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10 Incredible Facts About the Incas

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TopTenz (4 months ago)
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et chalaco (1 month ago)
@Hoehner Tim The Inca were not a Utopia but as empires go they really got as close to it as possible. The stronges weapon agains the Spanish was disease.
Hoehner Tim (4 months ago)
Would the Spainish have won even without the plagues? ProbabIy. A load canister from a cannon is fairly effective at stopping a human wave attack even back then. The tech advantage for the Spainish wasn't so much that they had guns and gunpwder and the Inca bows & arrows, swords and spears, the harquebus were frankly crap as a weapon, and the Spanish were armed with similar weapoins. It was the Spainish sword and armor tech was far better. Armored up the Spanish were basically invulnerable to Inca weapons. So much so that the Spainish decided full armor was excessive for the conflict and chain mail was sufficent protection against the Inca weapons. The Incas were also in the middle of a civil war when the Spanish arrived so the Inca Empire wasn't the socialist Utopia you painted it out to be. Put down the koolaid.
Jagzilla (4 months ago)
Why don't you do 10 facts about the gay satanic cabal you're in..
Christopher Neely (4 months ago)
You forgot the part about the Inca Starting the Tupac Shakur Clothing line. Circa 1463 AD/CE (Shoaty Mummy had the banging dreads and everything. OGG(h)G: Original Gangta Gangsta (head)Gear) DNA Material Genetically Adapted: Too High, Too Soon, Tupac . (TM) Vegan dyed, Cruelty-free, gluten-free, Paleo-Amazonian, biodegradable, eco-friendly, socialy conscious Inca, ho cloth. #2. Hand-me-down crowns. #1. It was only a small pox.
USS Gray Ghost (4 months ago)
Request for a video one 10 facts about USS Constitution I can name two she is the oldest commissioned war ship still afloat HMS Victory lost that when she was permanently dry docked and she is the only ship of state in the world
Anthony Fox (9 days ago)
I have a few issues first of all the Inca empire lasted for less than 100 years, they really weren't ancient and they had just gone through a civil war before the Spanish even arrived
Iscah994 (16 days ago)
Simon seems to get a bit more excited when speaking about socialism. Just an observation. Venezuela disagrees with his panache for it.
Speedy Gunz (17 days ago)
I wonder if the Incans thought they were earthquake-proofing their buildings, not from plates shifting beneath them, but because "He-To-Whom-We-Sacrifice was displeased with what we sacrificed."
Geek In utopia (21 days ago)
I'm sorry, but any society that practices human sacrifice CAN'T be a civilization!
Michael Burgess (1 month ago)
I guess they should have sacrificed more children, so their gods would save them from the Europeans. Oh well. Puny gods.
J Mcrae (1 month ago)
The image at 8:23 is from the Maya. You can see Mayan hieroglyphs on the side of the carved figure.
IeatyellowSNO (1 month ago)
Isn't it amazing how the social classes for the Incas and Aztecs are very similar in dynamic and oppression as the social classes for the civilizations of the east? No connections, but still the rich controlled and the poor suffered under the excess of their "well borns".
Matt The Trucker (2 months ago)
Koozkō and Ēzma
Jiyva (2 months ago)
1:50 survivor bias
Paul Duffin (3 months ago)
'Ideal socialist society' one that involved three separate classes, different rules for each and where those at the bottom did all the work while those at the top took all the rewards! Not to mention their predilection for human sacrifice. Doesn't sound very socialist (in theory anyway) but it does sound like pretty much every socialist society in practice.
dasmegacool (3 months ago)
Sean Awesome (3 months ago)
I couldn't imagine having more than one wife! I barely manage to stay sane with one!
