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Dick Masterson on the Tyra Banks show (womanizers)

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Dick Masterson makes an appearance on the god awful Tyra show. As expected, the ladies made themselves look pretty dumb. More Dick Masterson here http://regretfulmorning.com/2008/06/dick-masterson-on-marcus-corner/
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Syed Hoque (22 days ago)
The only comeback women have is; dick size or the phrase "I would never date you".
jim jones (27 days ago)
This is why wamon should not vote! they are kid pumpers thats all!
The American Nightmar3 (29 days ago)
Dick Masterson is fucking great
Chapterhouse86 (1 month ago)
Bow to the master of trolls kids. Trolling in real life well before the term was used, and while the internet was barely out of it's infancy. Now that fucker makes an insane amount of money per month, and I'm jealous, but his podcast is entertaining as fuck, so he deserves it.
Dbdbb Xbxbxbx (1 month ago)
Brings on a black guy and an Indian guy to try to make white guys look bad. Racism much
funny death momo (1 month ago)
Arthur Morgan (1 month ago)
I’d love to smash Tyra
Mr. Steal Your Padawan (2 months ago)
Guys don’t understand, he’s not trolling you stupid virgins, this is how it is. Don’t believe me? Try it out.
Daytona Says What?! (2 months ago)
"Any time that a guy talks like he's interested in a woman, he's lying." Incredible.
Sunny shah (2 months ago)
It's funny, whenever a woman loses an argument, she attacks a man's looks, or his genitals, like they have no other comeback than looks and genitals. The way she said you are not cute to be talking like this, means, that if he was cute, then she would have allowed him to talk the way he does. Just shows how stupid and retarded women are in their logic, and argument.
Honky Lips (2 months ago)
*Achievement unlocked* - Caucasian Troll skin now available in item shop
D Lux (2 months ago)
People don't understand post ironic humor. It's not that he's telling the truth per se it's that's he's planting true ideas in a hyperbolic grandiose caricature of his true self, probably to more of a degree than not. If you honestly don't see this as a character created merely for the sake of provoking a specific reaction out of two kinds of individuals then you're most likely one of those two kinds of individuals.
Mikael Nilsson (2 months ago)
Dick Masterson should have a SOYBOY detox clinic ^^ !
Sam Williams (3 months ago)
As usual. Women go for The ad hominem insults.
Cho Sen 1 (3 months ago)
This segment would have worked a lot better for Tyra's show if the couch wasn't filled with so many hookers
Nour Masri (3 months ago)
These women roasted him alive
freeze spell is awesome (3 months ago)
hahaha i fucking love dick!
Eterno Del Sur (3 months ago)
He looks so white. You couldn't even tell he's Mexican.
Khum Dhan (3 months ago)
Sounds like dick has been following the patrice logic about women
Tone 210 (3 months ago)
This guy is a hero.
N Br (3 months ago)
Dick masterson is a hero amongst of boys and men of the 21st century tells the truth he’s right how women choose to undermine men remember ladies we gave you the rights you have now and it’s not like you deserve it men built America and died to preserve it it’s called the fatherland for the reason women of the world don’t deserve equality it’s a mans world it always have been and it always will
Catherine To (3 months ago)
How much money dick has ? That’s how women find sexy. He probably has pennies.
Christian Maravillas (3 months ago)
Gays are better than women!
Moe mark90 (4 months ago)
wow, if these women put their emotions aside, and try to be more logical instead of saying" your dick is small'' or any vacuous insults, they might win the argument.
Nataly E. (4 months ago)
Tyra looks like an alien with no make up
Simon Peter (4 months ago)
“You wanna leave something to the imagination, that’s what made her attracted to me in the first place” nah, that’s how you still got her lmao.
Kirito Senpai (4 months ago)
Bitches always act so ignorant when they are pissed at themselves for being into a guy that they wanna hate
Arjun Jayakumar (4 months ago)
God level troll.
Scare Fest (4 months ago)
Ask any girl if she want big biceps and sick pack abs! 😂 99% will say no. Ask the same to the boys! U will know the difference between men and women!
African MusicGenuis (4 months ago)
Joining us now is [dʰɪːk]
20LEGEND (4 months ago)
most women has alot of respect for themself, until it comes to money then they throw that shit as far as they can to get it.
901bluefox (4 months ago)
They don't fake the commitment at all. As they have a woman on each arm. Suuuureeeeee
Salomon Navarrette (4 months ago)
She’s a fucking idiot “itchy down..... dududuh stfu....... immature asf!
jack Breon (4 months ago)
Why am I just now finding out about this American hero?
