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Daily Street Magic: Day 33 (ft. Anna DeGuzman)

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Text Comments (26)
StreetTricks (8 months ago)
I came
Alessio Lupo (11 months ago)
Fahadi Z (11 months ago)
She is so awesome
CrankShanks (11 months ago)
The performance is so powerfull love it❤❤
Gde Dharma Putrawan (11 months ago)
Good card trick.
Hirusha Deshan (11 months ago)
love u anna.. u r so freaking cute ❤ ! Keep upload videos..
David (11 months ago)
Evan, what happened to Calen morelli? Haven't heard of the guy and he's no longer on social media
Squad Three (11 months ago)
I hate seeing “the flick” on a card,so annoying
Fubuki Music (11 months ago)
Wow that Erdnase Color change at the end was awesome! Or was it a different move?
Wilmer Cuevas (11 months ago)
Fubuki Music It actually is but she used it to vanish the card
R-BIEN (11 months ago)
She repeated the first act.but she failed to put the king of diamond to her pocket.
Alessio Lupo (11 months ago)
SOH492 English (11 months ago)
How did she find it so quickly? 🤔🤔
Antonio Diavolo (11 months ago)
Juan Tamariz would be proud
X3M (11 months ago)
Check out Alex Pandrea's channel for the card to pocket tutorial.
Foderick (11 months ago)
excellent delivery, excellent reaction. excellent video!
Gildas Dollo (11 months ago)
Well done Anna
Egelan (11 months ago)
Wasn't it disturb reality gaming few weeks/months ago lol?
Bb Rr (11 months ago)
That dude makes my skin crawl. Looks like the dude with him has the same feeling LOL ;-)
Sick Ediction (11 months ago)
I just want to say thank you for never using clickbait some of these youtubers really piss me off with that oh and #DR4LIFE
Evan Cloyd (11 months ago)
Love Anna
Jonathan Chung (11 months ago)
favorite magician love how she talks so fast
Illusions for the Blind (11 months ago)
The power of Mnemonica and improvising ;)
Antonio Diavolo (11 months ago)
Illusions for the Blind i was literally about to say I noticed the deck was in mnemonic order
Illusions for the Blind (11 months ago)
Anna D! She inspires me <3
Tom Hudders (11 months ago)
Someone call the cop 😉 dunno how it was so quickly found though

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