XXcaesar5000 (3 months ago)
yea I'm sure there 200,000 men army would really have "put up one heck of a fight" against those 168 conquistadors if they were not at 50% fighting strength LOL
Gato (2 months ago)
In fact there was more to it than just the epidemics, there was a civil war, so the empire was divided, and the minorities conquered although had food and clothes as the video said were not really ok with being part of the empire, so they helped the spanish thinking they could free them. In fact the spanish won because they knew how to manipulate the situation to their favor. And I guess luck because they arrived exactly at the moment where the empire was in total chaos. English is not my mother language so pardon my grammar...
50 Shades Of Gday (3 months ago)
>socialism >everyone has what they need Hahahahahahaha oh Simon.
Fred Wahlstrom (3 months ago)
Michele Cox (3 months ago)
Great vid. Syphilis was great revenge though...
Rob Hand (4 months ago)
Some people say that the defining technology of the Euroepans wasn't guns (invented by china) but sailing and the will to explore (the Chinese ceased exploring at an important point in their history). It allowed Europeans to acquire many technologies and conquests.
His name was "Kooz-k-oh" not "Costco"
Suzy Q (4 months ago)
I've just read thru some of the comments. And damn! This is one tough crowd. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) My admiration for Simon increases.
NotToday, Sportsfans! (4 months ago)
Many of us Natives would be very grateful if you did factual videos on more of our tribes. Your team does put together quite the accurate portrayal.
First name last name (2 months ago)
You look European
Cecilia Spears (4 months ago)
I loved learning about the Incas when I was younger! Thank you for this flash from the past! <3
Jonathan Parks (4 months ago)
To give you an idea of the altitude they lived at, Cusco is at 11500 feet above sea level.
George Williams (4 months ago)
The Europeans didn't have total resistance to diseases such as Smallpox they had a best some resistance to it and thus more Europeans survived the diseases than North and South Americans who had none at all. A factor in the survival of more Europeans is that the diseases had ravaged Europe for centuries so only the part of the population with some genetic resistance survived. Since the native peoples of North and South America had never been exposed to the diseases before they had very little genetic exposure and the diseases killed more of them. However, some of the natives did survive through blind luck so while some historians believe that European diseases killed up to 90% of the native population some did survive.
George Williams (4 months ago)
You forgot to mention that one reason the Inca Empire fell is because in the years before the Spanish invasion the Inca was involved in a civil war and members of the losing side assisted the Spanish invasion. Also, before the Spanish arrived their diseases such as Smallpox and others made their way into the Inca Empire and killed quite a large part of the population.
Mylum O'Shinn (4 months ago)
What Simon forgot to mentioned is the Spanish were riding on horses which enabled them to move much quicker than man on foot. The horses gave the Spanish a very distinct advantage over 90% of the native Americans.
Mylum O'Shinn (4 months ago)
I got Influenza A, the very strain that killed millions of native people. So sod how the common flu killed so many people.
Mylum O'Shinn (4 months ago)
The bugging question is why built your capital so high in the mountains in cold climates? Would you be a lot warmer in lower elevations? Puzzling concept.
Julia Lerner (3 months ago)
Defensive strength against neighboring enemies
joeuser771 (4 months ago)
lots of interesting stuff... that I can only watch once in a while. If I watch more than one episode I get really annoyed by Simon's speech rhytm, so to speak. Those weird pauses with loud inhaling are the whole problem.
Benjamin Nolan (4 months ago)
Mark Simons (4 months ago)
8:16 Why insert a pic of a Maya (down to Mayan hieroglyphs) in the middle of a show about the Incas? This stuff is instantly recognisable.
Sass (4 months ago)
I don't even want to know facts about the incas FINE I'LL WATCH IT!!!
Asteroid Kat Facts (4 months ago)
Kuzco is pronounced "Coose co" not "Cuz co"
Juan Carlos Barientos (4 months ago)
Although the information is very accurate, you use several times images of Mesoamerican pyramids paired with text which leads to believe the Incas built pyramids. This was absolutely not the case. Pyramids were built by the Mesoamericans civilizations (Mayans, Aztecs, Lencas etc.), but this structures were never adopted by the Incas
Takoda Eagle (4 months ago)
Sounds like communist propaganda to me, but okay.