Sam Williams (3 months ago)
Check his show "The Dick Show" on YouTube
ChillsWithSloths (4 months ago)
That woman in the brown dress is a dumbass.
Ch5 ActionNews (5 months ago)
I like how nervous the other two paid actors they hired get when Dick starts talking. Also Tyra really likes how nicely "Dick" rolls off her tongue like that she needs to do it twice.
Steven Galiniak (5 months ago)
2:38 "I think if a woman is led on it's because they want to be" (paraphrased because she can not formulate a complete sentence) You dumb ass that's the entire point of the game, he's trying to get you to believe you want it. The whole point of leading someone on is to trick them into wanting what they're offering. If you truly believe you wanted to get led on by a player it's because you actually bought the bull shit he was selling. You don't have to get salty because Dick is telling it like it is
Kile Memberberry (5 months ago)
Long live Dick.
__ (5 months ago)
Women dont deserve any kind of respect they want it they need to act towards earning it...
__ (5 months ago)
You can see the ahmed backpeddling trying to sound semi beta cuz hes got the two thots on his arm lol
Fah2adA Ω (5 months ago)
Dick is ma nigga
Oscar Mayer (5 months ago)
Dick is legend... 👌
Paddy O'Furniture (5 months ago)
So whats she's saying is that if he were more attractive he would be correct.. which proves his point.
Tash (10 hours ago)
EXACTLY FRIEND. If you're an ugly quiet guy, you're a creep. If you're an attractive quiet guy, you're mysterious and you make her wet to think about. Women don't even know how their brains work, I and honest to my heart wish I could say that women are as good as men. It honestly depresses me, but they're fun personalities to be around with if they like you so they're not total npc's.
Yup, imagine Brad Pitt aur Denzel Washington in place of Harvey Weinstein.
darrinEH (5 months ago)
"Women have intuition" read: "are dumb"
Captain Falcon Arhh (6 months ago)
I would pound tyra banks bumhole
Maluhia808 (6 months ago)
Gigatless (6 months ago)
Lol Dick getting shot? Dick is still alive, it proves that women can't do shit.
Golden Knight (6 months ago)
That ugly bitch near the end is butthurt that Dick knows how the game is played and told every man how to do it. Women hate men having the upper hand.
Nivek (6 months ago)
Dick is the greatest wrestling character to never see a wrestling ring
Witchcrafted Reefer (6 months ago)
Dick is my fucking hero
Sean Williams (6 months ago)
Women are always talkin about how they want an honest guy....and Dick Masterson is as honest as one can get, AND....they don't like it...lol
Maribor Forest (1 month ago)
+Anna someone reffering to a guy as having a "generic ass white name" is talking about intelligence. Thats so womanly of you. Meaning you have less than a finger worth of brains and knowledge yet you choose to argue with everyone "Anna". With that sour demeanor and stupidity you will die alone. Also i like how you're so racist and ignorant at the same time
John Smith (1 month ago)
+Anna whatever hole.
Anna (1 month ago)
+John Smith i was about to get offended but then i saw your generic white ass name and decided your lack of intelligence might limit your answers, so to spare you that embarrassment I'll let it go. You're welcome.
John Smith (1 month ago)
+Anna cry more thot.
Anna (1 month ago)
he's not honest. he's deluded and sexist
Gaming with nerds (6 months ago)
This guys a genius
A POWER (7 months ago)
She proves Dick's point by jumping to personal attack. That's women's nature. They try to compensate for their physical inferiority and lack of reasoning with mean words by commiting ad hominem, threatening, blackmailing, etc. Dick at this point (3:21) was like "Ok there you go" 😂
Do Bo (7 months ago)
So making fun of his name? Like Tyra is something good. Women like these are morons. Not all women jsut these fake women
Kristinadk (7 months ago)
i bet you any money that chick wouldn't say that to dick without her make up and hair done she'd look like a total hypocrite
oldnikonian (7 months ago)
Women who despise men should stop using anything that men have invented. Yep, I'd love to see them all sat naked in a field, lol.
Bas Art (7 months ago)
Typical American tv funny though
DarkCap (7 months ago)
the chick talking is retarded.
Xavier Smith (7 months ago)
Tyra is garbage and should be raked by monkeys.
PhillipDemonic (8 months ago)
Dick Masterson is a Hero. I Totally agree with Dick Masterson. I am PROUD to be MGTOW.
Banglaroad (8 months ago)
oh my, these women are so stupid and proud of it..............
dequan spruill (8 months ago)
He's foreal, its how women want to be treated but can mentally think to say it
Sin in the sun (8 months ago)
What a fucking moron
Lirin (8 months ago)
I love this man!😂 he speaks the truth though.
