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The Price of Free - Official Trailer

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Follow the thrilling story of Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi’s journey to liberate every child from slavery. THE PRICE OF FREE follows Satyarthi and his team of activists around the world on secret raid and rescue missions as they hunt for missing children and work to reunite them with their families. Winner of the Grand Jury Prize, US Documentary, Sundance 2018. For more information visit https://thepriceoffree.com/
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Text Comments (428)
Jharnali phukan (8 days ago)
Mr. चिकू:- (6 months ago)
God bleeding sir ji,,🙌🙌🙋👍👈😊
aman sharma (6 months ago)
You are real शक्तिमान I salute you all
OLD IS GOLD (6 months ago)
Why this is not on the trending page
Satya Sarma (6 months ago)
Are these movie directors are IDIOTS, did none from India ever spoke any noteworthy quotes to capture in movies? Shame of these "English language slave" Indian movie directors/Producers.
sincere (6 months ago)
One word. Great soul
Aadarsh Ashutosh (6 months ago)
why would anyone dislike this video??????????
NAVEED Qadri (6 months ago)
subhaan allah
Roshan Kuriakose (6 months ago)
Where do we watch this? When do we watch this? How do we watch this?
Deepa Singhal (6 months ago)
KAilash Satyarthi - god to uncountable children and lives.
shiv kumar (6 months ago)
सर मैं बार बार प्राइस of free film dekhta hu, har bar mere Dil mein बच्चों के प्रति करूणा जागृत हो जाती है ।
Tazbeer Masnoon (6 months ago)
Malal is too much overrated than this guy :3
shiv kumar (7 months ago)
Sir I have seen the film ,the price of free, each time I had defferent experience. I have tears every time in my eyes. Satule to real Hero to Mr. Satyarthi.
Ricky Kej (7 months ago)
Kailash Satyarthi is a superhero of our times. We need to showcase his story to the world, so that we have many such Kailash Satyarthi's who believe in progress for the entire human race, rather than the privileged few.
Rishabh jaiswal (7 months ago)
but some child are doing work because they dont have enough money to buy food. what about them??
Krishna Badhai (7 months ago)
Bahut hi jyada achchha tha aisi cheeze hindi me jarur banani chahiye kyuki english jaruri nahi hai...!!!
Javed Alam (7 months ago)
This is called 'The real HERO' Salute you sir JAI HIND
RAHUL VASAVA (7 months ago)
I m with u
Siddhartha Namdeo (7 months ago)
What if a child is getting bullied even with his parents or siblings or relatives ?
saif akhter (7 months ago)
Great man.....
rahulbuddy101 (7 months ago)
I heard the same slogans in this video which were raised at JNU. "Chin ke lenge aazadi " Can this person give the details of who were the slave owners ?? Which religious community has the most slaves in india ?? It will be useful for all to know. How did this guy differentiate between children working with their parents in their own family bussinness versus "slaves " ??
Harsh yadav (7 months ago)
Salute you SIR
Limitless Bro (7 months ago)
Who came here bcoz of super super?
susanta biswal (7 months ago)
All the dislike from Inhumans
Shruti (7 months ago)
Real life heroes are the real heroes!
Rohan Sharma (7 months ago)
Shivam Garg (7 months ago)
The real superhero
Smart Aaysa (7 months ago)
vinit thakur (7 months ago)
These are the real hero of our country not Aamir not salmaan .jai hind sir
THE RED (7 months ago)
just for fun (7 months ago)
He is real superman
Ansh Mahajan (7 months ago)
Subscribe to pewdiepie now
Ansh Mahajan (7 months ago)
That's nice but I don't know how to contact with him
Ian Roth (7 months ago)
If he gives this film a shout out, we will all subscribe.
The Shaggy (7 months ago)
Kailash satyarthi a amazing guy
vineet tiwari (7 months ago)
you are doing amazing work dude.
Kuz Kanu (7 months ago)
Wait for this movie
SkyFactor (7 months ago)
We break the silence
better than U (7 months ago)
Where is thanos
king kong (7 months ago)
स म (7 months ago)
IN INDIA A FATHER CANNOT TEACH HIS SON A BIT OF WEAVING —THESE ULTRA SKILLS TAKE A LONG TIME TO PASS ON .. IF NOT DONE AT THE RIGHT AGE WHEN FINGERS ARE DEFT, THIS SKILL PASSED ON FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS DOWN THE FAMILY LINE DIES. The Bilderberg Club gave Nobel Prize to Kailash Satyarthi who runs RUGMARK and GOODWEAVE who has disrupted our family based ULTRA SKILLED cottage industries. So in India if a father passes on to his son ( after school and play ) some saree weaving skills ,it is a BAD thing? While in the west if a child of 3 years is painfully pushed through a grueling gymnastics or tennis regimen it is a good thing ? For long the Zionist Jew west has tried to brand our family based ultra skilled cottage industries as bonded slave child labour generating GDP . We do NOT want Zionist Jews to save Indian children. Their parents know how to save them In India we have lakhs of amazing ULTRA SKILLED cottage industries who are NOT in the tax bracket OR covered by the stock market. India’s GDP which is grossly undervalued must reflect our cottage industry production and our huge potential. The western standard of living and their decadent way of life has nothing to do with India.
