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Gangnam Style Akustik slow 2013 HQ

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Hanna Lilla Simon (3 years ago)
( \ ( /
Oğuzhan Ak (5 years ago)
www.instagram.com/jayessleefanpage Sonia And Janice followed this page . Please Follow
Oğuzhan Ak (5 years ago)
Çok iyiler . Aşık olanlar like  :D . 
Alperen Akbaba (2 years ago)
Sara Rhazal (5 years ago)
Much much better than the real one ! 
Cami Gen (5 years ago)
I love your voice... please subcribes... thank you...
kipelli2 (5 years ago)
Великолепно! :)
Maria Philipp (5 years ago)
Анна Рим (5 years ago)
Очень круто!!!!!!!!!!
Parker (5 years ago)
Mar Dob (5 years ago)
Mister Z (5 years ago)
Love it ;P
Amy Murphy (5 years ago)
ElectroTecktonik1000 (6 years ago)
Best version, LIKE and you both are so beautiful :)
Rosa Lila Pink (6 years ago)
i like it!!!! :)

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