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Keith Urban - Blue Ain't Your Color (Official Music Video)

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Purchase Keith Urban’s latest music: http://umgn.us/keithurbanpurchase Stream the latest from Keith Urban: http://umgn.us/keithurbanstream Sign up to receive email updates from Keith Urban: http://umgn.us/keithurbanupdates Website: http://keithurban.net/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keithurban Instagram: http://instagram.com/KeithUrban Twitter: https://twitter.com/keithurban Music video by Keith Urban performing Blue Ain't Your Color. (C) 2016 Capitol Records Nashville http://vevo.ly/ZnURyK
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Text Comments (22650)
Katrina Smith (7 hours ago)
Im black i love country music its just like r nd b..i love the stories
Gloria Padilla (8 hours ago)
Who loves this song💖💖💖
jamie Walters (9 hours ago)
Some people play music, some people sing songs. But this dude just has something special.
Hersheys Chocolate (11 hours ago)
I came here from an ad about winning money if you guess the song right
Watson Trimble (12 hours ago)
This song is for losser's who can find there own love.!!😈
Grace Bautista (23 hours ago)
Still listening, still loving this song.
Abu Boya (1 day ago)
What in this world outdoes our legendary Country music ❤I'm in love with country Music.I need to take a tour to Texas the home of country music sit on those bars with mah fellow cowboys sip whiskey and listen to the greatest genre man ever created out there.LMFAO but I'm broke 😭😭😭😭
Oh I'm gonna kill more wisconsin blue flag yanks eye 4 an eye s,o,bs
Kendra C (1 day ago)
2019 ya'll July
VEE&JAY’S LUV (1 day ago)
Wauwwwwww amazing 😉
Jeff Sanchez (1 day ago)
Awsome work!
Nunya Bidness (1 day ago)
Now if he would just wash and cut his hair...
Mccord Junior tom (1 day ago)
Hey Salvatore and his Mafia is being investigated they know about the drugs on the road go to hell your punk ass
Mccord Junior tom (1 day ago)
Hey Salvatore at his Italian mafia's being investigated they know about the drugs on the road
Tameka Brown (2 days ago)
If Blue Ain't Yo Color Then Red Is I'm Ready For You If Your Ready I'll Get On My Knees And Start Begging Long As You Love Me Too And Your Willing Will You Marry Me Let's Have A Wedding Let You Pick Colors And The Setting Till Death Do Us Part At The Cross Ends Blue Ain't Yo Color Keith And Ansonn
natacha pem (2 days ago)
Very beautiful. sad I'm just listening to this
Cathy Ford (2 days ago)
Damn! I love him. She looks like Jessica Lange.
Anita Mojica (2 days ago)
I will never get tired of this song
RetnoSarii R (2 days ago)
Indonesia ❤️❤️❤️
DRIFTCENTRAL 01 (3 days ago)
I really cant belive your from my highschool
lil wiz (3 days ago)
One of the loveliest men and kindest souls on earth.
Michael Stephenson (3 days ago)
Makes my ❤ happy
GKCcal1ber1 (3 days ago)
the female in this video is lost in the sauce
janice sorochuk (4 days ago)
take me on a dance floor, blue aint your color.
janice sorochuk (4 days ago)
i am.
Pete Vazquez (4 days ago)
Love this song
Love this song so much
rebecca o'bannon (4 days ago)
I love you Keith Urban ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Joaquin Lopez (5 days ago)
Baby Girl
Yoooooooooooo , for me here are some Tennessee Whiskey feelings! Best song ever!
Lenny Martin (5 days ago)
Jeff hates his family in Florida he hopes they all drop dead
Lenny Martin (5 days ago)
Salvatore's being investigated money laundering sex trafficking
Lenny Martin (5 days ago)
Too bad the gift cards and money didn't work drug addicts don't deserve it
Angel Clark (5 days ago)
Wesley Roamn Come get me please from my house
hanna Mitch (5 days ago)
jeff tom (5 days ago)
Hey this is the real Jeffrey no hard feelings but my friend Robert's friend Steven has gambling problems you should not take it personally that he's in the hospital he does have a lot of money but when you have a gambling problem it's going to interfere with your daily life but he's getting help you people should sympathize with him I don't know him I heard he's a good guy thanks for your time
emma taylor (6 days ago)
One of my favorite songs, never get tired of listening to Mr Urban 💙💙!!!!!!!!
