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Keith Urban - Blue Ain't Your Color

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Text Comments (22928)
Linda Jackson (6 hours ago)
Blue is not my color 2019
Kristine P. (16 hours ago)
love this!... and a great guy!
Erick McKee (17 hours ago)
August concert...section 311 row E. 311 is my bday and my name is E...what a coincidence...I wonder who's birthday this is.... ?
Vanessa Gonzales (17 hours ago)
Eehhylll Poewa TV ppw him llkkkkoooooooooqwkx, oh smile g.j kje
Adansitog (17 hours ago)
March 21 2019 anyone?
Lola Neeley (17 hours ago)
Loveeeee this song ❤
eric zusman (21 hours ago)
My beautiful woman Karrie loves this song...love you sweetheart
Wade 91 (1 day ago)
Sung this at karaoke in a bar back in 2016. My best friend of 6 years that I had feelings for practically forced me to. So I chose this song to send a cheeky little message which she caight. And so did everyone else as you could hear a pin drop once I finished cause they’d never heard me before. We got married last year. She has given me beautiful twins to grow up alongside her other child. I guess I have Keith, and the childish guy she was dating back then to thank for everything I have today! And you best believe that country music, and blues music is all the kids here! 😋
Tristan Davis (1 day ago)
2019 till the end I will be jamming
Denise Hedden (1 day ago)
mistr fixit;;; (1 day ago)
love this song!! 2019?
Charles Town (1 day ago)
I love this song, Thank you, Keith. Charles Town
Todd Shipman (2 days ago)
Player1 Ready (2 days ago)
So much autotune I have cancer
Margaret Eggett (2 days ago)
God I so love this song was blown away in the hydro this month at c2c he sang the song amazing love love love him
ASDF (2 days ago)
Belinda Rawlings (2 days ago)
Love this
Sarah holland (2 days ago)
Real emotion. Real storytelling. Beautiful vocal & lyrics. Its so great that Country has what I thought was lost back in the 80's music I grew up with. .
Patricia Pish (3 days ago)
What an amazing singer and the song is awesome
carolina mendez (3 days ago)
Still standing
rhiza wolts (3 days ago)
This the only song like from keith
Mia Lou (3 days ago)
I love this song sooo much this man is a legend!!!!
Mikii Sutton (3 days ago)
Still listning 2019..
Nayely H (3 days ago)
Cause blue aint my color 🌻
Cjmema 2015 (3 days ago)
I absolutely love Keith Urban....he is so talented! This song is so beautiful😊🎤🎶🎵!!
Cjmema 2015 (1 day ago)
+Nikki Me Yes.....I absolutely agree😊👍!!
Nikki Me (1 day ago)
Best song ever 😊😊😊
Zelda boy 2000 (3 days ago)
Thanks so much this is my first win
Zelda boy 2000 (3 days ago)
We just go the results I won
guillermo frias (3 days ago)
Luv this song
daanmi148 (3 days ago)
Dang! I feel good listening to this. Something special about it.
christy ann (3 days ago)
In love with song♥️
Mtu wa Green (3 days ago)
oooh blue looks good in the skies
Andres Adame (4 days ago)
I'm gonna be honest I don't like country music but this song is beautiful
Jen S (4 days ago)
Love this song!!!
Debbie Razavi (4 days ago)
C'lm est. (4 days ago)
This is always a good mood song
Lyn Martinez (4 days ago)
No purple is
John Flanagan (4 days ago)
Nice one, Keith.
KC Hell Kat (4 days ago)
March and I have been blue too long
Danny Carrol (4 days ago)
Love it
Ruatfela Chhangte (4 days ago)
Can't stop listening since i've heard this song...Xtraaaaorr
sookie stackhouse (4 days ago)
I love him and tall. Nickhol...I’m 6 1
Zee Watkins (5 days ago)
My sister and i used to sing this song all the time and it brings so many memories 😢😢😢😭😭😭
MINK SARKEN (5 days ago)
#edSheeran Music vibes😍😍😍
Julie Marie (5 days ago)
Sexiest Man alive Keith Urban
Justin Cummings (5 days ago)
So many people love this song for many reasons. We all interpret lyrics differently. Whats your interpretation?
Blue shark bama (5 days ago)
Blue ain't your color😞💙😃
Heather Lindquist (5 days ago)
Bat Eats Moth (5 days ago)
I just found out you hold your pick the same way I do. Awesome!
Sophia Rose (5 days ago)
listening to this with some friends making fun of me liking country 😂
Michelle Sanchez (5 days ago)
Why does love hurt so much? 😭😭😭 only guy I want and he doesn’t love me back. It’s ok I love you soooo much always will B.L maybe one day you will see this and know how much I love you and I always will. ♥️😭😭😭
Roz Ficatch (5 days ago)
Michelle Sanchez... been there, done that in 2006... he never did come around and my heart was broken for years. Do yourself the biggest favour EVER... and move on... you are worth it!... even though he'll never see it
Jame Brooke (5 days ago)
You don't like this song then you must be that guy.
Ethan Beauchamp (6 days ago)
best song ever
Emily smith (6 days ago)
I love this song!!!!!!!!!!
mama singson (6 days ago)
chhelo ngawlh2 teh e.
