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Text Comments (108)
KosmDidact (2 years ago)
Bitches be poisoning the well.
Munky Bidness (2 years ago)
The percentage of SJWs infiltrating Australia is I`m afraid disproportionately metastasized compared to any other country with the exception of perhaps Canada.
Caleb Craig (2 years ago)
YOUR FUCKING A WHITE MALE! guy points camera at guy just yelled at and there's a black gay fucking a white gay XD (not trying to be racist )
LukeAK (2 years ago)
99% of comments is harambe 1% is ppl who actually like the video
Count Spartula (2 years ago)
I don't get why Feminists hate men and masculinity, but then abandon their natural femininity to become more like men? The genders are different for a reason you fucking idiots. Men do what women can not, by nature. And the opposite is true as well. We need both femininity and masculinity in order to survive as a species. Men do what nature naturally pushes men to do, and so do women. These are not the ramblings of some sexist madman, these are the natural inclinations towards certain things based upon brain chemistry, chemistry based fully upon what you're born as. Now, can a woman like what men like? Certainly. And the opposite is true. Now, can a woman be exactly like a man? No. And the opposite of that is true as well. Like i said, both genders are different FOR A FUCKING REASON.
Love the background.
Ian Moore (2 years ago)
Feminism is simply SHAMLESLLY SHAMING MEN as an answer to any argument... its simplistic.... its sexist and over..... of course i mean recent feminism in the west. most women dont support it...thank god.... its imploding.... grab your popcorn!
Nathan Deyak (2 years ago)
Blast from the past, the thunder down under!
Aquabeing1 (2 years ago)
Hypocritical retardation thy name is feminism
-Marshall - (2 years ago)
People saying it's impossible for a woman to be sexist is like saying black people aren't racist. Complete opposite if you ask me.
maddog (2 years ago)
woman control the world with there pussys
Futaba Sakura (2 years ago)
I read the title and I was like "DUH"
Matsya Kurma (2 years ago)
You fuckin a white male!!!
IP IP (2 years ago)
evil witchcraft.
Patrick the Lost (2 years ago)
Faded Ghost HD (2 years ago)
What more do these people want.... They can already kill their fucking babies....
Faded Ghost HD (2 years ago)
Futaba Sakura (2 years ago)
Faded Ghost HD Men to be on leashes and cages and only breed once a month? (Some feminists want this actually xD I was joking but then I realised "wait shit this is real thinking")
Adinnassa (2 years ago)
There was a feminist add before this video lol
Arwyn Ruby (2 years ago)
All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. Good ol' George was right.
LankyGoggles (2 years ago)
anyone remember when feminism was about women's rights, freedom of speech and freedom to vote? back in the day when it was important... and needed.... before all of this bullshit?
Pandaka Bob (2 years ago)
The youcaring was taken down by Zarna and SJW complaints. They said many people were complaining about it. I WONDER WHO WOULD COMPLAIN ABOUT A MANS CANCER TREATMENT ?
Michael Price (2 years ago)
Love how when she's explaining how he's being condescending she's as condescending as fuck.
Sometimes you have to be the bigger MAN and walk away from an argument about something as ridiculous as "man-splaining"...I could easily tell her to stop woman-nagging. lol, I can make up ridiculous sexist words too...Dumb feminists.
Futaba Sakura (2 years ago)
Wake up Sheeple! Honestly If I have a male friend. I would just stare at her silently for a good couple of minutes emotionless and then speak loud so she could hear "let's just leave" and push him along cuz mansplaining sounds like an advanced word of cooties. It is idiotic
EinherjarMadCat (2 years ago)
I could smash the like button, but that would just break my mouse. I'll just click and share it.
pallidus erosian (2 years ago)
I like the old anarchyball but pick one
Tardi Grade (2 years ago)
feminism is a movement. When women became equal to men in the western/modern world they no longer had anything to move for. However numerous people had made a living within the movement and didn't want to lose the money they made, so they invented new "inequalities". With the exception of a small number of feminists actually concerned for women's rights in third world countries, feminists want to obtain more power than men.
ken star (2 years ago)
none for me please and im not saying that they are smart they are dumb and fuckers who what to rule us k?
