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Dark Magic Music - Salem's Secret

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Buy the abum Version of the song here - https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/the-edge-of-darkness/id1023540312?app=music&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 Click the 🔔bell to get upload notifications! Want a license to use my music for your project? Visit here - https://www.petergundrymusic.com/ Itunes / Facebook - https://itunes.apple.com/au/artist/peter-gundry/id880678510?uo=4 - https://www.facebook.com/PeterGundryOfficial Song - Salem's Secret (c) All Rights Reserved Composed & Produced by Peter Gundry Amazing photography by Eve North Page - https://www.facebook.com/evenorthphotography/?ref=br_rs
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Wait What (2 days ago)
I need more ready to write about the crazy I’ll feed you you feed me
mrprojoe1 (13 days ago)
you did an amazing job making these songs thanks for them
Q Tē (3 months ago)
Peter Gundry | Composer on deaft ground
Gülsüm Köksal Yanık (21 hours ago)
İlove Darkmagic😈😂😎🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😎😎🤣
mohamed sabry (1 day ago)
اعوذ بربي منكم ايه ده سرياليه فظيعه اوفر لاب
Siçmişim orta yerinize Götünümün fosforuyla aydinlanirsiniz !😈😎 Mutlu son yok !hiç kimseye !👊 😈Kusura bakabilirsiniz !Hayırlı olsun inşallah 😚
Kanav Bhandari (1 day ago)
i don't understand the wordings? do they have any meaning? are they in english?
Matheus Gomes (1 day ago)
ASZI (1 day ago)
i’m addicted 😤, now my mom thinks i’m satanist ...
De repente me dieron ganas de invocar a nuestro padre satan...
blámaðr Loki Kult (3 days ago)
I'm from The North Shore or Boston area rather. Salem is cool but Danvers is where Salems true history resides. If you are not from the area I understand why you believe in Salem it is a tourist trap, all the peopke convicted of witch craft and what have you happen the next two towns over Danvers and Peabody Ma
Carlos Rodriguez (5 days ago)
Stellar Gabriel (5 days ago)
My world used to be colorful, now it's all black.
iN Yuno (7 days ago)
I always think of Andreas Corelli from the book Angel's Game by Zafón with this music
Hasarin (7 days ago)
This would be perfect for a soundtrack of Berserk.
MOEKer (7 days ago)
1.1k? WTF esa gente debe estar sorda
Luke Griffith (9 days ago)
Honestly if it weren't for the title/thumbnail I would never think witches or anything dark like that. For me, this song is just soothing and beautiful. It doesn't seem sad or creepy or dark. Just beautiful. But everyone's commenting about witches and stuff so I think I'm in the minority on this one.
Hans Kranz (10 days ago)
Wahts that Shit. This Woman Knie that she ist A sexobjeckt.
Ciara O (10 days ago)
C it, C now, C mana
Cheesepuff McGruff (11 days ago)
Only spirits from the other side know this one
Aika Kawasaki (12 days ago)
If I develop a game it's my dream. I want...you to compose the music......I really REALLY like your compositions
Levyafan (12 days ago)
This is my favorite track in Dominions 5. A perfect background for all the dark and brutal stuff occurring in the game, as the Pretender Gods compete for supremacy, by whatever means possible.
Maurilio Morales (13 days ago)
The devil possess him and he gets to work creating sounds like this
Carlos Rodriguez (5 days ago)
Ave satan
AquilasCry (10 days ago)
Maurilio Morales we simply invite the devil in 😈
george asher (13 days ago)
yellowfang42 (14 days ago)
This has some vibes of one of your other pieces "A Nostalgic Dream" it's my favorite and hearing the bits made this even better
Ahanaf Sarar Shifam (14 days ago)
This literally brought tears to my eyes :3
Rey Zaldy Serna (11 days ago)
you are a musical genius, i like it so much.
William Monroe (16 days ago)
My god so beautiful i have no words appropriate enough to express my love of this man's talent
AshDarilekFX (16 days ago)
My ancestor, Susannah Martin, was one if the witches of Salem.
