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Funky Acoustic English Gangnam Style (Modified Rhyming Lyrics) - Mr.Eman

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http://soundcloud.com/mr-eman/mr-eman-acoustic-gangnam-style FREE download! https://www.facebook.com/Mr.Eman.Magic -Become a fan if you think i should do more music related stuff. I wasn't satisfied with any of the acoustic versions i heard. They usually made them sappy, wimpy and it lost the original mood. I wanted to keep the funky high tempo mood but not use the poorly translated lyrics. So i made up my own lyrics that are more singable and pretty close to the original translations . This was recorded with very basic equipment..a $50 dollar guitar and a computer mic. *I understand the video might not line up perfectly. Anyhoo here are the lyrics.. " A girl who is warm and kind, her smile makes your day A classy girl with coffee, who has freedom all the way Her heart gets hotter when the night time comes A girl with all the right curves...yum. I'm that kind of guy Who's just as warm as you during the day,That kinda guy Who chugs his coffee before it was cool and I'm that kinda guy My heart bursts in the night I'm that kind of guy ..that kind of guy You're beautiful and so loveable Yes it's you, hey, Yea you! beaut i ful and love a ble Ya you! HEY Ya you, HEY! Now let's go until the end. Hey sexy lady. A girl who plays innocent but is secretly a freak Knows when to let her hair down adds a touch of mystique More sexy when she's covered than those who bare it all A sensible girl, definitely worth a call I'm the kind of guy Who seems calm but plays when he's played I'm that kinda guy completely crazy when the time comes i'm that kinda guy bulging ideas instead of muscles I'm that kinda guy kinda guy The flying man's above the running man baby baby, i think i know a thing or two. Do you know what i'm saying? "
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Tyzer Redondo (4 years ago)
this is not what it says it is some guy took my cousins video called miricles by Mr.eman a and called by something else
SWOON GIRL (6 years ago)
did you write them chords yet?
SWOON GIRL (6 years ago)
that's just silly
Jonathan Hale (6 years ago)
This is so stupid
Collin Mootrey (6 years ago)
Collin Mootrey (6 years ago)
Krissy x (6 years ago)
Hoadan Nguyen (6 years ago)
Loved it
mr.eman (6 years ago)
If this reaches over 1000 hits then i'll write out chords and tabs. It's in B if that helps.
Celine Sch (6 years ago)
great job! :)) could you tell me the chords, please? :)
Jeff Dono (6 years ago)
Hyerin Choi (6 years ago)
nice guitar craft!

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