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मैं भगवान हूँ - मैं नहीं कहता, गीता में लिखा है

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Superior Society (http://thesuperiorsociety.com) is a cult of evolving men and women who believe that human potential is literally infinite. We practice and preach superiority thru Blogs, YouTube videos, workshops, public gatherings, home meetups, coffee shop meetups, park meetups, video conferencing etc. This is a non profit revolution against contemporary parenting and education. It was the moral duty of our parents, teachers and government to educate us about our true creative powers such as Full understanding of human brain. Neuroplasticity. Left & Right brain synchronization. Understanding chakras. Understanding fear, greed, love, compassion, honesty, insecurity, jealousy, frustration, sexual urges, ethics, virtues, ambitions, gratitude, belief, conviction etc. Understanding the core philosophy and messages that prophets wanted to convey thru Vedas, Upnishads, Gita, Bible, Quran & Guru Granth Sahib. Quantum Mechanical model of God. Dating Skills. Musical Education. Communication Skills. Financial Education. You may Support This Revolution (https://thesuperiorsociety.com/superiorfunds/) in any form and leech maximum value from our preachers thru their posts, personal call, personal meetup or seminar. Anyone who wants to seek or offer any kind of value may join the revolution. Superior Society has many affiliate revolutions such as Spiritual Revolution, Dating Revolution, Musical Revolution, Education Revolution, Marketing Revolution, Entrepreneurial Revolution. We also aim to form an educational institute based on the structure of Ancient Indian Gurukul System. The Superior Society also invites enthusiastic change makers who are willing to join the new political party – SS. The revolution has sole objective – To Destroy Kaliyug From The Roots. We will bring an absolute Dharm Raj as soon as we generate revenue and associate with superior men and women all over the planet. Superior Society. -About Hitesh Shakya (Superior King) An IIT Bombay Alumnus (EE05). IITJEE Math Faculty. Guitarist. Pianist. Flutist. Tabla & Mouth Organ Player. Singer & Rapper. Social Connector & Reformer. Parenting & Dating Expert. Author. Blogger & Public Speaker. Street Performer & Spiritual Preacher. Quantum Activist. Politician. Human Brain Expert. Gita Expert. Kundalini Shakti Expert. Chakras Expert. Palm Reader. Law Of Attraction Expert. Hinduism Preacher. Founder Of New Religion - Superiorism. Self Proclaimed Superior Man. Self Proclaimed Best Music Teacher In The World. Self Proclaimed Avatar Of Vishnu & Rebirth Of Krishna. Self Proclaimed Next 'Superior King' Of New Delhi Then To India To The Whole Planet. Claims To Have Third Eye Awakened. Claims To Have Kundalini Awakened. Claims To Have Absolute Spiritual Awakening. Claims To Be An Avatar Of Vishnu Incarnated In Order To Destroy Kalyug From The Roots. -About The Revolt (Rise Of A Superior Society) Mediocrity Is the Root Cause Of All Miseries. Superiority Is The Solution To All The Problems Under The Sun A Revolt Founded By Self Proclaimed Superior Man On Oct 2016 At New Delhi In Order To Address Social Issues Such As - Rape, Violence, Feminism, Misogyny, Poverty, Drugs, Porn, Prostitution, Corruption, Inflation, Quarter Life Crisis, Failed Marriages, Impotent Parenting & Education, Pollution, Traffic Jams, Ethical Clarity, Mid Life Crisis, Debt, Greed, Wars, Money Laundering, Unethical Marketing & Consumerism, Condemned Sexuality, Lack Of Values Etc. -Links Autobiography - Ten Year Work Of A Superior Man http://thesuperiorsociety.com/tywsm Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/hiteshshakyaofficial Blog http://thesuperiorsociety.com Donate http://thesuperiorsociety.com/superiorfunds Instagram Liberatedhitesh Android App Rise Of A Superior Society https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.superiorsociety Ten Year Work Of A Superior Man https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lFjXMxTnqDQuPnc2PQuGE3nEl5BxrC0zqXo8QCTvq-E/pubhtml?gid=0&single=true Wonders Of Awakened Kundalini https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKC-mKgg9K4kBtqf85nVp9tAF-IvoAack The Hitesh Shakya Show https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKC-mKgg9K4nXNRbS9cOx1JOwsrXdRxZT
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Text Comments (61)
SATYA ASATYA (1 month ago)
पागल हो गया है तू भाई , तुझे भिंडी बाजार में बेचना पड़ेगा, उम्मीद है कोई खरीदेगा नहीं अगर खरीद लिया तो ताउम्र कुछ खरीदेगा नहीं साला
Shravan Kumar (2 days ago)
Aapki kranti janmo janmo tak chale. Umeed rakhta Hun ki mere jaise Gyan ke bhuke Ko bahut Sara superior Gyan aap se mile. I want to join superior society
Shravan Kumar (2 days ago)
Sir, aapne bohot amulya baat Kahi. Superior logon Ko jakar mediocre chutiyo par thuke BC. Indeed you are God , I am God and we are God . Everything is God, everyone is God since nothing is created and nothing can be destroyed. No one is born no one dies. Whatever is happening is god
SARBANI MONDAL (22 days ago)
Bro you are 1% people in the world with the enlightment brain.you can discover more secret which buried in the soil.