Jason Simmons (4 months ago)
You couldn't really call them a socialist society, rather a barter society.
John Edward Gallagher (4 months ago)
why the extra "with thier tails between thier legs" if it were the other way many would sacreem racism. it is not necessary to shame the desendants of the victorious.
Wf Coaker (4 months ago)
Describe an ancient culture as “socialist”, despite the fact that it was really a “palace economy” much like what existed for centuries around the Mediterranean , and watch the Murkuns come out of the woodwork to sneer at socialism. I suppose they have to have something to do while they’re breastfeeding their guns, dying from the diseases they can’t afford to get treatment for, and pretending they’re better off than the rest of us. Lol
Wolfsmoke (4 months ago)
Lol that you think the Incan people built those structures
Shining Star (4 months ago)
You forgot to mention that there was the possibility for upward mobility. Gifted children were trained separately and unlike their parents, they were given important positions in The Empire.
Ashu Kachroo (4 months ago)
Sherpa rbc increases as altitutde increase.
objectivity gate (4 months ago)
Inkers huhu
Frank Frank (4 months ago)
A question: Were the Incas stinkers?
Arturo Baselli (4 months ago)
So in that case, who would stink more? A person that bathes once a year or another that does it once a day?
Frank Frank (4 months ago)
@Arturo Baselli I c, the Spaniards bathed once a year whether they needed it or not!
Arturo Baselli (4 months ago)
Frank Frank nope! Actually they washed themselves a lot. Spaniards were surprised by this, as it was them who were not used to take daily baths (maybe one a year?)
david white (4 months ago)
As usual, hefty amounts of leftist propaganda masquerading as “fact”.
lifewuzonceezr (4 months ago)
Cooze Co!
Monica Mojica (4 months ago)
Well no wonder I have so many “socialist views”. My ancestors had them first! 😂✌🏼 Shout out to other Peruvians in the comments! 🇵🇪
Iscah994 (16 days ago)
How about a shout out to the Venezuelans that are living the socialist dream?
Italian Soldier from WW2 (2 months ago)
🇳🇮Pipil Nahuatl > Incans
First name last name (2 months ago)
Monica Mojica they were also patriarchal. You must submit to the man that being the father or the king.
Julia Lerner (3 months ago)
@Geoffrey Mayrand Empires cannot exist without some level of socialism.
Geoffrey Mayrand (3 months ago)
Monica Mojica socialism is just away for the government to have more control over people more government equal less freedom socialist worship the government socialism is for week people
Kev Tan (4 months ago)
Tell us where the talking lama is and we'll burn your house to the ground.
M Greenwood (26 days ago)
And or or, that sounds like a pretty important conjunction.
Agata Soda (4 months ago)
Had to look at the title twice I’ve been around cards angainst humanity too much and read: 10 incredible facts about the anus..
Maria Kelly (4 months ago)
The Emperor's New Groove is a very funny movie.
rodanzig (4 months ago)
Did you say COSTCO ?
Pipe2DevNull (4 months ago)
Only members could enter the city.
rodanzig (4 months ago)
Socialists ? You mean like AOC ?
Luke Lave (4 months ago)
If i remember correctly, the Inca had not discovered how to smelt iron at the time of contact with the Europeans. Even if the guns were not a massive advantage, though they would probably fare better against Inca armor than arrows would, the advantage of steel armor and weapons against wood, bronze, and obsidian would be fairly extreme. But even with the technological disadvantages, as with native north Americans, they would have had a fighting chance if it were not for the diseases.