Evliya Çelebi (18 days ago)
Türk Cadı Arkadaşlarım Burada Mı?
355 99 (18 days ago)
Martha Torres (19 days ago)
Las brujas de Salem
Demone-scimmia (19 days ago)
Wait What (2 days ago)
Oil down first
•天使Anglæca (20 days ago)
Blakk Metal Matt (20 days ago)
Spot on
Ziyanda Zwane (21 days ago)
Gorgeous (*>*)>
lil suty (21 days ago)
3 6 9
Sultan Thalnoon (21 days ago)
Rohit A. (21 days ago)
Thumbnail 😍
STE7EN 77 (22 days ago)
does anyone want to trade magic secrets with me?
STE7EN 77 (22 days ago)
STE7EN 77 (22 days ago)
i could teach you a trick or two
STE7EN 77 (22 days ago)
i'm not as helpless as whatever
STE7EN 77 (22 days ago)
(besides me)
STE7EN 77 (22 days ago)
only the most powerful magicians claim there's no such thing as magic
STE7EN 77 (22 days ago)
STE7EN 77 (22 days ago)
and now it is not.
STE7EN 77 (22 days ago)
see? the hat is empty.
STE7EN 77 (22 days ago)
watch. i'll show you a magictrick
STE7EN 77 (22 days ago)
Luciano Ps P Souza (25 days ago)
Belíssima melodia 🦇
elizabeth wild (25 days ago)
Absolutley beautiful xxx
Samet TAKSİM (25 days ago)
Green Tea (26 days ago)
A tũn đã đưa bố đến đây😂😂😂
Crystal Sun (26 days ago)
Master piece! Shit i love it so much and i feel like i am a witch haha.
hexing laughingjack (27 days ago)
This makes me want to brew some potions fly on brooms probably a dream to be a witch
Wait What (17 days ago)
I am before this time times 10 is very true
Diego Rodriguez (27 days ago)
I like this music but I'm not part the " 666" demon shit I'm son of Lord Jesus Christ .I'm ready for war against the evil lucifer n his people's shit hole .
ARSALAN BALOCH (28 days ago)
Question of the ages: Does satan exists in reality?
Max Müller (28 days ago)
Oh my Go.... devil this so beautyfull
Dunja Borota (29 days ago)
This is so fcking good, helps with depression tho
SilverBow FTW (30 days ago)
omg this is very good! please don't give up!!!
Mahdi Razae (30 days ago)
Heart attack.....
Mr J (30 days ago)
love your music
trang NGO (30 days ago)
I like the music
Ilias Homerus (30 days ago)
can't stop listening to it, thx Peter
jïynxe (1 month ago)
What are the whispers saying?... I'm curious
T I N Y• W I T C H (30 days ago)
jïynxe abskdod'bdlwossbvshw Sorry, I don't know😂
010101 101010 (1 month ago)
010101 101010 (1 month ago)
I meant Georgia.
010101 101010 (1 month ago)
This would be great for the movie the witch or Georgia or another movie like the witch.
Wait What (17 days ago)
Like that Pagans was the first even in the Bible even Jesus talked about them witches put curses on people why they sacrifice them. Pagans never did that they did what they did to show love to god and his helpers earth air wind fire water
Sally Thunder (1 month ago)
I absolutely love this song. Such a great masterpiece. <3
Marcus Handley (1 month ago)
This one's my favorite
gökhan biçer (1 month ago)
Ratdin News (1 month ago)
Noah Edelen (16 days ago)
Mariana Krueger (1 month ago)
Who in this world think it's ok to not like it. This is beyond perfect!
Zhanki _ (1 month ago)
I workout to this type of music. Yea I’m a psycho. Don’t mess with me.
Zey mariano (1 month ago)
whats she says?
Something so dark and hypnotizing, this is one of those songs that go not to your ears but to your soul.
Samantha Lane (1 month ago)
Death Of Twilight (1 month ago)
*_I LoVe In The Dark....._*
Wait What (17 days ago)
I just talked to mum about this like bottled water why so many to to church not a bad thing but I’ll pay you 5$ if I don’t have to build any or do anything to see what god needs you to see or understand.