CHITA (6 days ago)
Whose listening in 2020? Jus planning ahead! *wink*
Lori Miller (6 days ago)
Great song
margaret webster (6 days ago)
love this
Saturn Tonight (6 days ago)
ayamey pacheco (6 days ago)
Yumi Chocolate (7 days ago)
😜Blue really isn't your Color.. Yumi Chocolate 🍫 is..😏💋💌💦 Wants Some.. It free and I Promise Its Sweet Baby.
leland townsend (6 days ago)
i want chocolate now thanks a lot (sarcasm)
Zane The Cobra (7 days ago)
Woah lol
Mary Wairimu (7 days ago)
July 2019!!🎼😭
Janet Cox (7 days ago)
Keith is the best!!!!!🤘🏻
Lewis de Jeff (7 days ago)
I got Fiona Barnett's phone number I'll talk to her and be her friend
Lewis de Jeff (7 days ago)
I got Fiona Barnett's phone number I'll talk to her be her friend
Lewis de Jeff (7 days ago)
Wanted Angela to stay in a foster home and get killed
Lewis de Jeff (7 days ago)
A rat out Salvatore and his Mafia
Lewis de Jeff (7 days ago)
Send pictures of your wife having sex with all the men to your kids
Lewis de Jeff (7 days ago)
I don't forgive and I don't forget Hellbilly
Lewis de Jeff (7 days ago)
Too bad the gift card scams with Johnny Fairbanks didn't work I got drug enforcement after his ass
Rozen Elizalde (7 days ago)
saw this on an ad on some app. i fell in love with the song and the rest is history
Tina Booth (8 days ago)
Julio #10 (8 days ago)
Love it
Mista 2 (8 days ago)
Kia ora from your country of origin , Whangarei is proud of its greatest export . Had me hooked when I first heard your version of Arms of Mary
Frank Moore (8 days ago)
Wish Keith would sing another song like this one! Wow!! First time I heard it, I fell in love with it!!!!
Joshua Rodriquez (9 days ago)
Hey I like this song and when I head it I get sad and can I get 30 like plz😭🙏👇🙏🙏😭😭😭
Logical Dude (8 days ago)
No ;-)
Ruby Diaz (9 days ago)
I can see you over there Starring at your drink Watchin' that ice sink All alone tonight And chances are You're sittin' here in this bar 'Cause he ain't gonna treat you right Well, it's probably not my place But I'm gonna say it anyway 'Cause you look like You haven't felt the fire Had a little fun Hadn't had a smile in a little while Baby Blue looks good on the sky Looks good on that neon buzzin' on the wall But darling, it don't match your eyes I'm tellin' you You don't need that guy It's so black and white He's stealin' your thunder Baby, blue ain't your color I'm not tryna Be another just Pick you up Kinda guy Tryna drink you up Tryna take you home But I just don't understand How another man Can take your sun And turn it ice cold Well, I've had enough to drink And it's makin' Me think that I just might Tell you if I were a painter I wouldn't change ya I'd just paint you bright Baby 'Cause blue looks good on the sky Looks good on that neon buzzin' on the wall But darling, it don't match your eyes I'm tellin' you You don't need that guy It's so black and white He's stealin' your thunder Baby, blue ain't your color No no no Blue ain't your colour baby Blue looks good on the sky Looks good on that neon buzzin' on the wall But darling, it don't match your eyes I'm tellin' you You don't need that guy It's so black and white He's stealin' your thunder Baby, blue ain't your color Blue ain't your color, umm mm No, no baby Call me baby Let me light up your world
Jae Mcc (9 days ago)
Whoever thumbed down this dont know real music...