Om Sewlani (7 months ago)
Raj Anand (7 months ago)
real superhero,great respect
shashank sharma (7 months ago)
Huge respect for satyaarthi, this literally made me cry Great cinematography
Rafiq Raja (7 months ago)
I don't know why but i felt goosebumps throughout the video... And the background score is just awesome!
Elon Jobs (7 months ago)
*He represents a real Indian!*
Shantinath Shirahatti (7 months ago)
Excellent... We indians must support👍👍👍👍👍
krrishnkant sinha (7 months ago)
Super super k link k wagah kon kon aaya h
Dark Night (7 months ago)
Etna ghatiya English Kew banae bencho English me jab sale translation karte ho fir Bolte ho 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣
Matthew Deb Barma (7 months ago)
Javed Ali (7 months ago)
Pritam Panigrahi (7 months ago)
Issh video share koro un chutiyo ko Jo log PewDiePie ka donation ko bhik bol rahe hai thee.
Suchitra Nagendra (7 months ago)
Cartoon/Anime Lovers (7 months ago)
Dislikers MF😑😑😑
dj shakes (7 months ago)
Jai ho kailash Nath
NINJAxSHAKTI {GAMING} (7 months ago)
Who is here after SuperSuper's post
Abhishek Kaushal (7 months ago)
Super super
Harsh Mittal (7 months ago)
I don't understand who r these 57 people who disliked this video,I mean seriously how can somebody dislike this kind of great work which requires lots of courage,patience,hardwork. Salute to this man and his team,
Manoj Kumar (7 months ago)
Jinke parents nhi hote h...wahi child kam krte h.... Apne upar ghar ka burden le kr chalte h....kam nhi krenge to kya tm ghar chla doge...
Dipesh Soneta (7 months ago)
Bishal Das (7 months ago)
A film kab release ho ga
Vivek Mahato (7 months ago)
A great man and his efforts 🙏🙏
Pritam kumar (7 months ago)
Like if come from super super
mr Reality gaming (7 months ago)
Kailash sir your work so hard but god help you एनी time एनी were 🙏🙏🙏
Bhawini Jeenger (7 months ago)
Jagdish REDDY (7 months ago)
Respect you Sir👏
Dev Vyas (7 months ago)
Our county need more film like this to spread awareness and great things done by great people instead of bullshit movies . It is a step taken by 'you tube' .KEEP IT UP👍👍👍
Kuldeep Singh (7 months ago)
He is a modi's friend. Will see him after 20119
Anurag Thakur (7 months ago)
Real hero
pardeep kairon (7 months ago)
Only love
Danish pinjari (7 months ago)
He is the real superhero be #Supersuper
Death seed sentry (7 months ago)
Thanks to pewdiepie he gave Charity for child labors in india. And people still hate him
marvel fans (7 months ago)
Who came here because of super super
No One (7 months ago)
Ye dislike krne wale log Yrr haad h bhencho
Lord Vishal (7 months ago)
Ayush Kanu (7 months ago)
TREAS PM (7 months ago)
Salute you sir.
Vaibhav Atrey (7 months ago)
We are with kailash sir
Abdul Qadir Ansari (7 months ago)
Thanks for sharing stories or real life hero's
Deependra Thakur (7 months ago)
He is my college alumni 😀 SATI VIDISHA
Hitking SMS (7 months ago)
Sailaja sadineni (7 months ago)
Absolutely the needed one
funny u.r (7 months ago)
sachin bharadwaj (7 months ago)
Who could even think of disliking this video 😐!!!?
Ansh 88 (7 months ago)
India 🇮🇳 is best in world 🗺 proud to be an Indian
mr nobody (7 months ago)
Those who think education and child support are free, they are wrong. So, you just raid all those kid and bring back to their family which is living in poverty and can't afford school, and say "You can't go to work now or helping your family financial". And you think problem solved?
Anoj Das (7 months ago)
Salute u sir
Nabam Takang (7 months ago)
What an amazing trailer🤘
dipesh patel (7 months ago)
I never get goosebumps ever like this
Navin Kumar (7 months ago)
Kalishya saythari is winning is goald medal for children save . Trust God in the history 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
partap singh (7 months ago)
A man with a superhero spirit
partap singh (7 months ago)
One man took a stand not only for millions of children he took a stand for millions of lives , millions of dreams , millions of families . Fabulous job .
ravi kumar (7 months ago)
Fly like a 🐦 & big 👏👏👏👏👏 for this IND Meri jaan 😘
Turn it on trailers (7 months ago)
salute to kailash satyarthi
vicky keshrawani (7 months ago)
Sir aapka nam hi kailas nai.......Sir aapke......Soch v kailash parvat jaisi....Unchi h...........U 4 great sir....
Ajay Sen (7 months ago)
Awesome...✌✌👍👍 #Kailash sir is a real superhero👌🙏
Sp3ctro Music (7 months ago)
They are real superhero... Like if u agree
amrit gaurav (7 months ago)
Sir u r great
Sourabh patil (7 months ago)
We want that types of hero in life instead of madrchod neta
Lakshya ji (7 months ago)
Amit Kumar Mishra (7 months ago)
Hatts off you Sir.

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