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CLICK TO TWEET THIS NOW: http://clicktotweet.com/693ea This is what happens when two white girls and a dreadlocked boy attempt an acoustic version of PSY's "Gangnam Style." TWITTER: @wearemadmoni FACEBOOK: facebook.com/wearemadmoni Original Song by PSY Voice & Piano: Moni Voice & Guitar: Mad Beatbox: Ryan Barrington Shot & Edited by Kevin Herrera @kevin_herrera @moopsy
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Text Comments (42)
Dukester OneRepublic (4 years ago)
Have u guys ever wounded about having a mini madmoni if soo id be perfect for mad
cicinndy N (5 years ago)
You guys did great but at the very beginning it sounds like you're exaggerating the words. And I know what I'm saying because I'm Korean.
FlyingPickl3 (5 years ago)
oh but they should still make videos on this channel
Noun Creature (5 years ago)
They make videos for AwesomenessTV's channel now.
FlyingPickl3 (5 years ago)
You need more videos! I subscribed because I believe!!!! (That you will make more videos)
Luna Carbajal (5 years ago)
hahahaha funny
_WoahKaitlin (5 years ago)
Does anyone else like this version better?
Melisa Toms (5 years ago)
Good Job! At some parts I couldn't understand bc I don't think it was even real Korean or bc my ears but you did better than I would've I bet! :)
Madison Estrella (5 years ago)
its korean
Osnapitzjenny (5 years ago)
His beatboxing makes me want to learn
Shelby Man (6 years ago)
it's korean.
Emma Goetcheus (6 years ago)
its korean...
Nadia Serrano (6 years ago)
Wow they had to learn how to speak the song in chineese LOL
Chana (2 years ago)
It's Korean...
skrah (6 years ago)
Alicia Lorena (6 years ago)
This is actually awesome - subscribed!
Turalcar (6 years ago)
Sooo.... did you ever think about learning Romanian?
Driss Driouich (6 years ago)
princessraija (6 years ago)
J.M. Mick (6 years ago)
don't hate
Danielle E Burman (6 years ago)
ashlee lufresh (6 years ago)
Wtf lmao
sela kosidowski (6 years ago)
This is SOO retarded
Juan Carlos Zamora (6 years ago)
bobs lucky (6 years ago)
Valena Papaioannou (6 years ago)
Very good!!
msherer1622 (6 years ago)
Same guy.
hawkslaxman7 (6 years ago)
very nice viedo. your beatboxer looks like this kid ryan barrington i knew in HS
Pastandrei (6 years ago)
Niice !
Leslie G (6 years ago)
CherryBombComedy (6 years ago)
sun cho (6 years ago)
fantastic~~sexy ladies thanks for your great performance and good Korean language
Victoria Navarro (6 years ago)
<3 the piano how it lights up
opencondomstar (6 years ago)
Two Sexy Ladies covering Gangnam Style! Cool! Liked and posted at GangnamStyle.info
Audrey Whitby (6 years ago)
I LOVE MADMONI! why wasn't there a ukulele in this?
Ryan Mathews (6 years ago)
this is how they summon satan at cult meetings
casawhitby (6 years ago)
Hey @gswift why dont you do the cover and show them how the words are pronounced correctly. You are Korean or fluent in the language, right?
Kay Ess (6 years ago)
Saying the words all wrong. This hardly good enough to be calling someone a bitch... bitch.
Nikki Muller (6 years ago)
Great job gals, that's awesome!
John Nicolas (6 years ago)
Love love love! This is like when those 5 peeps did that guitar cover of that Goyte Song
casawhitby (6 years ago)
Lisa Hlavackova (6 years ago)
This. Is. Awesome!!!!!!!

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