TJ Burns (4 months ago)
Cusco has better shopping than Costco
Mohammed Monkey Scrotum (4 months ago)
Yeah the gun sucked but Europeans had far superior armor which would have prevailed
Mohammed Monkey Scrotum (4 months ago)
Well let's get a time machine and send Bernie Sanders back there he could be present of the Inca's
Space Captain (4 months ago)
...or it could have been unfair because wives were treated like property instead of people, and also because wives could not have multiple spouses like their husbands could. This is not just a peasant/noble issue, it's a gender issue. You should have acknowledged that.
Travis Barnes (4 months ago)
great, as always, Simon. Thank you!
Justin Gonzalez (4 months ago)
Who else watched this after watching porn ?
Samuel P (4 months ago)
"The ideal socialist society." They sacrificed their own people, so that is accurate!
Brendan O'Brien (4 months ago)
What you're describing as ideal socialism sounds a whole lot like feudalism or even slavery.
HoshiSanada (4 months ago)
You forgot to mention that the actual Inca numbers were only in the thousands and that the Spaniards made allies with conquered peoples looking to cut ties with their former empires. This was quite possibly due to lingering resentment or a more pragmatic approach of siding with a group that seemed stronger.
smartin23964 (4 months ago)
FINALLY! A successful socialist society that Bernie and AOC can point to as their model to transform the United States...and they will get to wear the coolest clothing....maybe only once!
Blair Barr (4 months ago)
Thank you for all your interesting videos, but that was a Maya monument at the 8:20 mark. Don't fret though. I appreciate your efforts to do so many videos.
Laurence Winch-Furness (4 months ago)
1 leads to an interesting alternate history scenario, if the Norse had stayed a bit longer in North America, their diseases could have spread through the Americas, reaching the Incas. By the time the Spanish arrived they could have built up resistance of their own, and perhaps repelled the invaders, or at least held on to their culture post conquest and achieved independence later. (as India managed with the British)
Haplo Teromaximus (4 months ago)
The Incas building those "huge stone structures" is a point of contention. The oral tradition says the Incas didn't build the large stone structures, they were already there, but they built on top of them. The difference in stone, and craftsmanship quality from the lower, and upper parts of the structures seems to support this.
et chalaco (1 month ago)
what oral tradition are you referring to? Have you ever even read the chronicles in Spanish? I doubt it. They are notoriously difficult to understand.
Gato (2 months ago)
Yes, in fact all ancient constructions here are build over another more ancient structure, so there was a culture that made an edification, but years later another culture conquered them and to show that, they build another building over that edification, then years later appears another culture and repeats, people often know only Incas, but here we had a lot of cultures, so the incas only were the most recent, curiously after the spanish conquered them they build their temples over the same edifications all the other cultures did.
Patrick Dempsey (4 months ago)
"No one really went hungry" Well that's not very Socialist at all!
raf g (4 months ago)
Build the inca wall! Haha
Jeff Daniels (4 months ago)
It always cracks me up when I listen to shows like this who go into minute detail on a subject that at best they can only speculate on.
Jeff Daniels (4 months ago)
@lets revamp all I could do is what they do, give an opinion, the difference would be I would tell you it's speculation.
lets revamp (4 months ago)
Do it better or keep it to yourself armchair warrior.
SKPjoe Coursegold (4 months ago)
just finished "1491".
sentient88 (4 months ago)
Simon Jenner (4 months ago)
Simon, I’m a bit surprised by the largely uncritical and shallow analysis. Not your usual fair. No society is this clean and wonderful. The imposition of Inti and a well-oiled machine for conquest and centralized rule indicate a militaristic society that was adept at enforcing submission and compliance. The problem with the paucity of written records and evidence in regard to the Inca and other similarly-situated societies is so-called historians impose their own value-sets on what is, effectively, a blank canvas. Rarely do these ‘historians’ care for their actual subject matter, than they do in abusing it to prove a contemporary point—which as an historian I find quite contemptible. This happened to the Maya, for example, before their writing systems were deciphered and something very different to historians’ various utopias emerged from the shadows. I believe that these unreliable histories unduly colored this Top Tenz article. The Inca were complex and achieved great things. But a peaceful socialist utopia they were not.