John Lee (6 days ago)
Damn a burned bridge and a broken heart.
roya yassai (6 days ago)
Someone sent me this song way back...Now I finally get it 😭 Some people will only make you cry every chance they get...
DaGreat Ungabunga (6 days ago)
Who loves country music 😂😂😂😂😂💙💙💙💙💙 💙😂😂💙😂😍😂😂💙💙😂😂💙💙💙💙💙 💙😂😂 💙😂😂 💙😂😂 💙😂 😂💙 😂😂 💙💙 💙😂😂 💙😂 😂😍💙😂😂😍😍😂💙 😂😍💙💙 💙😂😍😂💙😂😍 I am country and that's the way I will stay
Butterfly kIssEs (6 days ago)
Delwyn Te pana (6 days ago)
It feels so lovely listing to it
Bette Baker (6 days ago)
Loveing it!! Keep them coming
Curtis Clark (6 days ago)
Maria (6 days ago)
Jokes on you Keith Urban, she isn't sad because of a guy.
Suzuky Chin (6 days ago)
March 2019
Helen Ruth Thompson (7 days ago)
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Still one of my faves by him...
Cindy Potts (7 days ago)
I love this song I dated a guy with blue eyes
Sonja Minz (7 days ago)
I love it so
Teresa m Evans (7 days ago)
Then say thier goddam name jennie pirro
Vevia Allen (7 days ago)
I absolutely love this man. OMG 💚💛💜💙😘
Billy Rosenbaum (7 days ago)
Who is the lady
Marvin Villalta (7 days ago)
You’re Keith “Fu*K*NG” Urban man! You could’ve gotten a way prettier white woman than that..that guy must’ve stolen all of her thunder...
Randy Marsh (7 days ago)
This man doesn't catfish bare handed , use smokeless tobacco, make love to women under stars.. Even mudding.. I bet
Juan R. (7 days ago)
Don’t really like country music but sure do like this song😊
Alice Hunter (5 days ago)
Juan R. I know right i do not like county songs but the song is beautyful
Nathan Flores (7 days ago)
This song/video actually brought me back from the DARK SIDE of music. Mainly because a woman that is in my life, but not i at my side, is like the woman in this video...... Just wish that she could see that as well. EXCELLENTLY WROTE LYRICS
Kathy Stephens (1 day ago)
My husband died after we had only been married 13 years! We were 34. I wouldn't take anything for that time! Best time of my life. Let her decide. Whatever you do, I wish you peace and love from this stranger who cares. Good luck to you man.
Nathan Flores (1 day ago)
+Kathy Stephensyou couldn't have been closed to the truth the you ever could have known.... YES. LIFE IS SHORT And way SHORTER for some of us (UN)-LUCKY individuals. And so I can't interrupt her long life for such a short while.... I couldn't leave her like that. That wouldn't be fair to OR for her. But thank you for t the advice. I real it wish I could use it. ...
Kathy Stephens (1 day ago)
Tell her how you feel. Time is short man.
Molly Rsmos (8 days ago)
Annemarie Tauaroa (8 days ago)
bontor manull (8 days ago)
Earth is flat
TheCazray (8 days ago)
Beautiful song, can’t stop listening to it...
Paula Hinojosa (8 days ago)
2019 anyone 😀
Karen Barboza (8 days ago)
This sounds like Tennessee Whiskey.
Malachi Heard (8 days ago)
Blue ain't your color!
jimmie sanchez (9 days ago)
memories are good for the soul, it's an awesome song to sing it together.
Letty Scott (9 days ago)
2019! Single and how times have changed! But I'm fine and Free just like her dancing! I'm feeling like her! 💖💖💋💋
Rod Turner (9 days ago)
Smooth as Butter :)
Harmony Robinson (9 days ago)
😍😍😍😍😍I love this song
Amanda Nelson (9 days ago)
Anyone here in 2030 ❤😋✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻
Ciera Booth CA (9 days ago)
Karizma Bunton (10 days ago)
I. love. this. song.
Karen Brandwein (10 days ago)
Still love this Song.. And love this video. Whenever I watch this I keep thinking.. Why doesn't he ask her if she would like to go for something to eat. And meet her. Really love this song.. Sends thrills up my spine.. Well that's Keith. The video is terrific also. I know I should be spending some listen ing time catching up on all the new stuff. But this just came up. As usual. It's a great number.
Aimee Quint (10 days ago)
Fyt Else
jermaine burns (10 days ago)
This song is the truth!👈💯✔️🙌😇
Tracy White (10 days ago)
Keith Urban ❤
jonni Turnbull (10 days ago)
He did this to me my X. The DEVIL. RYAN IS HIS NAME. I HATE HIM 😘
cheyenne pean (10 days ago)
Brittany Haskins (11 days ago)
Anybody listening in march 19
Jeremy Baker (11 days ago)
never knew the word "blue" had so many syllables..
Crystal I (1 day ago)
🤣 I know right
Suman Regmi (11 days ago)
Congrats Keith!!....The views just keep on increasing... Really, blue ain't their color..
Pat mcgraw (11 days ago)
Love that's song.
Bleu Skye (11 days ago)
Amber Valetta
Zelda boy 2000 (11 days ago)
Sang it for my talent show thanks Keith urban

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