Larry Pauls (10 days ago)
You're mad and you're jealous of that good guy Jeffrey but you let your wife have sex with his family that don't make any sense
Cii Pits (10 days ago)
2019 👌❤
Jay Turnbull (10 days ago)
I love this song!!!♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍
Jeishyel Tobar (10 days ago)
what does he mean when he says blue ain't your color?
Wolf SquadGaming (10 days ago)
i love this song
Wolf SquadGaming (10 days ago)
this song is awesome
Jackie Jones (10 days ago)
I growed up on country music and my mom always listen to country music and that is where I got into listening to country music and I love it. I think about my mom every day. Bless her heart she is gone for years now. I'm 52 years old and I will never change the way I feel about country music but I like country music and it is the best.
Jackie Jones (8 days ago)
Wo liked my comments on country music.
Julie Garrett (11 days ago)
And I am still liking this song His voice makes feel sweeter smile
Claudete Pereira (11 days ago)
Bela ❤❤
REd HeAD (11 days ago)
sister gigi (11 days ago)
I love you too kiss miss Good morning beautiful
Mai Mohamed (11 days ago)
I can imagine my husband and me dancing to this naked in the middle of the night ✨✨💓🙏
Mike Roberts (11 days ago)
Did you hear that Jeff's girlfriend left him last year She's a Lesbian and she's living with some women but I heard that Jeff has strippers living with him and gay men good for him
Susana Ybarra (12 days ago)
Still listening 4th of July 2019 💕
Linda James (12 days ago)
Grenville, Tx ❤️😘😘😘
Linda James (12 days ago)
Tamira Knight (12 days ago)
It’s my first time hearing this song (I don’t listen to country) but man this song is so great
Michelle Harris (12 days ago)
July 05, 2019
Sanele Lafaele (12 days ago)
Dis song makes me feel romantic every time...❤💖❤💖❤🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💋💋💋💋
Sam King (12 days ago)
Im so not a fan of modern "country" music but this song is something special. I could see Dwight or Buck or Cal Smith singing this.
cassa nelson (10 days ago)
I love this song💙
Jo-Anne Squadrilla (12 days ago)
I'm gonna blame it on the NEON 🔥
Iuv my jeep (12 days ago)
This song makes me smile
Patrick Guffey (12 days ago)
Authentic April (13 days ago)
Robert Lee Arnold Jr (13 days ago)
Here's were the confederate holdouts ride in
jorge alberto ospna (13 days ago)
My daughter’s song ❤️
flickchic238 (13 days ago)
reminds me of leanne rimes' blue
Graça Comum (13 days ago)
It's so not Country in so Many ways
june porter (13 days ago)
Such an awesome song, why didn't you sing bluesy all along?
Joel Stevens (13 days ago)
Hello I'm the real Stephen I'm very generous when it comes to money no but I'm not a sucker sorry I don't get my money to drug addicts or alcoholics take it all kiss my ass
Dark Nemesis (13 days ago)
I only know this song now cos of Kris Jones 😂❤️
Kendra Oliver (13 days ago)
July 3rd, 2019 ...
YTN Mavy (14 days ago)
I hate country music buh this song passes
Renee Arnett (14 days ago)
congrats to mr. mrs. urban on a beautiful life happy anniversary. thanks for all your inspiration. hope u stay togeather forever .
Renee Arnett (14 days ago)
as a singer song writer i always admired keith as a young girl i will admit ok it's out a crush but so much more. fell in love became a mom . but he inspired me so much with my writing. an he's such a gentle man . he in spired not just my music . but so much more thanks k u
Renee Arnett (14 days ago)
keith urban. so talented and original one of a kind an awesome guy .. congrats on life mr. urban an family. love you
Tommy Jeff luca (14 days ago)
Don't look at me buddy I have my strippers every night you are stupid be mad at me anyway
Tommy Jeff luca (14 days ago)
Hey sorry to hear about your problems with Nicole blame Irene an ugly Mindy they're the ones that encourage Nicole to cheat on you it's true they're nasty women
Johnny Murphy (14 days ago)
Tommy Jeff luca pppb
Greekhacker Exposing (14 days ago)

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