Sylvia Schultz (4 months ago)
I heard that the spanish couldn't make it to machu pichu (the horses couldn't climb the stairs up in the mountains), so how did it colaspe?
Serai3 (4 months ago)
Wait, what? What do you mean he could only ever wear them once? Do you mean he had a new suit of clothes every day? Or do you mean he he was always naked except on the one day he got to wear the most magnificent suit ever? You need to be more clear here, or at least expand on your thesis. You can't just drop a bomb like that and then pretend you never said it. What did that mean? What clothes were they? Why only once? Come on, that was terrible.
Suzy Q (4 months ago)
R u just kidding? Actually I did think it meant he was the only one not deemed to need clothing. Really. (smile) Buth Simon's text clears that up near the end.
Surfer Rosa (4 months ago)
Mispronounced Bass (4 months ago)
He meant a new set of clothes every day. He never wore the same thing twice.
Z Bott (4 months ago)
What about how the Spanish caught syphilis.
Z Bott (4 months ago)
@Gary Millsaps I've heard it was from the Llamas. Just want to see if that had any validity.
Gary Millsaps (4 months ago)
Z Bott - OK........ what about it? 🤔🤔🤔
ANTONIO M. M. FRAGOSO (4 months ago)
Ethnic cleansing in South América by spanish! Spanish inquisition and holocaust in South América! Inca Empire from " Colômbia to Chile" divided by and between white spanish minority, who still the bosses... Nobody care because they are not British, Israeli , South Áfricans or Americans! Quéchua language and Nation still divided and killed! 😠Where's the liberals and leftists??? Amerindians are not arabic or islâmics and they don't have Petrodolares!😠TUPAC AMARU forever!👍🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵 🇹
lets revamp (4 months ago)
...... Spaniards aren't white dude........... Way to ignorantly place the race card........
ANTONIO M. M. FRAGOSO (4 months ago)
Ethnic cleansing in South América by spanish! Spanish inquisition and holocaust in South América! Inca Empire from " Colômbia to Chile" divided by and between white spanish minority, who still the bosses... Nobody care because they are not British, Israeli , South Áfricans or Americans! Quéchua language and Nation still divided and killed! 😠Where's the liberals and leftists??? Amerindians are not arabic or islâmics and they don't have Petrodolares!😠TUPAC AMARU forever!👍🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹
GigawingsVideo (4 months ago)
The Incans fell because they lost their groove.
Suzy Q (4 months ago)
I think Stella may have found it.
Azelheidr Ruth (4 months ago)
Those earthquake ruins have actually been attributed to a much older civilization constructions that the Inca built atop of.
Sarah Levine (4 months ago)
Maybe engineers should take a better look at the Inca ruins.
Derek Kent (4 months ago)
Another interesting fact. If you smoke you are far more resistant to altitude sickness. When you think about it it's obvious really. lol
Punch Fukker (4 months ago)
... . . . (._. ) . . . money isn't real now either, so.
Bacopa68 (4 months ago)
I've been to an Inca town higher than Cuzco. As a person who never lived more than 60 feet above sea level, it took my breath away after I had been there a day and a half. Luckily I was able to recover thanks to a local remedy, a rolled coca leaf wrapped around a small amount of clay mixed with reduced limestone.
sixnow25 (4 months ago)
It was pretty much like the war of the worlds if the aliens were the ones to bring diseases.
sato AU (4 months ago)
it wasn't guns but armour that were the technological advantage. the central and south american peoples had only basic metallurgy and thus their weapons were tipped with bronze or stone, which had no hope of dealing damage to an invader armoured in steel.
Paul Mathew (4 months ago)
Inca Nobles...& Peasants....How is that socialism?