Eleni Kiriakaki (1 month ago)
Es una de mis brujitas favoritas.
Salems. Dije salems.
Espero que las brujitas poderosas de salen,s me ayuden contra las lacras de mis enemigos.
Sue. yes Simmons (1 month ago)
Mista lord (1 month ago)
dope af..you got a new subscriber brother🤩🔥
XxMrsYuixX (1 month ago)
richa pande (1 month ago)
New subscriber, love your work 💖
Amy Coats (1 month ago)
What is this brilliance I have stumbled upon?! This is gorgeous!
Dash Hunter (1 month ago)
Tripping on this with "indifferent guy ft. Eva pavlova - all night long (original mix) [video edit]" video
Shane Burdell (1 month ago)
who is that girl in the photo ?? She is Absolutely Beautiful
Bruja Monica (1 month ago)
Me inspira tu musica para hacer mis brujerías. (A slavic witch)
Poked By Hope (1 month ago)
And it flows as if no one is listening,yet everyone is.It's simply gorgeous.Inspirational, to say the least.Clever & enchanting. Thank you for such a beautiful composition.
Kirin Kappa (1 month ago)
what a masterpiece, god damn. I've been listening to your soundtracks while reading books and man, the experience is unforgettable. Writing this with tears in my eyes xD
moroccan stoon (1 month ago)
diib daz men hna 😊
Maribeth Shuman (1 month ago)
Gorgeous. I live three towns from Salem, Massachusetts, and whenever I visit it I bring this to play.
Kisra David (1 month ago)
1K dislikes??! Imbeciles.
Олег Стогов (1 month ago)
Reasat Rafio (1 month ago)
My soul cry
Wait What (17 days ago)
And be the time of building to understand hair for hair broke it blood showed this
Jakob Nielson (1 month ago)
Just plain and simple, perfect and elegant, the way music should be. Beautifully painted gracefully on the canvas of harmonious design. A master at work in a time of great need for real artists.
Donric Atutubo (1 month ago)
Gothic Diabolique Ideal
Fugo channel (1 month ago)
This is amazing !! i use this sample for my beat hip hop... Thanks for your music.
Tío Delfín Studios (1 month ago)
This reminds me "A Nostalgic Dream"... Huh... Suspicius...
Tactical Aioli (1 month ago)
these music are very powerful
Paul Buendia (1 month ago)
Es una bonita melodía un tanto tétrica y a la vez imponente.
Lilly P (1 month ago)
Two witch girls arrive in Salem and try to live a decent life. Both are sisters and are orphans as well. The older sister was found conjuring a spell to resurrect her cat and gets killed by the townspeople, leaving the little one with no sister, which meant no support. She tries to resurrect her dead sister, and gets found out and she gets burned to death on a cross while everyone shouts "Repent for your sins!"
Wait What (17 days ago)
Like that I still to this day think Jesus had done something but I might ha e to get into that catholic church that has all this documentary. I do know it was the Celtic people that helped with the witch epidemic.
Henrique Mangia (1 month ago)
Craig (1 month ago)
mankind is capable of such beautiful music. It was meant in return to Glorify God.
fantasyy ___ (1 month ago)
John Large (1 month ago)
Thank you for this song, it inspired my poem: Dance all night as bonfires call Torchlights rise, as shadows fall Dance in dark beneath the moon Spirits leaping, howling soon Reach for stars and reach for sky What brings life can never die
kEiTH oWO (6 days ago)
math gab (12 days ago)
@aaalex_142005 Lollol thanks a lot bacause i tap a little bit fast
Brenda Drielli (22 days ago)
So fucking good
aaalex_142005 Lollol (22 days ago)
math gab v from deepest depths of earth and sea
math gab (25 days ago)
I call the darknes unto me
Hard Thinker (1 month ago)
for some reason this is really soothing.
TheRindy84 (1 month ago)
What were the whispers? Lyrics?
Guido Iaci (1 month ago)

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