Brando Cackers (2 years ago)
ken star LOL no
ken star (2 years ago)
the girl in the vid is not a feminist she is a feminazi. A real feminist whats equality to both gender.
Phil Lee (2 years ago)
Ian susman I mean, there's a new update, or two topless females in bed. that is a rhetorical answer.
Vasco Shot (2 years ago)
Anarchyball is getting mad pussy
Nuance Is Good (2 years ago)
You are such an ideologue... So fucking dumb.
Isaac Babcock (2 years ago)
Nuance Is Good How?
The last Roman (2 years ago)
Ironically enough, I was given a unskippable ad talking about how 1-3 woman are sexually abused and assaulted in the United States and how most politicians don't know what the definition of sexual abuse is... W H A T T H E F U C K H A P P E N E D T O T H I S C O U N T R Y
Tardi Grade (2 years ago)
+mewkuro12 You will be silent. You have been warned.
Futaba Sakura (2 years ago)
diamond entertainment studios xD The internet is watching you and it knows!! O^O knows I say!!
Svanzscape (2 years ago)
diamond entertainment studios MVP for not having adblock when watching AnarchyBall :D
Little Miss Meta (2 years ago)
Why do these types of people exist in the political domain? She's so vague i don't even think shes knows what she's talking about
Exploatores (2 years ago)
she are so vague because she has no clue what she are saying. the important part for her and her friends are that she is talking.
mojoworld1 (2 years ago)
Here’s a bit of historical fact...Feminism started with women’s rights, which in turn was conceived, pushed and backed by the Rockefeller Foundation over 40 years ago. What women do not realize is that the ONLY reason for this was greed. The Rockefeller and like elite capitalists saw a HUGE untapped resource in women being able to make and more importantly spend dollars and get credit, loans etc. There was no woman who was involved in this, it was a carefully crafted marketing, political and greed driven financial manipulation of American/global citizenry. The Rockefeller’s, Bush’s and the like are the 1%er’s., the elite (New World Order) who run and manipulate banks, the Fed, politics and keeping the world in debt. The Rockefellers in fact coined the term “ New World Order” and fund those power hungry with the wealthy rule superiority concept & it’s ideology. If you are kept a slave by debt, then you will be easy to control and reduced to a life of pacified servitude e.g., “Sheeple”. The side affect of women’s rights (good or bad) was women feeling they no longer needed to maintain the family unit, nor a father led household. Subsequently the family is now broken, divided, crime up, poverty, racism etc, etc.
Mt Drew (2 years ago)
Feminism should be a crime and the triggered/offenders should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. No tolerance, baby.
Vitmar Tobby (1 year ago)
Mt Drew helicopter rides
notpradayou (2 years ago)
its not a surprise that an anarchist capitalist is this retarded
Isaac Babcock (2 years ago)
Aztec God He is not retarded, he actually is usually correct.
DoingStupidStuff (2 years ago)
Aztec God lmao nice b8 m8
Sinister Horsey (2 years ago)
Aztec God If you dislike him or his content, then feel free to leave.
why are you back to the old anarchy ball?
we all do.
I think I like the new one better. I like the lines and shadows better. old one looks short.
N Pharaoh (2 years ago)
Anarchyball This one is better.
kristaps bleive (2 years ago)
Anarchyball I'm personally getting distracted by the ladies waaaay to much tbh.
Mr. Dapperton (2 years ago)
Which one do u like better Consumer, new or old?
Brady (2 years ago)
I "mother fucking liked and mother fucking subscribed"
speedplays (2 years ago)
disliked for that atrocious ending
Mr1skull (2 years ago)
why do people blame one type of person like a fucking nazi
Dapperblook Animations (2 years ago)
Still think we're taking a step backwards. The majority (or vocal minority) are too busy pointing fingers and starting fights to see that everything is falling apart.
Futaba Sakura (2 years ago)
@Dapperblook Animations I like lemons
Dapperblook Animations (2 years ago)
Futaba Sakura (2 years ago)
Dapperblook Animations (2 years ago)
mewkuro12 muahahahaaa!