sacred neptune (1 month ago)
U said nothing but ultimate Truth. Aham Brahmasmi. This is pure self love and i'm sure this is kind of LOVE that every scripture and every religion talk about. We came alone into this planet and eventually will go alone and no matter what we say or do we cannot (like simply can't. Not possible) love anyone or anything more than ourself. N yes this Man is no bs. He is the truth , i am the truth, we are the truth. Love 🍀
sunil thanks sir kumar (1 month ago)
Sir ye hindu namak granth logon ka brainwash karta hai , our unhe moorkh sahi baton se agyan banata hai , jai bharat
Kapil Dhalwal (1 month ago)
Sale pgl h kya h...
Sagar Sharma (1 month ago)
The puranas you are mentioning it is tainted by brahmins over time when they want to convince something to society they added all shlokas to make them see that the god said this and follow us.All raas lilas (i want to emphasize just on play with girls and all) and radha are all lies. He left vrindavan at the age of 12 and taught by sandhipani. And still you see nonsense in tv that atleast 19 to 23 years old boy doing ras lila and playing flute its complete nonsense
BIPIN KUMAR THAKUR (2 months ago)
Hamare sabhi garntho se angrejo ne chhed-chhad kiya h, hakikat ko chhupaya gya, Ore galat tarika se pees kiya gya .
vinod yadav (3 months ago)
मुझे समझ आ गया है कि भगवान कर्म से बनते है उन्होंने ऐसे काम किए जिसके कारण आज हम उन्हे भगवान मानते है
lalu valia (4 months ago)
Osho ka Geeta darshan ne Osho ne ahankara ke baare me bola....hope you like why Krishna is saying like this...he also narrated Buddha, laotzu, mahavira ,,,jidukrishna murti
Bigg Tour (4 months ago)
Bhaai aap pagal ho,,,,,,arya samaj se pucho yah sab
Amol Gawas (4 months ago)
Bhai App Rhul Arya (Amit Arya, Ankur Arya, Sandeep Arya Ko suno ya Milo tumhRe sare prshano ka Uttar mil jayega! Man Shanti hogi. Shri Krishna Ram aur hanuman jaise mahapurush hai. Milaavaat pustake mat Padho! Dhanyawad!
Ravi Tewatia (5 months ago)
Bhai only Hindi.. RajivVadi bno
Amit Kumar (6 months ago)
वो तो संजय कह रहा है न श्री भगवान ने कहा
Manjeet Rao (6 months ago)
Meri jai
abhay raj (7 months ago)
Muje dhyan ghata aur mainai permatma ko dekh lie. Abb mere liye mai Aur tue ka illusion mitsa gaya. jaise mano ki har jiv ke aunder jo hai vo mere hi hissa hi. mai ap hu aur ap mai hu.
ashish wali (7 months ago)
Sahi hai Bhai...
baishnab sahoo (7 months ago)
Lekin bhae krishna ka sirf ek patni thi Rukmani
Syed Md Sanaullah (7 months ago)
Kya ye ek baar m sari insan ki baat sun sakta h kya? Ghmand m bol dega ki ha m ker rha hu, Basic ye philosophy ne isko hi bewakuf bana diya h har insan god ki power se bana h yani use god ka ans h but swaim God nhi hai. God is one only, how has unique. .Bolne me bhi mistake ker rha h wah.
aakash shukla (8 months ago)
Apart from all of your goodness, There is a thumb rule in this world and that is powerful always survive. And this all about mental slavery in the shadow of religion.
Ajaz Arif (8 months ago)
Universe ko chalaney wala ek hi ho saktha hai..agar chaar bagwaan ho toh ladai hojaygi.....
Ajaz Arif (8 months ago)
What is the purpose of a person coming to this world...
Ajaz Arif (8 months ago)
Please search in deendar channel u will get that who is kalki awtaar
BlissInner4ever (8 months ago)
I do believe in prem marg bro like gopi but u sound like udhav gyan marg full of logic I'm like u bro read many books on osho kabir krishnamurthy ashtavakra gita but still empty as I'm far away from love which is beyond logic n words it means u r everything as u think from ur mind so be gopi n feel or be udhav n keep searching in logic n in words it is very tough being gopi n accept prem marg as u r iitian n do believe in logic n gyan marg my bro but good to listen u as u r like me
Veer Singh (9 months ago)
Kuran par bhi is tarah se video bana de.. usame mohammad gadhi par baith kar asman me allah se mila tha jo satve asman par so raha hai....
