...hmmmm$$$$
Make a donation to my new movie project: Thunder Rush
Jessica Taylor (11 months ago)
A great place to donate is local schools - 0% of the donation goes on admin or staff as they're already covered. It helps local kids have better educational resources and opportunities. These are tomorrow's adults. Many will end up living near you and those who move away to bigger and better things will be inspiration to the generation after them. The youth of today are tomorrow's leaders and pioneers! :)
We Are Citizens Too (11 months ago)
Thank You for posting this ! If you want to help another person YOU DO. DON'T give $$$ to middle men. Being homeless I have been shocked at how Anti-homeless & UNhelpful "help groups" are.
TheLookingOne (11 months ago)
What about Kars4Kids ?
Sandman (11 months ago)
what a surprise, half of the charities on the list are cancer "research". With the amount of money the 1000s, (yes 1000s, over 600 just inside the U.K alone) of cancer; mainly for breast cancer, charities have raised, they would have had enough money to build a science center on the moon, send all their "scientists" to the facility and found a cure for all diseases. Its a lucrative business, they dont want to find a cure for cancer, there is to much money to be made. Money does not cure diseases.
Crash Override Network (CON), Feminist Frequency, PETA, Autism Speaks, Anything connected with Scientology...
Michael Sherrill (1 year ago)
4 of these take advantage of cancer to receive donations.
Laura Clem (1 year ago)
Aaaaand there goes my belief in humanity
Martin Lanigan (1 year ago)
Corruption in the system
Titus Tucker (1 year ago)
If there is a hell I'm fairly certain there's several cubicles set aside just waiting for these people, have fun existing in agony for eternity all you examples on how not to be a human.
Momma Maria (1 year ago)
"Charities" are scams devised by "legal criminals" to make money without having to do anything, much like government offices and the "law enforcement". If you have done any research into the past about charities, you will see that they are all corrupt and self-serving. There are no REAL laws governing what a charity does with it's money......uh, sorry....YOUR money. In reality, the hard truth is...........as long as a charity has helped at least ONE person of the type of person or people they claim to help, no matter how small or insignificant that help is, the government will not do anything. Which means, ANYBODY can claim to be a charity, and rake in millions or billions of dollars a year...........and they only have to help ONE person per year to keep their charity status and be "tax free", keeping those millions for themselves.
Karan Ferrell (1 year ago)
EP4ever legend (1 year ago)
So many charities are a hoax, money rarely goes where it's meant to and they seem to raise money to raise money crazy, these 10 listed are preying on the goodwill of people for worthy causes but I feel more and more our goodwill is running out
Dee Cee (1 year ago)
I don't understand why they don't lose their non-profit status...
Chris O (1 year ago)
The Clinton Foundation, run by a rapist and a racketeer, and which sold the resources and secrets of the United States for personal gain. Google (Bing) Chappaqua, Chelsea’s wedding, Bill Clinton’s watch collection, the Clinton library, the list goes on and on. They both belong in a penitentiary.
John Summers (1 year ago)
There is a special place in hell for the people, "right with child molesters and people that talk in the theater".
vesey veltheim (1 year ago)
as with anything you spend money on, do some research and don't accept phone solicitations. If you want to give for what ever reason, do the research........
James Hutchings (1 year ago)
Tvind, and its various front groups such as Humana People To People, are probably more corrupt. Several of their executives are wanted by Interpol. Also, the Cult Awareness Network is a front for Scientology, which is corrupt in a different way.
Paul Thompson (1 year ago)
Great Vid. Didn't realize these facts before watching. Makes me think of Chris Rock's joke; there's no money in the cure.
Useful information.
David Canelas (1 year ago)
You mean 10 charities that got caught. By their very nature; every charity is a scam.
Robert (1 year ago)
Thumbs up.
Nerdy punk (1 year ago)
Every charity that has of America in it seems to be crooked lol
grumpy sod (1 year ago)
Time to look at those run by the UN.
Richard Clifford (1 year ago)
And the Shriners don't even make the list!
Randy Scott (1 year ago)
I give to none of them they have all been found to be corrupt it’s a shame people want to help but can’t because of who the people are anyways charity starts at home give the guy standing in the cold with a sign your dollars at least you know it’s not providing a lavish lifestyle for some corrupt organization!
Roxxy Rainy (1 year ago)
Take a look into Alcoholics Anonymous. Its a non-profit organization that also is a religious cult. The organization does not provide support for victims of harm done by members and collects money from the groups.
San Michele (1 year ago)
I get calls from American Association of State Troopers every so often. I donated money to them once, until a policewoman told me that it was a scam, and not to give them any more.
Dom Gia (1 year ago)
Kept waiting for the Clinton Foundation to be listed. Completely disappointed.
Lady Bird (1 year ago)
Top tenz...there are more corrupt charities out there...kindly research for more coz its high time to expose these con artists
mjfreaklove (1 year ago)
You forgot The Red Cross
Paul best (1 year ago)
Note TOP TEN,,,HA!,,,Should be TOP 100 SCAMs. I only give to homeless, no others.