First name last name (2 months ago)
Paul Mathew monarchy 👌
108johnny (4 months ago)
Some pigs are more equal than other pigs. -Orwell
jac lyn (4 months ago)
He is calling them nobles and peasants for simplicitys sake but it's really royal family/their advisors (government) and general population. It was confusing to me too they way he worded everything, saying that we had no money yet some people were richer than others.
Brendan O'Brien (4 months ago)
More like feudalism.
acepilot1 (4 months ago)
The Inca were communist not so much socialist
acepilot1 (4 months ago)
Robert Pruitt socialism is a combination of capitalism and state run programs, communism is where the gov owns everything and is responsible for the well being of everyone
Robert Pruitt (4 months ago)
It was actually a mix of the two, but in true socialism the government owns basically everything. So it was much more socialism than communism.
James England (4 months ago)
Socialism, power concentrated at the top, child sacrifice. Just like today.
Matt C (4 months ago)
And yet for all that... No lasting contributions to mankind.
Phillip Lamebull (4 months ago)
You showed many structures that were not Inca. These were pre Incan civilizations. Best get your facts right. Thanks. Phil in. Seattle.
Elijah Kerrigan (4 months ago)
You pronounced Cuzco correctly at the beginning then changed it up halfway through?
Hunter Collum (4 months ago)
Man I love this channel but I swear the blood vessels in my brain started to burst when he said Kuzco like that.
Hunter Collum (4 months ago)
@lifewuzonceezr it's a name that's repeated in the film lol. Although you're not wrong I'd pronounce it Costco or butcher it even worse if I wasn't very familiar with the film
lifewuzonceezr (4 months ago)
It's not a word! It's a Name!!!
nosuchthing8 (4 months ago)
Cut him some slack, its a tough word
utwas (4 months ago)
Damn biological warfare.
Hikaru Katayamma (4 months ago)
Socialism isn't Communism. Socialist Society means that you make sure everyone's take care of, but everyone isn't "equal" with leaders being more equal then the pions.
CerBoris (4 months ago)
Neither the Incas or Aztecs lost a battle against the Spanish until the plagues wiped out the majority of them. Even then the Spanish had trouble taking the natives cities and st least one was taken by betrayal and deception. They promised to spare the people if let in but reneged.
Hangfire (4 months ago)
Socialism will always fail
Pipe2DevNull (4 months ago)
黑龍 - Hắc Long (4 months ago)
The Mapuche actually held the Spanish at bay for a couple of centuries, Tawantinsuyu lost because their monarch wasn't interested in another costly war while the economy was ruled by chaos due to all the epidemics.
Seth Elrod (4 months ago)
Like I always say ...... just because they were ancient, doesn’t mean they were idiots, live in an area prone to earthquakes, you’ll figure out how to deal with it
The Mediocre Collector (4 months ago)
But the remarkable thing is that Earthquakes, even in prone areas, pose a challenge to modern engineering, but the Incas were able to deal with them with a far more basic level of technology
VoiceOfDizzy (4 months ago)
An Incan folk song talked about Pachacuti, part of it was like: I'm Pachacuti, the Incan Lord, all other tribes dreaded My name means "He Who Shakes The Earth" not that I'm big headed
Knut Raven (4 months ago)
The inkas got it right.
Knut Raven (4 months ago)
@lets revamp I simply was just tierd af, plus I wrote it on my phone... also it is spelled with a k in norwegian, poor excuse but still...
lets revamp (4 months ago)
How did you misspell incas.... Its in the title.....
Fuck me Daddy (4 months ago)
you're right. they fared so well against the spanish
Dominic Buckley (4 months ago)
Personally, I think that the fact that the Inca Empire had no writing system, instead relying on a code of knotted threads, is rather more incredible than Disney making a cartoon!
et chalaco (1 month ago)
actually knotted threads was just perfect for life in the Andes. They were durable and extremely portable.
Anonymous y8 (2 months ago)
The word" writing" exists in Quechua (language of the Inca empire)
Em Trom (4 months ago)
You threw off my grove with your pronunciation of Kuzco

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