Marcel Gardner (8 months ago)
The girl in the black, just proved his point.
Mgtow-Nator Self love. (8 months ago)
So she rather not hear the lie just live it? 😂😂
Steven Martinez (8 months ago)
Why is it when women are met with logical philosophy they resort to insults?O wait a minute cos they're to stupid to have a logical comeback
Wolfgang Breitenseher (9 months ago)
Dick is just truthful. 100% If you don't agree to women, your a misogynist. So no worries. If they are not okay with what you said, you know you're on the right track.
joey weston (9 months ago)
he isnt that cute no homo if he shaved off his mustash yah he would b a good looking cat
Sam Scrapla (9 months ago)
Imaging this airing now a days?! There would be all these fat overweight blue hair whales in the crowd screeching.
DrGanja99 (9 months ago)
I like this guy
Daraius Murrell (10 months ago)
He is great.
umperthay (10 months ago)
They’re proving his general opinion(s) about women by being sarcastic...
icantfinditdammit (10 months ago)
Jose Luis Quiroga Beltran (11 months ago)
The difference between Dick and the other too guys is that the other too guys believe what Dick says but do not say it and Dick says it but does not believe it. Dick is alone in the show and the others are not. Dick is acting, the others are not. I would bet that Dick is actually a nice guy hiding under that attitude trying to expose the kind of men he is not and that is precisely why he was invited to the show. Dick gets thinking (maybe I should believe what I say) when the women defends the man (his thinking is been exposed but she still feels sexually attracted) and Tyra gets mad at her (the woman has a logical answer and is not stupid so it gives more power to the man). The logic of sexual attraction is based on perceived sexual results alone, and perception can be deceiving on the short term.
Toby Gunn (1 year ago)
Dick speaks the honest truth tho. Troll or not.
eat shit die (1 year ago)
Listening to these Whores justify the reason they are Whores is hilarious. Im more interested in what they would look like getting garroted with a shoelace.
Anthony Sefo (1 year ago)
I think they're gay, except for dick head
Trollin Charlie (1 year ago)
all the girls there are ugly except tyra
Trollin Charlie (1 year ago)
This man speaks the truth, all hail the Dick.
giveagoodsong (1 year ago)
Wait that woman is 23? She is good looking but I thought she was good looking for a woman in her late 30s to early 40s.
Desucof K (1 year ago)
Only a cheap lowlife man would go for an ugly whore like this whore! A whore will always be a whore, no matter what!
Rick Jamesbitch (1 year ago)
Dick Masterson? Lmao nice.
GuildBankLooter (1 year ago)
Keep it simple. Women are whores.
Horse McGee (1 year ago)
Dick managed to describe the chick that got pissed at him without even looking at her, brilliant
Jorge Warcrimes (1 year ago)
I'm not sure if Dick is a troll or not. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo................ If he is then all right, if not then I must state that I don't disagree with some ideas I think that they are just way too generalized.
S13StevenM (1 year ago)
ahmed and sean do not fake the commitment - :47 look at seans eyes hahaha he is definitely faking it! hahaha
Retroflection (1 year ago)
Tyra > Dr. Phil
shady_Mars (1 year ago)
That face when you just trolled an entire nation for the fifth time
Leonardo GodBlessYou (1 year ago)
You're really not that cute to be saying all of that... Does this shit make sense.
Gamenetreviews (1 year ago)
Dick’s not a womanizer he said on the young Turks he was 27 had been with around 15 girls in his life and was habitually noncommittal. Those are some mediocre fucking numbers for someone living that life style. But ah he’s probably just trolling.
Paul Nunya (1 year ago)
These women are in denials lol
KhazAvMagic (1 year ago)
Dick Materson is the greatest troll ever
comeandtakeit (1 year ago)
Tyra Banks is doing damage control to bring men back to the plantation. Tyra's audience is old and alone and Tyra gives them a excuse to stay that way.
Klaüs Smooth (1 year ago)
In every his video, women insult him in a sexual way, i've seen that so many times. It's like a defense mechanism of most women, when cornered - insults about insecurity/sexuality/penis length incoming.
you're smart (1 year ago)
you know you are what you eat soooo...
Chaos ZT (1 year ago)
lol That girl barely even had a rebuttal, all she did was attack his looks and imply that he has an STD. She thought she totally "roasted" him, but all she did was completely prove his point about women.
Chaos ZT you’re ignorant. 🤣
Abdullah Reagan (1 year ago)
what is anderson silva doing here
josh ThisIsStupid (1 year ago)
Andy Kaufman would be so proud :)
Trump 2020 (1 year ago)
dumb spik insults him!

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