Rashid Ali (2 months ago)
+Sami Uddin 👌👌👌
Sami Uddin (2 months ago)
Veer Singh kabhi hyd aana aur dekhna kahin muslim aur hindu mai ladayi hoti hai ya nahi.. aur yahaan ka har musalmaan apne aap ko fakr sae indian batata hai.. jo india mai rehkar pakistaan zindabad bole woo bhi hamare liye dushman hee hoga dost kabhi nahi... hum paida bharat ki zameen par huae hai aur dafan bhi yahi honge.
Veer Singh (2 months ago)
+Sami Uddin peace ki baat hindu nhi karta balki peace usake behaviour me dikhati hai... tum sirf baat karte ho lekin dikhati nhi hai yahi fark hai muslim me aur baki auro me.. mere town me 5% muslim hai lekin aaj tak kisi hindu ne kabhi bhi unhe pareshan nhi kiya n hi dharm parivartan karvaya n hi rape kiya.. ab tu poori dunya me iska ulta 5% gair muslim ho aur 95% muslim ho aur shanti se rah rahe ho to bata de poori dharati pe iska exception nhi milega.. Islam is religion of hate ... Tumko ye prove karna padega ki tum shanti se rahte ho minority ke sath.. are yar tumhari kuran me bhi likha hai kafir wajib ul katl hai... Kitana jhoot bologe bhai... Ab nat bolo..
Veer Singh (2 months ago)
+Sami Uddin pakistan zindabad bolne wali ek hi kaum hai bharat me suaro ki
ozz ozz (9 months ago)
Dj aryan (9 months ago)
humare dimag ko limit me kiya gaya hai
Abdul Jabbar (9 months ago)
Aur tum Krishn ko bhagwan maanre wo uske two hands two legs hai bilkul insaan ki tarah tho wo khuda kaise hogaya Aur insaan cow goat cat ye jitne bhi hai maqlooq hai Aur maqlooq faani hai Aur khuda na faani hai tumara Krishn bhi tho ek maqlooq hi hai na tho wo bhagwan kaise hogaya tum hi soch kar jawab do Aur khuda ko kisi ki zaroorat nahi sab ko uski zaroorat hai ab tumhare bhagwan ko tho hands,legs,eyes,ears,wife's parents,soldiers ki tamaam ki zaroorat thi aur liya bhi inse help ab bolo jisko doosre zaroorat ho wo khuda kaise hogaya bhai think about it
Abdul Jabbar (9 months ago)
Agar aisa diye tho wo khuda hai hi nahi insaan bhi tho ek cheez hai na
Abdul Jabbar (9 months ago)
Dekho bhai insaan faani hai Aur khuda ki zaat na faani hai Aur khuda ki zaat ka misal kisi cheez se bhi nahi de sakte
infinite (9 months ago)
Sanatan scriptures are highly manipulated. U cant really trust every shlokas.
jitendra singh (9 months ago)
I want meet you.
rahul chauhan (9 months ago)
Yar Krishan ko kese pta ki jupitor ek big giant planet hai. Us time to koi itni tarrakhi ni hoii thi To ye sab usko Gyan aayaa kha se.Agar wo aaam aadmi hota???
Hrushi kishan Das (2 months ago)
+rahul chauhan bhai bcz India's civilization is the oldest civilization in world and very developed at that time in science and technology let me tell u one thing how tulsi das told us distance between sun and planet Earth in 16th century 200years before science prove it..the process of making nuclear bomb also written In our Granth and bedos. Google it that Indians introduce first University to the World which is takshashila University as well as many more things that's why they stole our Granth and bedos bcz they know that are the sources of Indians knowledge
rahul chauhan (9 months ago)
keNshi Baraspati ; sani thaese term were used by our ancesstors so early that our concept of solar system and unverse not difined in the science. Whey English people stole our Books and Granths And Study on them.
infinite (9 months ago)
rahul chauhan kaise pata chalega ki, wo baat Krishna bola hi tha ?? Because scriptures are highly manipulated
Mohit Kumar (10 months ago)
Hello Sir Mai English video jab dekhta hun to unka accent smajh men nhi aataa hai Kya krun sir without subtitle
Mohit Kumar (10 months ago)
Hitesh Shakya Hello sir ek or skil aap ad krlo sir (Voice Artist) ka or mujhe yeh jruru sekhna chunga...
Hitesh Shakya (10 months ago)
Main YouTube par jawab dene mein jyada active rehta hoon. Pehle tum bataye gaye saat tenses ko samajh lo.
Mohit Kumar (10 months ago)
Sir paytm walen number se mai direct message kr skta hun
Mohit Kumar (10 months ago)
Hitesh Shakya puri nhi surf etni
Hitesh Shakya (10 months ago)
Saat important tenses seekh lo. Present Indefinite, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Past Indefinite, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, Future Indefinite.
Satrang Music (1 year ago)
जय हो मै ही ब्रह्मा मै ही विष्णु मै ही महेश होती है घर घर पुजा कहलाता लंकेश अज्ञानी -अशोक

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