Paul best (1 year ago)
someone mentioned bring up the UK charities. Perhaps we could doa TOP 1000 worldwide scams called *charities*, lol
Andreas Lindholm (1 year ago)
Autism $peaks is the biggest charity fraud ever...
Travis Hoovestol (1 year ago)
You missed the Red Cross and goodwill.
Peter Green (1 year ago)
How about Susan G. Komen, which donates more than $700,000 annually to Planned Parenthood, exploiting women to murder children.
grumpy sod (1 year ago)
Right on macy!!! The old warning from my father, back in the 60's " Wrap the stack before you hit the sack" This should be printed on every wall in the world.
MacyLouWho (1 year ago)
Peter Green men are just as culpable. If you guys don't want women getting abortions-then I suggest men step up and WEAR CONDOMS instead of bitching about it later when women get pregnant and don't want to raise a baby alone because their sperm donor boyfriends bail the second they hear the word "pregnant". It takes TWO people to make a baby-and the men involved are every bit as guilty.
David Edwards (1 year ago)
A work colleague complained when I spoke against the cancer foundation, getting quite abusive. Only to find out their friends had cancer and was getting NO financial assistance from the charity. Money raised is spent on new buildings (that are not even filled after 3 years), new cars for scientists and charity directors, and of course the main deduction...administration costs.
NOBEL DJ (1 year ago)
I knew it, eat that aunty
Bruce Barrett (1 year ago)
w here is the clinton foundation. that is legal robbery and treason on the side
Bruce Barrett (1 year ago)
a handful were disappointed an sued. the majority liked what they got. trump has 1000 different business' and unhappiness is part of the deal . percentage wise he does well. hate? no hate. that is distructive to the person that has hate. i dont want hate. do you?
MacyLouWho (1 year ago)
Bruce Barrett where's the hate for Trump's robbery? His charity, his Trump University scam??? It's cool with you, right?
dan payne (1 year ago)
unfortunally most charities are frauds, and of course anything to do with the Clintons.
David James (1 year ago)
#1 better be the "Clinton foundation" crooked Hillary and slick Willie.
David James (1 year ago)
Also lets not forget that the DNC is corrupt. It was bought by Hillary, and Bernie was cheated of the nomination. I would bet Bernie would have won over trump.
David James (1 year ago)
MacyLouWho Donald trump never started a charity anywhere close to the Clinton foundation. How many people did the Clintons employ? Many are dead. Trump employs tens of thousands of workers. The Clintons are corrupt, and that can not be denied. Trump is a businessman, and there are sure to be issues with business practices, but given the scrutiny, and size of the trump business, it looks pretty clean. Today the news reported trump killed the Japanese koi by over feeding them. Liberals, and media are a joke.
MacyLouWho (1 year ago)
David James let's not forget Don the con Trump, now-fair is fair.
Richard Mattingly (1 year ago)
Non profits are a fraud...all you have to due is spend nearly everything they make on "expenses" and helping anyone is an afterthought.🎀
Andre Abreu (1 year ago)
Bah. How about the Clinton foundation
DARREN DAY (1 year ago)
Why are these leeches not BANNED? Disgusting evil scumbags.
tundratomo (1 year ago)
i was doing ok financially , so i donated to some charities....... it was amazing, they spread my name around, and i was contacted by every organization on earth for money. so i stopped it all, yet they keep sending ''gifts'' like calculators, t shirts etc. to this day i get things. contacted the post office. they cant do a thing. they said,,, just keep what they send you. crazy people out there
Janet Colmenero (11 months ago)
My mom got a package with stationery, address labels, stickers, and even a "dreamcatcher" from some Native American organization in Arizona wanting money -- completely unsolicited. What a colossal waste of their funds!
Mike G (1 year ago)
all Muslim charity as well
Klaus Cartesius (1 year ago)
Will stop donating immediately. Wanted to believe in at least Pink Ribbon, but now, no more...
Val Shelby (1 year ago)
I have never of these charities at all?
Janet Colmenero (11 months ago)
Which is all the more reason not to fall for their scams if you do get a phone call from any of them.
Zeal Milenio (1 year ago)
Thank you of informing us of these greedy a******, saves a lot of time weeding them out...
Brad Polmateer (1 year ago)
These charities are just brutal and should be legal forced to live up to their purpose I will donate to the salvation army because I've seen on a daily basis how they benefit others It's one of the only places men going through rough times can get lodging food and clothing help Many people have substance abuse issues and the Sally Ann will pay for rehab Also more often people with disabilities use Sally Ann to help with food
Janet Colmenero (11 months ago)
I donate stuff to the Salvation Army after finding out years ago that Goodwill gets MUCH more than they need to stock their stores. Years ago my husband worked on a TV movie called "Tornado" (cheap copy of "Twister") where they needed a truckload of stuff to throw in front of a huge fan, to make it look like it was being blown into the streets by the tornado. They were able to buy LEFTOVERS literally by the ton from Goodwill.
Digdug30 (1 year ago)
I was expecting Oxfam to be on there somewhere.

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