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Charlie Feathers - Bottle To The Baby (sun 1956 take 2).wmv

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Lee Etchells (2 months ago)
Anyone notice that guitar break was very similar to Elvis " good rockin tonight". Great track.
cardonaburban (4 months ago)
fantastic and best version of bottle to the baby : an all time classic ,on a par with the best rockabillies by Gene , Carl , Elvis ....
toonamivhs 2 0 (7 months ago)
There are at least 4 versions of this song. And some of the versions have way different lyrics
O'Neil (9 months ago)
Andrew B (1 year ago)
wow totally different lyrics than the King version.
stuka97 (1 year ago)
Rockabilly always and forever.
joseph sardena (2 years ago)
This Rockabilly sound is on fire...... It's so hot !
Roland Deschain (1 year ago)
This guy right here is the inspiration for The Cramps. The OP wasn't joking. Charlie Feathers was out of NOWHERE.
joseph sardena (2 years ago)
I'm now sure what you think of your music too !
TheSmithChannel (2 years ago)
great song
great song!
boiadedios (3 years ago)
Jürgen Hahn (3 years ago)
Einfach nur genial
Samuli Väisänen (4 years ago)
Ouu jeah... ;o)
Bunya (4 years ago)
No Hurry...........take2 rocks
Jim maple (4 years ago)
That is such a neat guitar part. Gives a much more subtle swing than the King version. Does anyone know who it was?
Ken M. (1 year ago)
Jerry Huffman played the lead guitar on both Sun Demo session and King Session.
hepkatz1 (4 years ago)

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