Futaba Sakura (2 years ago)
@Dapperblook Animations Yea so let the fish argue >:3
Madame MiMi (2 years ago)
Firstly, the fact that you start the video by explaining how feminists seek to further women's "power" over men is complete a nonsensical whim. I don't think you can even speak out on the topic, considering you literally have two nude women in the background, and using them as a symbol of wealth (and maybe even power, too); so, using naked women as a symbol is quite sexist (as it would be if it were men) and really does quite distance your assertion that: "No, they're the sexists!" Secondly, trying to further your point by playing a tape of a discussion over the usage of "mansplaining" to make the illogical leap of some power-driven-campaign propagated by feminists is even more absurd. The whole goal of western third wave feminism is almost entirely social, while in the past it has been legal, few of those barriers exist today. But today, it is about changing a social view on how sex (and even gender) define our roles in society. While yes, you can provide a reasonable argument against this revision, you (personally) do not. You whine and flail your arms about chanting that they're apparently out to get your rights; even ostracizing them distances a resounding discussion. I think there is a much more productive way to speak about this topic, rather than an almost four minute video where you play a clip and add that ever charming dialog (wondrously coated with swears instead of subject matter!) that is meant purely as click-bait. I salute you.
Madame MiMi If Vin Desial was personal selling moldy sandwich's in his underwear would you not buy it from him? I know I would, I wouldn't eat it but it would be in a glass case. With a picture of me and Vin. mmmmmm. One good looking man.
Madame MiMi (2 years ago)
Amanda Leonard I can see you happen to believe that people, society no less, functions (or rather, should function) on basic urges. While these urges are generally subconscious, they are generally insidious. But nevertheless, I fail to see how one can stipulate that X is sexist because Y while being overtly sexist by using people as props; that just so happen to be nude and the opposite sex. It is degrading and more pompous than I ever could be.
Amanda Wolf Child (2 years ago)
Madame MiMi While there are videos aimed at a more open, logical, discussion of the issues, like Sargon or Bearing, AnarchyBall is more for entertainment. Kind of like Suite, it's more a blow off steam cussing out the absolute stupidity of the Feminist agenda. Such as the idiotic ideal that a physically pleasing body being looked at or used to sell or promote things is sexist. Seriously? Sex sells, people like to look at sexy people and they are more willing to buy something if it's sold by a sexy person. That's just biology no matter your gender. In conclusion I find you pretentious and annoying but hope you have a good day.
Madame MiMi (2 years ago)
Anarchyball People tend to not say much when there is naught hope for a proper rebuttal
Unbroken Son (2 years ago)
I'd like to motorboat then digital boobies :P
Nocthe Medic (2 years ago)
opinion on mgtow
Golden Slumber zzz (2 years ago)
If he had said "womansplaining" he would have been muddafuckin sacked.
Brian Moro (2 years ago)
Golden Slumberer zzz he would be lynched like Mussolini.
kristaps bleive (2 years ago)
Golden Slumberer zzz Feminists would point to that as an example that sexism still exists. Quite the irony.
Taken_Over (2 years ago)
This morning my friend was arguing with a teacher about feminism and completely bullshitting him. It was fucking hilarious, but at one point I took it to a serious place and got him to agree that if there was inequality, a free market solution would be superior to legislation. I call that a win.
Skyler Tesar (2 years ago)
I call that decimation.
KingOfAlandom (2 years ago)
All memes are living... except HARAMBE!!!
Connor Neff (8 months ago)
Shut up
dh599 (2 years ago)
He lives on... in heart hearts
spendle (2 years ago)
KingOfAlandom (2 years ago)
More like ROTFL, because after all... balls roll.
Rareware Saxophone (2 years ago)
KingOfAlandom die :^)
Urzona (2 years ago)
Nice vid keep it up
NCS Crib (2 years ago)
ill sub to as many people who comment on this video feel free to sub to me to.
NCS Crib (2 years ago)
+Vlad ok
Yodings (2 years ago)
How many times you gonna change the name of this video dude?
Yodings (2 years ago)
Mr. Dapperton (2 years ago)
I havent changed the name of the video, I've reuploaded it a couple times. I wasn't clear in a sentence and wanted to elaborate.
guardian of the west (2 years ago)
guardian of the west (2 years ago)
@Creed Diskenth i had to
Eris Morn (2 years ago)
Jack Bracston 😐

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