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Parteehard da trucker (Real shit)

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a johnson (2 years ago)
yo my lil bro im looking at some of ur earlier vlogs & im like Wow mane i wish i could say naw bro that can't be But naw i can't say it, i can say i knw how U feel, cause i say many many many can call me there Friend cause I got their back BUT when it's my turn [email protected]!T [email protected]!T & Double [email protected] knwwhatimean, mane they leave me speech less BUT know it, don't even let my name come out ur mouth, hey PH I see U up now so its Good, U & Ms Keedee on top now she gonna get her CDL-A & its on & poppin, im sooo very Proud of U & Ms keedee, thankU 4 All ur vlogs, be safe have fun & make ur Money... angela
Parteehard da trucker (2 years ago)
+a johnson thx very much I appreciate that very much
Will White (11 months ago)
Fuck'em Fam! They just bought they self for 52 funky ass dollars smh Fuck'Em.... Keep it moving, keep your locks to the sky, and stay focused💯👊 I'm about to enjoy the same struggle and transition wit ya chasing the cdl/bag and letting go of my first love🌲... Found ya page thru a shot out that Trucker Brown sent ya... Hope to see both y'all on the road soon
Parteehard da trucker (11 months ago)
Appreciate the love Fam
Jayallday (11 months ago)
That’s Fucked up my G I would’ve give u double specially knowing it was for ya CDL bro that’s fucked up!!! Ppl love you when you in the streets tell em some positive shit it’s quite but fuck em tell em suck ya hole 🍆 big bro .... Bro winning now fuck em all 💩💩💩 on em
Parteehard da trucker (11 months ago)
Thx bruh appreciate that
Mykie Hollywood (2 years ago)
yup...you right to the fullest!!!I got a homeboy now that be gettin hella cake, and be hittin licks right outside my house. he just pull up and motha fucked see his car and he'll serve them right there.. I told him to stop servin people when he come around cause that shits hot!!! I tell him im trying to get my cdl , fuck that hustling shit and it seem like he wanna hustle forever!!! now we both know the outcome of that, but my point is I'm tryin to do something good with my life and it seems like he can't even help a friendship of 25 years by givin me a ride to the mva..after the 1000s of dollars I saved him by working on his bmw!!!excuses on excuses on why he aint show up this morning...it's time to cut him off if my fake ass friend ain't for me bettering myself for my family.
richmond283 (2 years ago)
Preaching nothing but facts man
calo69 B (2 years ago)
when you on the same level with Nigga they appreciate you once you decide to make a step forward you going to be higher then them they don't like you. keep yu head up.
TY Kassh (2 years ago)
Same shit happened to me with TDI. Except I needed 75 smh
magic man (2 years ago)
Parteehard da trucker (3 years ago)
I couldn't have said it better myself
Parteehard da trucker (3 years ago)
Hell yeah bruh
chris-style405 (3 years ago)
say brother. it comes a time in life were you have to become selfish. especially when it comes to family and lifelong goals.

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